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ah you have to invite me to a fun video for this what's up you guys look in the team edge my name is Bobby and that's Joey and that's Jeff from the danger Bros and that's Brian ever be your host for today I thought I'd go fishing but I ended up doing this instead today you're doing don't belly flop into the pool challenge I'm gonna be giving them trivia questions and if they get it incorrect they move up one floor you have a chance to move down but whoever is at the top has to belly flop oh wait can we just say something we didn't tell Jeff exactly what we were doing you just thought we were just belly fum yeah yeah I gave here there's like a cliff that I'm jumping you don't ask for permission you ask for forgiveness you can pee in wet suits just not waiters right okay we might have a problem well I'm scared now I'm officially scared now it's my time to become a dictator [Music] okay round one yes rapid-fire I will ask you each five questions in a row each one of them you get incorrect moves up a level okay Brian yes what color do red and blue make when combined green it's very purple haha John John John John if you mix red and blue what color does it matter purple Marvin Marvin Marvin if you mix the colors red and blue what color does it make purple dan if you mix red and blue what color doesn't make purple what does it make purple what does it make purple what does it make purple ha ha don't take very long saying good my heart no that's that's hi the bun says not gonna lie to me flopping all over that water Joey what shoes are also known as chucks time a converse move up a level these questions are too hard Jeff question number one what planet is Superman from Krypton Lane one of the Seven Dwarves happy is it happy what book is divided into the Old Testament and New Testament hey she could die I don't I screwed and said something in my ears for some reason I heard the question wrong you froze what did you hear I don't know bra you're gonna flop from there if you're gonna choke on a question like that you done good oh boy yes are you ready yes what is five in Spanish Cinco name a shape with more than four sides octagon what is Bugs Bunny's three word catchphrase that's all folks praise Porky Pig my man hey Brian you should know you speak like that all the time Oh buddy Joey push another one the Salem trials accused people of being what witches who is the Big Red Dog Clifford what do vampire bats feed on blood how many holes are in a traditional golf course seven Donald 18 correct Jeff yes let me give you two questions this time why only two because this game is going too fast what famous monster reptile is known as glitzy da in Japan Godzilla if the material is opaque see through it right yes Papa's gonna belly flop in what sport do you lunge thrust and parry penting so he's what did the ugly duckling grew up to be beautiful swan oh it's just one I'll let that slide not beautiful what is the Japanese poem called Japanese poems can you tell me what he was saying a haiku not for you not for you Oh Joey yeah what letter does a skateboard halfpipe looks like you what US city is home to the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco what food do the Ninja Turtles love to eat okay wait real quick I got a trivia question for you guys Who am I Brian step up one platform do it step up make me really get the Pelican let's get over here and physically make me Bobby that was my sensitive side for this next round we have four categories that you can choose from the categories are TV and film sports pop culture and history you know what Jeff I'll let you go first on this one I'll take TV and film TV and film done hey hey Brian show your piehole right now what is the name of the town and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is it B is it a wind when you come wink wink shouldn't the host know the answers winky whistle wink and whistle B chew and swallow or is it C walk and chew gum my goat a chew and swallow come on pull up one I now understand how these questions are designed Geoff history that's fishing great what is a hook with three hooks attached to it called is it a a triple hook is it be a quip double hook or is it C a treble hook yeah a triple hook all right this next question goes to Joey history please history great facts about Bobby okay Joey I've asked you this question five times in the past and every single time you've gotten it wrong and I don't think you ever figured out what the right answer well you bore me so much sometimes Oh Bobby come on hey Bobby I'm joking we tease each other we're family hey how about this as a punishment he has to switch with me what was the first team edge episode I ever worked on giant car plunk I'm incorrect Bobby I try to save memories that are useful to me hey Brian can you switch with joy dude no no he said switch now II know II see this is why I always lose these trivia challenges I get all the questions right but this cramp happens bro you just got the question wrong hey if something sounds like a chihuahua barking behind a screen door right now I'll tell you what if Brian gets this question incorrectly switch back okay Brian sports great Jim facts what is a workout that is for biceps is it a the bench press wait hold on a second this question is a great shoulder press he's doing this on purpose or is it C curls what why does he get to move down you see way down there you gotta play the game man you got to play it don't disrespect me all right guys so for these last three questions whoever is at the top or the highest platform past the belly flop Jeff yes sir TV and film what Netflix show features a young girl named 11 um do I get to give is a time limit I'll set one right now 3 to show you things buzzer you got to move down one yes dude Joey hop flap flap what word is used in tennis for a zero score love booty mama Brian who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean Amelia Earnhardt ernõ Emilia Oh me I'll hit the true answer one more time Amelia Earhart how does he get to how does he get to gals can we keep the complaining to a minimum Jeff yes what Zack Snyder film was loosely based on the ancient battle of situations I'm asking one question where both of you guys are gonna answer well cancers at first correctly wins okay ready what's my favorite color plain white white white get on up there Jeffrey your one question away hey Joey Howard Wolowitz is a character from which popular TV show listen to my Tommy Doctor Who let's take a step up yeah we're gonna do this thing called Who am I this round is called Who am I I'll be stating facts about a specific person you have to tell me who that person is I am a fictional character I was raised by my uncle and aunt I can't see with the blaster shield down I know who II do you get rated to I want to see a red dummy can I have multiple choice nah let's go let's get a flopper I don't know job Jeff the answer was Luke Skywalker but it looks like you're gonna have to get a little wet Brian you want to see if he's gonna give you I'll give you up a while I'll be fine bro it's just water all right Jeffrey go splish splash my man yeah Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff it's honestly not like what's gonna happen yeah once your stomach it's is not that bad after the death ensues you're fine go show your love and support for Jeff and go follow the danger bros after this video go watch let's turn on a playlist and walk away for a day okay there's times in your life Jeff that you have to perform while people people are watching you I don't know how long it's going to take me to do it if I have to go up there five four three that was amazing [Music] let's go back at it Joey this question goes to you and Brian at the same time whoever answers correctly first wins but the catch is you only have one guess my daughters don't like me I want to bring peace to the universe all I want to do is snap Santos cool I thought you said snack well you thought I thought he said snack I can't hear him I heard I'm and I'm further away you gettin a little soggy today my man with the wings of an eagle I shall fly [Music] what do you say like that early signs yeah it's early do you think like the early signs if it's out of the jet flop he's got to do it again we're gonna get a flopper and a floater at the same time Brian was up here and he got a question wrong down there sorry the baby sound effects please Bobby did it [Music] no no Jeff had like a big push he's like it'll be a lot faster now that he's done it at least once pucker out your lips or more water dynamic like [Music] yeah this is mine rock on bro yeah I remember when I first went down a slide Joey you're so close the fear took over and we he is a first time in like team edge history that you got the best of us like God I don't blame I'm not mad at him I'm just not even disappointed we're gonna downgrade the height so we can do a legit flop we were never planning on not doing it like we always planned on doing it [Music] I did it slap right there you have to invite me to a fun video for this big thanks to Jeff for coming out make sure you guys go watch their video on the deja Bros channel you find it you keep it treasure hunt thing they did almost like expensive expensive items why wasn't I invited why don't I get invited to fun videos here huh why not and go eyes have to be in pain in your videos huh hey why are you wearing that pink really yeah go watch a video lead to recommend just for you Gary look at the redness