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Tell me Anna(older brother), we checked the homes of all her friends They are not there She's not at the Girls hostel too Where is your daughter dude? She's been missing since last 2 days We have no idea where she is or what has happened to her Hey you! Do you know who's hunting her down? Veeru Its Veeru Bhai who decides what happens in Visakhapatnam Police, port or court Veeru Bhai owns them all We don't have the strength to defy you I swear I don't know where she is Veeru Bhai loves your darling daughter She can live with him happily If not, I will kill her Veeru Bhai's people had come here looking for you I am quite scared of what's going to happen Didn't you tell me you were in love with someone? Does he really love you? He loves me dearly Go away with him my dear Go wherever you want Where were you last 3 days? Where are you now? I am in your apartment Why didn't you tell me that they were after you all these days? Isn't this decision because of your fear of him than your love for me? Isn't it? Come with me Where? They have seen only you all these days, right? Now they will meet me also Don't Sathya! If that was the issue, I would have told you long back Tell me what should I do now? Anna She has a boyfriend They have decided to get married right away Hey! Go get her You have timed it all wrong my son! Here, come on do it Do whatever it is you want to Have the guts to do it I didn't expect this from you Let's not fight it like this I want you Only you You belong to me That is enough for me forever Let's go somewhere far away - Bro - Tell me They just got into a bus going to Hyderabad So it was you who hid your daughter I will do anything to save her Don't! Don't harm him please - Inspector? - Bhai Husband commits suicide after killing wife suspecting infidelity This must appear in tomorrow's newspapers - Ajay - Anna She fascinates me Let us kill that Sathya They must not reach Hyderabad I will see to it Anna Destroy all evidences Don't forget that The bus is just around the corner Come, let's go - Move aside - What's the problem? Move I say Move aside you pigs! Don't harm her Please Happy journey Deva Shall I set fire to the bus? Situation is critical here Hey! This guy is alive Oh my God! Ask Dr Shylaja to come - Did you see the patient? - Yes 70 % burns Half his face is burned away Already facial tissues are being exposed to air The brain could easily be infected by now Vocal chords must be damaged There were 24 deep gashes all over the body But wasn't this an accident? That's what puzzles us too Can we save his life in such a condition? We can He wants to live I don't think it's possible Nothing is impossible if we put our minds to it But he is in coma, doctor More over no one has come looking for him If something were to happen who will take the responsibility? He is my responsibility Stop it! Please! Listen to what I have to say Please This life is not yours any more I have given you a new one Calm down Please Nurse! Open your eyes You are in for the greatest surprise of your life Be ready for it It was not any ordinary surgery we performed on you It was a very complicated one You must be patient for a few days more You will understand everything after that Doctor! Find him as soon as possible "Eyes fiery as the sun, heartbeats rhythmic A cosmic dance, awakening in revenge" "Like lightning among thunder clouds My life thirsting for birth of a new dawn" "Hark! I am all ablaze now Here I come for you alone" "My dearest one, without you My life like burning coals for sure" "The scorching summer rains that fell My life scalded and cooked in its wake" This apartment belongs to both of us, okay? "My dreams are memories of you Like moonlight beams soothingly cool" "Like an ever shining star of love which shut its light leaving me in agony" "Hopes drifted away and brightness died" "All that remained were just 2 tear drops of pain" "My dearest one, without you My life like burning coals for sure" "The scorching summer rains that fell My life scalded and cooked in its wake" "Re-treading paths I walked, in search of faces that masked inside the real ones" "Your words in my blood, roaring like a lion awakened to clash in a battle of vengeance" "My dearest one, without you My life like burning coals for sure" "The scorching summer rains that fell My life scalded and cooked in its wake" Have you come to buy this house? It's been sold, so you can leave Is the cash ready? Read the agreement carefully Are you Sathya the owner? Of course not! I was just passing by and thought why not sell this house to you Why are you angry? Your face won't make anyone angry An innocent baby face Why