Best Holsters for Women Buyer’s Guide Gunmann

hello everyone as women grow more and more aware of daily safety issues concealed carry has become a widely popular solution in the last few years in this wake manufacturers have come up with new and innovative holster designs that cater directly to women there are a number of options on the market which makes it difficult to choose the best one in this video we compiled the list of the top five best holsters for women on the market today be sure to watch till the end for our best recommendation if you want more information or updated pricing on the products we mentioned here check out the links in the description below if you have another product you'd like us to review let us know by leaving a comment down below so without further ado let's get started first we have best body holster for women lyric belly band holster not only is this holster perfect for both right-handed and left-handed shooters but it is also designed to handle pistols of different calibers so whether you are using a compact sized pistol or a full-sized one this holster will definitely hold it in place without allowing the pistol to wiggle around or fall out of place it's pros are it is soft and comfortable it comes with an ambidextrous design it is perfect for slim women easy to carry concealed and it has versatile carry positions however it's a bit bulky bottom line is it's the best body holster for women there's a fixed magazine pocket and extra movable pouch for other stuff and it has an adjustable and comfortable belly band with a universal holster next we have best belly band holster for women comfort tac ultimate belly band holster this neoprene based belly band is adjustable and can fit belly sizes up to 44 inches in diameter this holster can be used in any position you desire the metal snap button retention strap allows for a quick silent draw the holster has a slim profile making it easy to conceal it's pros are it has a silent metal snap button it is lightweight and low price it is fully adjustable when worn an adjustable mag pouch position however the retention strap affects draw time and it limits movement when carrying bags bottom line is it's the best belly band holster for women it comes with a movable mag pouch for preferential placement over the band and it has an extremely comfortable design with a universal fit holster next we have best holster for women second runner up tech tack gear belly band holster iwb gun belt you don't have to wear it on your hip if you don't want to if you want to wear it near the shoulder or in some other position that is more comfortable for you this holster will give you the absolute freedom to choose the carrying position you want its pros are it is low priced it fits most handguns it is versatile and universal it has a comfortable neoprene fabric and it can be worn under very casual clothes however the retention strap might fall short for glock 27 and 30. bottom line is it's the best holster for women second runner-up it has a quick and quiet magnetic safety strap and vented neoprene pad and it can be worn iwb or owb and does not print next we have best holster for women runner up bravo belt belly band holster you can fit almost any pistol be it small or full sized and it will definitely stand out as one of the most comfortable to wear belly band holsters on the market you won't get skin irritation nor will you have to struggle with refitting it because it won't slip off so easily its pros are it has multiple pockets it is comfortable all day it has multiple draw positions it is ambidextrous and modular and it has a flex fit design for maximum retention however it's a little bulky to some users and the velcro might degrade with time bottom line is it's the best holster for women runner-up it has a dual magazine pocket and a cell phone pocket for extra storage and it has a snap button retention and left right barrel exits finally we have best holster for women kelly belly band holster it's an exceptional product for concealed carry it features one holster and an extra pocket to carry a mag or other relevant item it can accommodate most full-size to sub-compact pistols and revolvers the retention is secured by a magnetic metal snap fastener its pros are it's a universal holster it is a quick and quiet draw it is useful for concealed carry and comfortable in high quality neoprene however the holster and mag pouch is on the same side bottom line is this is the best overall holster for women the universal holster fits most large and small size handgun frames and it has a new tech adhesive velcro hook for durability and quieter release there you have it our top five best holsters for women on the market check out the links in the description below for detailed information and the latest pricing if you thought this video was helpful please smash that like button and consider subscribing if you did not let me know why in the comments below thank you for watching and i'll talk to you in the next video