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[Music] [Music] you [Music] you [Music] Clara [Music] Wow [Music] [Music] it's okay sweet we're gonna get you out here [Music] sorry mom I forgot it's okay sweetie my lady Shh chin up pal you too fed everything yep Helen come on we talked about this it's a big change haven't been back there in a long time [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] beautiful isn't it [Music] [Applause] all right here we are [Applause] [Music] [Applause] it's so much bigger in real life so I can't believe how cheap this place 50 not bad huh come on [Music] well go pick your rooms yeah you better get up there you didn't go to Clayton oh yeah this house is paying off already I still can't believe this is ours hmm it's a good place to make a fresh start all right give me the tour here we go [Music] [Music] hey goof [Music] you can have this one I like it you would [Music] oh alright well uh yes I'll start with the kitchen okay I'll go grab some more things from the car I'm sorry I didn't mean to startle you it's okay I wasn't expecting anyone we just got here I know I'm Arnold gray I live next to her huh I figured you could use a hot meal for your first night hi sorry i'm uh mike layton is my wife Ellen nice to meet you sweet you to let me take that from you mad at you up don't you come on in it's lasagna it's an old family recipe how did you know we veer I'm sorry oh it looks freshly made how did you know we'd be arriving today well I'm sorry my wife was a detective back and lost him so no that's fine it's not a valid question to be perfectly honest this is a very small town see I do business with Janet the realtor that sold you this house I have a small contracting company so I'm in pretty tight with most of the folks in town and I was just so thrilled to hear that we were finally getting neighbors after all of these years well how long is the husband empty a better part of a decade Wow Oh so uh contracting huh mostly renovations I'm an architect are you taking the office on main next to Jerry's hardware yeah that's me I heard there was an architect going in there small town see sure is well we can always use a good architect we love a small town good well listen I'll leave you alone I just wanted to welcome you to the neighbors yeah and thank you so much hey honey thank you that was very sweet of you you [Music] [Music] hey little asia what's your name that's pretty dangerous I'm sure your mother wouldn't want you climbing up there there's nothing to be afraid of my name is Arnold I'm your new neighbor sometimes these old houses have a mind of their own I'll see you [Music] come on I admit it crying it's pretty cool I guess it's a start all right you're gonna love it here as soon as we get so I'm telling you rule hey you okay sweet the hell is that I don't know it's okay it's just the pipes who's old houses [Music] Mike who left the door open it's probably just a draft these old houses hmm take a little getting used to was a tent [Music] look I know I caved on the move but can you give me some clue as to how long you're gonna stay mad how long huh it just wasn't fair I know don't do that mom what I just need to be mad for a while okay it's tough for you to but I know I left school my friend get it it's fine i just want my am back clearly not going anywhere okay [Music] [Music] ok [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what are you doing Kate nothing who are you talking to and your friend okay [Music] freak [Music] have a great day at school sweetie I love I'll get out here oh but your school's just just up the block right yeah I guess cool good luck today you [Music] [Applause] [Music] Helen Anna how are you great how long has it been too long what are you doing here oh I i moved to Halliwell years ago got a job at the Sheriff's Office really yeah just secretarial stuff I'm not police material you know not tough like you so what are you doing in hallowell we wanted a change of pace so my husband and I we bought a place to sounds out of town that's great I could really use someone like you around here oh no I'm done with that oh that's too bad so where'd you buy this beautiful old Victorian house up on gladstone really that's great the Jenkins place I don't know 207 gladstone that's so great what is it no nothing um you know what I have to go uh but what do we go for coffee sometime catch up I would love that it's been too long it's so good to see you you too I can't believe you're here in either [Music] [Music] [Music] hey new girl don't take your person the locals is seen the way they look at you yeah still sucks I know I was new last year yeah from failing you Boston cool so what's it like what do you your new house mmm it's cool you don't know know what Scott history don't worry about it my name is out Emma cool we should hang out sometime okay see you around well Wow [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] hello is someone there [Music] [Music] hello [Music] [Music] come on down [Music] [Music] this place is gonna take some getting used to [Music] chose a sizable renault really helped us get ahead it's great so how was school good am I have your mom after your question um did something happen no nothing at all actually well then kids looked at me like I was a freak I'm sorry honey you're new it's a small town yeah it'll get better no wasn't just that was ready for that is there something wrong with this house other than dad needing to fix the lock on the front door and it was open when I came home today's nothing's up with that law yeah okay that's not what I mean this guy I met today said it had history he met a god I'm serious every old house has history I know maybe something bad or weird he was something bad [Music] someone was killed in the house a long time ago what how would you know that my friend Clara told me he said it's not safe to stay here for Toulon okay all right all right you know what that's enough look I know this was a big change and I know that change can't be easy all the time but everybody has to dial it down a notch okay nobody