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josie marino the self-titled special one there have been many plays on that down the years when he came to see us here at lea bein sports studios in mid-january he became the riveting one he was in conversation with Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and dee gray and myself and you couldn't stop listening course recently sacked by Manchester United so some things were not on the agenda there was much that was and here's the best of it does possession matter in football possession is important for the perspective of it looks like you have always the control of the game because when you have the ball you don't consider goals but depends so many times you win matches and you are more dangerous than your opponent if you don't have the ball I think depends of of a strategy and everybody knows that Chelsea normally they want a ball I think they are not very aggressive with the ball I think it's possible to control them without the ball and I think it's possible to hurt them in the moment you recover the ball what gives you more satisfaction winning a game with the ball or grinding a game and the win without the ball winning the game and especially winning the game when you feel that you win the game because of a certain plan and I I think that when some people tells I have my my philosophy my philosophy is based on ball possession my philosophy is based on Bill from the back my my philosophy is based on some beauty but then doesn't have results I consider that a protection to the losers if you have the ball if you have more possession if you feel well from the back if you play beautiful football and you win fantastic that's perfect a lot of your recent frustration has been put down to the fact that your you'll have to steer around the issue at Manchester United but you have a reputation for parking the bus has that style of you know and that reputation started when I was championing Madrid with 100 points 116 goals the record of Spanish football and when you consider that in Spain over the history of Spanish football you had amazing teams you had the probably one of one of the best of the best team in the world for the for that for the last decade at least you you did there's another team that has the records how can you be defensive with 100 points and 116 you accept the perception is that you have a reputation for parking the bus and you get satisfaction from let's take for an example you're spoiling Liverpool's title bed that night at Anfield when you went up there in one two-nil classic smashing grab was classic I was playing a Champions League final at Champions League semi-final two days later against Atletico Madrid and I go to to one field with with the players that were not going to play the Champions League semi-final and we had we had to organize a team to try to get a result which was what what we did and Man City never never sent me a gift after that match because they were champions because I'm going with this last question on this subject then we must take a break has that style of football been swept away by the way that Guardiola Klopp Emery today for 20 minutes and others play the game these days you just taught me that family won the match without the ball I just said as I was speaking I've realised that I'd made a mistake going down that line but I said for 20 minutes today has that style of football been usurped by the way that a lot of modern football is plain what is that modern football what in football is past completion is movement of the ball is scoring goals is entertaining if you can that's modern football you rest one go on most important one when he that's what I think well yes you know do you consider Simeone a good manager I really I do yes do you consider that he got good results with Atletico Madrid in a country where obviously Real Madrid and Barcelona they should they should be in the top of them I think so do they play beautiful football not that's not necessarily and yeah got just given interview a couple of days ago after he lost in the cup against the Girona and it just told today we played well but we lost what I want is to win you should have manager be able to go into a Football Club and place upon it his philosophy and his beliefs whatever the history of that club as I think depends I think absolutely depends you know if I ask the question because Gary Neville said this week that never again should a manager be appointed at Manchester United that would have a philosophy that is is different to that which Manchester United supporters have grown up watching it doesn't know my philosophy what is your philosophy it depends my philosophy depends I would love to go to I would love to go to a club and to be and to be in conditions to do what your guardian pepped for example they did you look to the team that Liverpool started the game today how many players were there before you organ arrived not many fi a couple and when pep was not happy with with the four full backs that he had and in the same summary bought four full backs that you like and when he bought one goalkeeper like Claudio Bravo and then he was not happy with Claudio Bravo and the next season he bought I bought I bought Edison and when Jurgen is in the club and win absolutely nothing for three and a half years and these two has the trust and the still has the confidence and he still has the conditions to try to keep going and going and probably this season they have a big chance to do it but is the first time they win they win they win the trophy that's why I was saying that I was saying before that in my next job I will be not I will be not starting a conversation with the club without knowing exactly what the club wants and what the club has to give in terms of structure and instead in Indian and in in terms of the club objectives now I don't need to answer this for you but I will suggest to you then your philosophy is getting the best that you can with the tools that you've been given to work with also and it doesn't matter ultimately how you achieve that but the winning is the most important thing you know I think you are you are in that direction of a lie told 1000 times become truth and it's not true and it's not true can you tell can you tell that the Chelsea 2004 2000 and 2006 was not a phenomenal team with absolutely entertaining football attacking football country attacking football amazing defensive football - can you tell that that team was not phenomenal you cannot tell you cannot tell when people remember