Bas Rutten was going to kick my ass


Chael Sonnen


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I get up every day I do the same thing I go get a cup of coffee I get back into bed but now I'm sitting up I got the TV on I'm flipping back between news channels I grab my smartphone and I start scanning the internet and I'm checking out MMA science and I'm going from one to the next okay listen nothing has changed this week but everything in every single day I would see an article on boss Rutten and it had to do if I'm saying this correctly with the world bare-knuckle fighting federation whole bunch of letters whole but but I tell you that because there's another organization called bare-knuckle boxing don't get these two confused they were doing similar to the same thing but there are different organizations bare-knuckle boxing is still out there thriving and succeeding to put for example that's where Chris Leben is getting ready to fight that is where Paulie is going to fight artim these guys reportedly great reputation crowds are big granting some steam best of luck to him but don't confuse that with the world bare-knuckle boxing federation two different organizations and boss keeps making the news now let me get back to that let me jump around let me tell you my experience with basra because I am coming to you biased and I want to disclose my bias upfront so a number of years ago I would put it I 2006 somewhere right in that time frame I went young up-and-coming guy I'm going to the gym every day I'm having to borrow money for gas to get to the gym everyday that point in my life in my career and I'm in my 20s and boss comes in bosses in town I think he was either in town or was brought out by Randy Couture the only reason I think that is because when I get to the gym there's Boston Randy and every day the boss was in there he only worked out with Randy so I think that Randy must have you know brought him in at any rate it was a big deal for me it was exciting that was boss ruler this guy was a legend I'm a guy that's just trying to get attention fight down at the dog park and when boss said left a meaningful time after he led this one like right after he left and then I wouldn't stab him in the back but after he and sometime after he was gone it could have even been a you 2 years somewhere I ended up doing some kind of an article with somebody and I bring up boss and it really didn't have anything to do with him being in Portland or him being a legend or not book any kind of interaction I had with him it had to do with some other card some card it happened boss fought on it I gave the car too hard time right and then brought Boston whatever but I talk some trash on boss that's the bottom line and I'm really not trying to get around what I said about boss is what guys it's about 2006 man I really can't remember but I talks of trash on boss well the entertainment era wasn't quite here yet and when I came in with some of those more lowbrow attacks right to the point pointing finger in somebody's chest calling guys out that was very new and while that is the norm today and that is even well-received today back when I started doing it this is when we were still under the false aura of martial arts which then fell back to a Hollywood sensation and phenomenon that martial arts were all about respect and honor and bowing to your opponent now none of that is true none of that had any historical evidence but the only thing that the world had any idea or perception of as it pertained to martial arts is what they saw from Hollywood and in Hollywood you always bowed and my father taught me and sensei said none of it was real the only real thing you've ever seen in the world of martial arts is what you have seen in the cage on paper that's that's real martial arts but that phenomenon had not caught up with the reality and the knowledge that we have today and that's very relevant to the story because when I would go out and call out behind his back in fairness boss who I'm looking at his Hey I'm nobody over here I'm just I'm this little guy in the room you're a legend you've what you've been world champion you're you're the guy you got DVDs and you're on covers of magazine it was a way of elevating myself right I gave him a knock over the head but it was only to pull myself up I couldn't actually pull boss down well what do by possibly get this is how I viewed it what am I possibly gonna say as a 20-something year old who's never even fought on television who's a name that people can't even pronounce let alone know and are looking for on their dial what am I gonna say to take away from a legend who's got a world championship who everybody loves so I saw it as a way of pulling myself right carny trick an old an old parlor trick but I did it worked a little bit better than I had intended it to got back to boss ok I then get a call from a mutual friend hey just talked to boss talked him off the ledge he's in Canada and he's thinking about driving to Portland to confront you not really how this was supposed to go right is really not how this was supposed to come so okay fast-forward again a number of years later out comes a movie called here comes the boom Kevin James and Boston did all sorts of stuff with Kevin James even helped to train him for martial arts and they were personal friends they had two bosses in the movie and now I have an opportunity to get brought out and have a little segment of the movie right just a little a little tiny thing but