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and right now the time everybody's been waiting for I'm sure we've got mr. Barry beech in the studio good morning Barry what's going on big Jay not much it's good to see we were talking right before we went on here you got your you're looking dapper today hey you were on the air all day yesterday talking about the trip man I heard about it all over town so I've got a little bit Scotty on I got a little Calvin Klein and I worried the Justin Browns from Dillard's in men's store Rimrock mall how did those shoes work in the snow you know no they actually remember when we talked about the grip oh yeah and I actually got a real nice sole on them so uh and very comfortable I was impressed you know very nice and the world today you got to take comfort right exactly exactly very comfortable shoes so let's talk a little bit about for people that don't know the story all I get a mean you might be able to do it even better but I was gonna do like a quick synopsis there Kim niece was murdered in Poplar years ago let me back in the late 70s nobody was found poplar investigated clear to everybody they couldn't figure out who did it you left you went down south got in trouble for a small little Inn you know family situation they started questioning you found out you were from Poplar and you were one of the many people interviewed about the crime there and they started interrogating you for a long time and how long were you interrogated down there I actually was interrogated over a four-day period mainly and this is where people get confused the interrogation process over the four-day period actually was fake based on and focused on the fact that there were three unsolved homicides who were which was a serial killer and a serial killer back in the 80s that was really huge I mean it's huge today but back then it was really huge so so they were investigating they were obsessed getting those crimes not so much even the Montana crime or the Kim niece crime the four days of interrogation for the most part let's say probably about 80% of the interrogation was focused on those it was those crimes in Louisiana that they were promising me that they would absolutely find me guilty of they would execute me that they couldn't wait to see me fry in the electric chair and it was that mindset that led to the confession in Montana but let me back up just a little bit big J because before that you spoke of the crime happening to Kim nice in 1979 in February of 1980 before I went to Louisiana you know they try to make it sound like I fled the state that's not true in February in January of 1980 I gave fingerprints I gave blood samples I gave hair samples I gave foot prints all which was forensic evidence found at the crime scene they were trying to match this plethora of forensic evidence it's the reason that to this day there are colleges all across the United States of America including the University of Montana where I'm gonna be the guest speaker at their forensic science graduation here in a couple of weeks colleges all across the United States of America and South Australia use my case to teach forensics because there was a plethora of forensic information in January of 1980 I submitted myself willingly to be tested against all those forensics and I think the big ones too just so people know they don't know the case very well I mean there was two dozen sets of fingerprints in the truck there was I mean the big one the kind of linchpin of the case is a bloody handprint that the FBI said had to be the handprint of the murderer who looks like they pulled Kim niece out of the truck closed the door with their bloody hand absolutely and then the foot prints there and when right you said none of the foot prints matched you none of the fingerprints matched you and that bloody handprint was not yours either correct nor is any of the DNA mine we now have done DNA on some evidence and it is not mine mm-hmm by February of 1980 I had been completely cleared both by the Roosevelt County Sheriff's Department and the FBI had cleared me at that point because I had also passed a polygraph at that time it was after that after being completely cleared that I went to Louisiana yeah so you just had made him I mean you got cleared you thought what a weird situation I mean it's unfortunate that it happened but I'm not involved you moved on with your life that's correct and I wasn't the only one there was probably 60 of us high school students and you know one of the reasons that they brought me in is because I was actually dating Kim nieces sister at that time okay he had been together off and on for about six months to a year at that point Kim niece and I we grew up together we lived four houses apart on the same block it wasn't like we didn't know each other you know well and it's pop I mean it's a small community at that time we're less than 3,000 people you know even though the soul that is the background of the story three years later that was in February of 1980 I was cleared in January of 1983 was the arrest in Louisiana okay you know and that was a year later mind you that was for something trivial I mean that was a family situation mom was upset with you right stepsisters skipping school I mean it wasn't you weren't arrested for something crazy no no the the family situation was is that my stepsister and three of her friends were gonna run away to Houston Texas called me up they were standing on the freeway