the incredible match that Inter plates in Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final with 10 men and people say that was a masterclass of defensive football but was too buzzy sparked you don't tell that two weeks before inter 3 Barcelona one so we put ourselves in in the position to go there and defend that result and playing with 10 men against the best team in the world because two weeks before we beat them 3-1 and should be four or five you understand what I mean and then when I come to Chelsea for the second time and we managed to be champion we were champions when we were not the best team in the country and to be champion when you are not the best team in the country you have to be more strategic than philosopher and then when Chelsea was champion again with Antonio Conte Chelsea was a counter-attack team Chelsea was very defensive and was phenomenal on the country tack because once more once more they did it by the strategic point of view but because was Antonio and was not me you didn't mention it I think we did here you didn't mention no no no we did here we didn't mention it and we have to credit for a Chelsea side but that is whatever is one thing that you you cannot deny there is not a way to deny Spanish football Jimi was there I was there you are in this job for a few years the record spice to them the record of Spanish football was not Barcelona now Israel was Real Madrid and the manager of Real Madrid was the defensive guy that beat all the records we won against everything home and the way everything that in Spain that the the typical teams Valencia Siviglia Atletico Madrid Atletico Bilbao Barcelona we watch champions winning at home and the way we want every game at home and the way but is Mourinho did you feel responsibility to give Real Madrid fans what they come to expect in Madrid yeah philosophy rather than strategy come on when I arrived there they they were already forgiven what was to win they forgot what what was doing when we went to that to the Cup final and we with Barcelona in the Cup final I think was 25 years without a Copa del Rey when we win the league I still now for the past 10 years really it was champion twice ok Champions League fantastic fantastic achievement day they've made but that's another story that's not my story my story was in that period where Barcelona was the best the best Club the best team in the world we went there and we broke that period I did my job there I did my job there you know and I did my job at every club that I've been a part of Manchester United where people think or people wants to sell the idea but I know that I did my job I know that I did my job last one then we will go do you get more satisfaction from having finished second with that group or six the year before and winning two trophies no doubt winning the trophies no doubts winning the trophies and I know that the patina is wrong then you can have success and be judged now I'm not saying that is wrong is different than me he thinks different than me or that they start winning trophies it change is communication can be I one thing I can say by the way Jim one thing I can say is I like him very much as a person I like him very much as a as a coach no doubts about it so I'm not being critic at all I'm just saying that maybe is different than me and I accept that totally maybe it's different than me you go into sport we always are Cupid us this is why sometimes that he the top four qualified to the Champions League it's almost like a reward for finishing second 204th right but you go in a sport to do what yes they compete for ultimately to become a sport to win it but there is one thing that you know III give you an example I won ones FA Cup against Manchester United with Chelsea the first FA Cup final at the new Wembley troppa troppa extra time minute 100 and something shocking game by the way shocking game by the way shocking game by the way but last year I lost an FA Cup final was also shocking game by the way but not from us because we were the team with the ball we were the team with the chances we were the team that deserved to win we were the team that was closer to him shocking him shocking game but I lost and you close your mouth but when I won in your words with a shocking game you say that is a shocking game there is a difference there is one thing that I am very poor I don't care about communication do not I mean what you do behind me you love communicating it is one of the it is you're talking about I think we should ask I think what we should ask is if you were the last three years manager of Tottenham would you have won something a trophy I don't answer because that would I respect my colleague ya know and I'm not there to say no I promise you I would I use to say that I refuse to say that but your mentality is to win and I think you would be something but you can say that I cannot say that because I I lost degree when I am decide I want to be attic and I don't want to be the pundit no I don't want to be the pundit that wins every game because you never played one report you know do you think we treat you differently I think yeah why because you're aggressive because you run the front foot because you want to find us all the time because probably you don't know me well as a person I am NOT the kind of person that you fall in love when I appear in the in the screen in working moments press conferences matches pre-match post match is not I I understand that I'm not the best looking guy in this in these in these periods and honestly and honestly I think that that for some for some reason for some reason I don't belong to what I used to call the tribe I don't belong to the football tribe I love football football is my life I've been in football since I I can I can remember but I don't belong to the tribe I don't lose time in the tribe I don't lose time in creating an image in creating a position of privilege I don't belong to the tribe i I have I have the situation and I have the prestige that I have only only because of my work and because of my results nobody gave me nothing and nowadays is much easier than when I started when I started no football top manager without a big career as a player I broke every wall I was the first or one of the first four not to be unfair with somebody that I forget that from zero become what I become alone nobody gave me anything God gave you very good looks and ability to Chalmers this young man back here have you forgotten all about him yeah I don't forget you know what I do you know why I don't