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[Music] stay right we got don't move stay there now steady now shut up you fool up [Music] really mr. Livington I'm sorry please [Music] wait a minute fatally not here Thomas no give me but I'm scared look at his face I can't understand why you have this terrible fear of animals in you what is it when I was a little baby I was scared by my piggy bank that's nonsense you want to hear something worse what I was 15 years old before I ate my first animal crackers hey come on stores about open up picks up your pallet Oh get into work in hell yes sir that's the truth I know may I help you do you happen to have a copy of dark safari by cuttlefish I'll find out hey Bob how do you do Johnny we like speak the salesman pal well I'm a Salesman Stanley Livington I'm the clerk in charge of all juggler books and 11 o'clock given a lecture yeah yeah yeah you got a book by the name of dark safari by cuddle furred doc safari by cuddly we did have it well we got rid of it some time ago I want to tell you gentlemen I read that book I had nightmares for nine months how well do you remember that book why you remember a method I'm have a netbook of course I remember it could you draw it could I draw it for $1,000 cause that map in that book for $1,000 haha for $1,000 I could draw that map and oil okay then meet us me Ellie tonight at 7:30 and we've taken it somebody will give you $1,000 a minute to lay down the pencil is it a deal sure see in the alley tonight at 7:30 mm-hmm and be there Chum get me how's it know us draw that man I'm sorry but that book is out of print in fact we sold the last one some time ago dear I was afraid of that I've been to every bookstore in the city there's a map in that book that I'd give $2,500 for will you give me that again please I said there was a map in that book that I get $2,500 for $2,500 uh excuse me I'll be right back what are you doing hey bud fish you'll never believe where two guys in the ended up pants it looks Tammy how will do you remember that book you read about dr. Safari if I tell you it was two guys you know look remember there was a map in it you two not to wake away what are you doing there I'm going at map now oh don't turn that up I got a chance to make middleman quiet come on Oh madam you are the luckiest person in New York this morning allow me to introduce Stanley Livington one of the world's greatest well a mother oh wow game hunters are my weakness this is really a thrill mr. Livington so nice meeting you too but I'm really not it might interest you to know that when mr. cuddle furred wrote dr. fairy mr. Livington was right there oh then you must be very familiar with a map that is in that book map yes oh sure that's one map I could draw on a doctrine even without a pencil yeah see your troubles were all over I could make arrangements to bring him over to your home this evening Oh marvelous I think it's a wonderful idea my name is Emerson Diana he's in mitosis but now I got a date in the alley you're after wait she'll have to wait for a dress see you tonight then goodbye goodbye that's the kind of girl I dream about it but you should see the ones I get I tell you boys the guys that I knew the map back so we make a date to meet him bring him in abroad yeah and the little muslin never shows up at first offering in my grand well you can relax I found somebody myself this morning you did boss where you Kloppers department store that's where we found our guy wait a minute what are you sitting up you little fat guy that's him why that to Tanner you offer him a thousand he holds out for a higher price the minute he puts his foot through the door break every bone in his hair I do no such thing when he needs you boys can meet him outside and get my money back we get your boys now go out the side entrance I'm closing a deal with the man who's gonna lead this fight won't you come in mr. Beatty this is the place I don't forget she thinks you're a big game hunter buzz why do you keep getting me in the middle I wish you hadn't try you ingrate here I'm giving you a chance to make me $2,500 is that the way you want to repay me for all the things I could have done for you come on I'm sorry oh come on Stanley will you come on I'm shutting off the water well turn it off and come on I stopped it good come on up here may I see you a minute please no now what's tonight my finger stuck I'll leave it then come on okay let me see this not that well not that one Harry did you answer the door no do I have to answer the door oh all right if everything around here cook and the butler one of these days I'll just well so I'll just do what yes mr. Johnson and mr. Livington to see Miss Emerson well come in who is knocking well come in miss Emerson is busy for the moment when you step in the living room please Pat's Hey wow that hurt that belongs on outside yeah I can't get it off help me get it off we get hit well not so hard your hand I pulled her out of the way naturally I haven't publicized the expedition because I could easily become the