Beyond Good and Evil 2 Space Monkey Report 2 Livestream Ubisoft NA

introduce some new people and people you knew from before so first Guillaume who's our producer on the game hey hey well then we got Emil who you've not seen before he's our associate creative directors there everyone together with someone you already know very well obviously um Michel our creative director Oh No Beyond Good and Evil - I just want to talk to the agenda of things that would be talking about today one first thing that we want to mention is the timeline for the Beyond Good and Evil so we'll be talking about the setting of the game but also just Beyond Good and Evil in general how the story revolves up until the ungood end goal - and then we also want to show some gameplay so very excited about that will be showing the game for the very first time so we're very happy to be showing publicly what we've come up with until or since the last stream that we got in December just a reminder you can ask your questions either on the twitch or chat or on Twitter just use the hashtag ask VGE if you want to do so and first things first we want to talk about the space monkey program and how that matters to us yep thank you yes I wanted to have a few words of introduction before we get into the meat of everything the space monkey program for us is like it's like a leap of faith right we're showing stuff at very rough state we are we're showing you the way we work we are showing you some stuff that normally is kept internal and we are doing that because we trust you guys that you are willing to see that stuff you would want to be a part of what we do so I'm really proud of of the team of every everybody at Ubisoft - to do that proactive development approach so all you all what you're going to see here is really working progress wherever we're going to repeat it a lot and a lot but still it's it's it's our contract with you that we we've made like back III last year we want to be open so that's the first thing and and thanks for what for for watching and being a part of it then second thing second thing is just a word about the project and the team so the team is now over 120 people strong we have welcomed a lot of of new members over the past month we also now are working with other studios at Ubisoft Thank You Misha so studios in Sofia in Barcelona and in Bordeaux very soon to start on the game working with us so yeah the King the team is picking up on concise and trends so that's that's for Thank You Amir and the current focus of the team is III right we're going to show you some new stuff today but we're keeping a lot of surprises for for junior next next month thank you yeah that's right to where that heart at some point I'll have to give it ok but for now it's your time to talk we'll be going through the timeline that we've set for the PNE so we'll just go through some of the events that led to be do you need to a quick word of introduction about this timeline you can keep the Hat so it's actually a work document something we are using to build the world of Beyond Good and Evil 2 so we are really showing you how we are working currently on the game we are creating this timeline to build the world of being able to in a coherent and logical way so it's a tool of war logic that's how we call it and so yeah we're showing that to date so we can understand where the world is going and how this story our story is going to unfold following this timeline so everything on the timeline starts back on earth in 2040 and the idea is that at that time the best scientist on the planet working together to come up with a lot of new inventions and one of those inventions is this new revolutionary propose a propulsion engine I did it and this engine is going to allow us to cover huge distance in space and make space colonization something real and something that people are going to be able to project into the next dates important data on the timeline ISM 2063 everything basically everything we have on the network on the data centers is turning back against humans so we don't trust those networks those technologies anymore those AI all those things and humans are coming back to more I would say basic way to communicate and to exchange informations and that's why you're seeing in the trailer we did last year where you're seeing people communicate communicating with m-disc and putting infos on those M disks the next stage on the timeline is 2086 so it's the births and the creation of the first talking hybrid before that we add hybrids so humans crossed with animal DNA but this one is new because it's talking and what's important to share about those hybrids something you wanted to add yet you're bound to understand that I breeds are part of that world yeah there are the power you know that allow new manage human manpower but that hello's canonicalization that I use as slaves they I use as experiments you know they are sent on different planets you can compare that to the monkeys that were used during the space colonization you know monkeys in space yeah selling monkeys dogs and all these animals so imagine that we have this ability to create hybrids that that old human DNA and animal DNA you can build them and you can use them also like in that case as toys as product so it's quite a cynical way of her using life but it's it's it's really part of the world you know it's it's how that world that specific world is built and we want it to be as current and as logical as possible yes and so that's why this little guy is talking because he was supposed to be able to communicate with children so that's why yes boys next date on the timeline so 21:8 humanity asked to leave earth and we are launching several new expeditions to different solar systems that are very distant from Earth of course and what just naming them one two three four five and what's important is that those expeditions they will not be in contact anymore once they leave Earth so we don't know what happens to all those expeditions but in being willing able to we will follow the explanations that goes to system three the