with their suitcases called me up I says no no no that's not gonna happen I'm on my way I left work went and got him you know that was the family situation so I just want to clarify that it wasn't you weren't arrested for something super serious down there when this all began there so we know you were taken into custody then the interrogation began and like you said they believed somehow you were involved in those three the murders from a serial killer down in their state because of the fact that they heard you'd been questioned that Kim nessing even after being cleared up here nobody here thought you had done it at that point absolutely and then down there they hear oh well a murder there now he's here there are these unsolved murders he's got to be our guy and they started drilling you and hammering you and I mean one of those interrogations that we've you know seen in movies and heard about but it's not a quick little did you do it no okay be on your way I mean this is an intense they're trying to beat it out of you not physically necessarily but I mean they're really really looking for what they're looking for and they're gonna do anything to get it it sounded like you know one of the things that people in the United States of America don't understand about interrogations as well as big Jay is the fact that it is legal it is perfectly legal when they get you into the interrogation room in the United States of America they can lie to you they can tell you that they have evidence against you that they don't have they can deceive you they they can manipulate you it is all legal they can do whatever they have to do and it's legal for them to do so in the United States of America so as a 21 year old kid I was being interrogated by seven different detectives which made up this homicide task force because they wanted this serial killer let's don't be mistaken about that they wanted and I understand that you know we all want those situation to be handled properly that's what led to the confession was that course of interrogation process that I went through what I want to say before moving on big J is the fact that within 20 days they had completely cleared me of all three of the Louisiana homicides but they claimed they claimed that I also confessed to all three of those homicides but they've never produced those confessions they've never the transcripts of all that disappeared there were tape recordings of it were all disappeared before I was brought back to Montana including the tape recording of this alleged confession here to the Kim nice murder all of it disappeared before I was ever even returned to Montana I was completely cleared five years later DNA actually convicted the serial killer in Louisiana and also the the people that you know that Task Force that interviewed you they also had arrested other gentlemen for those three murders down there as well those were overturned or didn't go through because those those same interrogation techniques were used and those were improper confessions as well from them right they have a history of this it's not a one-time off poor confession from them they have a history or a pattern of getting some coerced you know incorrect confessions from people we have actually at this point in time you spoke about the Louisiana we actually know of four other confessions that they got from other individuals to those Louisiana homicides and all of those individuals were cleared we have now those same two detectives that got the confession from me we now have found and located at least ten individuals that they have gotten confessions from who were cleared of the crime they confess to July and it's not the first time either I mean if the statistics show that I mean there are a number of people falsely confused that once they are freed and realized they didn't do it based on DNA or other evidence they look back and found they also have falsely confessed to these crimes that they they can prove later they didn't commit so this isn't a one-off situation in the United States of America right now the statistics are there have been 389 exonerated individuals in the United States of America right now by DNA which is the most current and most accurate forensic technology in the United States of America today they have cleared through forensics and DNA evidence these 389 28% of those were false confessions because of the fact of what I spoke of it is legal in the United States of America for an interrogator to lie to you in any way shape or form to be aggressive with you they can keep you in there as long as they want and in my particular case I you know you always hear you have the right to remain silent you know yadda yadda yadda you haven't right to an attorney I had asked for an attorney on three different occasions and they they got a nice little trick they play that I don't want to get into right now but I did ask for that and it was not granted me yeah the interrogation process continued on and there's a lot of dispute over the length of that particular day on January 7th when the confession came about but to me in my mind it was almost 15 hours that day that I sat in that room taking polygraph tests and tape recordings and being fed information and given information and retracted retrieving information etc etc etc so let's move forward big Jay because we gotta go exactly we got a lot to talk about in some of indeed the confession though that is key too I mean because that's obviously