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good evening depending on what part of the world jewelry gets a bit boring I'll keep saying that all the time but I want to let YouTube catch up okay and I'll make sure that I'm actually broadcasting okay and that you can hear me and Darren's on the call with me so it looks like YouTube is finally caught up I'm just gonna mute that there we go order an advert running so before you start watching skip the advert so anyway today's hangout we never did a hangout last week because well quite frankly Darren had some stuff to do and I took that opportunity to go to the pub so that was why we didn't do a hangout last week really today's hangout is what we're building here and I've caught dist a bit the best crypto currency portfolio tracker and and I think that's gonna be an understatement with what we start to share with you today and what's coming to you in the next couple of weeks really so what I'm gonna do let me just I've lost me me machine again me look there it is I've got it so look I can add Darren he's seen it don't pick your nose or anything Darren Criss yeah you're on the camera as well I've split the screens actually so look at that I thought I couldn't do it and I've got so underneath let's just do the names right and so because at the moment it's got my name so I'll close that and if I do that ah I'm Darren Barton on this hangout because Darren sits on the right-hand side so the names around the wrong way but that doesn't matter that's Darren oh no that's Darren and I'm Jeremy but the names around the wrong way but that doesn't matter and Darren's actually connected with us via Skype so he doesn't actually see what's on the screen so he's just listening to my voice the poor man so he can't actually see zone rosy-cheeked so I don't know where have you been on the the Bailey's or summit Darren or have you been on the Sun bit you haven't been on nothing like that right so what Darren's gonna do is you're going to give you a flying tour of inside Johnnie blockchain and then we're going to talk to you about of things that are going on new things that are happening okay and again if you've gotten questions make sure that you put them in the chat in big capital letters and then we'll get to those questions and who knows you may even invite you on the call if you've got Skype okay so over to you down and I'll just go to your screen and I can Scott you - you want me to I'll let you speak first before I state miss bream okay hi everybody and welcome sorry about the term last week and but I had a parents forget know what he was but something something that was important at school anyway and so I'm sure you a lot of you guys have already been right let's crack on and so hopefully I'm sharing my screen and oh you're looking at Johnny blockchain now this is I'm really is going to be an absolute flying visit around Johnny blockchain and simply because oddly enough some of the stuff that we're going to be talking about he's actually going to change so Jamie's just not hinted over the next couple of weeks but not necessarily where things are where things are going to change more so the look of things we've got designer looking at some of these back pages as well so we're so a lot of the information will still be here it just might look a little bit different when you're watching this video okie doke it right really quickly then you've got two menu things right at the top here either side of your avatar now this is our own sort of a test trading account so on the right hand side we have Sato your housekeeping your boring stuff really so share account settings invoices and renewal so if you were if you were to buy anything renew upgrade downgrade whatever it is you might want to do you need invoices or statements and obviously this is where everything is and I'm not going to go clicking those and you know because quite frankly they're boring and on them Friday evening you not know want to look at those and but while I've got this menu button down you'll notice that we've got support here now this is for you technical support tickets so if for some reason you can't connect an API if for some reason that you come across say a bug or a spelling mistake or something that's grammatically incorrect or link doesn't work or whatever it might be that it's a technical issue and then this is where you go and if you've got something like you want to make a payment and it's not going through or you know anything like that anything that's technical then you need to use the support ticket and I'll also show you something on Facebook as well that we also going to direct you to as well and but specifically anything that's technical go through support the reason being is that it makes it so much easier for support to be able to deal with your whatever the issue might be directly because they can then access your account and find out if there's a bug or if there's something you've not clicked or whatever it might be that's specific to your account and if you put a bug generally in so many of the chats then obviously that then makes it more complicated because support don't work on the chat there Amy yeah sorry to interject there because while you're on the support actually one of the questions is on the Hangout today and I've put it on the chat on the actual screen here and it's from Andrew Scott and Andrew Scott says I can't connect my Kraken API case Andrew this is where you need to go is to go over to support send them a ticket and they'll you know normally Anthony Park you know he's he's a volunteer and he normally gets on one-on-ones on skype sand helps people you know but Anthony works in the support so you don't send a message privately to Anthony you send in a support ticket and someone will probably direct you towards that meaning you'll be able to help you so you know as down and says no good chases us on posts and things like that or asking support questions here go to support that's why it's called support okay sorry Darren no that's absolutely fine so that's the right hand side menu now on the left hand side menu this is where all the exciting stuff is now the first bit that we're on here is the getting started tab and I'm actually on the getting started tab at the moment now I'm not mispelled a great deal of time on here but clearly the hint it's in the name okay getting started so when you first start this is where you need to spend a good portion of your your time really the first bit is we've got a video here which will explain again give you a good orientation around the website look a lot better than I'm going to do actually tonight so watch that video the next thing you're going to want to look at is the full list of exchanges so I'll just open that up into a new tab for you now this is a updating list of all of the exchanges that we're working with now it there is an awful lot okay so if you're a little bit daunted by the fact that you know you've started to register with the exchanges for the first time what I would strongly advise you to do is to focus on these at the top and the reason that we're saying focus on these is because these are the ones that the bot is already in connecting with and is able to do a lot of the the trading for you or automatically so that gives you a really good heads up and a really good starting place I should say on where to connect with your exchanges now if for some reason you're unsure about exchanges this is all brand new to you then if you come to