BehindTheScenes with Kendra Lust

okay I'm not gonna lie the first thing that drew me to it was cable you know um she well actually it was Manuel who had reached out to me and then uh I spoke with Caden and I was just like really excited because I mean you know I had never really knew her I just knew her as a performer and I thought how cool would it be to be like directed by her to work with her so that was like the first thing that drew me to it and then for like that when I read the plot or like the script was awesome it was just like oh my god this is so cool it's kind of like me serious so um you know oh I did I actually did what I was thinking like The Hangover but I actually did something like that with wicked it was called like the partying so it was kind of like that um what else would be a good one I don't know maybe back to the future I know that sounds weird and twisted but that would be okay so much preparation absolutely they when it comes to sex I don't need really any prep I'm just ready to go and that's more natural for me um I feel I guess I'm just most comfortable in my own skin so when I have to kind of take and play the part of some well sometimes just a little bit and you're wrecking for me so I have to practice well Julia an absolutely um gosh like she just I don't know I just when I'm watching her I was with the shooting for sweets in her not too long ago and just I was I was like the next scene and just listening to her and watching her like she could so involved you know like she becomes the character and it just becomes that it's natural I don't know if it's just her doing it for so long or that's just you know she's really good at it she she stuck to the script pretty closely I mean there were a few changes but if I think it flow how it was written most part I love God personally just because I don't know well I'm it is a little faster to shoot however I like variety so it's nice and for the people that you know they need that build-up and I think women can appreciate it a little bit more than men personally so I did I did with that I felt really I guess a little bit more proud of the project you know when you take the time and you're on set and you kind of see it all coming together it's like oh we did this you know so you have a sense of pride I know right that was my first time you know and you know it's when you're around I mean I feel like I'm a very sexual person on and off just that's who I am and it's I don't know I know there's time in a place but with Vicki it was just like Jesus Lord like I caught myself watching a bit too much during the scene opposed to actually performing so I was well disappointed in myself but hey I mean she just kind of puts that that just that hot like show I just was like wow I thought you know a little bit just because um I don't know I felt like there was a huge amount of buildup you know what I mean and it's like you're going back and forth into the guest house and like kind of how things work or we're taking a while to come together but I don't know it's probably one of the coolest projects I work with I think one of the coolest storylines that are that I've ever had definitely more of an element of cash I guess a little bit more passion you know and I think you know men it's not just men that watch porn anymore you know it's it's couples you know so I think when we tap into the female brain you bring more emotional passionate kind of fiery you know I don't know but I guess a piece to it that's the right word I'm looking for but but yeah just a different element but the men were very carnal and major very visual and it's just like Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam you know with women you never acquire a little bit more time and patience yeah I do want to say it was really awesome working with see home I loved him easier so yes and I was like versus like okay I've never worked at them and but I've heard good things about him so I was excited acting is great and energy is great it was just really cool I really enjoyed him you