Best Introduction to Shamanism

hi my name is nari Caldwell I am a shamanic practitioner and I want to talk to you about shamanism today one of the things that's core to shamanic practice is our connection to nature and that's one of the things that we think is missing from modern culture and contributing to illness and disharmony so shamanism is a spiritual method or technique not a religion it's probably the oldest spiritual practice on the planet dating back at least thirty to forty thousand years and shamanism is really a way to reconnect with the spirit of the universe in from the shamanic point of view everything in the universe has spirit so trees plants animals humans rocks things that are inanimate for instance are all considered to have spirit and by learning shamanic techniques we can reconnect with the vital spirit of the universe in all traditional cultures the shaman communicates with helping spirits in a process called journeying a journey is a sort of a spirit flight into what we call non ordinary reality the shaman is someone who's very skilled at making this type of journey and is able to connect with helping spirits that show themselves to the shaman in either animal or human form and by building relationships with these helping spirits shaman is able to have questions answered to receive healing or get healing for the community and the well-being of the planet from a shamanic point of view there is a spiritual aspect to every illness and it's that aspect that we are working on as shamanic healers when one is what we call power filled that is to say completely filled with one's own spiritual vitality that person is considered to be invulnerable to illness and bad luck and injury so when someone is struggling with illness the shamanic approach to this is to do a journey to find out where that person may be missing power and to restore that power this sometimes is called power retrieval or soul retrieval or power or animal retrieval there's many different ways to do this but the main thing is that we want to restore the person's full spiritual power to them so that they're no longer vulnerable it's sort of like if your spiritual vitality is a battery you want your battery fully charged all the time so shamanic methods are easily learned way for anyone no matter what their spiritual pathway to connect directly with wisdom teachers and spiritual vitality I want to stress that shamanic practices are for ordinary people they're for everybody there's a little bit of a myth around I think that one has to be especially sensitive or psychic or something like that to do shamanic practices and that's really not true in the old days all people were we're able to connect with spiritual vitality and I think we've lost that understanding a little bit today shamanic practices are actually very easy to learn it takes a little discipline and some teaching but they're very easy to learn most people can learn to journey very quickly and the journey practices are useful no matter what your spiritual background or spiritual path is shamanic core shamanic practices can be integrated into any spiritual path that you happen to be on so in ancient times people were called to shamanism in very dramatic ways either through a big dream or a life-threatening event the days sometimes the calls are a little more subtle it may feel like a little nudge from your heart or a longing for something and you're not sure what my teacher dr. Michael Horner always says the shaman sees with the heart so if you feel a little nudge towards this work I invite you to pay attention to that and explore take one of the foundation courses and see if it's for you have your own experience that's the shamanic way so we don't have to go far or go to a special place to encounter shamanism the spirits are all around us at all times you just have to know the techniques for connecting with them you