the left you can see here we've got a little link here for video tutorials Jeremy has done a painstaking job in literally going through all of the exchanges and going you step-by-step on policies and registering and guessing your API and getting that connected to Johnny blockchain and it's done a video I think for nearly all of these now so there shouldn't be a problem so you just go to the YouTube side you'll be able to sign find a video if not then obviously just use the search tab on that particular on that particular channel okay so that's all of the exchanges now the other thing that we often advise people is a new one capitalist I'll see no one and so there's a I think that Sam which call it fear one isn't it that's right yeah yes and so through oh yes so there will be some exchanges here that you won't be able to register for so for example BTC something-or-other we just you know sorry not BTC market I think it's called or market BTC one of the two and there's that Mikado Bitcoin one there the RNA that ones you have to be in Brazil yeah and then there's another one here I think it's the rock where you need to buy access to something yeah yeah just not used that well unregistered with it but I'm not gonna pay a hundred euros to actually start trading because they want a hundred so you know that yeah that's probably what I'm just gonna stay away with but we will write to them and ask them if they'll wait for that hundred once we get up and running with lots of members yeah so as you can see there is a lot of exchanges there is also going to be more exchanges that we will add as time goes by but as you can see there's quite enough faith of the programmers and for ourselves to wear to work with in the meantime so again all you need to do is as you can see mouse over the actual icon and you can see that that will then open up the exchange and you'll be able to go and log in and do whatever you need to do on that particular exchange so I've made it as easy as possible so that's the first bit you'll need to get your head around is registering with their exchanges now if you are a member of an exchange that isn't on that list and it is particularly good then again you can add it to our Facebook group as a suggestion and we will look at it later on but we're not gonna be able to put it on obviously next week or anything like that but if you come across a particular exchange we're obviously interested in been finding out which exchanges are good and reliable so so the keepers updated with those as I scroll down quickly here you've got access the tutorials here again you saw that little button that was on the exchanges page again this is another link to that particular channel you can then find us on Facebook okay you can join our your crypto club using the link here we've also got another youtube channel which is for all the updates and that's the channel that you're actually watching this video on again subscribe to it by clicking here you can access the channel and then again we have got telegram again another telegram chat so again if you're tell Graham is your thing you can use those this link and request to join our telegram chat now just while we're on Facebook this is our Facebook group and if you come to announcements on the left hand side some people won't be aware of this but if you come to announcements on the left hand side and click on that it will then take you to a limited number of posts that we have put in for admin so you can see here that we've got our welcome post you okay there Joan yeah yeah I just clicked because and who asked the question and grams that's the answer then so I've just put the grams answer up on the screen but yep and right door it's okay and but if you scroll down you'll then find some posts that we need some of your support and help with so if you've got a particular issues obviously we've talked to showing you the support tab that's in Johnnie blockchain that's where your technical questions are going to go however if you've got a broken root and now a lot of the roots as Jeremy will explain I'm sure later on is that we're dealing with a lot of third-party providers in the exchanges and they will switch on and off deposit and available with drawer or groups or abilities depending on what's happening with that particular coin and with that particular exchange so as and when you come across them you will need to let us know so we can basically react to it and so again if you've got anything like that come in put it down here put it as a comment and we can then chase that one off again as you've got profitable trades and again we've got a lot of profitable traders out there if you've got and you're quite happy for us to do use your information in your resources sorry your results as part of our testimonials that again come in here and as you can see we've got lots of comments you can come in and have a look at the comments and some people's results and so if you've got profitable routes you're happy for us to use them as testimonials please put them in the comments section here and again if you come across a broken root and please usually this section here and you can access this as I said by clicking on the announcements tab on the menu site on Facebook I'll just get rid of that and then further down we have got a referral program I'm not going to spend a great deal of time on they're really really simple referral program just click on here and you'll be able to get an idea of what the referral program is and obviously here you've got some marketing materials here which obviously will be expanded and as we move into our official launch period so that's Johnny blockchain getting started now really quickly because again Jamie is going to be spending some time on these bits we have got a couple of tubs here the top one here I'm not going to go to basically that is where you connect your exchanges and - so that's a buyer API so as you can see on this account we've got 25 accounts which are connected to sorry exchanges which are connected to the bot we then have our arbitrage tool when you come on to the arbitrage tool it look like this it'll look blank if you click the best find best trades it will then go off and find all of the best trades on all of those exchanges and it will then give you profitable routes so as you can see we've got fira loops here and same format on all of these tabs you've got your base currency so you've got the the Korean Won you've got the Euro and you've got the US dollar so that's your starting currency you've then gives you an idea of the profitability of this route depending a number of factors it then gives you the two exchanges that are involved in the route so you'll start off with dollars on points bit you'll then by a mystery coin mystery because you don't know what it is yet you'll send that mystery coin over to ex-mo and then you'll sell that mystery coin back into dollars and if you follow that process then you'll increase your dollars by around about three three and a half three point eight percent now if you want to have a look at the mechanics of that route you can click the little blue button here and you can see here it's showing you how much to actually that you can trade with in dollars and obviously the approximation of profit that you could make and obviously it's giving you the two rates that occurrence in on those two exchanges and this is taken all from the order book okay so it's the box specific that goes to the order book and brings this data back