Beating Jacare is a big dealI didnt know Jack Hermansson was that good


Chael Sonnen


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if you beat Jacare no matter what the circumstances are if you ever in your life get the jump on Jacare Sosa ever had a grappling match in an MMA for whatever the circumstances catch him get lucky any however you want to do it if you get your hand raised in combat one-on-one over Jacare it's an incredible feat and not very many men are alive today who have ever done it me and Jack took him to task and it was really straightforward fight I mean Jack was moving around a lot he wasn't afraid of the submission game of Jean Kerr in fact he was looking for his own submissions but it was really just jabs and crosses and a ton of movement I mean he just flat-out worked in and Jack just wouldn't slow down I kept waiting for him to slow down 25 minutes is a long time this guy's gonna get tired at some point he would not stop and when he was moving and was moving that much Jacare couldn't get his hands on him for one and two he just could have made contact with him everytime Jacare would go to throw something Jack could be moving it was a pretty straightforward fight if you guys want some kind of analysis after the fight Jack out worked him turns out Jack's a hell of a lot better fighter than I think the world knew that he was I'll put myself in that category I respected his skills firm I didn't know he was there shaaka raised the number one contender for the World Championship for about the last five years any given night any given night you got a log jam at 185 hey were throwing Jacques I ran nobody complains for about five years jack goes out there Bob touches him up 25 straight minutes pretty impressive