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yeah dude I don't know yeah he's like two hours late so he's not gonna show up so that's the point I can't be mad anymore I'm just so sexually frustrated it's not even funny yeah I don't know it's not a week I know it's insane I don't know I am so fucking horny though yeah look I'm not even kidding [Laughter] what are you doing here hang on and what are you doing here oh he's obviously not here I've been waiting for him too so take a number whatever you're so annoying hello no it's my boyfriend's best friend I know he's okay listen let me give you a call either okay all right bye so you're waiting for him too huh yeah I'm reading like all day we were supposed to fuck today well I mean you obviously don't have anything to do since your plans fell through and so did mine and well you are a guy right like you have a dick do you have a good dick well you know you drove such a long way maybe we should have some fun apartment it's not like he cared to show up for either of us come on it'll be fun besides it's not like I want anything from you I just want to come I won't tell if you won't come here I know you want me oh no you're gonna have to do better than that oh well I have a new plan I mean if you don't make me come I'm gonna tell him Oh [Laughter] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]