and that's why it's broken down into these different amounts because this is like the threshold cutoff for that particular order book and this ROI is an average of the order book from ten thousand dollars down to zero dollars okay so very quickly there's a lot of Li a lot more involved in this I'm just giving you a top level information if that's a route that you particularly want then obviously you want to trade with eight thousand four hundred and thirty seven dollars and you can click that Buy button and then there'll be a pop-up that will appear and then that will then allow you to then buy that I want let me do that because it's neat refreshing but a pop-up will appear it allows you to them buy that and then start processing that particular repair trade now that is a manual order you also have the option of using a bot version so you can see here that you've got a manual and here is the botton click on that similar information but what it does do it also knows what your balance is under particular exchange the starting exchange and so you can use your balance to actually then buy that bot by that particular trade now this is all grayed out because I don't have enough balance in hits BTC in order to make that trade so basically it's prompting me to then dog if I want to do that traitor then go and deposit some dollars into hit BTC and then start to do that trade so that's Fiat crypto is exactly the same let me just don't click refresh so crypto is exactly the same velocities with crypto currencies we've got crypto one way which essentially means that the Bitcoin here and this is Bitcoin with two eyes and when you move that from hit BTC over to dizzy for necks there isn't an easy exit route because for some reason digi Phoenix will not allow you to withdraw Bitcoin with two eyes and where the Germans got a fix for that down the line I'm sorry root so just why you're just sorry to interrupt there yeah yeah cuz I'll make sure because we've had a couple of support tickets where people say that the trust system the light was orange but when I went to withdraw the coin a calm well you have to that basically what the the the maybe Darren are going to a bit about the truss system but you must make sure if you're buying a crypto one-way whether that's an orange light a green light or a red light we're telling you that you cannot withdraw the base coin out of the second exchanges Darren quite rightly said that bitcoin one that was there when you get it over into habeas pronounced that diggy Phoenix is it yeah yeah so when you get that coin into digging for next you cannot withdrawal that out of there that's whites in the crypto one way because you're going to come to a dead end okay so I may be down on top of the trust system but then we'll talk about what we're gonna do about those dead eggs a little bit later okay and that is why you'll say why would you do that trade well because this Bitcoin with two eyes maybe at some point will be able to be withdrawn from diggy finex there are coins that get switched on and off as I've already said either because of some upgrade that's been going on with the exchange with storm great that's happening with the actual crypto coin and changing a blockchain could be any number of reasons as to why the sauce switched off the withdrawal all better but look at these percentages you know you could really Bank some really good growths if you happen to have these coins sat on these exchanges well why leave it set on this exchange when you could increase it by a huge amount by moving on to this exchange and so that is why we include this and now you'll notice the nori sorry Darren just thing that goes well because I did these types of trades and you make somebody main save like you've just said well why would I want to send it to an exchange I can't withdraw well let's put it this way I started with a particular coin I think it was mnx I started with 20 of them so what am I gonna do with 20 of those coins they were worth about three dollars and thirty selfies just under three and a half dollars under okay and if I wanted to to get rid of them I only get three and half dollars with them well I actually bought did a trade I got a hundred and seventy seven of them I'm able worth $80 so now I could sell them on that second exchange over for Bitcoin or tefa or another coin in my case I exchanged them for a electron ium because I am collecting electron him at the moment so I thought well I'd rather buy electron you with a hundred and seventy seven of a particular coin I've got rather than twenty so you know you should be thinking the bigger picture because that's what I did you know aim okay so the trust system you'll notice that we've got a red light and we've got an orange lights and just see if we've got agree hum we've got a green one well planned was that and so what are the different lights mean well as you can see I mouse over them and it gives you pointing to my screen that doesn't help you guys as a it gives you a little pop up and as you can see the red so when you get a red one it means the admin people like me and Barbara and and Jeremy and we have to physically go and check that particular coin and the two exchanges or not two exchanges but all of the exchanges that that coin is sitting on so we have to check that it's at the same point and a lot of coins that there are a surprising number of coins which used the same shortcode so for example a Bitcoin or CXC here for example this CXC could be also used for another coin with CXC okay so we have to check this the same coin on both exchanges and where it is and we then have to create effectively another coin so we can the BOK and identify this CXC against a CXC which isn't that same coin we then have to check the exchanges that both CXC s are on and make sure that the Bob also knows which is the right coin and it's being traded upon the correct exchanges and then on top of all that we then also have to undertake the withdrawal phase any minimum withdrawal amounts and then obviously deposit fees as well there are some exchanges which charge deposits as well and on small deposits they will charge a fee on on those deposits so there's a lot of checking that needs to be done and bearing in mind that we've got over 70 exchanges and over 2,000 coins you can imagine the amount of the work that's been involved so there are occasions that you'll come across a red coin now if you've got that and you think actually a fancy doing this because it's gram gold and I've got a load of ground gold sat on cue coin then you don't need to wait for this all you need to do is you go over to bit Bay and Q coin and check to see if gram gold coin is the same on both of those exchanges and it'll be straightforward for you to go and check it will also might be worth you buying the actual route to find out what the mystery coin is that's being traveled from ground coin from Q point to bit Bay so again you've got both coins it'll take you about five ten minutes maybe at most to check those two exchanges and make sure those coins are on the right coins and you can withdraw and deposit them and then once you've got that in your head you could then go ahead and do that particular trade I'm the orange ones are the coins that we have physically gone and checked so you could be really well reassured that that trade can be completed there will be occasions as we keep saying we're dealing with third parties that it might be that live coin decide that they're going to hold on withdrawals