Kevin James has to make this decision and when he when he gets proposed with hey how about we bring out Chael Sonnen and he could do that quick roll boss was in the room and kind of said shale and whatever he said but it was something along a hanging on that guy gonna give me a hard time years ago and Kevin team established hey do you not want me to bring him out and Bosco's no no bring him out I was just commenting to you that I had my own experience with this guy but no I don't want to get in the way so when I get the phone call hey this is what happened when you come out here here's the deal the guy that calls when you come out here you're apologizing to boss okay that's fair took a shot at boss that he didn't deserve came from out of nowhere I had a different mindset quite frankly my mindset my stress did work I mean quite frankly it did work right it gained some attention but it bothered him he's on this project I'm coming for a day I need to give him an apology so we get out there I don't know how to do that what do I enjoy walk right up to a boss Here I am and these guys told me I have to apologize to you in exchange for getting to be in this well that makes it really insincere and I didn't want to do that to him it just didn't seem like the right way to do the apology so the scenes kept going to the day's kept going to the movie was coming to an end always say it it's over my I'm done I'm headed back to the hotel I'm never coming back to this movie now the movie had another few weeks but my participation is over go to the hotel to the airport back to Portland I got to give my apology I got it fine Boston I got it I gotta make this right I gotta do this now so we're all walking out together and I kind of slow down and tell boss catches up with me everybody else gets in front like a boss we talked to you for a second so we stopped it's just us everybody else keeps walking away I said hey Mian number of years ago you came out to team quest and you were a total gentleman and you left and later I got an interview and you'd fought this organization I was given a bump to the organization really had nothing to do but I said some stuff about you and he looks at me and I said boss that was about three or four years ago and I just can't help but notice you've never thanked me and his eyes go like this and he hope you know that big boss root and finger these famous four and then I smile at him and he gets it and he goes oh my god and he stood he starts laughing and I start laughing I go hey man I'm sorry about that and then I shared with them I said you know I'm kind of in a different era than you a little bit more of the entertainment here I did that to get my side just came clean I just came clean man I used your name to get myself them some attention and everything was cool me getting after after that I mean boss and I got along so well I don't have a birthday where he doesn't know it's my birthday and send me a message he doesn't have a birthday where I don't send him a MS we've done interviews together we've hung out together wind up working together the world series I mean it was great for a friendship was formed but it was formed on that I offer you guys this back story I tell you that one to entertain you I think that you'll enjoy the story but I do want to I do come in with a little bit of a bias here because here's what boss has been going through boss was said to be the president of the world bare-knuckle boxing Federation if you're wondering why I keep saying that name over and over again because the current guys that are known as bare-knuckle by do not deserve and there has been some confusion amongst the fans in the media they do not deserve to have this story then placed on them just because they're doing a similar event don't want to be really clear boss is said to be the president of this organization they're comin this is a start nobody knows what's happened I'm a fan on the outside I'm here bare-knuckle boxing that sounds like they're gonna go box bare-knuckle what turns out they were turns out it was exactly as average but we didn't know I mean it would say it was his real starting and forming thing you're trying to find a sleet's then you got to explain to these athletes what it is they're being asked they are offered to come in and nobody know it's this forming thing it's forming bosses as it's forming but it's very relevant to understand that timeline because this wasn't bosses idea this is getting presented now as though boss started the organization boss controlled all of the purse strings boss made all of the decisions which means some of the information that boss relayed to in this case the athletes that turned out to be an accurate information was boss somehow miss Lina that is not what happened that's not what happened I don't have a dog in this race I'm nothing more than a guy standing back at 10,000 square feet and studying this but if I'm a good detective I met guys I tell you I start my day this every day I gonna read all of this die where I'm on guys his Facebook page I'm on their Instagram I mean I stay up on what's going on in the world of MMA I really stay up on it so I've heard everybody side of her bosses side multiple times who's very open to come out of discusses and I've heard the fighter side multiple different fighters not colluding with one another telling their stories it's very consistent but this is a situation where two things are true the same time very rare in life that two things can be true