Beginners Guide To Shoulder Holsters For Concealed Carry Alien Gear Holsters

hey everybody I'm Tim from alien gear holsters and I'm made and this is the beginner's guide to shoulder holsters [Music] today we're gonna be looking at the five things that you should look for when you're choosing a shoulder holster today we're gonna be looking at the alien gear shoulder holster Nate why don't you show us how to put this guy on for sure this is Rob here this is our black shoulder holster and I'm wearing our brown shoulder holster can you go ahead and turn around real quick for them yep there you go and now turn sideways so once you've got it on your shoulders like this next step is to simply attach it to your belt with these clips right here you can slide under and then pull straight up just like that perfect and it's as easy as that to put it on cut do the other side there goes under the belt just like that and then slides up boom perfect okay so the first thing what you want to look for when you're buying a shoulder holster is mobility I think this might actually be the most important thing when you're buying a shoulder holster there's a lot you want to look for it the first mobility you need something that will move with you when you move around you're wearing a shoulder holster something that's gonna go over your shoulders all day rub up against your arms you need something that will stretch flex and move as you move so that it's comfortable so there are a lot of areas where there are joints on a holster and on your body here so let's just kind of go through those and these are things that you want to look for when you're buying shoulder holsters so if you have a shoulder holster and it does not flex or stretch when you reach up then you're gonna have a bad time with your shoulders and it's gonna scratch stretch on your tail on your bill it's gonna lift up that's right okay so the first area is going to be right here on these shoulders so in this shoulder holster we've built in elastic so actually stretches and flexes as you reach up so go ahead and reach your arms up real high they're just that little movement right there that's going to help you quite a bit the next one go ahead turn around on the back of your shoulder holster you'll find on ours we have a little X here now what this does it actually has a flex in it so that as you move around these come up and go back down just that little bit will make a lot of difference and then go ahead and turn sideways over here on the side right here you can see that there's a little bit of elastic that attaches to this loop that goes over the belt now what this does is a couple things that allows you to stretch go ahead and reach up again you see that flexing right there and then go ahead and touch your toes if you could for me look how flexible it is so now what this is doing it actually rotates around go ahead stand up again so that the whole shoulder holster will move with you and then we have underneath the gun and on the opposite side where we have the mags there are joints where the piece is attached and these joints they actually will curve with you as you move so if you move forward this whole thing can rotate around so that it goes exactly where you need it to go exactly basically yep and each joint does that - I love the shoulder holster for many reasons one of them is is when you have it on all day you're gonna be doing a lot of front and back movement and the mobility of this is great this cover right here allows you to move frequently throughout the day and not even feel like you're touching your arm it's padded it's very smooth leather it's it's quality materials as well it's just it's just a great asset to the shoulder holster made by alien gear that brings us to our second thing that you want to look for when choosing a shoulder holster and that is materials you need thing that is soft comfortable and even on this one it's padded on the shoulders right now that's huge most extra padding this is a breathable cool vent neoprene that's built into the shoulders and let's take a look this one right here and it's very durable I wear this every single day most of you know I put this on every single day and it's very durable materials as well yes and the leather on this holster is full grain English bridle weather that's essentially the best kind of leather that you can get you need something that's going to be soft on your skin you don't want or even over a shirt having a cheap kind of leather or plastic is going to be something that you can feel yeah and you don't want them yeah you want something that's going to be that's gonna last and you want something it's gonna be comfortable with you this is like extra soft and it makes a difference when you wear it if you tried a cheap one you'll notice right away totally the quality of this leather is superior besides having high-end buckles and loops and straps on this holster you will find that in between the full grain English bridle leather that is below the gun and in between the cool bat neoprene there's actually a core inside of this holster it's prevent sweat or anything going through and reaching your gun and then each of the clips that attach between your belt and each section to each other section is designed so that it can't break and will last a lifetime the number three thing you're looking for when you're choosing a shoulder holster which is one of the most important is adjustability I think the adjustability on the shoulder holster may be more important than other holsters and this one is packed full of adjustability so why don't we walk them through kind of over talk about all the different adjustability on this holster we'll start from the back here there are several points of adjustability and being able to adjust your shoulder holster to fit you exactly is going to be key to making it as comfortable as possible on the back you've got a buckle right here which allows you to adjust the length of this back strap on both sides and then it also has on the inside a little crossbar which will allow for deeper adjustment either way now this shoulder holster will go up to a size 4 XL and down to