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beat the streets was Monday and that's where Ben Askren went out and wrestled Jordan burrows inside a Madison Square Garden they called it the hulu theater which just means they don't think they can sell it the garden they drop some curtains down and they renamed the theater look they inside a Madison Square Garden 5500 seats available 5500 seats sold 1.3 million dollar gate that is the largest gate in the history of wrestling that I know of and I'm pretty good at this it's the largest gate that I've ever heard of that's an average ticket price of two hundred and sixty dollars unheard of in wrestling it on Monday night and off night really spectacular job for a really spectacular cause my fear is a fan is that the event organizers will stand back and say my goodness we just sold out 5500 seats for a record 1.3 million dollar gate for a fantastic cause with a mid-level card on an off night known as Monday we have this whole thing figured out oh boy I hope they don't do that because from a production standpoint this was a garbage I love the show let me start out with I love the show I give it two thumbs up I'm glad I watched it this is not a show that belonged on linear this is not a show that you could take and sell to linear this is not a show that 365 days from now I could invite a group of friends over to come over and watch because it's great this was garbage at the highest of levels to do a 1.3 million dollar get I would guess that that production cost $12,000 I know that production cost somewhere between twelve and eighteen thousand dollars I know for sure been doing this long enough I know that to have a 1.3 million dollar gate and to only put that small of a figure into production is something that cannot happen in the future that it has to be reinvested back everybody wants to talk about why wrestling can't be a mainstay sport you can't be a mainstay sport if you don't look like a mainstay sport first off and every event organizer of sport in the history of time that is doing a new event we'll make this same mistake I was surprised to see these guys do it but Everett they're in good company everybody does it they will sell you a ticket for a wrestling event in this case they will advertise wrestling you will buy said ticket and you will show up on time and take your seat well that should be a pretty goddamn good clue that you'll want to see wrestling but the event organizers will always try to offer you something else something that wasn't advertised that you did not purchase they will then make the assumption that you want to see in this case it was a marching band not for nothing it wasn't a very good marching band but perfectly nice people I'm sure that worked perfectly hard on it I'll leave it at that we don't want to see that nobody paid this that nobody counted down their minutes to see that you forced us to see that when that got done guess what they did did they start the wrestling no they took a timeout why did they take a timeout because they had to wash the mats they had to wash the mats because the band showed up in Street shoes the band that never should have been there anyway now you have a live sporting event broadcast around the world that takes a timeout before it ever starts that is a stunning mistake that never should have happened stunning happens all the time sporting events will always think that you want to see something else even though they advertised one thing you agreed to determine by buying your ticket showed up to see they will always present to you some level of garbage that you don't want to see this one was no different the own bigger problem the much bigger problem is they then had to halt the event yet again to clean the to clean the mats so when the event starts and there's always a big warm-up there shouldn't be a warm-up beat the streets that is one of the most prestigious events that you can get to participate in because it's invite-only they pay a little bit of money it's in New York it's streamed it's advertised the stars come out and it's a really really special event for this space every I'm a match would conclude the host of the show who was fantastic I must say everybody that worked on the show the announcers the passion everything that came through really really a very good job the host of the show would say because he was instructed to say it by the director we will be right back they would then toss to a still shot so you now have a still shot of New York City with absolutely nothing happening any producer that had the sense that God gave geese if he needed a timeout heaven only knows why you would need one it's live sport excuse me it's live sport get the next one out there I watched High School dual meets we turn them out one after the next production budget zero why they needed a timeout I don't know but they would then throw to a still shot any produced what you would have the announcers to paid higher talent do what's called fill in the business which means whatever you're doing in the meanwhile you just throw the camera down to the announcers and they either talk about what they just saw or they get what's called a tease for what's coming later and tonight what can be expected or you would take the really big shortcut which is to play a peep prepackaged b-roll you'd play two guys training you play two guys a rival shot you play something that you had that bought you the beat that you needed for whatever it was you need it for and I thought oh I know because they threw to a still shot they didn't even leave the cameras on the arena and let you watch the anticipation or excuse me or stream it through the fans so you could see the reaction of the audience they literally said we will be right back and through to a still shot now if you ever did that in live TV it's because you have a problem it's because something happened you didn't have redundancy you're airing it over the Internet and your internet feed went out somewhere in the back you got a cue up the satellite truck in between you throw to a still shot it would happen once in a lifetime and a good producer would be ready for it this producer had it happen a grand total of by design ahead of time predetermined eleven times eleven different times the host of the show said and I quote we'll be right back throws to a still shot during live sport to explain to you you can't do that you cannot do that in life sport you should not do that in pre-recorded broadcasting but you can you just shut it you're gonna have a bad show when people are gonna come back and they're not gonna watch and your advertisers gonna be you should let me put it in school terms okay if you wrote a paper and you had a rundown you had the run of show and you turn it into your professor in film class and you're doing live sport and you say you're going