Bear Grylls and Yao Ming Go Wild

I do get nervous you know, I’ve never repelled with someone as big as Yao before. Keep walking down. That's good. Oh! Yao Ming is one of the NBA greatest ever players, but now he is retired, he wants to show the world who he really is. So he’s asked me to take him on a wilderness adventure, and to push him right out of his comfort zone. But, just how will Yao Ming stack up against Mother Nature? Look, dead rat. Look, see the maggots? Yeah. I mean the rat, we can’t eat. Because that’s rotten. But the maggots, a bit of honey, bit of maggots, we can cook those up. I'll just step back a little bit. We'll shake the maggots into there. Well it's not much. But it’s better than nothing. Okay, so we’ve got water, we’ve got maggot, we’ve got honey. That to me Yao, is supper. Try a bit of that. I'll skip it. Oh, come on, Yao. I’ll skip it. Come on it’s good. Look. Oh, that’s terrible. Huh? Maggots can contain up to 8 times more protein that beef. Come on this is part of the wilderness experience. You’ll remember this for the rest your life. No seriously, I’ll skip it. Oh, come on. You've gotta try one little maggot. Do it for your little daughter. Then she will not kiss me again. Hey, welcome to my world. I never tell my wife. No. I'll skip it. You really don't want to try that? Nah. Double rations for me, Yao. Come on, we got to have one go of this. Duck pass me, whack it in. Okay, you gotta get past me. Okay, I think we’ll acknowledge you’ve won that one. Yeah. Put this out. You ready, Yao? We’re going to do this. Let’s get moving. So, tell me about your parents, Yao, what did they do for a job? My parents were both basketball players, back in the 70’s. Wow. And so therefore for you growing up, did you always have an ambition to basketball player? I have that kind of a feeling that hopefully I can just be good as my parents. Okay, let’s keep going, Yao. We’ve been moving for a bit now, we’ve just come across this big rock-face obstacle. At some point we got to go up this along and down on the other side. It does worry me little bit, cause its steep, its awkward. We’re going to need you in a proper harness. The thing is, it’s not easy to find a harness, big enough for you. This is the biggest climbing harness I’ve ever seen in my life. And it was this industrial window cleaner harness and its huge. Yeah they don’t fit, I am fat. He makes it look like a little kid’s harness. Yao, you crack me up. This is brilliant. This is the biggest harness they sell in the entire world. I'm going to put it on like that, I’ll get some climbing rope, tie around here through the legs. At least I found out one thing. I’m the tallest guy ever to climb this before. Well, dude, you are funny. So, is that quite typical though for you Yao? Do you have to have quite a lot of things custom and made and fitted for you? Yes, of course Cars… Really? Do you have to get a car specially done? Yeah, Need to fix the chair a little bit. Why didn’t you just take the chair out, and sit on the back seat? I’m not that tall. Okay. We're going to go up here. I’m going to climb first. I found a tree root. That is a small tree, for my size. Okay, Yao we’re good. We got a view of where we’re going. There is a possibility that we’re going to end up in the water here and then we’re going to have to swim to the bank. Oh. Okay, so you need to summon up that fortitude once more. But you can swim if we have to swim? I kind of like it because when I get into the water, I finally can feel like I’m probably equal with others, everybody can only have head outside the water, right? Gives me a peaceful moment to feel normal right there. Yeah. Okay Yao. We’re going to put all of this down. These ropes are rated for like a thousand kilograms. So, Yao is heavy but he’s not going to break this. I hope. So, lean back. And keep your feet nice and wide apart Yao, cause that’s your stability, that’s it! Okay? I do get nervous you know, I’ve never repelled with someone as big as Yao before. Keep walking down. Now it's getting a bit steeper here. That’s good. Oh! That’s good, that’s fine. Let’s swing you left. It’s like moving the mountain. Keep hold of that rope, even when you hurt your hand keep hold of the rope, okay? We’re moving down. Here we go. Keep hold of that rope. Okay, So Yao, last bit, we’re going to be in the water. Soon as we hit that water, we’ll untie from this system, backpack’s off, and then we just get moving fast that way, okay? We don’t want to hang around long in this water. Okay. Okay? So are you ready? 1..2..3.. here we go. Really? Yup. Go into water? Oh my god, that’s cold. Holy cow, this is cold. I know, it’s going to be cold. Okay, backpack off. You ready? We're swimming, we're swimming. Oh, man, that’s cold. Yeah, that’s not easy for him. he’s never been in water that cold before. It’s a shock to the system. He was very calm. Well done to him. Keep going. Exposure to freezing water may cause hypothermia. Give me your bag. You okay? I don’t want to talk. Feel that. First time we've seen the Sun since yesterday. That feel good? Feels better if we have a couple of hot coffees. Well, all we got to do is keep following this riverbed, and we'll meet Bao Yi. How come you're not shivering? I'm shivering so much. You're not shivering. Could you give me a hug? Got a proper hug, I want a Yao hug. That's one of my advantages. I probably have 30% of fat, body fat. It's serving you well. Let's go. Here's the good news, Yao. There's Bao Yi. Look, you're both wet. We're wet and we're cold. I'm so proud of Yao. He's really battled so much on this journey. A real privilege to spend this time with him