at the same time while opposing one another look boss came into that organization as an announcer great choice great announcer understands the sport did some bare-knuckle stuff legend voice people were good higher he then got leaned on and I know exactly what happened without even B then got leaned on there's meetings going on bosses at the hotel he's not supposed to come out till tomorrow for the camera to 8:00 let's SS boss let's just see if he's free and he can come down to this meeting let's really use him an advisory role on every possible angle from the camera angles that none of you care about if you're sitting at home you just want to be entertained there is a lot that goes on there from where do we do the tosses to who should your partner be to who walks out four I mean there's a lot of things that go into building the show that you would never see a lot of the weeds and how the sausage is made that you would never see all the way up to hey boss what is the appropriate offer to structure some of these contracts with some of these guys how do we go about this how do we president I go directly to the guy do I go to his manager I don't know these guys will they even take my phone call hey could you help out here everybody respect you would you mind making somebody's phone calls for I'd sure appreciate theirs boss kind of man I'm just here to help but what if I found myself yeah I can find this guy I can find this guy you know when show structure is kind of common if you got a higher name guy maybe you got to just do a flat feet starts to teach him the business all of a sudden what happens he starts to create a role for himself one that he never agreed to one that he was never hired for one that he was never compensated for but it elevated and he probably on the other side this is pretty fun I wouldn't mind going out and showing these guys I can do more than call fights I've actually been around this game close to thirty years I probably do know as much about all sides as anybody else this is an opportunity I'm gonna create a role for myself somewhere it then began being said that he was the president of the company now he probably in many ways did act like that and had so much to do and so much got put on his plate that that would be a fair title to visit down the road because he wasn't the president of company he was just an announcer I mean in truth I mean you do have to understand that so when his when his roll started to get a little bit blurred now he's making phone calls now he's making deals with guys that he's getting from the owner the CEO the boss who boss Rutten trusts he trusts the guy well that's normal what would you go through life any other way how much fun would you have in life if you didn't trust people so he trusts this guy boss asked all of the appropriate and responsible question do you have the funding do you have the backing or all of these things that you're promising to be true to be true guy said yeah boss okay you know what we don't we're not licensed and bonded like some other foot let me just go one step further because I have been around this thirty years I'm not calling not calling you any name lie or something but just do one thing for peace of mind for me show me the bank account since we don't have this in escrow anywhere show me a bank account the guy does and sure enough the guy the guy can cover the spread so boss has done his due diligence as he sees it and I agree with them I think he did I think simply asking the guy in explaining to him in a reasonable fashion this sport has a history of fly-by-night guys you burn these fighters it's gonna go through the industry instantly we will never have another you can't burn a crop of Fighters and then go find a new crop to come it doesn't work that way very small passes quick everything in line I think you probably could have done it like that loss went a step further did it say show me and the guy did so boss had every reason to believe that everything that he was representing was accurate and true so he continued to acura or he continued to represent it fight happens leading into the fight and you go to boss's Facebook page get a much better and longer explanation all hell breaks loose with the owner and I'm talking about federal charges this guy was doing wire fraud and some other stuff and he was actually found guilty I'm not speaking of school here he's sitting in jail right now everything starts to get weird the week of the show guess what the show is still going to happen the fighters are now flying in the hotels are booked everybody's in town let's push this thing forward we got a sold-out game we got a box office at we kill away I mean we've got some really good science here but we've also got some signs that there's trouble in paradise but what's the basic rule guys the show goes on so boss has done his due diligence he sees he's got the money boss the boss I'm saying bosses and bas Rutten and then the boss of this another guy's name ends up in a jam where he's not really answering his phone call and he's a little bit m.i.a but the shows getting closer and other guys kind of pick up the slack and they move this thing forward look I think you guys know how the stories ends this show did happen the box office did happen the pay-per-view did happen the stream did go live the fighters did fight fighters weren't paid it was as simple as that and now they're pushing back on boss and it's not at this point a number of dollars okay it's a matter of