Best Shoulder Holsters 2021 Top 5 Shoulder Holsters Review

[Music] [Music] after spending years in development at alien gear holsters we've modernized the classic carry style to bring you more comfort and concealment than any shoulder holster before introducing the highly anticipated shapeshift shoulder holster this holster is incredibly comfortable to wear made with full grain english bridal leather and breathable cool vent neoprene the shoulder pads will keep you cool and comfortable all day long the soft form-fitting leather straps are edge-bound for enhanced comfort it's so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it the shapeshift shoulder holster is designed to move with you multiple pivot points located on the back and bottom of your shoulder rig will allow a full range of motion as you go about your day the shoulder straps are also designed with flexible joints made of durable elastic to provide you with enhanced flexibility [Music] keep your firearm and spare magazine hidden with this slim concealable holster with our low profile shift shell we've eliminated all excess material from the holster itself to keep your firearm safe and undetectable for an even slimmer carry experience utilize the strap link to free up one side of your shoulder rig the shape shift fits virtually any body type with a set of adjustable leather straps you can easily tailor this shoulder rig to fit your upper body for larger or smaller body types the shoulder holster offers additional strap adjustment simply relocate the binding posts on each strap firearm security is at the forefront of this holster's design to keep your handgun safe and secure choose from three retention options including adjustable passive retention thumb release and a thumb break feel confident prepared and protected with the shapeshift shoulder holster on your side this american-made holster is fully compatible with the shape-shift modular holster system shift from one carry position to the next to face whatever life throws at you as a promise to you we back every american-made product with our forever warranty if anything breaks on your holster for any reason we'll repair it or replace it free hey this is luke from crab holsters today i want to talk to you about our vertical rotor shoulder holster it's a specific holster design that allows you to carry your gun vertically in a safe position but thanks to a roto feature it allows you to draw horizontally this rig has an elastic strap instead of a standard counterbalance and it will hold tightly the vertical rotor shoulder holster mechanism works like this the holster also features a unique safety mechanism that can be engaged by your index finger you will find out that the draw and re-holstering is very easy and intuitive the holster also features a belt tie down for extra stability on your belt this rig is a good concealed carry choice under a proper garment thanks to the vertical carry and horizontal draw please note that we can make your harness bigger if you send us two measurements the first one is your chest circumference and the second one is your top shoulder to waistline length and also note that the straps are finished in order not to create lint and dirt while wearing to put on the shoulder holster properly just insert your non-draw arm in the holster harness part and then put the elastic strap on you like you would assured then adjust the length of the harness if need be if you need more information about how to choose the right hand of the shoulder holster or how to put the rig on you please check our video guide that we have made for you this holster can be made for pistols and revolvers in black or mahogany color for both left and right handed shooters and now the important things the holster comes with a 5 year warranty free shipping and you can emboss a custom monogram on it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you