that's all the evidence they had against you like there was no forensic there was no DNA there were no witnesses that said you did it all it was was the fact that you said yes I killed Kim nice and that so a lot of people want to know why did you confess I mean did they make a weird deal with you were they beating you up I think that's what a lot of people want to know is not what were the circumstances that made you say yes I killed her when you knew you didn't do it and and the main lynchpin there is twofold number one I had already been cleared in the state of Montana I was being threatened with the death penalty so I'm a at 21 years old I'm thinking I've got to get out of here no matter what it takes mm-hmm you know if I can get back to Montana they already know I didn't commit the crime let's you know let's get back to Montana we're gonna be okay you know so that was a part of it you know a small part of it you know but you also mentioned there were no witnesses and and one of the facts and by the way before I move forward into this any facts I want everybody out there my webpage if you doubt anything I say today my webpage is Montanans for justice mo n ta n ans Montanans for justice dot-com I have all my documentation of this case forensic information everything that I talked about everything you would want to know about this case is on my website out there you know and for people that are bored easily to I would recommend I don't know if you feel the same way but the the Dateline special is really easy to watch online - and then that does a pretty decent job of kind of giving a quick rundown of the case as well well absolutely I actually have five hours of Dateline NBC footage out there there are three different programs that Dateline NBC has done on me and standing beside this case by the way you talk about an investigative process I used to doubt the Dateline programs until I went through their proc --it process but I'm here to tell you those boys cover their facts before they ever put you on the air oh yeah there is no but the first one was a killing at poplar River the second one is whispers in a small town the third one is returned to Poplar River there are five hours of footage and in and four and a half years of Dateline NBC investigation into the producing of those three this was four and a half years by a very nationwide credible organization and I tell you what they investigate you up one side and down the other so uh I can a mainline NBC man you know if Montanans for justice check it out yeah that the informations there and so yeah so move let me get back to the fact I was because you said there were no witnesses yes in September of 1979 three months after this crime was committed I want this to be known there was a witness there was an eyewitness to the crime that came forward to the Roosevelt County Sheriff's Department they identified the advented individuals who committed the crime they identified the weapon that was used they the Roosevelt County Sheriff's Department actually went in and sent a diver into the river they did in fact find the identified weapon in the river mm-hmm I want you to know right now ladies and gentlemen is not in that eyewitness statement so there yeah so like you said there I mean there is a witness there and your name your name doesn't come up in anybody's statements I mean that's the thing there's nobody linking you to this crime other than that confession that you talked about I mean under duress a stressful situation trying to get out of Louisiana and it it happened and that's all they had against you from the beginning until the end so at this point you're back in Montana you're on trial you're what's that experience like thinking I mean you've got to be thinking well this is the justice system I mean this is Court something here's gonna quickly they're gonna see and realize I didn't do it I mean what is it like did you feel it would be dismissed quickly did you feel it was just a technicality I mean how did you feel initially when they brought you back here and charged you with first-degree murder I absolutely felt that I was going to walk out of that courtroom I had no doubts whatsoever that you know and especially we got the sheriff if you go and read my trial transcripts we had the sheriff of Roosevelt County on the stand testifying to the fact that there is absolutely nothing whatsoever connecting me to this crime so I thought I was walking out of that courtroom a free man you know we were gonna clear this up and life would go on I would leave the state of Montana once again and be done with it you know here we are you know that was 1984 my trial I was actually arrested in January of 1983 here we are now 2015 big J yeah and still a convicted individual but free free were free yeah got to go shopping with big J yesterday I heard about it all and speaking of hearing about it all day I want to give a real quick shout out to the students of Riverside school several of you were in touch with me yesterday we had a good conversation and uh someday soon I'll be down to see you kids very nice yeah I've been on the Riverside a few times too you had great kids down there yes fun to go speak and so a lot of people have some questions for here so then of course I mean you went to there's some legal technicalities that aren't as exciting I don't think to the case but unfortunately they you know you got out before then they put you back and this was all kind of just big hard to