of zero bank or whatever it might be whatever the coin is all that might be and a reason that zero bank are doing some sort of upgrade or whatever it might be and which may sort of stop that trade from happening but that will happen and switch on and off you know multiple times during the course of a month and so we are going around and cyclically checking them but also we can't check them all so again orange wands means that we've actually gone and checked and put all that information into the system and the green coins these are coins that we have physically checked and somebody has actually done this exact trade using these exact coins so you can see here that this one with the quarter chained token with a profit potential of six hundred percent has been processed by somebody and you know a use of the system so again you could click that button and feel really confident now that if you had something like something sensible here so I see you had seventy dollars worth of this and quiet coin then you could realistically expect to get around about one hundred and fifty dollars worth of profit in that in that particular trade so that is how those green and the green orange and red TRO systems were and I see there Darren if you don't mind there was a under one of those orange lights there was a word problem oh yes yeah now when you see this if you click on it and it will give you a little bit of an explanation so you can see here the pop-up box it says there's a transfer problem ahead so this currency cannot be transferred directly from oneexchange to another as they're using different blockchain networks now what that means is as you can imagine that this affinity code let me just refresh this it might be easier if you actually buy the route and show people I'll go with this one here I'll buy this route okay right so we've got a loop here that's read in please we haven't actually physically checked this one but you'll notice it's got this warning sign so if we click on that is telling us that coin one exchange phone verification is required to start transaction with cryptocurrency to the networks basically coin one I think if you're Chinese or Korean and you basically it's I think Chinese then coin wise you need to be Chinese in order to use that exchange but clearly if you've not registered the coin one or coin deal then don't buy that at that particular deal if you've go down to that one which we had here this one here by that one as well okay we'll go over to my room section so when you buy a route it'll then take you over to this section here this my route tab and you can see here so this is the route and the problem was that with affinity token you can buy tether and then send a tether from coin Ile back over to lb or L Bank and then you sell the tether back into affinity token now you would think that tether is a fairly my column it's just it's a stable coin the term is we're basically so it's one of the top six coins that generally would run on us think at the same blockchain across all networks well unfortunately is not what happens well is they could be or in this case here is the the 80 coin de can't be withdrawn out of El Bank and sent back to coin Neal too creepy so the Tevez okay it's the of yeah isn't it the 18 I think it's the tether yeah okay yeah yeah it cuz because it's in a single because it's in a one-way route yeah so I think it's the tether that's the problem that I'm sure I've done this one and the tether is running on a different blockchain yeah yeah because yeah whatever you have they have the ERC 22 ever they have the tether that sits on its own TEVAR blockchain and there's a there's a third one I forgiving it begin begins with them it's not mines that but there's another one that ever sits on so TEVAR sits on three different block chains which is crazy just crazy but it's the same company that's the all the same coin the same token yeah yeah it could well be the TEVAR exactly so so basically what's happened here is that you can your tether is you tap there whether you've bought tether on coin L or L Bank but the problem is is that whether it be L bank or corneil have tether running on a different block chain so it might be let's see using an ER C 20 blockchain here on coin Ile when he sent it to L bank L Bank run on threads blockchain and unfortunately it doesn't recognize the address of the RC RC 20 blockchain and so that is where you're gonna come up to a problem now that might be a temporary thing it might be you know it could be one of those things that that happens forever or it might be something that's just a temporary fix that the two exchanges or this particular exchange has put in place and so those Y that we put that warning sign in because we want you to then go and check that obviously you've now got this tether now go and check to see if L Bank corneal you can actually you know they're operating on the same block chained for whatever so that is why put the warning in and as opposed to taking the root out completely because like we say at some point that might resolve itself from we can have that Groot and we can use that route as normal so that's why we have that rewarding sign in the in the arbitrage section and then finally last tab is what we call the crypto circulars profit on that one and so what happens here is that you've got and the ability if you've got Bitcoin on ok X you'll be able to recycle this room so you can send Bitcoin and use your okay use your bit going on ok X you by this one so we can show you so in this case you go into my computer quick look there we go you're going to start off with Bitcoin on ok X you're going to buy an eternity coin you'll then send the eternity coin from ok x over two bit Mart and then once it's in button bit Mart you're then going to sell the eternity and you'll then have an increase in your Bitcoin and the reason it's a circular route is because bit Mart will then allow you to them withdraw or the Bitcoin and send it back into okay x2 then repeat and recycle that whole route only if that is still profitable because of course you're buying order book stock if you're liking these two exchanges and you made by all of it or while you're doing this trade somebody else might be buying it and of course within these exchanges prices will go up and will go down so you know this route you can continue to recycle this for as long as it becomes profitable for you okay anything else do you want me to go into portfolio what do you want to touch on that one now you can go into the portfolio if you like okey-dokey it's a portfolio which is my favorite app and I think it is for most people and so the portfolio as you remember in our exchanges we connected all of our exchanges that we can do through the vault so the bot now knows what we've got in our exchanges so as you can see it's showing not all 25 these are just the exchanges that we've got currencies sat in at the moment so it's only going to show me those exchanges and as you can see we've got on each exchange we've got little bits of notation now ignore all of this in the way that it looks I know it does not particularly attractive and let me just try and blow this up a bit this has been redesigned as we speak so you'll when you come to use this in the next couple of weeks it'll look a lot different so I'll still have the same elements in that so for example you can see if I open up Finance you'll notice that I've got on this account we've got little bits of coins and we've got these annotations at the