integrity and a number of guys like me that have known boss for a meaningful period that will come out and say hey that you can't possibly question his integrity how I know that's not gonna hold up with you guys I know that's not gonna hold up but let's take a look at a couple of more details okay if you guys have ever been stiffed or in fairness and I don't expect you to raise your hands but if you have ever stiffed anybody this story is always the same all right anyone that owes money doesn't take your phone calls over a period of time perhaps that number even mysteriously becomes disconnected that's the point when you know okay this game is over don't try to find an email don't call a mutual friend or acquaintance Oh number but don't even waste your time you're not getting paid this isn't just for my experience that I'm trying to pass that on and share but this is whether you got to bill collectors will tell you the same thing it doesn't matter if it's your power bill it doesn't matter if it's a bank on your mortgage if you don't answer the phone you're gonna be in a lot different trouble then if you do answer the phone listen here's what happened I realized that was doing the first I realized I haven't sent it telling whatever your situation is I lost my job I don't have the money I got a check coming in I've been in the hospital whatever it could be they will then say to you okay great can I call you next Friday how does noon sound if you say yes and they go make a little note in their computer go on deal with hundreds of other people they will call you back on the following Friday at noon and they'll check in with you if you answer that call even if you don't have their money if you answer that call they'll keep pushing you in the system and get keep trying to work it with you they will it doesn't matter if you're even thirty days late you never want to be thirty days late won't even matter if you are though they won't turn you over to credit scoring people they won't turn you over to collections they just want they will give you a lot of rope if you keep answering that phone if you keep staying in communication and you keep saying I'm close here I'm guys just need a little bit more time that's what it honest guy does so they will honestly have a belief that hey the guys in a jam I might have to hit him with some interest I might have to do some but let's not turn his power off it's a real guy he's trying he's answering his phone he's fighting through something that's what boss is doing boss hasn't hit his sand he is a buried his head in the sand once yet he's gone to any medium he has in many cases social media just to get the word out there he's addressed people he has a radio interview coming up in a matter of hours he has done everything but hide from this but he is attempting to say guys make sure you put me in the right category I am also a victim is Oh hired to do a job I was not the decision-maker I wasn't funding this thing I never represented that as far as being the president of the organization goes that is a term that got bestowed upon me somewhere along the way that is factually incorrect but I did have a lot of contacts I did have a genuine belief that something very special was going to happen here and then I I can help it to happen and I also believe if I could bring in you who ended up getting stiffed but if I could bring you guys I could get you rewarded and had everything gone smoothly that would be the spot but I don't have a feeling anybody would be saying it from that perspective I have a feeling that nobody would be coming out now had all of those checks cashed and go god what a great guy boss root and his boss root and made this happen I don't think so I think it would just go to the owner to the CEO what a great job he did and he got this going for some reason when it went the other way it ended up on boss I think that's a little bit confusing I think boss has also been a stand-up guy to again not bury his head in the stink come and address all of the stuff tell the story like it happened tell it for what it is and say this is unjust I don't like it and I'm not happy about it but we are working through it the owner is currently sitting in prison they have frozen all of his assets all of his money and all of his fun and we are working on that to me when you're talking about integrity boy I'm not really sure there's much else that could be done I'm really not for boss to continue to talk about these things for boss to continue to try to seek answers for boss to continue to try to get those funds released and put into the hands of the athletes who had contracts and had a reasonable expectation to get that all the while knowing he has no job there will never be another show with this promotion he is not the president he will not be compensated for this he will only be kicked he will only be brought down if this ever even comes through if they free up the funds and it goes to the Atlas he will never be thanked they will continue to believe that he wronged it's a really tough spot but boss is pushing through it anyway because he agrees with the athletes that they had a deal they had a bargain and the end of it by the promotion was not held up I believe that there is a vast misunderstanding when I do read some of the comments by the athletes who were screwed who were lied to these guys were taken advantage of for sure I am with them a thousand percent offered to you that some of that frustration and anger is be misplaced