system where be unbelievable to is going to take place next date twenty to twenty five so this is one example of a major city built in system three it's actually the start of more I would say massive colonization it's not little camps anymore no little colonies its cities with meanings of course this one is dedicated to the divinity Ganesha but we will also have a lot of other important location in this system yet you're important to understand that when you use your map into the game you just press one button and then suddenly you see the whole solar system with this planet which is a satellite of a bigger planet the one that rotates you know that a revolution around a bigger the big set but of course you will discover other places other different places in that solar system and the magic button is that when you just go back again then you are you determine a bigger picture with the different systems what is very important is that we want to for beyond good and evil - we want to stick to system three and some surrounding surprises but the overall world is connected but because we don't want millions of planets we want planets that have a meaning that have a story and history systems you know connections reasons why there is this city here as an example this kind of Ganesha this kind of city has been built here because when you look back at the planet you recognize the shape of India the continents like India so imagine that you could have the choice between millions of planets that you could study before you start the colonization yeah you you you maybe you would choose the one that that you rely you connect with the best yeah so we want to give an history want to give a meaning to that world so that it's quite interesting as an adventurer as a space captain so raise a lot of stories and myth to discover them so you mean that we are reasonable right we're doing only one solar system yeah so we're moving on the timeline so 2314 so this is actually kind of a mysterious thing there's a giant ship traveling in system three with a lot of humans and I breathe in it and it will be attacked and we don't exactly know what happens but it's the first time that in system 3 there's a massive aggression on a ship like this it's a period of peace so those things don't happen in system 3 so starting from this point there will be many mysterious things happening it's insistently but we don't say too many new things about this right now keeping some mysteries I don't want to spoil it people moving on so in 2360 what we imagine is that system 3 became such a rich so our systems are lots of goods traveling on spaceships it's getting so rich that actually pirates can prosper in this solar system and we enter a Golden Age of piracy that's why we're going to play a space pirate in beyond good and evil - of course yeah the final dates on the timeline so we saw the date actually we didn't put it on a timeline but it's the birth of jade of course the character you know from Beyond Good and Evil One it's important to know that Jade births happen in a kind of a dark period there are lots of you know dangerous things happening in system 3 people getting killed me explain explain things like it's a period of trouble you have those pirates and you have also got things happening again we're not saying too many things about this but it's important to know that Jade was born before Beyond Good and Evil 2 starts because if you're looking at the next slide exactly you have the time period concerning beyond good and evil - that's we're going the invivo tube is going to take place yeah and and again as Amy to say in the beginning that that's really a work document for us yeah we are sharing and and that the whole team is is working with that in mind and I want to stress that the game we can you see it but I want to say that the game is happening in that frame time frame right not the fool exactly and what's important is that we're creating this coherent world for people who like to play solo want to have a you know straight story or several straight stories also people like multiplayer co-op this world is going to be able to you know tell all the stories to those different players the document you've just seen here is really a walking document we we did we I'd I love few things but again the space monkey program is era to share you know you have this kind of way of showing how we work and you will see that we are sharing this kind of material because we expect you to be involved in the creation of the game with many many things that will be announced a bit later but there are other ways to build worlds history is part of it because you understand better the reasons of why things has as they are today how they will become if you understand history what happened and when you working on such a big world you need nice and big foundations you know the reasons where these people coming from where they try to go and and what connect although all those people there is also there's these strange dark mists that thing that is around everything that is brewing you know that that is a minute something menacing and I think and hiding and it's it's also very important when you are talking about space pirates you expect space pirates meets myth you see things that are you'd like just here but those things in hidden taverns you know one bow and and one more people are talking about disappearing friends and being attacked I think I think it's the time we talk about our space Bermuda Triangle yes right yes we can move to the to the next line and what we just mentioned there is more to come but feel free to share away and also if you have ideas again the space monkey program like Michelle just say is here for that so just head out to BG game calm and you can comment on and you know our blog articles preferably the last one where we announce this live stream to expand on ideas that you have for for the universe won't be very happy to read on them and you don't yeah you know we are making that huge game there it is logical world with this history but everything needs to be tied all