basically a child all right the next one you want to look at is underneath the arm right here you have this adjustment point here so that you can make that higher lower here and then you've got another one right here yeah it makes it very easy so if you want to go from carrying your gun down here or closer up however you want you can adjust the length basically to put it wherever you want your draw it's important I think that you have this to wear when you're resting it's going to be tight against your body like this because it's gonna adjust when you lift up you have all these elastic bands that are gonna help you just so when you're adjusting it to here make sure it's kind of snug and fit against your body and it's not looping out and sagging and bulky like that right there yep if it is too loose or too tight it will be uncomfortable and you won't want to wear it every day let's show ya it's very important that you can adjust it so that it fits you perfectly you can see on this holster too it's even cut so that it kind of curves around your shoulders here you can see how it goes comes over his shoulder and actually curves with him so that's something you should look for so that it can fit as well as possible yeah and the reason these are adjustable in so many different ways is for it to be comfortable and if you're trying this on and it's not comfortable just you're gonna have to work on the adjustments a little bit more because it just takes some fine-tuning and it will work perfectly for you any size up for itself mm-hmm the fourth thing that you want to look for when choosing a shoulder holster is options if you want to be able to carry with two guns or maybe just one gun or possibly four mags you need a holster that can accommodate that this one definitely can so right now both Nate and I are wearing a gun and two mags as an alternate you can take an extra platform with extra mags on and you can carry four mags or you can get an extra platform for a second gun carry with two guns or if you want to just have one gun you don't have spare mags we include this little crossbar right here get your arm up for me and if you don't have the mags you could attach this to these pieces here and here so that you don't have to have all of this on your side and just this little piece for example if you were in a paddle holster or something here and you can't clip onto your belt on the side right here maybe you don't want anything here that's right okay now one thing that I notice about the way that you're carrying right now Nate is you have your mags on this side one is pointed down and the other is pointed up now this is ultimately your personal preference of how you want to draw but recommended is that you have it so that when you grab your mag that your index finger is on the side with the bullet and not the casing so you're gonna grab it in such a way that you grab like this or the or if you're gonna grab your mag like that that's something you're gonna want to practice with exactly it's gonna train with it yep and something that you'll probably want to get the both bit pointing the same direction figure out what you prefer yeah what works best for you is the best way okay now if you want to adjust the can't of your mags you don't actually have to adjust the platform that they sit on in this case these mags can adjust by taking this little bar that's on the bottom of the mag and it detaches and it has two options of how far it sits forward and then it also has an extra two options where this cog sets if you want an extra far forward or extra far back and then if you want to angle it up or down you can simply just choose your angle like that on both of them so that you can have it however you want and then there's a little bar on the bottom that secures it so that it cannot come off anymore until you flip this bar right now I'm wearing my gun at a 90 degree angle that's kind of the way that I prefer it showing what you've gotten there so there's a little bit more of an angle and this is about 35 degrees now you what you can also do is you can adjust it so that the gun is almost vertical so that you can draw like this and why was print yeah why would somebody want to draw like this so a lot of for me when I adjust its I also want to try clothes on and put something over see if you're printing I feel that I can wear like this without really printing at all as I adjust it more forward I feel that I might print just a little more if you go straight up and down it might be a little more difficult to get in and pull it out but it's gonna print a lot less yes and then also something to consider is where's that gun pointing right now this gun is pointing potentially at people behind me if you point it if you have the angle vertical then you'll be pointing it down so that is a concern for some people which brings us into our fifth thing that you want to look for when choosing a shoulder holster which is safety safety is key when carrying guns of course the first thing that we do at alien gear holsters now for all of our holsters that are in the shape shift line is we have a shell that covers the trigger guard entirely that's custom molded to your gun but not only that but the show also has a trigger guard covered on the opposite side here which allows for nothing ever to get into that trigger well by accident essentially you're covered from the inside and the outside of the trigger that's right and it's an optional as well is this safety strap here as well I'm some folks like to use that strap which will strap on there I actually prefer not to wear I can just draw it single handedly without having to worry yeah so this holster comes with this and it's optional so you can just take it off by simply taking it off the hook and loop material and then you don't have to use it if you don't want to then that's called the thumb break so you can use it thumb break to draw hey we are excited to help you guys learn how to carry if you're a beginner and we've got all sorts of more beginners guide videos coming up and on our Facebook and YouTube pages so check those out leave us comments if you've got questions and thanks for watching