was killed in this house as far as school goes give us some time not the kids get to know you [Music] I'm worried about Kate her imaginary friend it's cute 45 year old maybe but she's almost 10 don't you think it's strange no it's just her way of coping with the move besides she's been so positive about everything that's true so mike/ellen neighbors jazz outside working on the treehouse old people are weird what are we talking about here what do you mean with this house I ran into an old friend at the grocery store today and she knew this place her eyes almost popped out of her head when I told her we were living here honey it's ridiculous Oh with a history yeah there was an accident 20 years ago a little girl died in the house Oh in the backyard just an accident yeah well that's what I was told she fell out of the tree house besides there's been other owners since then why is everyone so afraid of this place I don't know but houses are just bricks and mortar everything else is just nonsense I know okay so kb take the bad man still owe their mommy where honey he killed her you'll took it hey Claire the bad man killed her it's gonna be okay I was just a dream hurry up girls we're gonna be late [Music] [Music] what's up with you nothing seriously okay yeah I you know how I hate being late 10 Kate shelf [Music] hey I'm so glad you called thank you so much for meeting me on such short notice oh god are you kidding me has a little citement my day is everything okay I don't know couple of menus for you just coffee for me please okay thank you for this I wouldn't normally do this but sings your police officer retired well in any case I think you should know what you've gotten yourself into which is well it's all in the file the last owners the last donors Abby and stand wire just up and disappeared one day I be used to teach at home would do such a nice lady laughing order what happened to them that's where my little one Kate goes my Jenkins family that poor little girl Clara folks think she's the reason the place is cursed cursed some people even think she haunts the place do you believe in that sort of thing why have you experienced anything strange no not not what the house but actually somebody's been dropping these off now I can't be sure it's him but I've noticed a man our car watching the house creepy what Goofy's trying to tell you something we're threatened I said it looks like evidence to the crimes I familiar with these cases I've seen them before these and others others there's a higher than average body count in hallowell not just murder some accidents random disappearances it's comforting and they all come to your office yeah of course do you mind if I show these to sheriff Roberts no please do do you think it would be possible for me to have a look at the files pertaining to the picture off I don't know Helen I'd have to talk to the sheriff I mean I can't just take files out of the office of course not maybe I could come by and meet the sheriff that'd be great dad stop scaring these nice ladies hey Arnie hi Anna sorry about this ladies no problem dad come on nice to see you out mr. gray come on dad let's find your seat that was odd poor old Victor he doesn't get out much anymore I think his mind is going great no no he's harmless hey Shirley will have some money on the table do you need a ride oh no that's okay the precincts just around the corner okay Helen here are you sure about this it's okay it's a copy anyway thank you so much there's something else I wasn't sure if I was gonna tell you this but Jane Jenkins Claire's mother yeah I heard she's been getting treatment at the psychiatric facility at Fulton that's not far from here is it might be worth a try I mean she's the only one that's been where you are thank you so much and I really do appreciate you looking after me my family like this that's what old friends are for just be careful around that house okay i will i'll talk to you soon all right [Music] you want to get out of here some friends Myers where your value only come what about class about class you want to ditch that's the idea schools not going anywhere you coming as long as I'm back before his mom between horse [Music] this old place blog to a family that disappeared under mysterious circumstances yeah one day the farmer came in from working on the field and found his wife hacked up into a bunch of pieces in one of the bathrooms yeah that's awful sure is did they ever catch the guy who did it nope [Music] what's his deal documenting the mysteries of the town sort of a hobby yeah it sounds full of them aren't all townsville Odin not like Halliwell this town has more than most and your house being one of the most famous what she doesn't know well I have a story for you about 20 years ago in the house that you're living in there's this little girl in a treehouse in the back [Music] thank you my name is Helen I'd like to know more about what happened at your old house you and me both I'm so sorry for your loss [Music] I have two daughters Emma's 15 and Kate's 9 she's so beautiful I know this must be difficult for you to talk about but I could really use your help my family and I moved into your old house about a week ago why is there something that I should be worried about we were so so happy there until until what my husband Chris just couldn't leave it alone Jane there were these accidents at work that didn't sit right with him accidents he was in construction and I told him to just leave it alone but he wouldn't these weren't accidents Damon say your daughter looks a lot like my Clara she had a charm bracelet I bought her a couple of terms for her birthday he's started doing some digging and just when he thought he found something clara was killed so it wasn't an accident no she cool to kind that 300 times I told her not to but you know what it's like [Music] I do he can't let them out of your sight in for a minute I'm so sorry never let them out of your sight [Music] [Music] Jane Jane I need your help is my family in danger [Music] she never took the bracelet off ever what does that mean come on Jay so no he