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[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will born from what culture I'm Andy Murray from what culture and this is the news the news saw the big story coming out of last night's Monday Night Raw is a Wrestlemania 35 v woman will main event the show for the first time ever historic historic first time ever historic WWE and but it won't be Becky Lynch vs ronda rousey oh no no no no the current situation is that we now have a Ronda Rousey vs shock of all shocks what big chairs Flair Charlotte Flair who is doing some fantastic work already on Twitter really is the best troll in the universe but anyway obviously they're probably gonna do the triple threat right that's probably how they're doing it and this is just WWE of gang there we don't actually think that it's gonna just be Charlotte versus Ronda we're not stupid depending on the date of the week so this was all set up throughout the night Becky was invited to roll by the McMahons to apologize for basically beating them up the previous week at revelation Stephanie basically said you apologize you get back in the Rosie match becky being of a man obviously didn't want to do that she spent her evening backstage kind of deliberating thinking about it talking your legs a play stocky to finn bálor talking to ronda rousey as well once the meijer she wants to make history with historic moments WWE speak all boiled down to this main event saying when Becky comes out Triple H and Stephanie row she finally apologizes which was kind of weird character woman and then it made sense it means to an end isn't it I'm sorry I'm still getting that's a Ronda Rousey sir and there's Vince McMahon eerie carving partner Vince your da at the wedding pissed as a fish and says nah Becky you're still suspended for 60 days that lasts until after WrestleMania I'm gonna introduce someone with charm and charisma who will face Ronda Rousey himself Rick flit Charlotte clear Ric Flair geez that'd be something else yeah anybody busted but this went over like a wet fart in the building it has gone over significantly better in the what culture office I love it I think this is gonna be a way to get to this triple threat I think it's the best way to do it look I know a lot of people are unhappy about sheriff I just sort of being inserted into it but today as much as Ronda versus Becky is a clean good head-to-head match and you know it's the dog whether you want for the inaugural women's main event of Wrestlemania you want a one-on-one match having said all that having discussed it with a lot of our colleagues I think we were all in agreement a triple threat especially involving Charlotte Flair would make for a better match therefore a more memorable main event and at the end of the day as long as Becky leaves with the title I don't mind oh yeah there they are figure triple threat is probably the best match and I think the best conclusion to Wrestlemania is Becky either pinning or tapping Charlotte out because that's a nice little full circle moment after SummerSlam last year when Charlotte was shoehorned in and left with a gold I just wonder if perhaps raw wasn't the best way to possibly execute that the crowd were dead they just kind of took the wind out of their sails when they did this whole thing it didn't really get over but you know a bit of troll is all good and well every now and then plus the other part and if you're wondering how they're gonna get there we'll deal with that in the QA a little bit later on but we'll move on next to a very interesting very interesting new story developing regarding Dave Bautista of course all the speculation a few months ago is there we can be Batista versus Triple H at WrestleMania we all got very excited venturing place for injured but it is now being reported that Batista is sort of deciding between WWE and aew and he said to be 50/50 on whether or not he's gonna be at WrestleMania this year look we do have made a lot of speculation about aw pinching WWE stars and everyone was like well none of this has happened yet so but this is the first prime example that they are going after some of WWE's big guns yeah absolutely this is big big news this uh I believe this came from Ryan sat in the Pro Wrestling sheet basically I mean if d40 stuntman like he's like a legitimate movie star now okay he's not like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise but people know who this guy is now he's a bigger star than he was when he left wrestling in the first place WWE will likely I'd imagine want him to do the triple H match because Triple H is already back in the gym he's been climbing him banging he's been lifting and grifted and like clenching and benching engine there we go good they could probably pull that off Triple H is basically Lazarus recovers from injuries really quickly he's a beast and but the aw thing is really interesting obviously dave bautista is not gonna come in and do a full time wrestling schedule he does movies now and he's like 54 and I think he's 52 no he's 50 whatever last no the comments section sure he will already he's not gonna come in and do a full time wrestling gig if he does come in it'll be for a short program maybe one match maybe two matches but my goodness that would be one hell of a little draw for atw in it well I think what's happening here is David teacher is basically just using aw I don't think there's any intention really to go there I said and there's there's any long-term planning he's got you know Hollywood contracts come out of his ears so I don't think he's gonna be long too long for wrestling and therefore I think he's arguably just using a W and the fact that they've got the Khans money behind them now to leverage a bear contract off from WWE who are scrooge mcduck him in all of their money from new TV contracts and Saudi Arabia and what-have-you I think he's still gonna end up at WrestleMania I do hope that magic as Triple H happens because that little little taster you got on to right now 