to take a break a timeout and throw to us till you get an F if you were doing a pre-recorded broadcast and you turn that in you would get a D they would let you do it you're gonna get a bad grade it's not good terrible idea but you could do it they did it in live sport by design with no mistake and no reason to do it some producer showed up to a production meeting gave them the run of show and said after each and every match say we'll be right back it's live sport there's no right back here we are you advertise it for one year it's go time so go run the next match for God's sakes bring out the goddamn band nobody wants to see do anything but throw to us still that can't happen nowhere in the history of the world does the live gate surpass the viewing audience nowhere so if you're doing 1.3 million in the live house you better be doing greatly better than 1.3 on the broadcast I can assure you they did not I understand it's new it's different it's a it's an inch it's right I get that they did not but that principle that I just laid out is still true so invest a little in your product that producer you got to renegotiate with him now don't send the check out that was a terrible job from an amateur call him up renegotiate his fee pay him and fire him we'll be right back could you guys even imagine if I did that what a much simpler show over here much simpler show much less budget much less moving parts in fairness even less anticipation I'm not what's a year imagine guys if I said right now I'll be right back and then silence dead air no level of entertainment imagine how many of you are gonna be here when old Jail comes then imagine in two-and-a-half hours I did that to you 11 times you guys are gonna have some questions to ask they're probably gonna start with me but then I'm gonna turn the gun like anything else I'm gonna ask my producer why was that the run of show why were we not able to Phil why did we not have prepackaged b-roll why did we not have why did we throw to a still in this case you hired a really bad guy who's an amateur and quite frankly you tried to save money that was a 12 to 18 thousand dollar production much closer to 12 and 18 in the future if we got 1.3 at the gate we got to put some of that back in guys get to the main event oh I need to say it's critical as that wasn't that was very fair finish beyond filming I was nice right there I'll be up beyond nice I mean this was garbage of the highest beyond nice and I'm a contributor to this there's never been a year goes by that I don't get asked for a donation and I make the donation okay so I get a say in this Robbie Smith Robbie Smith is good for wrestling the end I don't care if it's his championships I don't care if it's appearances in the world's his Olympic run or in this case on a microphone his energy his knowledge his passion it's genuine it's real and it comes through Robbie Smith is great for wrestling Nick Soriano and Joe Cologne went to war I guess Nick won he had more points they rated nobody lost that match that was one of those matches were just time ran out time ran out you look at the scorecards Nick's got three Joe's got one raised Nick sent that was a dogfight of the highest of levels David Taylor hurt his knee I followed up with him today have an answer getting that knee looked at Novogratz very cool very upstanding leadership move stepped in and said we're done here we came here for fun this isn't the trials this isn't final acts if we're not having fun we're not doing it very cool move scary moment Kyle Schneider goes out Captain America one of the greatest wrestlers the sports ever seen he's a mid-quarter he's midway through the show oh yeah he's got to be you brought him in a guy from Canada Canada's the second worst country in wrestling in the Western Hemisphere only wanted to get a booby prize over Canada would be Mexico who just simply really doesn't contest the sport they just they really don't you brought a guy from Canada and you didn't even bring their best guy you could have brought their best guy he's gonna be make nobody wants to see that why you would bring in a guy from Canada who everybody knows is terrible and then advertise that you don't it's not even their best guy it's a bum bring to bring two guys from Canada put him against Kyle he'll still be out of there in less than three minutes and thank goodness in this case he was because there was simply nothing to see there but we gotta have some inner matchmaking done there you're gonna shell out the money and you're gonna buy tickets for guys to fly in from out of country then bring inside bring in a real country what was the Cuban busy was the Iranian busy with the five different guys in Russia that would have taken that match but what the hell are we to Canada come on man you can't sell Canada and did it which is why he got stuck in the middle alright let's fast-forward get to the co-main Yanni one of the best matches I've ever seen I believe he took on a wrestler from India okay now when he took on the India wrestler one thing about this opponent who happened to be ranked number one in the world okay Yanni's a sophomore in college this is at this point it's just a maturity issue Yanni isn't strong enough to go with a world level guy Yanni is a boy Yanni can't get into a bar legally Yanni put it on him but one thing about his opponent is his opponent has a gas tank and wants to push the pace I know if you're Team India they're going to look at that film and go okay wait a minute we had a blood timeout we at his mate we had more blood time about in this match then we had still shots during the goddamn caste and believe me there was a lot of them so they're gonna look at that and say without those brakes that's gonna give us an opportunity they're going to be wrong they will absolutely be wrong you cannot take anybody know how to matter how good a shape he is in that is a freestyle wrestler and put him against the shape and condition of a collegiate wrestler there is no better way to train for wrestling there is no harder sport in wrestling than collegiate wrestling and every time you bring that up and every time you bring up the true greats of the sport that went on and did great things somebody is going to offer well Henry cejudo didn't go to college man I got you I hear you guys but you're offering me one guy throughout the history of time I can offer you three guys from Monday night that all got their hands raised and none of them focus on international if you allow me one month I will bring five guys to this argument because then I'll include the US Open okay the greats John Smith the Kendall crosses the brands boys the Kevin Jackson's the Kenny Mondays the Bruce Bob martyrs the greats that this country has ever seen all trained the same way they stuck around a college program they did the college workout then they stuck