didn't fall it wasn't an accident [Music] keep your daughters away from the man next to her hello is this Helen Clayton yes hello this is mrs. Sharpe from Homewood elementary school I'm on my way sweetie are you okay yeah um mrs. Clayton please call me Helen nice to meet you Helen I'm Ruth um from what I saw Kate pushed Scott that's the voice sitting over there off of the play structure in the yard what why I'm not sure I only saw the push I not sure what transpired before hand from what the kids tell me there was no argument no altercation beforehand she just walked up to him and pushed I don't understand him and why would she do something like that well change can be tough on kids I know but this is really out of character for kate is everything all right at home yes it's fine I know you're living in the old Jenkins place I know a lot about that house avid where we were close friends she used to tell me things about that place that just killed me to the bone like what strange sounds bad dreams even thought she saw you know Clara Jenkins what happened to Abby and her husband I don't know I thought you were close friends well that's what's so strange after her and Stan started looking into things she's sort of drifted off we stopped talking to everyone and then one day they just disappeared disappeared didn't show up for work left everything behind and just vanished it's really strange Karen he's over here I'm so sorry it's not save it I am shocked III have never seen Karen behave that way her and her brother Arnold ur so sweet Arnold gray well yeah your neighbor did you push that boy yes was he teasing you earlier no then why push him Claire told me to who's Clara my friend from school Kate you can't use your imaginary friend as an excuse to hurt people I'm not what has gotten into you I'm helping Claire get back at them for killing her where are you getting all this from from Clara what else is Clara told you that the bad man next door took her bracelet okay to who's telling you this stuff Clara Kate that's enough I'm not playing around anymore hey who told you the stuff did somebody tell you at school no clear idea well you didn't have to honk sorry [Music] [Music] [Music] what is it nothing to your room young lady Emma what's that must be a piecemeal I dropped any come here for a sec what is it I need your help with Kate me something's going on with her and I can't figure it out she pushed a kid off a play structure at school today really it's this imaginary friend aren't imaginary friends normal I'm not at her age look I know you're still trying to find your feet here we all are but if you could just keep an eye on her spend some time with her I'd really really appreciate it sure thanks [Music] was left open again Abby [Music] [Music] you [Music] Oh [Music] help me somebody help me somebody help me No [Music] [Music] she'll get them Clara she always does hi neighbor Hey Arnold what you got there Oh stuff letter I was gonna drop by I'll take it no it said it was just a thank you letter and now that I have you here in person thank you would you like to go in for a coffee or a tea I really shouldn't come on I insist you can tell me what you're so thankful for I'll make a killer cup of joe ok one coffee great I can't stay long please have a seat so are you settling in all right uh yes thank you oh and thank you for sending so much work Mike's way my pleasure it must have been tough leaving the force that really hasn't sunken in yet wait how did you know that I left the force what's wrong right I'm guessing by now you've heard all the rumors hmm oh yes we all have can't avoid the gossip over the years have you seen anything strange coming from the house not at all it's been very quiet over there too quiet in fact I think it's nice that there's some life back in the old place it's a beautiful house yes it is hmm great coffee told you yes there's something wrong no nothing well it's gonna sound strange trust me Helen I've heard at all someone's been dropping these envelopes by the house it's interesting it's as if they're trying to warn us or scare us off hmm what's what's in them nothing really pictures are pretty cryptic have you noticed anyone lurking around no no I am but I'll mention it to my father he's always sitting at the windows looking out seen him know that the dumb fall comes from within dad you should be resting no you watch yourself okay that's enough I'm sorry he's not well I should get going dad you're scaring our guests no no really thank you for the coffee no please Helen Helen Helen please please forgive me my father can be difficult to deal with sometimes hey I could ask you the same thing who the hell do you think you are didn't know how long it's taking her to have a normal conversation wait I'll deal with you and your crazy old man in a minute who are you you dropped in on my wife today where you thought you just stir things up your Jade's husband what did you say to her she's barely holding it together mommy clerical it's my daughter Kate mom what's going on I would take take her upstairs I'm so sorry I didn't think it through please just come in okay yeah do you want me to help I'll take it from here Ryan just fell apart after word can just shut down something happened that day you didn't just ball mr. Jenkins I went to see your wife because I'm trying to protect my family I'm sorry if I straight things out so you're not the one sending the envelopes no I'm gonna find out what's going on we're gonna get to the bottom of this you got a good one here man well I want to take up any more of your time again I'm sorry if I scared you on your girl so keep my distance thanks [Music] so you let me know then definitely Alan Helen we moved all the way out here to get away from all of this stuff there the cops the psychiatrist they all said you got too close I know you got shot for God's sakes he saved her life I almost lost your own you have two beautiful daughters and a husband we need you here Helen it's why I have to do this whatever it is you think you're looking into stop what if our girls are in danger from what I