victim of unscrupulous people if that map's one of the few in existence the owner would practically have you in the palm of his hand this man coming tonight is the gullible type but fairly intelligent if you can remember the map accurately we'll proceed at once that'll be fine with me miss Emerson and now regarding your fee suppose we say 5,000 in advance and 15,000 on completion that's very liberal on the country money is no object as long as I get what I'm after come on what are you not that ham this [Music] 100 sometimes Oh Amy I just found out that map is worth more than 2,500 hours I've woman I can't get over it all I did was go like this no water came up are you listening come on come on wait I'm gonna snoop around here they got more about this deep go ahead who was the door Harry uh mr. Livington a mr. Johnson's good where are they they're in the living room I'll see them in a minute and we'll have coffee in the library Harry I'm phoning Gunnar to come over please leave the door open yes ma'am scuse me I didn't order anybody in the room I'm awfully sorry hey wait what you want you know you're standing in front of this here picture reminds me of my last expedition in Africa that's so yes meeting yes Lee and it was my most dangerous expedition we were at the cats big cats you know chata lines I imagine or less no imagine about it my friend lines are lines here or anyplace their lines you can imagine a line oh no one dee dee I want to tell you something my first afternoon out I'd thanks 64 lines dad what a hunt really oh yes and then I ran into an old friend of mine Clyde Beatty no okay and was he hurt he didn't bag a line for two weeks I spanked the more he could need one of them oh of course when it comes to handling lines he don't know from nothing I am their boy right over here I want to tear this up no still between you and I Clyde Beatty is a phony on the side a pretty nice fella but between you and I are phony something else I want to tell your friend who do you think tames the lines that he has inside the cages me Stanley Livington the world's greatest hunter no kidding yes sir well one of the greatest by the way what's your name Clyde Beatty Clyde Beatty Clyde it's nice knowing you I want you to stick around because I'm gonna tell you how I used to go in myself and tame those lines now when it comes to fame of the animals Clyde Clyde oh good evening I see you've met mr. Livington our big whale game mother Hey yes indeed swell just then tell me about somebody's exploits Oh swell swell that's fine elbows off the time you and Clyde Beatty when Tiger hunting in the India to hear about it yeah yes so do you why he Stanley tells me that he out shall be 5 to 1 by the way I don't think you've introduced me to this gentleman yeah I'd be describe it Clyde Beatty I'll be singing around there mr. Beatty I'm sorry for what I said about mr. Beatty excuse me you met mr. Beatty Cassini's mr. Livington an arrow Will Hunting pals what to tell me how to and after coffee we'll have mr. Livington draw the map I'm terribly sorry mr. Livington will not be able to draw the map but he's got to the whole success of my trip depends on it you mean you intend to take a trip to Africa very definitely I'm telling a safari I wonder if I may be excused I know you folks brother talk business in private if you don't mind I think it would be better mr. Beatty is half Harry excuse me gentlemen nice brain quick grab them boots are outside waiting to slug Johnson in Burlington tell them the plans have changed into layoffs yes ma'am look buzz let me draw the map we'll get the $2,500 and get out of here certainly not now if I play your cards right we'll get more than $2,500 listen you you heard her she's organizing yeah it's a parry I wish I was there all right we're on a whole of the Safari right now Stanley you're you're absolutely right as you surmised I'll be frank with you I don't blame you for having the desire desire to what of course I'll have to explain everything to the Latian it to me mr. Livington insists on joining a safari to Africa I insist Leo are you from Adamas yes just to McCauley do you see with mr. Livington in Africa he feel right at home and it'd be very simple for the draw the map without any difficulties it's an excellent idea silly once we're there you can lead us to the east fork or the Taliban gone Okavango River into the port yes surely of course we'll be the regular $5,000 fee in advance and $15,000 on completion of course that concludes my search then bears fine and for your safety I'm going to assign you my best follow offer a follow-up yes he's the man who follows you in the jungle charging and saves her life oh that's him now excuse me gunner I'd like to have you meet mr. Johnson and mr. Livington gunner Jensen hi I don't want to seem inquisitive but just what are we going to Africa for well we're going after Narang at an gargantuan blanket anger against you excuse me please but probably I see you what's the oiling up tank on each one it's a big ape piggy yeah stop worrying big me pop sees me