are you making this racket? What do you want? Sir, I am Sathya's friend Why the heck did he come now?! If the guy inside hears this I am done for If this guy comes to know the truth I will be a goner here also Isn't he your friend? Of course we are! What does it matter to you We have many things between us You can go and come back later Okay, see you - Don't forget the cash - Okay Come in my boy - What is your name? - Ram Do you know who I am? Sathya's uncle He's been with me from very young I have taught him everything We even did this together Oh forget it! You should have informed me before you came Since you are already here I won't say anything I give you 2 days time for you to pack up and leave Hello! Not that way Go sleep in that corner Is he going to sleep inside the cupboard? For this facility I could have quoted 2 lakhs more for the house What a pity! My dear boy, when did Sathya let you into this secret? The little rascal Can't hide anything from me What are your intentions coming here? Is it to attend an interview or...? I am here to kill 4 guys I could not find her bro Is that what you will tell Veeru Bhai? - No! - Then go search Please! Don't move That guy with the tattoo If he finds me I'll be in trouble Save me Please Why are Veeru Bhai's thugs following you? - Isn't it obvious - What is? My glamour One day when I saw him I thought he was handsome Here Anna What a body sir! Nice! Fantastic! Can I take a photo? Please? Here, please click Thank you Deva I want her That was the beginning of all my problems When he started following me all other boys stopped flirting with me Two days ago, he came home and threatened my parents Anyway, thanks for rescuing me What if he comes again? What to do? Let him I will have to slip away without getting caught If he comes again, tell him you have a boyfriend But I don't have a boyfriend Oh! I have one now! Do you know the responsibilities of a boy friend? But I warn you where ever they see you they won't let you alone That's exactly what I want What do you do? I want to become a film star What?! - Do you have any doubts? - No In fact now-a-days there are very few good looking heroines in the film industry - The time is 10 o clock, right? - Yes, why? Look at the car which just came A guy looking like a cunning crow will now get out Another buffalo will soon come out chewing cud And along with them are some monkeys Someone is there with her bro Must be someone who knows who we are Go bring her here, man He is coming towards us bro Where did you spring from? What is your business with her? If she is your sister you will be my poor brother-in-law - What did he say? - Says he is her lover Was that a joke? Do you know why we are here? Deva's orders What proof do you have? Proof? Thugs don't need ID cards like you do for ration or elections You can believe us if you feel like That's not enough Call Deva, I want to talk to him Talking to me is like talking to Deva Why did you slap me? It was not meant for you It was for Deva, bro-in-law What?! Didn't you say talking to you was like talking to Deva himself? Well, since it was for Deva my hands remain unsoiled What is it dude? Am I here to receive slaps Hey no! I intended it for Deva Right bro? You are brilliant man Come, let's talk Of course not I am not Deva I cannot talk to you I will call him for you Tell me Brother, her boyfriend is here He wants to talk to you directly Tell him talking to you is like talking to me What the heck is he saying? Says I can talk instead He does not agree, bro He asks for proof You talk to him - Yes, tell me - Deva - Can't hear you - I said I am Deva I am unable to hear you Deva here you...!!! Stop yelling I can understand even if you speak softly How do I know it's Deva and not some unknown beggar? Do you have proof? Does bro own an aadhar ID card? Hey you! Tell me where I must meet you Today, I am not in a mood I will tell you later The exact time and place Wait! I gave you 2 days' time Nothing has happened Any more games and I will... - Will you eat me up? - Any doubts? Didn't you claim the other day that you were out to finish off 4 guys? Nothing happened, eh? I am on my way just for that right now Oh! Is that so? - Why are we here? - A friend says he'll meet me Friend's call Just a minute Deva here You asked me to come Don't play games As if Deva will come as soon as I call Are you making a fool of me? I will teach you a lesson Do you think Deva is jobless sitting and twiddling his thumbs? Stop there man! Hey! Where are you? I am here, come if you have the guts Anna What are you doing to me? Who are you? Tell me Hey! Hey, no What are you doing?! Why are you doing this? Tell me 10 months ago one night a bus was on its way from... ...Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad There were among the passengers 2 people...have you forgotten? Tell me Who are you? Sathya You are in pain, aren't you? If you, who killed many, so cruelly are in pain Think of my Deepthi who knew only to love... ...the pain she would have gone through that day Tell him Deva, where are you? He will kill me now, Anna Who is he? - I don't know - Where is he? Anna! Find Deva wherever he is Don't hurt me please! Didn't I beg you just like this not to hurt my Deepthi? If you had listened to my plea...! Please, don't hurt me If killing others gave you intoxication you can now enjoy your own death Happy journey Not bad! He used government facility and killed him without spending a paisa Too much! How can one use electric power to commit murder?! And that too when people are facing power shortage Any clues, Suresh? Hey ACP! Who did this? You must know him, Veeru It's a well planned murder and all evidences destroyed Just like your work Look at the way he lies He has finished the job, deftly But he has left one clue What is that? A job that could be done with a knife or bullet was finished in this manner So it's not blood that's coursing his body But revenge "Oh breeze that flows over barren trees" No breeze, eh? I asked you to bring me some snacks and you come back with a shirt The fan's not working Have a look at it I'll have a drink 'If you want a peaceful sleep...' '...just be aware of the crimes happening around you' 'Like never before a sensational murder took place at Vizag' Murders are quite common here 'The victim is none other than Deva' 'He was not stabbed or shot dead but was electrocuted' 'Carelessness can be fatal' 'Always be only' 'That criminal does use stick, knife, gun or bomb as his weapon' 'Electricity is enough' 'Without your knowledge... your soul will vanish into thin air' 'The killer might be close to you' Don't you watch Malayalam channel? 'You won't know' 'If you're ignorant your life will be at stake' 'Be alert and -‘ Why did you switch it off? He is scaring people If I have said anything rude please forget it...and forgive me sir - I will go away from here - Where? Will I not get a place in this expansive world You are the only one... ...who knows all about me If anyone comes to know or if you go before I finish my job Your picture will appear on TV Why do I need such a huge bumper offer I will remain right here - May I go, sir? - Where to? To pee Like ACP said there is someone behind all this Where is he? Where is he now? - I am Deva's friend - Tell me He had told me about a girl you fancied But before he could... our poor Deva! It's about some girl Here, speak to him Yes, tell me Where should I come? Did you read this news? Good that he's gone, the rascal! Or I would have killed him myself! My acting went a little overboard eh? - Want a chance? - For what? As heroine in a movie Can you act? Can I act?! Just give me a chance and you'll see Then come Let's go meet him Who? Director sir? Sir! Ram has told me a lot about you I will be lucky to be able to work in your film I simply can't believe this Seema mam's acting and dress code in the film 'Her Nights' was superb! Did you think it was me? No dear, that was IV Sasi So it was in your movie the hero went to Sabarimala and the kids...? That too was not mine, my dear It was Srinivasan So which film have you directed? This is my first film, my debut - Who is the hero in our film? - How do I know that? Hero has come Brother - What's all this? - Congrats First hold this This is shameful! I also went after her, but it didn't work out You made her fall flat for you in just 3 days! Incredible! She made me look a fool But I don't understand her taste Who are you talking about? That girl in red dress - What is Ram doing there? - Explaining the scene - But you are the director - Yes, but the story belongs to him - Who will explain my scenes? - I am there for that Okay Just imagine you are dating 3 young men You like 2 of them and want to marry one of them Imagine you played the fool with him and then say I love you to the other one Fantastic scene! What creativity! Brilliant sir! Director sir? Have you explained everything? Just as I wrote...I mean like you asked me to explain Very good! Shruthy, just go ahead and do your best This scene should not be you Only your character must come through By the way this is only an audition If you are lucky... If the hero is impressed you'll be the heroine - Right sir? - You are correct Bless me sir Thank you What's happening here? Who is the hero? Veeru Bhai's brother He is my next victim Why did you drag me also into this? Hi! Actually when I saw