don't know yet I'm let it go Helen I don't want to lie to you Mike all right all right do your digging get it out of your system [Music] [Music] is era and today Ellen Clayton yes I'm share of Roberts come on back please have a seat you obviously don't know Anna was in a serious car accident what is she okay no she didn't make it what what happened it was a hit-and-run and we're looking into it that's why I wanted to talk to you about I know she was helping loud she showed me a few reports I was detected back in Boston yeah I know who you are I checked you up your last case really did a number on you but you saved a little girl and your record is exemplary yes she gave me the pictures I don't know why these are coming to you but they're definitely a gentleman these photos display key pieces of evidence that we're missing from the crime scenes so they're authentic yeah they only could have come from the killer oh this has anything to do with what happened Diana I really don't have enough information to speculate I can help with them how i can give you full access to our databases on the condition that if you find anything you bring it to me first of course good well and there was a good lady I don't dear friend they'll help you in reception thanks [Music] [Music] what are you after school today I don't know uh-huh that's not Maureen some friends of mine are having to get together you wanna come ah will be chill okay but I can't stay too long share whatever [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hello [Music] hello oh hey honey i'm a amount at the old Haskell farm down on boundary road I'm surveying this amazing old barn when did that come up about a half hour ago I got a call from what's gotten into you I found some stuff out of it I just get out of there hello you're starting to freak me out yeah I am but you better have something [Applause] [Music] hello Mike [Music] sorry honey where's your sister I don't know what's wrong nothing run get in come on am [Music] Oh you [Music] [Applause] why are we driving so fast we're in a hurry sweetie [Music] [Music] all right I need you to stay in the car ok stay here [Music] [Music] [Applause] oh my god have an emergency come on my husband was attacked i'm at the Haskell farm please hurry [Music] it's gonna be okay sweetie okay hey uh huh you know it's now Emma where the hell are you I'm worried sick [Music] [Applause] [Music] what time is it who cares [Music] oh crap i was so dad [Music] believe me here [Music] [Music] Helen hey I just heard how is he it's too soon to tell I'm so sorry I bet if you check that properties under contract with the grace okay what was he doing out there surveying the property for a job and building collapsed no he was attacked I was on the phone with him when I happened but who I don't know but he was lured there every one of these cases can be connected back to one place where grandson construction no that's not possible they've done work on a bit a part of every job connected to these cases uh odd coincidence maybe no seriously I played cards with Arnie gray once a week and he's covering up for his old man Victor how do you have any proof not yet but he repeated back is saying from one of the photographs and I saw the envelopes in his house I need something solid I can't get a hold of my daughter Emma and I'm worried first Anna and now Mike I'll put out a call what was she wearing t-shirt and jeans that she's 15 she always answers her phone I'll have an officer drive by the house I'll find her if she might be with this boy up Alec okay [Music] you [Music] I know you what are you doing out here [Music] so he suffered some broken bones contusions and Sears the internal trauma from the weight of the debris but he's gonna pull through oh my god it'll be awhile before he's up and about but he'll be okay thank you so much he's gonna be out for a while so you and your daughter should head home and get some rest we'll call you any wakes up okay great thanks again come on sweetie it's time to go come on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hi it's Helen Clayton you found my daughter yet I'm not yet but she was at a party we closed down late last night from what we can gather she left the party between 11 and midnight alone ok can you send a car by my house ok i'll send one over as soon as I can all right thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] what have you done with my daughter me ask my son your son he brings all the death how do I know he didn't tie you up to protect us from you I sent you the pictures the articles I can't cover for him anymore and I'm afraid untie me and I'll show you [Music] god damn it [Music] [Music] it moves as trophies around every few months it's behind here [Music] where are you going later Oh [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what have you been up to [Music] I've an intruder at 207 gladstone street you sent a car quick [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Batman is here come on I needed to get in the closet would be very quiet I love you ok [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] that was so scary [Music] I needed to go to the street and wait for the police but no go [Music] believe he's over here [Music] you all right where's Emma you okay come with me he's got him a trapped in this house come on are you hurt everything's gonna be okay hi we're gonna get [Music] you wanted evidence oh my god he's been killing for years [Music] honey it's okay come with us because that's what I make sure you [Applause] [Music] [Music] I'm so scared i'ma so much [Music] hey knock I missed you guys so much oh you okay yeah [Music] oh thank you guys that's very sweet hmm come on Kate there's something I want to show you you comin Oh we'll be right back down all right come on [Music] so I was able to get this from sheriff Roberts it's so pretty I think it would make Clara's mom really happy to have it back don't you yes I think it would can I keep it until then yes of course you can let's go get some cake let's meet our doors or climbing [Music] [Music] [Applause] you