shooting funny big ape yeah we like to think I've seen a circus like the father to the monkey yeah it's only bigger bigger and he's gonna protect me mm-hmm mm-hmm gonna show them how you can shoot the Winchester you mr. Lyon I raise the gun to my shoulder looks at the peep sight mate I look for the peep sight put my think around the trigger grant for the post light night right no pumps line family Stanley now where did he go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the car driver near me suppose if a wouldn't give up on what you do and I wouldn't give up what would you do then I brought in a rag and an east wind blew up what would you do I draw the line where are you getting all the anchors safe I shoot another way you keep quiet I know you're both a very bad boy the last couple days I want you to change the warning I don't like it a bit all you do is snap at me please snap at you oh wait that'll last me [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] hey you owe gunner but what made of house Felina [Music] hello catch them along fine miss Emerson and in the morning they'll start for the interior very good well we've looked the whole place over you want to know something boss they still look like a place to find diamonds you ever mention the word diamonds we're supposed to be afternoon orangutan another thing boss I'm getting awfully sick of these two guys you're depending on they're always following us up just be patient it won't be long now before the map is in my hands drop everything hurry up come here come on Sammy come over here draw that map the map the map if I brought with you let me go home why do you want to go home I forgot stuff what did you forget draw the mat come on boy oh boy can you picture me a tycoon Oh Oh building yachts railroad I might even buy an airline Gordon how I feel by winters and Maine summers in Florida oh it's unbelievable you could even get as warm me up have you got it ready yet come on you guys attaboy all this paper here is worth a million that was my only I mean I thought I did it give me something I gotta have something boy oh sure sure I intended to here here's a nickel thank you atta boy Oh Monica hello hey I know Harry some tea for mr. Johnson and plenty of sugar wonderful day we're having you're looking marvelous yourself I have all the reasons in the world to be I finally persuaded Stanley to draw the map Oh well may I see it uh I also made some very interesting discoveries aside from the orangutan there are far more important things to be found that particular territory really yes and due to the facts I personally think I'm entitled to a new deal what kind of a deal did you have in math well I'd say 20 percent of the safaris profits would be fair very liberal in view of your generosity may I see the map oh yes Shelley Shelley Shelley now this map will take you right to where there seems to be something lacking here I'll see Stanley there's some detail working please he hasn't really completed the map I'll be right back here's your team I put plenty of sugar in it drink it yourself Oh drink is yourself pinky it's tell Harry I want to see boots and grappler immediately why exactly can't know what's the matter with you thought you are putting something over on me this is not the map that was in cover prints book oh yes it is this this thing tells you how to get the clubs departments law that's the map I used to keep that map in cuddlefish book listen you nitwit numbskull these people want a map of the banjee territory thank you territory banjee territory yes I was wondering why they want to pay all that kind of money just to find a directions how I get the clap is the Papa store see that I couldn't understand a minute do you realize we're in the most dangerous spot we've ever been in our lives danger spot dangerous spot buzz what is it worse than the time when skinny Malik knock the chip what my shoulders are certainly what's the meth I should say it is and the time I drew the line like that far more yeah but that time he came over the line it's worship and back never mind that it's worsening are we in trouble wait a minute oh we got to do something I have it we've got to get out what you're doing boy going somewhere fellers we were just gonna think these little chunks inside the tent get moving hey go ahead dr. chip off my shoulder not that your head's land we'll go with it huh gone get moving um it stick it tight again push drama you guys did you hear me good shit you're tired hey I'm all right come on back [Music] step on that side of the line come on mm-hmm Sammy Sammy no don't follow me sterilizing you're not gonna kill anyone call me back don't do that somebody's got it get it and when I get this man somebody's gotta get it fine friend you are you bring me a way out here in the heart of the jungle why because you told me to do the girl the map you can draw Kenya you know you couldn't why'd you bring me away out here now what am I going to do what am I going to do was the boat i was going to buy in the building's i was going to buy the