Best Gaming Keyboard Under 100 LOGITECH G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard Review




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hey guys in today's video we're going to be reviewing the Logitech G two one three prodigy gaming keyboard so this keyboard is one of three products from Logitech snoo prodigy range which is focused on providing gamers with affordable solutions for gaming equipment so the idea behind this project was offered three products offered the same affordable price that being a keyboard a headset and a mouse this affordable price is actually 80 euros so quite a good price so compared to another of logitech gaming keyboards that i've actually reviewed myself which was the Logitech G 810 and that actually retailed for 180 euro this keyboard is most certainly a more affordable option as you would expect from any logitech gaming keyboard this keyboard features RGB LEDs now these LEDs offer you up to sixteen point eight million color variations they're actually going to take a look at some of the customizations you can do with these later on in the video this keyboard also features twelve programmable function keys which can be configured in the logitech gaming software so on the top right the keyboard you will find some handy media controls such as a play and pause stop forward and back and also a volume mute button which is quite handy besides that then you also have a button which can actually turn off the LEDs completely on the keyboard so I guess that's a nice touch if you don't actually want to use them I'm sure you'll also notice that this keyboard has quite a large wrist rest which I can say is quite comfortable so as with any gaming keyboard you're thinking of purchasing I'm sure you guys want to hear how it actually sounds I just do want to say the keyboard the actual quality of each key does feel a little bit plasticky but you're probably going to find that for products around this price range but anyway here's a listen at how it sounds so I'm sure you're also wondering what is the build quality like for a keyboard at this price well it definitely feels lighter and a little bit more plastic than the Logitech g8n ad that I use on a regular basis so you could definitely notice that straight off the pad and it does feel a little bit on the cheaper side compared to this 180 euro keyboard that I normally use but that being said it doesn't feel very fragile and does provide an easy tightening experience although as I said the keys do feel somewhat plasticky it also has a braided USB cable which is a nice touch as well for a product at this price point all right so now let's talk about the LEDs one of the main selling points on this keyboard that makes it look very cool so again I'll be comparing this product with the Logitech g8n I do know there's a considerable price difference between the two products but it's still a good base for comparison so immediately notice with the LEDs on this keyboard that they weren't as well lit up on this keyboard as my g8n now that may not be a problem for all of you but it's just something I noticed that I felt like I should mention that's not to say they don't look good though they actually do look very good on this keyboard there was one problem however that I did come across when I change the LED color to light blue on this keyboard using the Logitech Gaming software so went ahead and change this some of the keys appeared to be a darker blue than the light blue so I'm not exactly sure what was going on here I tried a couple of times but there's definitely a difference going on here so for example the enter key was a dark blue all the other keys were quite a light blue so maybe that's just a little bug with that color it didn't seem to happen with any other color it just happened for that one so that's just something I want you guys to know as well it's not all bad though this keyboard does feature quite a unique color variation option so the LEDs on this keyboard are divided into four sections of the keyboard stood up equally as you can see on screen right here and you're actually able to set a different color to each section now I really really like this LED feature as I had not seen it on any other keyboard previously so I think I've covered mostly stuff with this keyboard right here so just to summarize let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of this keyboard so the pros great affordability at 80 euro this is an absolutely great purchase as I said if you if you do have a little bit more money I'd probably recommend checking out my review for the Logitech G a10 because that I would say in my opinion that is a better keyboard better build quality and stuff like that but but still this is a great great product for the 80 euro price point it's easily customizable LEDs are another great point it has a braided USB cable and also the wrist rest is a nice feature so now for the cons it is actually quite a light keyboard saying it's made of mostly plastic and also the keys have a little bit of a plasticky feel they don't feel amazing but they still feel quite good I can't complain too much for the price point here also the LEDs are not very bright compared to the Logitech g8n but they are still quite good and finally there are some LED colouring issues which I talked to you guys about with the darker blue on some keys but that being said guys going to give this keyword a six point five out of ten it is a great keyboard for the price point if I had a two year and I was looking for a good gaming keyboard this is probably what I would recommend to you guys to get and you guys thanks so much for watching go ahead and drop a like rating on this video if you did enjoy it subscribe if you're new and I'll catch you guys in my next video