Ben Senin İçin Ölürdüm Legacy 158 Bölüm English Spanish subs




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Is this why you hurt me? Forged documents... fake pictures... A voice record, that nobody knows how it was before. I trusted you. I would have died with you. Wouldn't even ask the reason. I trusted you so much... I considered my life as yours. But you... don't ... don't take your eyes away. You looked at me with so much anger for weeks, now look at me again! You don't have to be embarrassed. At least you know what you're doing, unlike me. If they asked me what trust was, I would have said your name. If I got stabbed on the back, and saw you after turning around... I wouldn't believe what I saw. I wouldn't have believed that you stabbed me on the back, and died. But you... after everything we've been through... how did you believe I could be so low? And you broke me into pieces. Why? Because you never trusted me. Not as much as you trusted these papers! You believed in this! In this disgusting lie! It's over. I'm done. Wait! Listen to me! Let me explain! You will not listen? No. Let go. Let me explain! Open the door, let's talk! I know you're angry! You're right. But open the door and listen to me! Do you hear me? Go! I beg you, go!