railroads i was going to buy put that down as a fine how-do-you-do nice going sword from a pal from a friend I never I never expected from you I'd have to go in the bankruptcy that's all that's all that's left for me to do and one of my friends say the thing that you my bosom friend look where you going to the wallet oh my god sound fire yeah [Music] well what have you got to say for yourself Oh hold on father what are you stopping here for it's early yet this is where colorful spat now on a part of a page 389 according to cuttlefish he wrote through your head a fairly uneventful day therefore he made kids on a bank of a cracker barrel River no over there is a river over here too no you have to forgive him you see Stanley is actually living the book that's not all at night cut off from he posted a double guard because he was nearing the bank a country which was full of ferocious animals ain't Campbell berries right is this pretty dangerous territory I suggest we put cap on this side tonight but that means we lose an entire half day well if you cross over you're gonna lose two days anyway why well according to color front when he crossed the river he was brought down by jungle fever and he was that way for 36 hours mr. Emerson I think we should look for a location for pitch camp Hart needs to be standing to me you've got to use a little more tech when you talk to miss Emerson no she's liable sent us back to the States good good good what's the matter oh my goodness you're worrying about that that's just a little baby lion wait a minute wait a minute ahold of me Maj don't don't say yeah remember Hutton claps the putter store don't do it now don't get excited those little cat was raised on milk I'm sorry but I'm eat now yeah there he is kitty run hey I got my finger back but let me got your finger touch them then you touch the real lion that's all there is to be real like brave two out of I'm gonna capture that little baby lion I'm gonna bring it back to Diana hey wait that's a good idea that'll put us in good with it yeah go ahead kid I'll see you camp back down [Music] [Music] well buzz I guess we lost that was it yet Oh No hey buzz buzz hey stop down there I can't see a thing how to graph for a company where you clumsy boy [Music] what ah what you better go on a fight because she getting awful fat lawful heavy video they're on the road thank you now we leave it here forever Gloucester [Music] see [Music] we better go over check on that trap Sammy Danny wait all right boys we've done a good job now take them back to the truck convoys back to the truck [Applause] Stanley Sammy berry MacArthur Fellow it's a trap right in front of you oh crap thanks Ranger hey my name is buzz Johnson I'm looking for a little chubby guy by the name of Stanley Livington have you seen him no I haven't my name is Frank buck Frank buck well I'm certainly glad to know you let us see you I'm looking for a great big guy called orangutan Gargantua have you seen him no no I just built this trap for him Tony you better get away from this trap and think we'd better hey mr. buck is there really such an animal as the meringue Topanga Dan Schuler of course there is there is one letter on this district now great big fella 20 feet high face almost human matter of fact I've got traps all around except for mm-hmm mr. buck I I wonder if you'll help me find my camp [Applause] Sonia baby though we got in the first mystery she ever captured by human being one come on get it stick a little bit of a hike them up this is harder though [Music] is he ferocious we don't know [Music] it's Stanley sorry where have you been I've switched this jungle all night long for you last night I'm gonna take a shower I said as a friend of garlic there's no time for clowning Lana listen what are you trying to do make a monkey out of yourself back all thanks to work you did for Miami on here listen you gotta at least you could have done was put a red lantern here I'm gonna report you to the African woman I certainly am I'm trying to build anyway trap yeah the trap you're doing it all wrong what do you mean I'm going it all wrong I don't know if I'm a knob up in the trap I showed Frank fuck how to build all his traps everyone he listens to me I'm one of the biggest game hunters in the whole world that's why I'm over here you've got the whole thing it was it's it's long and you keep quiet yeah let it snow over here but will you keep quiet after what I saw that side I'm the boss I don't have talking about it's well who's this Frank buck ha ha Frank what how you doing yeah see you later mr. buck yeah we're getting on a little trouble staying over there boy I set the trap again now get it already mr. buck the boys have finished resetting the traps all right good on the other way now and set the other one I'm sorry I fell on your pepper oh oh that's all right but last night I saw something I never saw it before my life now you been a nightmare I never saw anything like this come on sorry he had a head like that Dean you fool come on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so