side of it now basically what it means is that you can see here with this grade 2 it means that there are two possible trading opportunities for this finance coin this u.s. dollar in balance so I've got 153 in bonus coin I've got the ability to to do two trades and if I want to know what they are then all I need to do is then just click on it I'm just opening the box up so I'll be able to go and have a look at that well didn't do that what if you right-click and clear present box in the new tab it won't work because it's a ball so it brings out this pop-up and basically what is it telling me well it's telling me that I've got this amount of BnB finance and if I wanted to liquidate it then I've got options like this so I could say over two stacks and salary into Bitcoin or it could sell and it over to coin tongs bit and liquidate it into aetherium and I could make a little bit more of a profit on it now that profit is based on the etherium price on Finance and this is based on the Bitcoin price on by Nance so that's you know if you wanted to particularly if I wanted to liquidate bad - coin into something and it's giving me other options other than just on by Nance you've then got this green tab and as you can see on Bitcoin so it's telling me I've got 26 dollars worth of Bitcoin and I've got the ability to do an arbitrage route so if I click on that it will open up the tab and you see this is the arbitrage page but it's filled out all of the details and it gives me the actual rings here so this is the route so the potential is that I could do a arbitrage route between by nuns and bit marks however I've got this problem sort of a tick on that you can see here that the potential problem is based on buy notes in the fact that Finance run is it's better to watch and yeah bb2 isn't it - so by Nance and a lot of the coins that they work with a lot of minor coins that they work with they automatically put onto the finance blockchain so they you can send er see 20 coins and into finance but they then automatically put them onto the finance blockchain and only slowly other exchanges are integrating the finance blockchain onto their exchange so again this is a problem at the moment but it might not be a problem next week or next month or next year and it just depends on if and when bitman to decide to allow finance blockchain coins to come onto their exchange and so that's an example of how that would work and we then have blue yeah we just opened a bit true so we have now got blue which is the usually currency exchange tool and this as you can see is on the whole of Finance it's not on a bit row it's not on the individual coins and when we click on that it opens up all of the coins that have got on bit true and it gives me the opportunity to convert that on the actual exchange so for example I've got 41 dollars worth of Bitcoin if I click the sell button I can now exchange it for another coin so long as it is on the bit treatment so for example I might want to etherium to find type in etherium okay so I can now sell my Bitcoin here into aetherium so that's the amount of Bitcoin I've got that's how much etherium that amount of Bitcoin should go and if I wanted to do that I can then click these scales and so if I just do that and then click these scales might not be enough actually to do the trade now won't let me do the trade I don't want to buy the theory book basically what would happen is it would have that amount and then click on the scales and it would then automatically and do 2 bit true and it would sell the Bitcoin and then sell it into a theory now for example if I had ripple and I wanted to increase my Bitcoin I could do that as well so I could come over to here go into BTC and I could then click these scales I won't do that because it's not going to do that amount of trade because I wouldn't cover fees but again I would click the little scales and it would then do that trade automatically for me clearly won't do it because that's grayed out it's not enough and to cover the fees which would be on bit.trip Goodkin tiger we've got we got 20 minutes left Derek all right I'm choking here because Darren Darren was gonna whisk through a presentation that took 40 minutes I'll stop sharing right so what I'll do is I'll come over to myself and basically and Alan's giving you a quick quiz through of what we've got inside Johnnie blockchain and I will before we move on it's just come to the questions okay so I could see a question here from Leonin and it says if I add it to the to the female says I have a question why not add more more trades with a vtc theorem and euros and pounds well we don't add two traits if the trades are available we add them we don't make them up so if a trade is available with euros and and Bitcoin then it will be ending in the in the root there so I don't know whether you mean trades or exchanges because we can't make the plays up we only show you what trades are available so we can't add more if they're not there so hopefully that answers that question and I've got another question there sorry if I've asked something that maybe have spoken or answered let's just add this this is I don't know whether you can see that down because you know what I'm liking the bit the donkey when it comes to reading them and talking at the same time sorry if I've asked this question are you have spoken if we buy a coin that is not the most common and famous but that has a very high profit what's the strategy we must follow well first off I'm not sure what you mean by the strategy you follow because the strategy is given to you it says there's a coin that you you can trade with and I'll come to my whiteboard it might be Jeremy you know then then you were talking about your M and X yes it was a coin it you didn't particularly want and rather than just selling out on the exchange egg exactly so it did something special with them see if you see any X point for example okay now and it might say like in my case it was seven hundred and thirty percent now I would say that if you don't have a man it's okay I would say to yourself well first off do I want to do a trade with a coin that I don't have okay because the idea is is when you do trades like that in this place I had twenty of these coins sitting on I think it was hit BTC I think that's where it was or it could have been XM oh it was one of the truth and it was to send that coin okay nice to use that coin to sell it on another each stage and get a seven hundred and thirty percent or a wife and I know the two exchanges because I was XE moment hit BTC I just don't know which one it started with but I started with 20 coins and I hand it up with 177 now if I didn't have any of those coins those MMX do I really want to use of Bitcoin up to buy that coin knowing that I can't withdraw it out of the second exchanger that know what the point that that would be I tend to trade with coins that I already have because I get I've got lots of coins through airdrops right I constantly get free coins because I'm looking for coins all the time so I get coins I don't really want so what I did was I started with MMX I did betrayed I ended up with 177 of them and then what I did was I put them into ATM which was a electro Liam coin so I ended up with a coin that I wanted now if you don't have any of the MMX you have to make that call you have to say well okay I'm gonna buy 20 of them in this case and I'm going to make seven hundred and thirty of them but if you started with Bitcoin okay BTC do you really want