1,000 got me very excited I quite like the idea of the aw actually being ducktales because Tony Khan could be scrooge mcduck and the young bucks and Cody could be Huey Dewey and Louie also if he goes - aw how about Drax the destroyer versus Chris Jericho's Clockwork Orange garb that'd be funny anyway that's really weird w double or nothing you know that little show that's how you draw the popular that yeah it's doing alright and so it's sold out oh it sold out before tickets went on general sale right in under 30 minutes 14,000 tickets gone under 30 minutes yesterday that's met last metal that is insane that goes to show that they could have booked an even bigger building in Las Vegas than this 14k one now apparently the talk is that the Jacksons will think of recalibrating this and there had been talk of maybe setting up for 20,000 which is just it's mental shagger dave was on observe from regal the other day and this is ridiculous saying Val you know they could have sold 63,000 probably not Dave maybe not but this this is a huge success they've sorted out in the goddamn presale yeah exactly I think it just showcases how much desire people have parada we'd succeed in how much people want to see this new promotion as well I agree I think it could it could and probably we'll do a bigger venue considering this sort of a reaction I suppose in terms of dipping your toe in the water thinking alright we had a great reaction to all in but people will there still be the demand - despite all the coverage we've had for a double or nothing and it's obviously still there so I can see them yes changing venues perhaps going bigger and still selling out in no time all yeah it's crazy like the progress they've made just shows there maybe there is more of a desire for like non WWE wrestling than we've long assumed because even guys like Meltzer have long said that you know wrestling's audiences its potential all the interest isn't there anymore we've seen it with failed TV negotiations in the past I mean there is still some evidence to support that play a little game if you impact or air Impact Wrestling on pursuit to their new network the other day go and give me a rough estimate of how many viewers you think they got now this is what this is gonna blow your goddamn mind absolutely no idea core 12,000 oh no 12,000 people watch that so more people will attend and double or nothing the watch Impact Wrestling on TV that is insane and you know it's looking like a great card as well we've got Kenny Omega versus Chris Jericho again we've got a path versus time on page we've got a tag-team dream match in the works between the lucha brothers in the young bucks it's looking fantastic and there's obviously gonna be stark has to earn in around that as well only we know I'm gonna interview interviewing Conrad Thompson in the next day so if you got any questions want me to ask him I can't wait to hear his opinion on aew future if you had any questions you want me to ask him let me know in the comment section below let's move on to today's final story and with Elimination Chamber less than a week away some bad news about one of the competitors and it looks like Mustafa Ali is going to miss Elimination Chamber this is according to fight 'fl he's been carrying an injury working through it and I think he's not gonna be able to make it onto the card which is disappointing for him but it's not like they're struggling for people to drop in instead yeah it's a shame for Ali because he's the real rising star on Smackdown at the moment he's had these little mini feuds with some more join now Randy Orton he apparently aggravated an existing injury in the Royal Rumble then who threw him out of there I do yes a just saying and he then obviously like head-butted Randy Orton's boot or whatever on there on Smackdown intended that won't help massive shiner and then he apparently injured himself again on a Sunday hug sure this past week so he's not gonna be cleared in time it is a shame but I also gives them the opportunity to maybe put someone else in so Adam Obon who would you like to see from in there except well can you agree on this yeah I think there's there's a lot of amazing talent on this right now Ross but I'd like to see an NXT call-up just be randomly dropped in and that man is Eric Bugenhagen what aim in the main event for the WWE Championship on him at Elimination Chamber I love Daniel Bryan but the blue Cruz needs to be WWE Champion yesterday known him and kill a braixen Korean at their low God sorry I was gonna say I'm dreading oh yeah that madhurima studio restaurants Matt down four minutes simple I'm driving rules of up handful of tights totally Cheatham over because that way you keep the heat for their big singles mattress they're gonna have something and you can put a rising another rising star you know try doing the match maybe haven't eliminated someone big like aged AJ Styles which appear to be exactly I love see I think I'd rather would be ready made for some big spots in the Elimination Chamber let's move on to your questions don't forget you can always tweet the matters at what code should WWE on Twitter let's start with Aditya shred harder hope you've got a great your name right there saying is this finally the revival of the raw tag team division because we have new raw tag team champions in the revival they defeated rude and gable on Raw this week and it really really enjoyable match I thought yeah good match and obviously Scott Dawson and what's his Twitter name at the moment does she'll really real where ever they are the new raw Titan champions and I've kind of been the miserable bugger in the office this morning because I can't feel to including any good obviously love them my guys the revival guys are the champions that's that's fantastic I love those guys but I think the way the WWE booked this division particularly over the past few years on Raw doesn't deserve any level of trust to say they'll rebuild it now I would love to be proven wrong more than anything in the