Beyblade Metal Fusion Pegasus Has Landed Ep1


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now backing down Matt darío baby beyblade don't be so sure of yourself what a day of beyblading it has been here I don't think so watch it find out which point hungry blader is gonna come out on top today hurry the match already started I'm coming I'm coming hmm bugger that is a stadium out the winner is give it up for Kent de lluvia he now advances to the third round this totally fights get ready beyblade man it's time for the quarter-final first up Cody Cavanaugh horses can't argue me ready three one after all that I only got into the top E but last time we watched you didn't even make it to the third round at least you're getting a little bitter right yeah but you lost in the first round so you're getting a little worse yeah I have a cold next time you should try using my beyblade hmm you could get a lot further using an attack type don't you think oh um well thanks but I want to get stronger with Sagittario I think we make a good team I know we can win together right Sagittario old buddy hmm yeah yeah right well I guess it doesn't mean anything if you don't win with your own beyblade in the end the only way to get better is to practice huh all right let's get our act together and practice let's have one more battle hey guys look huh huh ah how did it get so late I gotta get home bow your way or cut down guys stronger huh if I keep practicing the sky is the limit check it out talk about lightning in a bottle we have our winner ladies and gentlemen please give it up for the winner of the national tournament the title blader number one Ken thank you so much everyone I'd like to thank my baby boy family agent I wonder if I should thank my mom what's your problem oh I fell on my butt what you think this is funny see I think it's a joke buddy a little punk like you running into mr. Begg hey hmm sorry I didn't do it on purpose that's not exactly the point is it my little friend uh nope to make up for it you can face mr. Benkei at a beyblade battle when you leave this weekend all your points you guys are face hunters aren't you hmm nice one you noticed and we know you have quite a few points saved up no way you can't have all my beyblade points if you want them to Center a face up and win them fairly that's how it's done ha he actually think we want to earn a measly 10 or 20 points using the standard rules if you don't want to lose your points all you got to do is beat Benkei yeah yeah you'll show us the awesome skills of the competition's top eight right huh yell all you want no one is coming to help you all right let's get ready to battle ha ha ha here we go it's rigged stop it please a battle two one my grandma spins out of the mat yeah looks like you're the top aide a baby blader move that tickles this isn't fair stop it already well then shall I finish things off now watch closely you might want to take notes this is how you attack uh-huh hey beyblading is supposed to be fun you gang up on someone you're not a true blader what what did you say who do you think you are the names Ginga Gingka Hagane Gingka so you think you're a tough guy not a smart guy to get in the way of my battle all right then if you really want to help this kid then battle us no problem big guy but this is going to be a handicap match one versus five huh what what does not fair just zip it this is how it's going down so will you battle or do you want to cough up all your points now no no don't do it this is my battle it has nothing to do with you don't sweat it kid oh I'm not gonna lose to this guy oh okay this ain't no joke does this guy think he's funny or something who cares let's do this let it rip well it's too fast I can't even see the beyblade over 30,000 unbelievable I've never seen so many points he's on a completely different level there's no way we could win hmm so cool that was awesome Ginga do you mind if I call you Ginga how about mr. how Gani oh no let's go Ginga you're watching I'm Kenta by the way huh thanks for helping me I don't know how to repay you lissa let's see what I got here um uh have a doughnut mr. frog you took my rent I got nothing you don't need to thank me just tell me who those guys were back there huh who them they're the face hunters the face hunters yeah they force younger opponents into unfair battles and steal their points they've done it to a lot of my friends they're just bullies hmm it seems thugs like them are everywhere really you're not from here well where are you Fred Ginga tell me we're from my home is right here really yeah really I'm traveling around the whole country a search for stronger rivals in order to become the very strongest blader ah the whole country by yourself yep wow that's so cool I bet you fought a lot of tough battles that must be what makes you so strong I don't want to bug you too much you must be tired I'll let you rest anyway how can I become stronger like you stronger yeah it's normal for a blader to want to become stronger right I know that I need to work on my attack power and stamina if only I could become as strong as you Ginga those face hunters wouldn't be able to make a fool out of me hmm hmm it takes a lot of heart takes heart yes it does because a beyblade attacks you here I don't get it don't worry about it just relax like this hmm like like this okay whoa Wow a beyblades true strength has nothing to do with attack power or stamina it attacks using the feelings of the blader who is connected with it as if all the power in the cosmos was being poured into it you must put your heart that is as big as the starry sky into it wow that's heavy really heavy hey oh hey Gingka Ginga are you leaving for the next place soon cuz you know if you like maybe you could stay in this town a while yeah let it rip never mind so you got your butts kicked and then you just came crawling back here like wittle baby I'm sorry what the guy was so strong but if you faced him kill you hmm yeah you could crush him with your Leone what was that how dare you speak the name Leone without my permission ah I'm sorry sir you will be really sorry if you don't man up and take care of this stinker or whatever his name is hmm will then just do whatever you have to do have a nice nap hmm we're having a get-together you're invited hmm I hope Ginga is still here I want him to give me some beyblade tips today ding looks like he left to go to the new town after all but I thought we could be friends well he couldn't have gone very far yet huh he's probably somewhere around town I gotta find him gingka where are you I can't believe you left without saying anything huh no space hunters again don't tell me Gingka Hagane you thought you were pretty clever embarrassing us yesterday so today we're gonna return the favor with the face unto specialty the 100 Bey battle alright I accept 100 bladers or a thousand fine ha now you're gonna pay for your big mouth yeah we'll teach you what happens when you cross the face hunters maybe I'd like to take a moment to kiss your points goodbye good one well then let's get this party started three two one this does not look good just too many beyblades it's impossible to tell where appreciating being a coming from nothing warms my heart like a nice 100 beybattle face back into each other aggressing their power and changing their trajectory so they can attack from all directions aha good times please do no one survives a 100 Bey attack so hurry up and lose we have brunch reservations we do looks like your big buddy it's a bit you just zip it and watch yes Kenta watch huh I'm not going anywhere but Ginga remember Kenta a bade strength doesn't come from its attack power or stamina what and it doesn't matter how many there are hmm let's roll Showtime storm Pegasus let it rip yeah [ __ ] hmm that's impressive now I understand what he was talking about what a true players battle is what's happening hey you guys for this like I said ah the difference between winning and losing is the bladers spirit yes I see that was awesome Ginga Gingka Hagane huh huh storm Pegasus huh at last my friend it seems an opponent worthy of me and my rock Leone has made himself known who are you I am Kyoya tegami this should be interesting next time on beyblade Jenga has fought countless battles in his quest to be number one it's been a hard road but he's made many friends along the way and he's gonna need them because he's about to face his toughest enemy yet Kyoya and his face hunters he's a cunning opponent with a fearsome beyblade Rock Leone chicas friends will back him up but he is the warrior on the frontlines it's the forces of evil that versus true spirit of the blader Dinkas not allowed to let himself or his friends down that easy so don't miss the beyblade battle of the century the dark side must not prevail let it rip you