to change them into this MMX I would guess not but what you might have on that same exchange you may have another coin that's I don't know ABC coin and you say to yourself well I don't want the ABC quincas there's no trade for it I'm gonna trade it on PBGC on the exchanges it's on for emanates and then I'm gonna do that trade because I'll end up with you know I've got two coins I don't really want but there's a good profit there to be made so the strategy is I would only I would never ever sell my Bitcoin to buy any theory of coin that makes sense you know a sub-point but if I've got another sub-point that's not worth anything you know and I don't know what to do with it I may consider exchanging that up for one that I can trade with okay so hopefully that answers your question but I would definitely say in my view again it's your opinion I'm not a financial adviser I'm not giving you advice on how to trade but in my view if I hold Bitcoin or in theory --n i don't really want to go and buy a you know a secondary coin if I see a a trade that's got like coin and I don't have like coin or Bitcoin or sorry or aetherium or let crown your or coins I like and think yeah I want that coin then I would use some of my Bitcoin on my dollars of my euros to do it okay but if I'm starting with you know euros or dollars or bit coin and I see that clay do I really want to buy that sub corn that are I'll call it that secondly coin you know you have to make that call so I'll just get rid of that so hopefully their answers short of answers that question because there's no strategy that I use that you should use you make your own strategies up what we do inside 30 block Chinese we present what's there in the marketplace and you might be a person that doesn't have any crypto currencies well then you have to decide whether you want to do that trait when you've you know we give you the information it's up to you to make the judgment now quickly because we've only got ten minutes left and I had a lot to cover and I know you're going to be able to cover it first off in inside the in Johnny got blocked and you'll see that there's a bail symbol okay now at the moment that bail symbol what it does is it when it's finished it's not completely finished at the moment but what that bail system is going to do is going to look at all your coins that you may have all the currencies you may have on an exchange and it will say you've got enough to do the trade the trade could be withdrawn the trade can be deposited you could do everything with the trade do you want to do it okay now at the moment it's not completely finished so it's offering you maybe trades that are not able to be done because you you don't have enough of the currency you know if you've got like I've got a fraction of a penny and little particular coin and it shows it on the bail to say I can trade it but I can't because you can't create a fracture of a penny but when we finish what we're doing right now then that bail system and we're gonna change the icon because the bells are wrong type of thing but it their whole pop up is going to be designed it's being designed now but there where you won't have to search for traits you'll just be able to click a button and go yeah I want to do that well yeah I want to do that one yeah I want to do that one yeah I want to do that one and you'll start mobile robots that need your help in doing the withdrawal okay so that's the notification that's in the top there is where you want to do an action yourself which is to withdraw from exchange to exchange okay now one thing we are working on is you know is the deposits and withdraw at the moment admin are checking that so what we're looking at is we're in we're looking for those people that want to use it okay we're looking to maybe build a Chrome extension now we throw the API keys we can't see because we tell you when you're setting up your API keys to not tick the box that allows our system to deposit and withdraw okay now because you don't tick that box we can't look if a coin automatically if we can't move automatically if a coin could be deposited all withdrawal we can't do that it doesn't tell us whether the wallets online or offline because you haven't allowed us to do that okay so that creates the problem where you know there's over 6,000 coins and how could admin possibly check them all so what we're looking to do is to build a plugin that goes on your browser okay now what you'll do is when you're logged into Johnny blockchain you'll click this plug in and there you'll have to be logged into the exchange as well and the plug-in will go and check all the wallets okay can they be deposit it can there would be withdrawn now that may take I don't know a minute to complete now not everybody wants to do that but what we are doing is we would be able to update the system automatically if you click the button to say I want the system to check in and if you do that after the system's checked it you'll learn a credit okay fill that exchange and you will not be able to check the exchange for another 24 hours so let's just say Darren came in and checked the exchange right now and he clicked the button and we went in checked our systems used Alan's browser to go in and obviously you've been logged in to say by Nets check and see if the wallets are available okay can it be deposit can it be withdrawn Darren will earn the euro oh look it's on the credit on what the credit he will earn a credit for doing that that might take you know maybe a couple of minutes to do so down we'll learn a credit now we won't need to check that each James again for another 24 hours okay so nobody else will be able to check that exchange so if you want to do it you'll say well I want to check X mo or hit BTC you'll click the button if the system needs you to be checked if it needs to be checked in 24 hours it gives you the credit and if you close your browser before it finishes you won't get the credit it'll have to go through the system before it gives you the credit so that's how we're gonna get over checking the deposits and withdrawals that's something we're looking into right now okay I'm building that piece of software and that's also you will earn credits but you'll only be able to we only need to get the information every 24 hours so I'm sure at the moment we've got I think 11 exchanges that we need to check deposit withdraws they're the ones that work with a robot but eventually we're going to maybe have at least a hundred it changes so you know there'll be every day there'll be the ability for people to earn a hundred credits which is the equivalent to a hundred dollars okay so you may want to get in there and so I'll check they change once I've done that I'll check another one and once I've done that I'll check another one okay so that's something we're looking at now I'm not saying that we're going to be able to do it but that's we're looking for ways for us to get the information about withdrawals and deposits okay but that's an idea that we're looking into I'm working on okay which I will update you as we go right so I've got some notes here that you probably know you can't see so I've got on here so they're going to go through this one been a coins okay so then in coins so if you do a trade at the moment like I did with that mnx I had a minute since I think it was hit BTC sent me over to X mo or did a trade and I ended up with a MMX mnx on the second exchange but I can't withdraw it we're building a tall account which you'll