together with the story what are you going to do in beyond good and evil to as an example and as a key ingredient into the into the story you have this strange galactic object that you have seen in at the end of the trailer last year this is what we call the moksha door yeah both gay moksha straight yeah I don't want to take too much about that it's both something that attracts you and something that is very dangerous this is the place where you will go with your spaceship with your crew you will be under attack you will have a lot of things to do there yeah we can see some yes example and little scenes of the kind of things that you can have around there but the most important thing is that this is feeding the world some people think that they can be free maybe I breed can have a new life beyond that door maybe some pirates I think about glory maybe living forever know what no one knows what it really is actually exactly think that's why you are legends maybe this is a useful trap maybe this is and you have all this you know the cemetery reveal of ships for so yeah in such a world is very important to have a lawn marks like that you know things you want to reach you want to understand you want to dig into so that that's part of the motivation yes and of what makes you starting the game about that we have another very important thing in being good and evil to connect the fact that you can create your own captain your own character yeah and we don't want to stick to you man you can you can be an i braid you can be a man female of different genders you know it's very open it's very very important it's coming from you space monkeys when you talk to a lot about who you want to be into the game what kind of characters and a lot of you insisted in the this idea of being free you know being able to to create your character so the common point is this big world you know this those motivations did those very important exciting things yeah but you can leave your adventure the way you want and of course we will include the different characters friends and exactly like in being good and evil one they can become part of your crew yeah you can recruit maybe an enemy that will up here happen to be part of your crew and this is really something that we want to bring to the player yeah that's what's interesting on this image that's it could be your captain bit also could be your crew members so you can add this great variety of camembert's every people you meet in this world could become your crew members and that's a strong motivation for adventure and going into the game exploring everything of course so this is part of the things we will dig into more for the next four events like if we but it's also very important to understand that you play as a space captain's but you have your crew member that are dedicated to specific tasks your big spaceship the magic you know they all have a role the spy they all have a very important role and they extend your abilities to explore more handle new spaceships and discover new places Saudi and and that's why you are looking for the best remember actually exploring everything to find it yeah and you're not limited to three four five you have your own crew members but there's also in your huge spaceship enough room to store a lot to have a lot of friends a lot of other characters you will intern and that will make you become a space pirate legend yeah yes I wanted to say something because I this was not supposed to be but I I really like Charlotte can we post this after on the on the blog because that's that's and we cannot see that much so that's the that's an original artwork from BG anyone right yes and and that that's the most cast door so we we have been making a lot of of work to tie in BG any BG&E to because it's the same universe it's it's the same it's the same themes the same stories Alyssa so yeah and I found this back in in an older in a drawer on the on earth on the floor here and I was like hey who drew this this door and I was well it was not like last year but but they told me somebody told me you know it's not last year it's like 15 years old so so this is one of the evidences that we are really really true to to be Gianni as a license so if we can post see this that's perfect yeah we'll be sure to share it so we've been talking about the setting the kind of global story of Beyond Good and Evil and now there's something that we're really exciting excited to be showing for the first time it's some gameplay footage of the game just keep in mind that this is very working progress we'll be showing it and then we'll be talking over what we've been showing and what we're doing with the game yeah before we play on the blog and and around about what is BG&E - like can you can you say what what is it so when the team we agreed about about about that definition right that's so BG&E - it's it's a seamless action-adventure RPG that I can play solo or with my friends well that's that's what we are making we cannot make it zero without further ado will now be starting the video and you can see what argument was just saying in that but we'll be discussing further right after [Music] during this we were very happy to be able to show this today again very early stage their work in progress so just keep that in mind and yet we'll just be talking but about what we've been saying here so there's some combat there are ships can you guys maybe just one comment that that was too short but we want to keep other things for free so so we fight together but that you know but this is just okay they're just showing few seconds yeah but that's so much to to discover for free or so but if you look carefully at what we've just shown there is one very important thing is that everything is connected like you can do everything anywhere at any time it means that you can have a fight inside of a spaceship that is being attacked so this may be you are inside with a spaceship that's part of if you look carefully at some point you have knocks our monkey is inside a huge spaceship that is being attacked yeah and he could fight