matter with you you must be tired buzz what's the matter you shitting over there certainly not then I got jungle fever I'd better get him back to our camp I think you better to I just follow the trail exactly what I told you you won't miss it look out for my traps oh wait I think you better take a gun along with you well George I think we can use one yeah thanks a lot right so long huh Salaam my life come on come on take it easy take it [Music] what a business we're gonna be in crocodiles of lines bring a lot of bill back in the state you can have it okay Boyd you finished let's go back the compound it's right dami I think Diane is trying to put something over on us doesn't it seem funny to you that as soon as Clyde Beatty goes out the bag Lyons she lets us come down here to take a swim in the river Oh God never mind the touched I'm using I can use it just a minute we made even a diamond territory maybe she knows where the diamonds are but maybe she has the diamond but she got a doozy you need more sleep much kid I'm a little worried don't know come on let's go in and take a back let's go well that's what it is our only well wait a minute where are you going I left I've been in there questioning are you guys driving over there head over here did you read this sign what you know what that sign says who's walking on the grass anyway no matter you can't dive in there there's nothing but crocodiles in there Oh crocodile don't get excited don't get excited you see over here there's nothing but net I dive inside the net yeah the crocodiles can't get in the Nets that's good that's well go ahead right and enjoy yourself okay can you make it oh come on that's war cute sure head up boy war Boyle wait on what a belly flop hey back right that's why you push nations for you you don't personation yeah what my first one I see you I see you go [Applause] pretty good hey tweener what's it a win a whale mmm that's a whale yeah I purchase with lesser alligator I want to go in there do you know when I do y'all get let me go [Music] I like that I can wait here dive in standing on buzzer come on [Music] oh I don't understand why you have to try those caps out before he sends them back to the state where is doesn't worry me half as much of those to not head you brought along with us yes please don't make me do this you are going to do it I don't wanna you're making a coward out of me I'm not making a coward are you let's go around this camp Stanley's a cowards there is a coward afraid of a little teeny-weeny alligator like that we gotta get off stop it are you afraid of that I think so dogs stop it's only a stand feel it feel it I'll be afraid of is enough look I'm gonna make a hero out of you whether you like it or not go on down that path you know where the water bag is yeah you meet me there I'll be in this skin huh and make sure you bring Diana with you oh you wanted to get down here and bring over by the pack my water bag - oh I think today you're gonna have the last United then that's just that guy Clyde Beatty ok bless attaboy I'm going over have a chitchat with Diana head out I'm not sure I'm a free brave kid and I don't like this kind of talk all around oh yeah talking I'll forget by the pen Smita what about I'll be there well boys in a little while we can say goodbye to mr. Beatty and his lions and crocodiles and cages tag this me for shipment back to the States he's a good one and get the other three ready for the training cage I'll be back later them to work them out mm-hmm I would like to have a chitchat with you'll be all mine excuse us photos now what do you think I want to get straightened out oh yeah yeah I'll tell you over here Diana there's some talk on her on this camp I don't like I don't like it know how and I'm getting plenty peeved about it and I have a right to have a drink people are going around saying and I'm afraid of lines well that's not true that's a lie I'm one of the finest big-game hunters in the world no one surpasses Stanley Livington do you think the lines that Clyde Beatty catches are big ones aah and looking but kittens a little bit of kitten hey I want to tell you something I'm going on a big-game hunt myself I'm gonna catch a lion just for you to show you how big I can catch him you afraid of lines no good take a look sanic Stanley what's the matter with you she gave me oh never mind listen I'm going into the cage and you behave yourself you can't understand why he gets so scared [Music] stand back have no fear fairly if that by obese I stay American will protect thee and used to [Music] give an xle I'll put him for you when I let the line she wanted for a while no lines gonna spoil my fun I swear buzz [Music] look he's heading them toward the cage well I'll be come on come on [Music] [Music] the key I need it no more Diana watch I'm not afraid of lions and the gun that's only for creepy don't get scared I'm comin in control why this took what that Lydia showing off like that [Music] get up on a bus do a good job come on stop stalling get up there alright get up