get probably within the next two to three weeks that will be let's just say you did the end of that so you've got it now sitting like I do not have 177 of a percent I think 8c mode could it be we're going to give you a tool that you can just click a button and it's now gonna work out there let's just say in my case this this coin when it was over on hit BTC I think that's where it was but they may be round the other way so do apologize it was worth about three dollars and 80 cents and it's less than three dollars okay and then when it came over to care on this exchange I've got more coins and he was worth about 87 or seventy I forget the number was but we'll say around maybe dollars worth okay now clearly I made a big profit but the problem is I can't withdraw that to take me back to the first exchange and if I sell it back into the the coin that I used to do the breach with which I think was Bitcoin in this case I'm not gonna get the eighty-seven dollars because I'll end up getting less because there's no point you can't buy a coin and then sell it back to the coin it used to buy it with because obviously you would lose the spread okay so what we're going to do is we're going to give you this button and it will scan X 0 in this case and find a coin that you can withdraw to take it back maybe to hit BTC or suggest to you well if you buy this coin you can then sell that coin for TEVAR or something like that and you'll get near enough as close to that as possible at as close to the $87 as possible or you may want to exchange it will give you a tool to tell you the best coin you want to exchange it from and your choose the coins that you're interested in like in my case was the electro neum you might be interested in a few other coins but we'll give you that button to try and give you a way of liquidating that coin okay and maybe putting it back into the other each stone so that's another tool that we're currently working on right now so I just dry this again and then I give it come so well I get the bail notification so the next thing I'm gonna tell you is about a new bot that we build in okay now you're gonna get out all these season soon you're gonna come within the next about three weeks two to three weeks okay it's a new bot that we're building so the bill notification is trades where you need to get involved okay and I mean that you've got to be in front of your computer so if you were doing you know let's just say you were doing that trade I was talking about earlier which was the mnx okay for example and you've got that on the hit b2c and it's gonna buy with that mnx it's going to buy Bitcoin and then it's going to ask you to weed rule the Bitcoin and send me over to Exim oh okay you need to be in front of your computer to do the action of the word glory so that's what's going to be the notification it's it's there that you will be involved so it means if you start a trade you need to hang around until the robot tells you to do the withdrawal and deposit into the second exchange okay but what we do is we're building a new robot okay and I'm I'm really blown away with this robot wench once you get your hands on it I haven't got it yet and no move you've got it because we're it we're developing it right now and we're looking for it to be ready within the next couple of turn two three weeks okay but it's strange where you don't have to get involved okay so like same each tank I'll be charges you know do you don't have to get involved in that because the robot could do everything it doesn't let this mode withdrawing and then you've got what I call a real arbitrage so I'll come back to the same example and I'll put it as real arbitrage so imagine I've got me out MMX in index was and I've got that on hit beats in seat okay and the other each times evolve is XE mode and it's and the trade is involving on hit BTC it's been a buy Bitcoin on here but on X and it's in a normal trade it would ask you to withdraw the Bitcoin over to eczema but what happens if you've got Bitcoin already sitting on a sumo so what you what the robot will ever be able to do is it will exchange or sell it under what way you want to say it but it's not exchange the mnx on hit BTC for Bitcoin okay and then so here you're like Bitcoin so let's just say und that we're here with one Bitcoin okay you had lots of these and an M and X and over here it will use one Bitcoin provider you've got it you know all the system will know it what you've got and it will by M and X you didn't have to do anything over here you know either though maybe you had a thousand or a hundred thousand of these points for one Bitcoin and then over here you might have seven hundred thousand of them after the trade you still hold the one Bitcoin they won't be on Exim oh it will be on hit BTC but the mah that you add on here you had a hundred thousand of them now you've got seven hundred thousand of them that trade doesn't need for you to get involved so we're gonna give you a robot that will set up automated trading and that will we're not sure how long it's gonna run but that robot could maybe run for 24 hours or do ten cycles and it will look for trades do the trade without you getting involved you set the robot up and then the robot starts and if the trades are available obviously it's not going to make up trades but then it will start to do the traits as they become available okay so that robot we're building for you as well and that's going to be ready as a saying the next two to three weeks now the last thing and I've whisked through this for you so the last things I want to talk to you about these lower trade costs so let's just say that you've got you've only got ten dollars that you want to try okay that's all you can afford you know and let's just say that that's the minimum trade that you can do and you only have to have ten dollars well let's just say that there's a profit to be made an ROI okay an ROI a ten percent clear clearly to buy it and you want the robot to do it okay you want the BOP to do the trade so clearly as you could see if this ten percent to be made okay you would end up with eleven dollars okay because you'll make up dollar profit well at the moment if you were going to use the Bob it's going to cost you two dollars to do the trade so in actual fact you've lost the dollar haven't you because you end up with nine dollars now there's a lots of these trades that are available but they're not worth doing because it cost you two dollars to buy it they take to activate the robot so what we're looking at okay and this is going to be about four to five weeks down the line because we want to build the robots and get all the other things that we're doing at the moment in place we're gonna look at lower costs for robotic claims not manual trades they're not going to change a manual table always cost you a dollar okay at the moment they love me we got no plans to put it up I'm talking about robotic trades where you want the robot to do it and they say you're starting with a small amount so really what we should be doing we should be saying to you well you'd make ten ten percent that's a percentage that you're gonna make we're looking at a system well it will take the two you're the two dollars of you the two credits okay it will take the two credits on you and see all the trade is complete because the robot will know how much you've made what we will do is automatically charge you a fraction of your profit a case like a profit sharing but so we'll take two credits off you