understand legal wrangling of different courts against other courts and but long story short there's you're in jail for a crime that you didn't commit according to you and according to any of the evidence aside from that confession but a lot of people want to know you know they're saying well some people have heard who did it you know names are said how do you feel about that at this point I mean the fact that some people and I mean witnesses say for people that don't know anything about the case the there was a girl that sat on the hill and heard women screaming not a woman not just Kim but a woman that they would assume would be cam but then other women they she saw women they you know other people have had women confessed to the crime and say they got away with it the theory is from for all intents and purposes that it was a group of girls that killed Kim nice do you is that your belief as well and do you have any more of an idea of who committed the crimes I mean obviously I don't you to name names or anything but I mean how do you feel about that you know big Jay let me answer your question the best way that I can being in my legal situation and that is the fact that go to Montana's for justice calm study for yourself I don't want to name names or get into theories other than to say at this point in time 36 years later I'm free I'm on the streets in Billings Montana if the state of Montana is ever interested in justice that's their responsibility to pursue the truth I really hope that I have done everything I possibly can in Centurion ministries who represents me for the past 15 years they are an internationally renowned wrongfully convictional organization and I'm not just talkin AR small - this is one of the largest wrongful conviction organizations in the entire world they represent people were why'd they have represented me for the past 15 years we have done everything we possibly can to bring justice to this case I honestly feel at this point in time that responsibility now shifts back to the state of Montana if they ever want to pursue it I got a life to go live I'm wearing some Visconti according to big thick mercies a big load applying on today because of big J and some Justin Browns it's snowing out christmas is coming up the lights are coming up you know it's a move on with life this is a one I want I mean this is one of the big things here that I want to ask and people are asking it in different ways how do you stay positive in prison that long how do you hold out hope because I tried to put myself in your shoes I think maybe four months into it four months into that situation I would have given up and just sat in my cell read a book been bored just no hope how do you for that long for a crime you didn't commit in prison no hope I mean if your life sent it's no parole so for all you know you could be in there until the day you die how do you continue to fight to get out and to get the correct information on to stay positive what is it is that something inside you is that something somebody helped you with I mean how do you how do you not give up like I would well first and foremost J if you don't have a belief and they all made it creator and the god of the heavens you're not gonna make it through because I cannot tell you how many times suicide was an option for me and that's an option that you have to fight through with prayer and and I hey I've been in isolation cells for months where you walked at little three steps back and forth all day long with four cement walls thinking about taking yourself out and you spend those 24 hours a day talking to this God this invisible God to the point that you really think that you've lost your mind because you're like really am I just talking to myself to pass the time you know and I'm here to tell you that I have seen and experienced some amazing things so that's one aspect the second aspect of it is when you're sitting in prison and you not only know that you are innocent but you start studying the documents and you realize that they knew what they had done to you every innocent person in the United States of America will tell you it creates a fire inside of your heart a fire of determination to right that wrong that is undescribable so you combine that with a faith in God yeah there are tough times I have been through some extremely tough times I can't sit here and talk to you about the times of the handcuffs in the belly chains and the the ankle bracelets and the black box of combing and the food some of the food I've eaten not only I can imagine but I've eaten things that I wouldn't feed a dog you know I've been transferred you seen the show Conair I've done a Conair trip before you know that's prison life you survive that by believing and knowing the truth inside of your heart and whether it's trying to get through college today I encourage all your college students to get your education stayed clean from the drugs and the alcohol don't let it destroy your life get your education and if you're struggling through trying to make it through college right now it's that same determination in your heart of wanting something better than where you are right now the self-improvement that you have got to have a dream and a goal to move forward that's it's amazing I mean the fact that to hear you say it is one thing to but just to look back and try to picture that amount of time and just know that you were able to maintain that your faith and your your need to you