here we didn't add a point hey buzz this I gotta tell you you're walking the cage like a real lion you even hopped around like a real lion [Music] one of the girls you even smell like a real line that's the part I don't understand stop breathing down my neck - I don't like that oh this is gonna be horrible hey you come off her clothes I'm not I'm a pretty brave kid oh hey buzz get those nails filed hey height aucune enough Sammy Stanley Mary come on over it was did we fool them I wish you're gonna get the look on their faces when they show you in here so the key inside the lion skin [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey Stanley I found a key everything's all right you got nothing to worry about Stanley Stanley [Music] family Stan wait what'd you do with my buddy all my fault I should have never let him do it my bosom pal [Music] why is this cat in here you lock this gate [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I just lost the best friend I ever had [Music] I feel like jumping off what should i do Stanley what's that light that's a lion the one that got him I'll spend the rest of my days right here in this forest I'll get that lion now you thought I'll get that's why every time I I've spent my life here and as far as well tell me what to do i you don't have to get a bus truck it's really you shut up much wait a minute are you all there the lion didn't hurt you yeah it's really you sadly what if I Mirage your shopping you know mirage double-cross honey right there I was sitting on a piece of broken up battle wait a minute wait a minute that's a diamond as I saw the way I know that's a real diamond that's a real diamond that's what I've been looking for that there's that don't touch don't get Harnish it's mine I found him I found the diamond piece of broken the fire don't tell me what it is is it a piece of it eh I believe in a devil point Stanley it's another diamond a real diamond little over here come here oh there's another one this is unbelievable come on come on Hey look another one I'm rich I'm wealthy sailing can you imagine look Stanley come here look at here look Stanley another one I can buy Billings I can buy polo ponies I can buy you yet I can buy everything that my heart desires hi Sammie do my eyes to see me look Stanley Stanley another one fairy look at that look at the size of that diamond well don't stand there think of something I can buy for myself think of something all right put that away Peniel Stanley look at here look at here Stanley two of them holy holy Sammy fulminant don't drop you Stanley what your I see your Hut must believe two of them real with my diamonds trying to steal him Oh [Music] fightin mess you got us into own economy a lust for money now I know what they mean Willie say boy you want hot water never Thomas women if you like this okay [Music] buzz huh how'd you get yourself untied quiet you're smart buzz I think that everything I've ever said about you look like tell me what you do buzz we'll stay like this don't make a move till I make a break for it I can see him get back over there make out your tide come on come here come on can I am still tired you're not tired I you you untied me I did nothing of the kind you untied yourself I did not ruin untie me come on are you kidding fun no he ain't Jeffrey [Music] if these are [Music] [Applause] [Music] well son you're mine you know there Anna I never did go for that talk of yours about a 20-foot monkey really yeah and as for bringing Clyde Beatty out here to capture whale animals you didn't fool me for a minute why did I come to Africa mr. Johnson diamonds and I know just where they are and you can lead us to these diamonds that I can but first we'll talk business you know and I will cut this pie right down the center is that right I'll no bickering take it or leave it I don't seem to have any alternative that you haven't so you make up your mind just get buzzer buzzer yeah big boy hold on to that boss but putting that pie down the center I'll handle this my own way get ready to break up camp while I give me the beedi is walking papers hey boy boy come here yeah gather up my belongings that are scattered around here I might be moving to better quarters by the way leave these things right here in case that little fat boy you know little fat boy yeah if he does show up this is good enough for him go Thank You chummy buy your son huh chief wants thing ahead man yes sir and so I've decided there's no such thing as an orangutan Gargantua and now that we have enough animals to evade the expedition worthwhile I'd suggest the junior man prepare early for the coast that's all right with me miss Emerson I'll go and tell my men hi miss Emerson miss Emerson there's some fellas out they want to see you they want to hold a conference I think you better hurry all right [Music] chief what's tall [Music] another shanty cut that oh ho mundo army chief say many white men come to land the bank is for diamonds many white men die why does the chief want to see me chief want to be your friend chief want