you 3 days back I surrendered my heart mind and soul to you Now nothing remains with me But just one thing remains I love you Bro, she will say such things Don't take it seriously If you want to marry her I will manage it, I assure you What must I do to meet her again Hi! Director sir Tell me what the scene is for today I'll excel myself Please don't say that I am already quite tense - Hope you have explained the scene - Did you tell me what it is? Shruthy the scenes are simple Yesterday you declared your love to the hero Today the hero will say his love to you How can you change scenes like this? Mustn't the director also be informed? Otherwise I will look dumb in front of them So what is the rest of it? I must come running from afar Isn't that right? What involvement! My goodness! Hey! The hero has come You now run to him slowly and return the same way Sir, this is all so strange He wouldn't have slept last night And she is performing well Wonder where the 2 are heading to! Story screenplay direction Everything is superb Tell me Yesterday you came and said you loved me I have not slept last night...not a wink My heart just kept fluttering I too have decided - What? - I love you What is all this brother?! When I said I loved her, she just ran away laughing - She is shy - Shy? Yes If she ran after hearing about your love...! I will take care of everything now So she must like me eh? Yes How was my performance? Performance my foot! I am insane with tension I feel you must have some more sense Who? Me? Why do you select such fellows as hero for me? You want megastar Mammootty? Hero should look like Ram He has all that it takes for a girl to like in a boy Macho, style, manly I think I love him Oho! Music started "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I am smitten by you" "Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Why don't you give me your heart" "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I am smitten by you" "Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Why don't you give me your heart" "Come on, you brave one Let me awaken in your dreams" "Hello handsome Come lets splash in clear waters" "Oh no! No! Don't follow me lovely one" "Oh no! No! Don't build castles in the air" "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I am smitten by you" "Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Why don't you give me your heart" "I am a touch-screen I-phone Why don't you touch me handsome one" "Why don't you connect with me to love, like they do in wi fi" "I cannot do so For there is no signal anywhere near you" "Why are you trying to get me on-line like this?" "It's been days I've been eyeing you Wanting to be your mate" "Don't make eyes at me and trap me with your glances" "Oh no! No! Don't follow me lovely one" "Oh no! No! Don't build castles in the air" "Come out with me on a date Let me sweeten your coffee with love" "I have only my friendship to offer you I don't like romancing for it's like a test" "I will keep my heart locked and never tell I love you again" "Penances any number will not Let me open my heart for you...ever" "Oh no! No! Don't follow me lovely one" "Oh no! No! Don't build castles in the air" Dude, I feel I'll die now What happened? I don't know I feel I am going mad I will die if I don't get her There's still time for that Now go to sleep Come in What is it? Greeting sir A 'Missing' case A person known to me has been missing since last 10 days - Do you have a photo? - Yes sir When did you say she went missing? 10 days sir Only 10? How can that be? Wait I'll be right back Yes, tell me Remember the girl Deepthi and boy Sathya we killed 10 months back? Why rake it up now? There's a guy here with a complaint that she's missing since 10 days 10 days? Hey! He must not leave that place I want him Stop right there Bring the body down What happened here? With so many people here are you saying... one saw this happening? Hey! Move Do you know what happened there? Isn't that why I raised my hand? Stay there - Who are you? - Sathya - Sathya? - You are confused, eh? Don't harm me I am a policeman One who has wronged must be punished even if he is a policeman You must never do wrong again Happy journey Can you identify him? Very easily sir Call the caricature artist Now describe how he looks The left eyebrow must be a little lower Ready sir Is it him? Yes, somewhat like him I will call you again if need be, regarding this case Hey! How do you describe him so well? It's not a face easily forgotten I have seen him at very close quarters What brings you here, ACP? Look at this Many people pose for photos with me Celebrities are all like this By the way we have a sketch of the