know prove that you didn't do it and show these people what they did was wrong and and like you said before now you're free I mean long story short all the legal wranglings the governor granted you clemency governor Bullock I'm sure you probably appreciate if Governor bull absolutely I want to you know not only am i appreciative of the governor Bullock but I can appreciate and respect a man of his word mm-hmm if you say you're gonna do something and you step up in the face of adversity and peer pressure to do what you said you're gonna do that is the ultimate statement of integrity as a human being we don't have enough of that in America today and especially in the political arena they will tell you what you want to hear and then when it's all said and done and the chips are down they will not carry through with what they said governor Bullock carry through with what he said yeah he's a great guy we've had him on the show a few times and he's always fun up here and I think he's a great governor so nice - nice that he like you said you know he made it Gabe he was word follow through with it you're now a free man out in the snow somebody said what's it like you know after 30 years in prison to get out and drive a modern vehicle that's gonna be I mean there's so many things to ask you about but yeah what is it like to see the technology these days in a car compared to what you were driving when you were taking into custody you know in the early 80s well I guess you finally psych let's let's just wrap it all up it's fun because I don't know how many of you can remember your teen years where you're out there trying to learn life and you're trying to experience everything in front of you and you really don't know what you're getting into but that adventurous spirit takes over and you go for it and that's kind of where I'm at today is you know I'm kind of stumbling bumbling a little bit here and there but that allows me to laugh at myself one of my greatest stories about getting out of prison for the first time not this time the first time I got out of prison I was living with Ziggy Ziegler odda and South Billings Boulevard the Breyers mm-hmm come into town there's the holiday gas station right there you know I've got my vehicle I stopped at the holiday gas station I put the credit card in punch all the numbers I'm looking good I'm doing fine and it says push the start button to pump gas for 25 minutes I stand there looking at that gas pump saying where is the start button because it says start button not great yellow little great button yeah I'd put my credit card in that thing four or five times we're not trying to get you gotta love that man that's great stuff you know but you know catching up with cell phones catching up with new cars man it's absolutely fabulous aw and you well I saw you on the iPhone I mean you were you were getting around on the iPhone pretty pretty impressively you know I this time yes last time I've got a buddy over in Helena Montana big old diamond Rio is what I call the guy from Diamond dreams in Helena Montana he when I got out the first time Keith Morrison and I have become great friends keith morrison is as humane and humble as he appears on TV we've become really good friends as soon as I got out last time he gave me a call on this cell phone so my buddy Diamond dream comes up to me he's got this cell phone and he loves telling this story so I got this little cell phone not having a clue what this little tiny thing was that he just handed to me and he says it's a phone it's a phone Keith Morrison's online so I'm putting it up to my mouth and then putting it to my ear and I'm put it to my mouth and I put it to my ear and I speak into it then I put it up to my ear and there everybody in the room cracks up laughing at how I was using this cell phone but you know what life is good you gotta love it man and if you can't laugh at yourself and appreciate the bumbling you know after 30 plus years of incarceration I actually did a total of 31 and a half years out of the 33 year period behind bars in every kind of situation you can imagine praise God for where I'm at yeah I mean that's the thing you're driving a car and using a cell phone now without I'm gonna hold it to your your mouth and then your ear in your mouth and then your ear that's right somebody said um Oh Matt our friend Montana matt said if he wants to somebody he'd like to take you out fly-fishing for a day he's a fly fishing guide he said he thinks you'd enjoy it so it might be fun offer to take him up on somebody said the fact that you maintain this positive attitude is beyond me I'm glad you're out somebody said Barry do you get reimbursed for that time you spend in prison you don't correct because they'd all you didn't they didn't say you were wrongfully convicted necessarily they just said whether you were innocent or guilty you served your time you know let me let me catch people up on where I stand in that right I stand convicted of the crime I will be convicted of the crime for the rest of my life there is no reimbursement there is no paybacks my paybacks late Matt you want to go fly-fishing absolutely get a hole man that is my payback right there getting to go shopping with big J out at Dillard's man we had a blast with the staff out there at Dillard they were great about the whole experience man those are my healing process that is my payback if you see me on the streets man do not be afraid to come up and say hello to me man