into the spaceship it could be it could need together I will try to escape to explode yeah why the spaceship is collapse Illya this used fresh here and this is not scripted this is not a sequence that will happen here and never again this is just because it happened because something attacked or maybe you attacked that ship and now as you can see it here it just collapsed because of your actions so it's really systemic it's really epic things you can live with your friends all along and those things they have no boundaries on there's no loading that's why this game is taking so much time to be done you know I've been a lot of people said why is it so long come on release the game this year if you can we there is so much to do for this game just to make this possible you know imagine the amount of information so I needed to hollow this kind of thing to happen because the spaceship you are fighting home can move at 2,000 kilometers per hour maybe more so everything needs to work nicely it smoothly like this super aqua I know so so that's that's where the game DNA is yes revealed that seamless suspects initially talking about is really what we want to show again as prototype in that video as you can see we are mixing close-quarter combat squad fight dogfight battleship fire all of that in the same on different scale different the engineer is allowing user to do that and and so that seamless aspect is what really to us makes exciting what we do and and I have to remind as well that you can play this with with your friends so you can obviously go up yeah you can you can see it in well the footage I think it's so what is not seen here which is not shown here is that of course you can go in space see your friends from space continue continue the fighting or CD actions you can go in cities while all these things are happening so you will discover more of this for if we of course but we wanted to share it and what we will remain in for the first time is the melee combat something also coming from Beyond Good and Evil One so yeah we're keeping the same DNA yeah so a lot of people may ask you but what is making that combat different from another game just one thing is that you can as you've seen it you can attack from your spaceship you know start one attack are very high and attack down you can use you yeah you can use your on a flying ship and exactly fighting someone on it you can use your jetpack during an attack to dodge or to escape very quickly or jump onto another spaceship so that's the combinations of Dodos gameplay for free we will talk more about in depth gameplays about things that are making all the all those different gameplays deep and more able to sustain a long time and play styles and all these things but again yeah we wanted to share this piece of footage yes it's it it's it's a kind of a sneak peek for you guys yes yeah well thank you for this this is all we had today for our livestream however we've been having a lot of questions from you guys we've also taken some from the forums and we've taken some from the discord so I just want to go through them real quick with the guys here the first one that we got was about brothels so brothels could be a place where pirates gather Intel and get some downtime will we be seeing brothels in the game this was a question from kirik on our forums what do you think when you look at the trailer for last forum last last e3 you have those kind of dark places that's part of the pirates way of life the way with the treatment will mate or will be we will be careful about the different aspect of that but it's part of this kind of world that's what you can expect it's a major game we don't want to be half pirate or something like that you know we want to go in the full role and it's it's it's really about playing playing the space pirate at 200% yeah it's very important when direction that we give to the team and maybe I've said it already last which but is we're making a space pirate game right so everything that pirates do you just put space in front of it and you do it in the game that's that's that it's it's a key direction for us so so to answer that question we we have space Tortuga Islands where pirates you know leave their life and spend their money and you know have fun and yes we will have space doctor your Islands a second question we got from the forums also was a question from Ken Mito who is asking female characters and video games are usually young and sexy or all the not sexy how about sexy Oh lizard women I think the key word is that we don't want usual things or to usual things we want all kind of things you know that's the theme of her that's why we choose pirates exactly because pirates they can have scars on their face they can be small toll you know every genders every state every ethnic origins every animal origin the okay with diversity yeah and the embrace yeah and that's why I want to play that game you know I want to as an example I want to build my team with just monkeys maybe I'm a little big I'm closer to monkeys don't and the newman's I don't know why it's my nature what's pushing me into the direction but I don't want the game to stop me or to you know to prevent me from doing this kind of thing I want to be able to express myself so yeah that's the place but bienvenue evil is about diversity and it's much important to us they were definitely I mean to this question maybe we won't have this exact example in the game but our universe support yeah yeah of course it fits in the universe yes yes another question we got was so a lot of people are obviously anyway we had the lizard on on the picture we show it was not a it was we don't know if it was a female or maybe in the like I think a lot of question or a lot of people are asking questions from BG anyone obviously so on this chord we got a question from Johansson 69 who asked will we get answers to the cliffhanger from B G anyone I would say yes and no which is no because it's a prequel so we are not going to tell what happened after which is purpose of this cliff anger and we say yes because most of the