forget why because you know for how many years I don't win a trophy six months one one and a half year not ten people forget that people forget that you not I mean but the smooth tones between success and failure that night if Tim Howard doesn't spill that ball that that's that's how tight it can be sometimes it's not yeah of course that's why I lost a Champions League semi-final in Liverpool on penalties that's why I was over the line that's why I lost a chimp is it final Liverpool with the Luis Garcia let me go in your career where you lose by an inch you win by by an inch in a funny way the guy that scored that goal against my United kristinia now and again it sends me an SMS I just want to remember you that without that goal you wouldn't be the special how much of you carry how much of you of because I remember Sir Alex saying that you know you cannot when what he'd won he was talking about him and you've won as much against trophy wise mould wait I know know quite well view at 25 26 were you 135 and Sarah looks much much more than me the difference is that Sir Alex was everything in in England and Manchester United and I did it and so what he always said there yes I think I had Talent and I had great players he said but I also special moments in the and certain games I got a lot about a good fortune that was a difference maybe between winning and losing would you say would you agree with that that you need luck as well as town do you achieve what you and Sir Alex have achieved I want to believe you need a little bit of luck but I also think that you you force you know a lot a little bit you know you force it a little bit the Sir Alex story of the Sir Alex all you call it when United win in extra time so Fergie time is not occasional Fergie time is is a consequence of his mentality of his spirit of his relation with with displays I think I I don't have a bad record even at men United about winning matches on on extra time even this season we did you enters in minute 90 something we did some game at home that we were losing to nil Newcastle I think we once we do also last minute I think you can force your luck and fundamentally when the team has strong collective personality and when has players that are not afraid to to fight against the demons let's say the demons of the last minute you are losing as I think you can you can force I think the details are very important also on on that one more what did ask you was there a coach that inspired you when you were younger who did you look up to anything I wouldn't mind it as good as he was I never had one my histories I was born in a match day for my father he left the team to go and to see me when I was born my daughter was born in a match day my son was born in a match day but but my life my life has has been all around around around football and you know I was always very professional even as a kid and then I never support the club I was born no a part of my my City Club but a part of my city club in Portugal everybody supports or vehicle Porto sporting not me why because I was born a player son I grew up as a manager son and then I become myself a professional coach so I was always very professional mic levels my father's club and then becomes my club and then is my own nature of arrived in a club I wear the shirt and I only take that very dirty and sweaty shirt in the day I left and I fight for the club and I don't care about my image and I don't care about any consequence that's why I go to Real Madrid I become an enemy of Barcelona I went to inter in Torino I cannot put a foot in because people hates me that Arsenal fans maybe not anymore because but when I was at Chelsea manage they hate me I played 15 times against them I won 12 and I drew 3 I don't know something like I never lost they hate me you know and III was always that professional I never follow anybody but let it let me tell you something people sometimes confuse passion with emotional control and I give you another example that you you know that I'm right you know that I'm right similar situations with me and other managers different consequences when Mourinho behaved bad on the touch line when Mourinho kicks a bottle when Mourinho does this when Marino does that is out is suspended is paying for this when Juergen does his passion when pep does miss passion when Mourinho does is out do you know that I had a stadium ban yes in in in I had a stadium ban I had to watch my team in yo tell without being able to contact with with my team it happened with me in the stock city Chelsea he compared the behaviors of course I am different then I was 10 or 15 years ago and I think about things and I also think about the image and I also think about the club and I try to behave in a certain way planted to morally villain were you really in the laundry basket yes yes whose idea was that I don't remember the idea I know the fundamental thing of it the fundamental thing of it is Chelsea Bayern Munich a big a big match in the in the Champions League I need to be with my players and and I did it yeah brilliant you did say we'd never find you we tried very hard been fantastic not just here but but over the last three days and Anne on behalf of be in sports thank you for your time okay your company it's been an absolute pleasure and if you are out of work for beyond three months I do hope you'll come back and see us again yeah manager you two are lucky who come and see us here and set here this table are normally working within two months let me tell the story you know to advance them that Chelsea Kidman yes yes skin is yes yes okay I go to the to the dressing room during the day so I was there yeah so I I'm there since midday and the game is seven o'clock and I just want to be in a dressing room when the players arrive so I go there nobody see me the problem was to live was to live after ok and Stuart put me in the basket put me in a basket and takes but that basket the the metal one and I go there with a little bit open so I could breathe but when but when Stuart is taking that outside the dressing room outside the stadium the the wafer guys following all these guys that were saying that I was there they were there desperate to find me so when I was there and our series for beacon of I promise you should have punched traffic history order to be very different could it not there honestly it's been an absolute pleasure thank you very much Joe Jimmy thank you for coming to see us and so applies to you we see you back yeah hope you've enjoyed it's been very different and thoroughly enjoyed