I'm approachable person man I appreciate that's my healing that's a healing process and that's what I'm gonna get in return for what I have been through that and God has used my situation to change the state of Montana in ways that we still don't understand I was instrumental in the creation of the Montana Innocence Project I was instrumental in the creation of the Montanans for justice organization out of Helena Montana they actually created an organization in Great Falls that are going to continue to work on legislation for the judicial system in the state of Montana called the Great Falls freedom walkers there's an organization here in Billings Montana called the BB free support group many of you have seen their big sign down on Grand and sixth the big free Barry Beach sign that's a sign of the organization of the Billings BB free support group there's a support group there's a group in Bozeman ed has been forming there with the University there my payback is getting to go and talk to kids getting to be invited to all these different events that's the payback I'm gonna get for the situation I'm in so and it's I mean obviously it'd be nice to have 10 million dollars probably but I'm sure after that long in prison it's probably good enough I mean the fact that you're getting to walk the streets eat what you want to eat make your decisions and like you said have fun live life you know ten million dollars I get that every day I get to go do what I want to do mm-hmm you know I after what I have been through in life yeah money would have been fine but I'm thankful that if I want to get up at 2:30 in the morning and go eat ice cream I can do that just because I can people in today's society have become so materialistic that they forgot how to live it's true they have forgotten how to live I'm here to live I don't know how much life I have left on this earth but I promise you I will be living it whatever comes my way whatever opportunity is there let do it again I don't enjoy you know so but he said Barry I met you last time you were out and you were so kind I'm so happy you're free enjoy your life isn't this even crazy technology people in radio now please talk to us on a text app here so he said Barry first got out and came shopping in my store and my manager asked have you shopped here before and he looked at me and I looked at him and the manager and you said she doesn't watch the news does she know somebody said there's no way you can go back this time like last time correct and it's a unless you violate probation or parole if I was to I have 10 years suspended time so if I was to violate my probation and parole I would have to go before a judge and if the judge determined that I had violated my probation a judge could actually send me back to prison for that 10 year period the life without parole is gone yes that is no chance going back to that they cannot send me back for the murder of Kim nice they can send me back for a probation violation but they cannot send me back for the murder of Kim nice the life without parole is gone praise God for that oh yeah and I don't you know the probation stipulations aren't anything that I cannot live without I mean it's it's something that they're you know in the state of Montana they're very reasonable once you're on probation it's different than parole it's different than supervision there is different criteria to a probation status you know yeah like you said it's easy to deal with especially compared to prison I mean I'm sure a lot easier compared to pre handled absolutely as somebody said oh how excited are you very for a home cook Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow I'll tell you how excited I am I called my mom not too long actually before my release I she says just in case because we had no clue what was gonna happen here big J we really didn't know what the process was gonna be there's a true miracle in the way this has all gone down and but I still I called mom and I says she says just in case you happen to be here because he was putting Thanksgiving plans together at that time she says what would you want for Thanksgiving ladies and gentlemen my response to that was in prison all you get is processed food you know they will throw this little round slice of processed ham in front you that has actually ground up turkey dyed pink and tried to convince you that that's him and I told my mom I says mom I want a ham that has a bone in it I want to know that that came off of a pig and it is not dyed turkey meat so I'm excited man we're gonna have my mom and some of my family from Poplar coming down some other friends are coming out to mom's house then after that I'm gonna be going out to the Ziegler's and doing a little bit Thanksgiving dinner with them and their family you can't miss it yes absolutely then after that I've got a couple other things that we're gonna be trying to take care of I got some other friends and supporters from the B be free support group that I'm gonna be trying to get together with real briefly and you know what midnight that night Thanksgiving I might just be walking the streets of Billings just because I can't exactly just getting out there and enjoying it somebody said he more excited about oh they like Justin Bieber are you adjusting Bieber fan no I'm not so he said I do feel for him and a lot of people just say nice stuff look good for you buddy what kind of Oh with that kind of passion I'm no doubt and I've no doubt in my