mysteries you've seen or you heard and you discovered in being good and evil one will be revealed or will be explained or somehow you will face them you will understand better the original shade exactly it was a big mystery into being good and evil one one where's she coming from who is she unwell domes for example all many questions we want to to to dig into those those questions because even the hybrids it's as simple as that because in beyond whatever you had I breathing you had no idea where they coming from in here we're going to explain the origins of the hybrids it's really a fun moment for us and for you guys with the unity because this PG&E universe is is wide and and and we've got many many areas to explore and and we really working in in the direction of making it as as as wide as possible the universe so we will dig into more detailed questions that leave left the first game open and we will open some new stuff as well so it's really a an immensely rich universal form to work with it's also a way to have people that have never played Beyond Good and Evil One I know that very few people know it's a way for newcomers to discover the world and they don't need to have played Beyond Good and Evil one they will discover that world naturally you know just by being into the world look you know it's that's we don't want people to go into books of inside out just by playing the game you will feel the history you will understand you will learn more about the world as you play the adventure just when you see giant spaceship you know carrying mining somewhere and bringing the stuff into another city when you see this kind of things happening you understand how the world is built what is happening and that's the way now worlds are built you know in video games they they have to connect we have some logical logical things so got to be to be believable we have to develop things and stories that are very very that we don't even see in games they are four four four the credibility of the world also related to BG&E wine the camera gameplay in the first game was one of the main things the one of the big things that there was to do in the game and people are wondering more specifically lab plan on discord they want to know if the camera game plays something that has been worked on if we've made new design decisions or even actual implementation of that in beginning to so as you know you're not playing a journalist anymore in young evil to your pain you're playing is basis pirate captain but we kept the idea of the camera but it's not a camera anymore because you're pirates you have a spyglass and this spyglass has kind of the same functions that the camera used to have in being able to but even more things so you're going to be able to take pictures with it scan the environment to get more info all sorts of things again we're not revealing everything today but it's a very powerful tool also to explore the world to get more info about the world so yeah spy spyglass will be something pretty power exactly another thing so we talked about the character you guys will be playing yes so we'll be playing as a parrot there is that question about the fact that our character is not a known character from the BG anyone universe is there a chance that we could play as the bad guys helping the super corporation or are we stuck to being parrots and this is a question from Canon on this Court is well that's exactly part of the freedom we want to give to the player being good or evil is the title we don't want to force people being good or doing this and that so some people could say that out can you tell a story if you can be both good or evil and and our answer is very simple is that the world is the story and for example if you want to reach the door you will have to go to different places you will meet different characters but the way you will meet them the the ways you you know the different ways and actions you will do to reach them it's up to you 33 if it's bloody or if it's more smarter you're more based on the bloody approach it's very important to to give that that feeling of freedom but it's all in the same world so that that's exactly that's part of the genie of the project so you will always be playing a space pirate captain but if you want to work for corporations it will be possible yeah you can something it can be simple to do yeah you're a part you do what you want right freedom so we're taking one last question and then we'll have to to end their livestream for today last question we're taking today will be something that's been asked on twitch by elects Lee will you find information in the game on what happened to the other systems I'm really happy that someone is I hate asking this question because it's exactly why the world is made like that it's very important to keep things mysterious and and it means he or she followed the really carefully the presentation of is very happy about that yes there will be connections but and we say that they spread into it into space because now they are distant from each others but yeah connections are possible for reasons you will understand later and we don't want to spoil everything but it's it's quite the interesting of creating such a rich world is that you can have many many stories you know growing from that and it's great if people are ready my imagining connections stories with what we've been showing today I can't wait for stories you know made by the two space monkeys by the way so since this is the end of this dream just a reminder to sign up if you want to give your ideas or ask for questions on BG ENCOM we're still working hard on the game and I mean this has been mentioned a few times during the stream but space cowgirl very much so yeah we've been mentioning this but we're working hard on at the moment on on e3 and I just want to thank you guys again as a token one of our fans has made and given us this movie printed Jade it was given in person to Michelle so thank you guys for your dedication and just stay tuned for each week Thank You Ally everyone bye all right see you soon you