will do the trade after the trades done will then say why well actually you only made a dollar so we you've gotta give us ten cents so we'll give you back 1.9 of a credit okay now I'm not quite sure how we're going to do it but that's the sort of thing that we're looking at so that you will still walk away with a 90 cents profit okay you'll walk away with nine percent rather than just ten percent but you know you you haven't paid that two euros so sorry that two dollars but it will knock up two dollars to start with okay it will look up lock up the two credits and then after the trades finished it will work out a fair system to say to you well you know we're gonna keep the we're gonna give you back one ninety where we may do is we may not give you anything back we may say well actually you've done that play you could do another trade without paying any more credits okay because you can now but 190 left as we took off ten sets we might have a balance like that so you might actually do you know twenty traits to use up you to two credits okay but we'll work out system where we're thinking about it now about a fair way to charge you on small price on rowboat rate it won't have nothing to do with manual trades because obviously we don't know yet what you've traded because you may turn and say well I'll get a trade with ten ten dollars when actually fact you can trade with a thousand and you say oh that's kind of cost me ten cents you could trip the system so the the manual ones will stay a one credit and they're not going to change in the you know we've got no plans to change that price but the robotic ones we will know what you've made so we'll put in a fairer system okay but I'll let you know what that's gonna be once we finalize what its gonna be there's any questions we've run over a bit of time I was going to share but maybe we'll do that on the next hangout and I'm gonna find down a stock water P so if anybody's got any questions before we shut the Hangout down while I clean up my whiteboard then let us know in the chat so let's just see is there anything there downs you see anything we've got the vinyl is saying which exchange platforms are the one suggested and well organised for withdrawals and well the old Lionel do you all do with jor-el's just some of them have temporarily maintenance or whatever it might be depending on the coins so it's difficult to say which is the best because they're all good they all do it yeah sure good more connected up with with by Nance for example feets got 200 off East hundred eighty or two hundred ninety coins well you know they're not old you can't deposit all of them and you can't withdraw all of them but that's so there's no there's no best exchange is there there's no you know that's a question you can't answer the gun oh there's just too many coins all good Jo and Darren thank you for these details yeah so I don't know if we've got any questions actually looks like we've done is there anything else you see in there down in the chat nope I think we did them earlier we did them earlier what what arbitrage strategy you recommend to start with small amounts like a hundred euros well if there's no I can't recommend that there's no strategy I'm not sure what you mean by by strategy here because we're not trading a strategy you know there's not win we're not using indicators to say we'll buy when it gets to this price of it you're basically doing arbitrage okay now if you have a hundred euros then you have to decide or a hundred dollars what coin do you want to buy with that are you going to start trading with euros and say well I'm going to look for a plate that's got euros or am I going to buy another coin I'm not going to buy Bitcoin or nightcore there's no strategy we show you what the trades are available okay if you've not got any cryptocurrency at all I can tell you the very first trade that you do if you start with dollars or euros or pounds whichever it may be the very first trade you do you're not going to make a profit because you've got your pounds your dollars euros sitting in the bank you're gonna then pay to put that into an exchange so you're gonna pipe they're gonna pay the fee there okay and that's before you've even started trading so you've done you've done a you've done an exchange there then you're gonna say to yourself well I'm gonna have now got my euros or my pounds on my dollars into an exchange and if you buy a coin you say right I'm gonna do I'm gonna buy a coin to do a trade I've seen the trait that I like involves Bitcoin I mean follows the theorem if I was really involved ever I've now got before I start because I don't have to ever I don't have a ripple or I don't have Bitcoin I don't have a boy ever the other point is I'm now gonna buy that coin to start this trade I would say in that very first trade you do you're not going to make a profit you're gonna make a loss but now what you've done it's a bit like if you're buying property okay you have to get on the property ladder before you could start to be make a profit if you're expecting to make a profit from out straight out of the gate with the very first trade I would say you're a bit you know you you're not really looking at this sensibly but what you should be looking at is saying well I have to start somewhere I'm gonna make a little bit of a loss in fees and then what I'm going to do is going to do a trade recover back some of those fees won't make a profit then you maybe do a second trade you will cover back a few more of those fees and maybe when you get to the second or the third or the fourth trade now you start to get into profit now doesn't matter what you were doing what type of trade you were doing even if you were doing forex trading you've got to deposit your money into an exchange got to deposit your money to a broker you got a deposit you're gonna lose money but eventually as you start to trade you're gonna start to make money if you think you're gonna get rich by next Thursday it's not the business for you it's not a business that's it's a it's a business it's not going to make you a millionaire overnight and if you start to move on to euros and it's a ten percent ROI which is an amazing ROI you know you're gonna make a dollar but you too probably lost that because you're the Dunphy's transferred from your bank Locker just said so you'll need to do that trade again and again and again and again and eventually you're gonna start building up your funds but be sensible being realistic if you believe that you're going to deposit you've got 100 pounds or a hundred dollars or a hundred euro sitting you back and you believe you're gonna make a profit with that straight out the gate then it's not for you you have you don't really understand trading but you've got to start it's a bit like the lottery if you can't if you don't buy the ticket you can't win the lottery Kenya you know so you take that risk or paint out the the pound or the dollar to buy the lottery ticket that the only thing is the odds are a bit more in your favor with this type of trading because we're showing you that there's profit there to be made so hopefully that answers that that question good anymore Darren you want to you want to cover anything before we go with nine minutes overtime no oh so if anybody wants to send Darren a stopwatch then please do have a great weekend thanks for Darren for joining me on the Hangout today and we'll see you on the next broadcast sometime next week have a fantastic weekend and happy trading Totti bye