mind that you're innocent and so a lot of nice comments coming in here on our app what I want to know is what's the future hold for you of a site I mean once we get over the initial few months here kind of getting out there experience everything getting like want right on track again what happens next for you just I mean is it just go back to work start working I mean is Sarah are you gonna try to speak a lot and I mean do you have a message for people what's the future hold well a little bit of both big Jayde a little bit of both you know first of all let's address the work issue uh Steve Warlick down at the clock tower in down on First Avenue you know he was my boss before I having to turn myself back in I was his chief engineer he and I have had several conversations where we're discussing several plans of what may happen there but more importantly you know when I first went and talked to my buddy Steve because we're friends as well as an employer boss a relationship and he says you know Barry he says it's over it's finally over and so now you need to pursue your passion in life you need to go out here and find what you're really passionate about so I you know I want to find that I want to find that passion in life of doing what I really love to do you know second of all I do have a lot of speaking engagements already lined out as I said earlier the University of Montana forensic professor has invited me over to Missoula I'll be going over there on December 11th I'm their guest speaker at their graduation over there they've been following my case in teaching my case for probably the past 15 years or more some of the in fact some of the former graduates of that class are gonna be coming back because of their study of my case there's other high schools and stuff the - high school I'm gonna be there I'm gonna be at their graduation come May I've got some churches that have already called in requesting me to be there lame deer high school I'm gonna go down there and speak to some students down there you know I wherever people if they'll contact me and want me to come I don't know what kind of a message I have and I don't even know why people want to listen to me but you know here we are I you know I I guess I say I don't know what my message is but I do know what my message is because I'm a former drug addict as a teenager growing up on a reservation I've been through that but I've now been clean since May of 1983 I did all my years in prison even the good bad and the ugly sober you know and and I have some things to say to you know whether you're Church whether you're a kid whether you're a high school whether you're a college so I'm gonna take all that I have actually got a couple engagements back east already working in the works back in New York and Princeton New Jersey you know more importantly you can take everything that I just said and wrap it up in one thing I told you earlier I came out here to live life and living life is recognizing the opportunities that God puts in your path deciphering which ones are good and which ones are bad which ones are fun and you go and you take every opportunity you enjoy it for what it is and then you move on to the next day you know I'm thankful for all the opportunities that are already in front of me man I'm looking forward you know big J I you know let's talk about the shopping trip you know I had no idea all of sudden out of nowhere let's give a shout out to Jennifer down at the Depot because that's who called me and said big Jays looking for you you know you put it out there she found me I used to work with Jennifer she's a great person man and you know she knows how to take care of her customers down there at the Depot absolutely she got ahold of me we did a shopping trip and that's what I'm talking about opportunities when they come your way open that door make time to make it happen you know and yeah you never know what's gonna happen and it's gonna be fun and somebody said on the app here somebody want to know if you have a p.o box or something that they can write you letters and stuff what's the best way to get in touch with you these days you can actually write me up my business which is 1108 Custer Avenue you can just put Barry beech I already have my handyman business back up and operating I've been working on that for the last couple days it's it's done we're registered with the state of Montana we're registered with the city of Billings it's 1108 Custer Avenue Billings Montana five nine 102 there you go you can send Barry a letter like you said if you see I mean you're obviously out and about I mean you're enjoying life here in Billings if people see you out and about you said don't feel afraid to come up and say congratulations to Sheikh assir absolutely I also have another way that you can get a hold of me I have a cause page on Facebook that is maintained by several individuals you know has been for several years my cause page on facebook is book comm backslash berry a beach it has over 5,000 likes there are other fake pages out there there to try to mimic my page but mine is a cause page hey send me a private message and uh yeah well we'll get together the big speaking a private message is one last question to a lot of people I've seen on Facebook and stuff on our shopping trip pictures and stuff some ladies are really into you what's the the dating situation gonna be look like are you excited to get back into that world you're gonna take your time are you