Ben Askren flew to London to pick a fight with Darren Tillnow what


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Ben Askren went all the way out there I mean he went all the way to England to pursue his picking of a fight with till and frankly it was all going Ben's way media was getting behind it till was starting to respond audience was engaged now all we need is Darren to get his hand raised did it happen a little bit of a surprise - where's ask Ringo and he doesn't really give a damn where he goes I don't think I don't think he cares but I do think that he prefers that it isn't Robbie and I don't think that's for the same reason as you guys do I don't I think a lot of you think okay he felt Robbie it was a hard fight it was a close fight as a controversial fight go out and do that fight again oh he got away with one he doesn't want to do it I don't think that's true I think that's very immature I think that's very lazy to come to that conclusion my interpretation his Ben's gone hey guys look I got a little bit of a late start over here okay I had to go do 18 other fights in two different continents in multiple promotions I'm a little late to the game and I don't have any time to waste say whatever you want about Robbie say it was a say anything you want I really don't give a damn but I need new blood I need new parity and I need as many opportunities through as many either current world champions or former world champions with a meaningful name and reputation I need a contract and a date with those guys that's what I'm looking to do and wherever the chips fall the chips fall but that's what I'm here to do I'm here to compete with fresh blood and I don't need a 4 & 5 month separation in a new training camp in a new media tour for the same blood if there's no belt on the light that's just not what I'm here for I'm either good enough to reach the goal or I'm not and I can live with the result either way but time is ticking so give me a new opportunity and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come out and try to influence you to do just that I'm gonna present to you other storylines with other names with other guys sooner or later somebody's going to take the bait it's smart I think that's a more sophisticated approach and I think I'm accurate in my assessment but let me finish this thought one prop okay you got a lot of reasons to redo Lawler vs. Askren you have a controversial fetish you have a fantastic moments of the first fight you have good build-up you have a reason to redo it but you are missing a very important ingredient right you are missing the participants wanting to do it of everybody who was called for a rematch of which many of you fall into that category two guys that did not call for the rematch was Lawler and Askren Lawler didn't say anything and Lawler's not going to he's just not Askren did come out of speak on its a man I didn't want to do the first fight no I don't want to do the second fight so that hurts that fight that opens the door it opens a window to go okay present me with something better more interesting and more compelling and I will admit you got in here you don't have both my ears one of my ears is going into re metric a my other ear is open what do you got so another thing that was pointing back to a you know maybe they are gonna rematch is what are you gonna do with Lawler if he's not gonna fight bad what are you gonna do with him what is that other option if if you're not gonna put been against Lawler what else you gonna do with him so if I was with you a week ago we certainly could have blown some wind in the sails of the direction of Darren tell that one didn't work out so what does a screen do I don't know the answer to that I'm posing a question to you guys he's open to anything and he has already responded okay I'll take most of it all I wanted to fight till Maz but I'll be tail didn't see that coming did come give me MOSFET ah fine but it would appear to me that Maz Vidale now has business he's got to attend to with Leon Edwards I don't believe we can get around that one and the only way we will get around that is if somebody wants to go look pump the brakes and this isn't the way we're gonna make fights we're not gonna make fights by breaking into rooms and grabbing dollies and smashing them through windows and on very rare occasions that's just the way the wind was blowing anyway so now we've got that and that supports the print but we're not going to create a fight out of nothing by bad behavior that is a very real thing and that that that that is the only thing that may stop Maas Vidale versus Leon that may stop it I'm pausing I'm pausing and I'm thinking and I think I would probably go as far as to even predict for you guys that will stop it because you see them that you see where that becomes bad you see where that could cause a reward for something negative that's not actually what happened with Connor khabib a lot of people that were johnny-come-lately said that that happened said well they've got this be rollin you've got this footage they're gonna go make a mega fight don't forget the timeline of that they were coming at each other anyway those trains had already left the station you then had that act it would remind me maybe of Mike Tyson versus Linux Lewis if you will they were coming at each other anyway you then had the press conference with the biting it would remind me of Jon Jones versus Daniel Cormier they were coming at each other you then had the press conference of the bad actions so we'll see what happens but we certainly don't want to start that message but it still does leave for you where do you do with that division that divisions been tested over the course of the last month for meaningful matches with eight meaningful athletes so what do you do and who goes where which includes the losers it would include the guys that came in second Darrin tills next fight it's going to be a big fight Darrin till just sold out in arena which represents of his last three outings two home runs that he sold out arenas wonderboy sold that as well he was close to a sellout and the one that sandwiched in between with Tyron I'm only pointing out for you guys Derek Hills in high demand Darren tail also fought a really good fight that night he just got caught nobody's questioning Darren till his stock isn't dippin right on over to tyron woodley our lovely former champion of the world one of the greatest of all time in that division also is one of those silver medalists from the head for fight they had eight guys top guys all top ten guys so who goes where where do those pieces fall I think that it's interesting but I think that this is one of the fun parts of the fallout of a great fight weekend or in this great a in this case a great fight month for the welterweight specifically I think it's a very fun by-product as when we sit down and we try to decide and then we start arguing and then we start bickering about who should go what and where