Best Hamstring Exercises with NO Equipment




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[Music] hey what's going on everybody I'm coach Brian here with a mandolin we're from critical bench comm certified strength coach here NPC bikini competitor fitness coach she's awesome and we're gonna be showing you some hamstring exercises using no equipment the first hamstring exercise we're gonna show you is one of my favorites using minimal equipment other than your body weight it's called a glute ham raise with a falling fall whatever you want to call it this is what its gonna look like make sure you get a nice pillow or cushion underneath your knees here you're gonna anchor your feet to the wall Jamin those toes down onto the floor she's gonna fall forward as slow as she can activating those hamstrings there we go she's gonna push herself up nice explosive push up slow down as she comes back up those hamstrings are gonna re-engage and then she's gonna curl herself back in there we go a little bit of a slip there but that's gonna be the beautiful thing about this slow slow slow good push good let's get one more now if you have a hard time doing this exercise you can elevate put a box in front of you a little table you can stack of books whatever so you're not doing a full pushup a lot of women and might have a difficult time doing the explosive push-up part so just raise your your hands up a little bit men - you can do the same thing that's a great exercise that you can do with no equipment next exercise is an inch warm-up to your feet you go if you ever seen like a little inchworm crawling it keeps its body straight stick to the butt up in the air and then goes out in an extended position crawl all the way out keep those legs straight come all the way back in stand all the way up yep do two more of those and notice she's keeping her legs straight and her arms as straight as possible if you have a hard time keeping those hamstrings extended bend the knees a little bit that'll help out so I don't expect you to have the flexibility in the hamstrings that she has here so again Bend those knees if you find this exercise difficult all right good mornings if you've never done this exercise this is a great one not only is a good stretch in the hamstrings and lower back but you actually start strengthening the entire posterior chain here notice she's got the hands behind the head keeping her legs almost in a locked position a very slight bend in those knees it's like when you get out of bed you open up your chest you say good morning world same exercise right here sticking the butt back keeping the head and spine upright very simple but make sure you're keeping those shoulders pulled back next one we're gonna go right into a single leg deadlift balancing on one leg you're gonna completely isolate one leg being used so as you can see she's poised and ready to go reaching down as far as she can trying to not fall over again this is one of those exercises that you have to do slow and controlled leg goes back upper body goes forward two more good obviously you wouldn't want to make sure you do the other side take your time with that one if you have a hard time staying balanced you could hold on to something but just make sure you're just holding on just for balance not for actual strength so the last two exercises you're gonna be doing with no equipment for those hamstrings is a first one is a quadruped single leg curl you're gonna get an all fours position to start you're gonna pick up one leg like you're doing a donkey kick but now all you're doing is just simply curling that leg it's it might be a little bit confusing or might even feel weird to start essentially you're just keeping this leg as stable as possible flexing that hamstring belliard right there make sure your toes are pointed it takes it off the gastroc get those calves out of the equation that's gonna feel good if you do that correctly alright so the next one after that you're gonna get on your back now I know I said no equipment pretend this is a bench a table a bed whatever it's a single leg glute bridge I'm gonna scoot your body up to the box as close as possible one leg is on the Box other leg is up good up and down perfect let's see I think she's a little too close here so if you find yourself like to squat like too close to the box just scoot back very simple fix that's it notice she's got that leg pointed up and again she's got extreme hamstring flexibility I don't expect your light to looks as straight as hers is you can bend this top leg a little bit to get a little bit more comfort in your exercise do both sides that will take care of those hamstrings [Music]