world I would love for this to kick-start a proper a revival of the tackling division but this is a belt that a bloody 10 year old held at less than a year ago you know it's the woman B team had it for several months that which a house-party are faffing around with these stupid handicap rolls opinio as another gimmicky nonsense I just don't see it it was how long Wow well probably for that I was quite the optimist it no I I'm giving them an opportunity I'm hoping for the best here I realized that you sort of said that as well you weren't you're not saying that you hope it doesn't go well yeah look I realized that we may have been suckered in here the WEF openly admitted that since the revival threatened to leave and asked for their you know contracts to be cancelled and going to go elsewhere and we heard a lot of room leaks about a lot of tag teams not being happy that wvf said alright we'll sort that all out I'm hoping this is the catalyst for more but like you say we'll have to wait and see on that but for me you keep the tag titles on the revival and that's already a great way to start reviving that because that match I really enjoyed and it was just it was the way the revival should have been wrestling tag team matches or been allowed to length of time at least they should have been given to just showcase what they're all about we saw it all in an X team yeah and and it was just the classic you know they're very they're very meticulous they've established these new rules were not new rules but the rules that are really enforcing our in tag-team wrestling and it's just them get getting around it and winning the titles I I hope that we do see a revival in tag-team wrestling but we'll have to wait and see on that one next question that comes from Dina and Manuel she says now the man has been taken out of the Wrestlemania match with Rousey how do you think she'll fight her way back in it's kind of a weird one isn't it because they I don't think this is particularly the way that a lot of people expected that we'd go and would kind of father maybe the Rousey match would stay in place and they'd work Charlotte in rather than changing the match networking Becky barking so I think what they're gonna do is play up the whole anti-authority thing and have her jump through hoop after hoop after hoop after god damn hoop like Vince McMahon would you just stone cold back in the exact leer Lee what they're going for here and maybe Becky will just accomplished so many things should be so many people she'll jump through so many of these hoops there will be impossible to leave her out so you're gonna give me I have a different theory which I think quite feasibly could happen as much as I think that's probably what's gonna happen because at the end of the day worked for Daniel Bryan when they were you know anti-authority anti-authority and look at the reaction he got I know in a few weeks time Ric Flair is going to be returning to WWE for a big birthday celebration and Becky Lynch is going to break his arm that's what's gonna happen snap the old man's arm off and demand to be put in the match because it's the most badass thing that she could do and I'd love to see it I'd be onboard with that particularly after Ric Flair kind of forced himself on Becky a few years I did it out on that work that was horrendous I tried to rewatch that much recently for something and any ei kissed her he kissed her and then she lost the title or lost the match because he threw his jacket on her yeah doesn't stop me from doing a move that she was already in the disarmer but anyway yeah I think she's gonna go in torture an old man and get hopefully reinstated so what we're seeing is that Becky Lynch is definitely losing to Stephanie McMahon at Fastlane don't don't put that poison in here final question today comes from King Kong Ted Bundy thank you for your question he says what will the main event be for the next saudi show oh I don't know his picks yeah I do Hogan and Gangrel my mine and maybe like a brood reunion you know by edge Christian and Gangrel Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy and Lita yeah I honestly the Undertaker canes probably more likely the Undertaker's like broke into pieces Cain versus who's old and like the kid Scott Hall I don't know I just think I think if they can get Bautista back for Russell menu I think they might win him out one more time oh yeah he might get your savvymoney he'll be Batista I mean they might be Batista versus the Undertaker yeah storied history great rivalry back in the day obviously this might not be so great but that oil money talks but exactly I realized we wanted today's and finally and there's been a bit of a joke you're doing the rounds on WWE ever since the king of toxic masculinity apparently according to commentary last night ac3 debuted on the main roster or as II do styles we'll call it toxic masculinity and the question has always been look what is what is what ec3 is known for it is even called the third of course but the joke that they've been making is where are EC 1 & 2 well thanks to Twitter and thanks to EC through himself you've seen the funny side of this joke we now know who II c1 and c2 are in tweeted this picture out the other day I think these t-shirts are even available on Etsy xur sent the link there as well so Drake maverick and braun strowman are ec1 and interesting if you were to rearrange them in a different way they could almost be like Russian dolls indeed you get your PCP you get pissy pants maverick yeah so there you go there's the answer that's what EC 1 & 2 are yeah no it's not what up there between more than our Larry Moe you know it's been Cyrus it's been a it's been a busy day of wrestling news let us know your thoughts on that and all of today's new stories in the comment section you know I don't forget to Like share subscribe make sure you subscribe to what coach dressing on either iTunes or Spotify for daily wrestling podcast my thanks Andy Murray thank you for watching we will see you soon