Bernard Health Delivers Exemplary Customer Support Switching To Zoho Desk

I'm Alex Tolbert I started Barnard Health in 2006 Barnard Health's mission is to be the world's most trusted adviser when it comes to helping people plan for their health care and so we got started about 11 years ago doing that at first was just Alex and I our first recurring expense was Salesforce we've grown from one user to 10 users to 20 users to 40 users so you know what Salesforce was getting from us from a revenue standpoint it was growing quite a bit every year so we built really the whole company in the spirit of ok well if we're gonna do that how is it gonna work in Salesforce they wanted more money every year right we're getting our annual increases our billing terms were changing from I think we started monthly to quarterly or now they wanted to pay annually and so that's when we started evaluating and and we learned about Soho Soho desk is important because it helps us track client success requests and tickets that come in and so we're able to more effectively respond to our clients needs the functionality has been a lot better than it was with Salesforce being able to merge tickets together being able to track who's working on which ticket has it's been a lot easier than Salesforce I think Zoho desk is probably one of the strongest that we've started use more and more you know the way that our workflow works now is emails come in to a generic inbox it creates a ticket we're using a round-robin system so it's helping us identify you know team members who are you know more quick to respond it's it's it allows us to make decisions on headcount window for the hire new team members and it allows us to recognize you know based on certain questions that are that are coming into our customer service team how many days does it take to actually respond to them for someone who is at the very top and wants to get a big picture I feel like Zoho desk would have everything you need because it has great important capabilities if they want to be reached via different means like Twitter Facebook that's also possible so I would very much recommend that we probably have 40 to 50 incoming tickets a day which is really helpful for us to be able to keep track of okay what are the issues that are coming up who's working on those how quickly are we getting those resolved making sure that we're getting timely responses back without it I wouldn't be able to do my job it also has been a good resource because of the reporting functionality that our sales or our count managers that don't necessarily answer any of those questions but they can easily log in and at any point view any currently open ticket that has to do with one of their clients which is really really convenient if they're going out to make a a client call to just check in they already have kind of eyes on on what might be outstanding also our people just feel better you know it feels better to do so and when people say well how does it work better it's a little bit hard to describe because you're just like well it just just does yeah I would absolutely recommend Zoho on the Zoho death side I would absolutely recommend it you