around for 15 to 20 minutes after with two or three guys to jump on them when they were in parterre that's it nothing will trump that and you can always offer this in Henry cejudo argument and yes he did something phenomenal but it was a rarity I will shove the Adam Kuhn argument right back into your face you will have to go back to 2008 I will have to go back 11 months I can bring three guys up in the last 72 hours that train the way I just said that we're in better shape and are still in college I could bring five guys up if you let me have the last month there is no training like a collegiate guy and I'm telling you this now because uww and Team India are going to think they can get the jump on Yanni had Yanni not had those blood times I'm telling you right now if Yan Erie wrestles that guy if you go rewatch that match Yanni gave up points that he won't give up again Yanni could have lost that match he could have lost that match by tech fall it could have been 20 to 10 and I'm still sitting over here gloating on on Yanni a sophomore scored 10 points on the world champion it happened 30 it was also more points in the world champions score on him but even if you lose the match and you get 10 points as a sophomore on the number one ranked guy in the work you've done something special now let's move into the main event it is burrows vs. Askren and every complaint I had about that low-budget produced production who better be out of the business before this even hits the airwaves somebody had better have the balls to stay you're not our guy but he gets full credit for this because the walkouts for Askren and burrows were amazing time for the main event they hit the funky music the funcle' Rilla the funk of Zilla the whatever the hell annoying terrible music that aspirin comes out to this just wonderful and they walked him out like old-school boxing now old-school boxing they didn't use ramps and they didn't use flares and they didn't use Pyro's they would walk the people right through the crowd and the the entryway wasn't great big and wide it was very narrow so now fans on either side can reach over and slap and touch and be close to the boxer as the viewer you'll be watching it and go okay I see been asked her and I see oh I don't see been it weird been ask her oh there's nothing but fellow there's been ask her I go wait I can't see been there's people in the way oh wait I see Ben again it was awesome this is how he comes out he takes his shirt off he throws the straps up for the first time in nine years then it's time for JB to walk and it's the same thing the whole boxing waka he walks you know Jordan Burroughs just I'm in the body the body that anybody would would pay any amount of money to have he comes out and you could tell everybody knew now in fairness by the way before I tell you how this concluded for those of you that didn't see it everybody knew going in how this was gonna end you've got the current best wrestler in the world against a guy who used to wrestle significantly different significantly different postures Ben Askren is out there fighting standing straight up and down short prose is bent over in a wrestling stance you can see the way George burrows could move his feet in that position Ben ask her to bend over his feet were planted he just did not used to moving in that position anymore he had done it in nine years so they go out and you know you gotta understand the only real goal that Ben should have had was to get to the second round if he could get to the second round with Jordan burrows which is something I didn't think I didn't know if he'd be able to do it but if he can that's a major and feather in the cap pinkie grab a pointer to Wow the reason I offer you that is I have had people reach out to me on social media through something called direct message asking me is the psychology of Ben Askren going to be thrown off because of this loss to Jordan burrows and and then affect his MMA career no absolutely not this was an incredible workout this was a credible shape that's a credible condition this was a striking range of the weight class that he needs to make for the welterweight division this was a major bonus this was dealing with the anxiety and the pressures and walking out in front of a sold-out arena 1.3 million dollar gate in New York on a Monday this was a workout for Ben it wasn't work out so no he's not going to be rattled in the least the other side of the coin is they did end up in one scramble one time they got a little bit of funk and Ben was starting to come out hit a head to the outside single he's looking a build he was looking for a double he's looking for cracked I trying to figure out what to do in that position and the referee called it did somebody stepped out about why would that referee call that you don't call that dead we're here to be entertained let him wrestle we want to see that moment now of course I do not mean that there are rules the referee absolutely made the right call somebody stepped out to bound you have to blow it dead but that doesn't mean I still can't come back and say I wanted to see the rest of that position Ben finally had his hands on Jordan burrows we're finally gonna see Ken he's glad he'd not scored there we will have our answer he cannot score on Jordan Bros but that was the moment that was the moment and only would have given him one wasn't gonna change the outcome of the match but that was still a great moment as a wrestling fan it was really great and Jordan represented himself in wrestling very well when he got done he had a straight face he said look I know Ben's out here having fun I know this is a workout for him but this this is my life this is serious business to me I took this one serious I'll take the next one serious thanked everybody for coming hit the back perfect ending really really great night really really great night I come at you hostel because I come at you with a fear knowing promoters that they will look at what they did look at they sold out look at the huge gate they did and then think we've got it all figured out no you don't fantastic job and you absolutely delivered to your live audience to your charity wrestlers thank you and congratulations production fire the guy I don't want to see somebody lose their job I don't mean to be cold like there's just no other way to do it that is not the guy for this job in the future don't hire a 12,000 dollar production company in the future and always keep your eye on the ball there is no show in the world who's live gate ever surpasses in revenue the stream in this case you got crushed you got to flip that and don't take your eye off this novo Jesse Janssen do not take Christian pile do not take your eye off of this max nobody until your stream beats the 1.3 million dollar gate until then no great job on part of it now let's fix the other part