looking for a specific type of girl what's the is berry Beach on the market well I am single I've been single for 33 years yeah that's a long good clean ladies ladies if you're looking to you know I do have a certain style of lady that I like if you're looking to go out and have coffee absolutely you know i-i'll try and apply that if possible you know but please understand that you know you talk about 33 years in prison that was all of my 20s mm-hm all of my 30s all of my 40s I'm into my 50s right now you're gonna have to help with the dating situation buddy because I don't really know what it's like they don't have very many women in a men's prison like in a man I don't know how to communicate or approach a lady if I'm interested but I do like to smile and flirt I'm approachable let's see what happens all right yeah make love and you have tips oh is that we're coming over for ya I don't take any advice from me that's my own yeah I'm not the guy it's all J so make sure that you talk to him not me uh-huh you know I doubt that cuz McLovin did pretty good out at Dillard's they're handling the staff now you know he was behind the camera and getting all the right angles so and somebody said Jen from the depot said love that three of my favorite guys got to do a little bonding over some shopping somebody said they're impressed that they didn't hear you a badmouth Mark Rothko at all from your little no our former governor he's the prosecutor that actually put you away initially how do you feel about him is it you're really big into forgiveness have you just kind of forgiven him and moved forward oh absolutely I've had to do a lot of forgiveness but that's you know that's the very basics of Christianity or a belief in God is if you don't know how to in fact I was talking to some students yesterday from Riverside and they were talking about how things happen in school as teenagers and my biggest advice they you know because people tell them all the time you got to let it go and move on well that's not enough letting go means you know there are times you have to go to another human being and say listen I've done you wrong and I'm sorry mm-hmm and it's that action of going to them that actually allows you to move on my position on mark Roscoe is I understand how mark Roscoe got where he's at in life he is an extremely intelligent individual very well-spoken he speaks from IMing just lickety-split off the top of his head he can address things without hesitation so I understand no I have no ills tor mark Roscoe what he does in his life or anybody else does in their life that's their business they're gonna have to stand before the same God I am going to exactly you know that's their business I I have no ill towards mr. Roscoe at all I just don't understand how come we couldn't resolve this years ago and why the state of Montana refuses to pursue the forensic the forensic information there you guys let's put everything else aside there's forensic information in this case that has never been matched to this day and we'll some a lot of people here too saying they want to teach you how to use this app so you can chime in if you're ever out and about listening so you can just comment here so they won't make loving to get you hooked up with this app on your phone so we'll work on that too so maybe who knows maybe with all these with all the people on here and gen and everybody you'll see Barry chime in some day and let us know how he feels on here when we're talking to somebody else but Barry I gotta say thank you so much for for coming up here it's a pleasure to talk to you it's it's wonderful to have you here in the the city of Billings living here and I'm I'm glad you're free I'm glad you're here I'm glad you're happy I'm glad you're spreading your message of hope and faith and forgiveness and all the other things that you've experienced and hopefully like you said a lot of people can learn from your case and make some positive changes and hopefully it'll happen obviously it's still gonna happen I mean the justice system isn't perfect but hopefully cases like yours will happen less and less and less as we move forward so and that's one of my goals in the state of Montana and everything that I do is let's let's improve our state and let's make sure that things like this don't happen again you know big Junior I'll tell you what I've told many other people over the last couple of weeks our over the last week because I haven't even been a week yet you know if we're ever out and about and I can help you out in any way let's let's make some improvements and some good times in the Billings of Montana you know and if I can ever do anything for you guys let me know man we'll be there you know and if you can't get ahold of me I happen to know the Commissioner of Stella's his name is Ziggy Ziegler he's he's the Commissioner down there at Stella's get ahold of his old Ziggy go in and see him let him know that you want to hook up and we'll make it out of make it happen well there you go great interview somebody said thanks for speaking to us Barry and I agreed Barry Beach 30 plus years behind bars free man walking the streets working driving using the cell phone experiencing life we all take it for granted and Barry's enjoying every single moment of it so Barry thanks again for coming up thanks for shopping with me absolutely sure it was and we'll keep in touch and and thanks again Barry show day morning Billings number one hit music station 101 I