to make deal want trade these diamond what does the chief want for the gun chief have sweet tooth for little fat man him oh no not him little fat man wrong wrong blue fuck man friends of poor thin man Oh Stanley tell the chief he's made a deal well Jack elbow hmm boom go and your Chiefs a deal good excellent gunner who is it it's me but have you seen Stanley well if you see him tell him I hide until he sees me if I see him I'll tell him yeah but so far I haven't even seen Africa how is it gonna hey I'll tell him later Diana something I want to tell you we're in very dangerous territory last night buzz and I were captured by the cannibals marinading cannibals and you know what they did they tied us up to the states and one guy looked at me any women like this and I know that was for no good and I want to tell you something else I escaped and then I untied buzz and he's hit and then he where all these cannibals I was trying to fight him and I keep wondering the right level the right hey whatever fancy Africa I'm in my just mmm and I know right and I and I'm nine I kept him on guy looks just like him he had a head out like that too and this guy that had a head out like this I hit him such a belt I went run I decided to head over here I hit the guy oh he's got the bump there it is [Music] quick after Stanley [Music] Oh diamonds diamonds dropped in my lap I see crying face I will share with no one what hey that's it - little fat man's gotta yes [Music] can you see them Stanley Stanley what am I going to do my diamonds my diamonds that's what they're after my diamonds are no they can't take my diamond we ruin all my dreams what happened to my boats my buildings give me my diamonds I know what I'll do I'll hide them they'll never find them I can always come back and get him Stanley yeah [Music] now marquetry [Music] little boys love the prize and then I finish setting the traps picture bus they'll be carrying a pretty rough cover well I hope we bag some bigger okay get me out of here someone get me out of here all right all right come on razor get her out have you seen a short fat man a tall thin man running through the jungle no I don't want to either no I'll never catch up with him wait whoa wait a minute why are you going I've got to find them you're not gonna run around this jungle alone you stay right here with me [Music] come on Semak Stanley Stanley I'm going back to the diamonds you keep running how can I keep from your dare follow me go ahead keep going [Music] [Applause] [Music] people covered gonna not me him I'll go get help oh you're such a nuisance don't give me no trouble Stanley I shoot you shoot the kill I know you do gonna I don't give any trouble do you won't even know I'm here don't press them so hard oh oh scared a look at your face it's getting greener and greener inch by inch and you're getting spots on your kisser Stanley don't force me to pull this trigger I got an itchy finger ah here it is my diamonds where am i dying I would've here my diamond is that you Harry it's me Harry he's scared stiff he didn't budge an inch he didn't know we can bind boots and wrapper no I didn't I tell you what you do keep Staley covered I got him covered got him we'll bring him back to camp I'm sure he's a pretty dangerous kid the Stanley here did a good job there kid oh nice walk on up and keep walking hands high keep walking yeah that's the mark why should this happen to me I planted him right here Liam's been so good to his friends they've gotta be here they must be here we got it karate keep walking keep walking how did you ever get into this mess I don't [Music] are you trying to do make a monkey out of me I see [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I don't you watch where you're going you clumsy ox me yeah sure Wyatt reppin those big feet of yours I did no such thing what are you kicking me for who's kicking home you kick me I didn't even touch it [Music] look I told you to lay off them I didn't rip it I didn't take it it's an Alim along oh yeah yeah I'll leave you alone the file hit you harder than Louis ever did [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I can't understand it I had an empire in the palm of my hand we just slip through my fingers I can't understand understand [Music] can't understand my big buildings my airplane my railroad my yes you know one of my yes right now [Music] no I'm going home oh you don't I've had enough of the rap over there you're nothing but a little jinx you've always been a jinx to me you don't understand I don't understand God get yourself lost [Music] now I'm all alone what's gonna happen to me now [Music] morning sir good morning mr. Livington polish everyone's another they're important you know yes sir [Music] good morning so the lunar have you my paper morning wanting you so much how do we stand a gin rummy game or you owe me about 22 cents see you at 2:00 yes sir and understand [Music] I'm a driver I'm sorry sir mr. Livington what about that race I've been asking you about I'll talk to my partner if he's in thank you sir [Music]