murderer You have come here at the wrong time my son I don't know anything about him But I do know I know you will say that Keep it You might need it more than we do If the inspector was marked 2 Deva was the first victim Take care Veeru He must not be alive anymore Go quickly Where is Sathya, man? Can't you see? It's me I asked about Sathya I too said the truth, you fool It's me Why are you mishandling me? Whose house is that? It's my own house I am the owner When I saw it was empty last 10 months I just started living here I swear Where is this guy? Who is he? Who else lives there in that house If they know my companion killed their man they will probably knock me off No one, I am alone I am just single...still bachelor I don't want this fellow I want the guy who gave details to the ACP - He is here - Ask him in Why is he here? You kill their man and then yourself come to give information And a bunch of idiots here to believe you Superb man! Why did you ask me to come? You say you saw him, didn't you? Yes I did He is going around killing my men It was not him but this fellow What did he say when he killed the inspector? Simple sir, whatever he says is almost like what that guy says Hey! Shut up Fool! Did not understand my clue I am not the only dumbo here What did he say? He said he wanted to see fear in your eyes It will happen as I say and I can see it before me I want him If ever you meet him inform me his whereabouts If I have to do that I must be with you always, Anna Why? Because the next target is you What? That's what he said What a wonderful act Goodness gracious! I take leave - Sir, I too have seen him - Where? In this photo He will not listen to us Anna will take care of him - Anna - What? - Look the girl Anna likes is here - Where? Look there Do you know who I love? It's the girl my brother loves What do I do now? If he comes to know, he wouldn't t care I was his brother...he will simply kill me How is he going to find out? Unless you tell him, how will he know? Anyway, wait for a few days let me find out a way Friends must be like you Thanks man - Anna, I am Deva's friend - Which friend? The one who told you about that girl Yes, tell me When I showed your brother that girl he just swooped and took off with her Do you know who you are talking about? I know you won't believe it Disconnect and I will send you pictures Didn't Deva's friend call saying he found that girl? It was fake Anna It wasn't that girl I will take care of it Okay Anna has some suspicion Will he kill me? Will your problem be solved by drinking like this? What do you know about my brother? - If I was in your place - If you were...then what? What will you do? I would have finished him off long back What?! How long will I live saying I was his younger brother If I give her up fearing him She will leave me forever If I do away with him I have 2 advantages One is I get my heartbeat, love of my life And the other...Veeru Bhai's position Hey! Bro...?! All these will benefits will soon be mine, dude! I made a mistake Forgive me Anna Forgive you? If you had only told me you liked her I would have got her for you whoever objected You want to kill me, who has never ever stood against your wishes? If you thought of killing me even once it must never again happen - Better than that you must die - Please don't Anna Hey! Finish him off Pardon me Don't misunderstand me Johnny? I don't know what you do He may beg for his life No one must ever see him again Switch off your phones and take him far away I am Deva's friend Didn't I tell you your brother will betray you What happened now? Don't you realize who I am? I claimed to be Devas friend... ...but I am the one who killed him Sathya Getting Deva alone, the Inspector's death... ...making your brother love your girl were all engineered by me Even his attempt to kill you today was because of me Didn't I tell you he will kill you today I was sure you'd fall for that bait Anyway, I am not killing him tonight It is you who's doing it Go and try to save him if you can Leave me Ajay! The pain of not being able to save the one you love That pain of helplessness that I went through You must also undergo! Come to me Now only you remain We will meet He would have come here I am here Anna He is the one who has seen him That's why I asked him to come Go see if he's here somewhere Here keep this with you "I am the dream girl..." " all playboys" "Am the drink to all thirsts" Change that Hindi channel "You are the moon no one has seen A moon who is more than handsome too" "You are the moon no one has seen A moon who is more than handsome too" "When I see you, don't you know how my heart goes pitter patter?" "Oh! The poor thing!" "Hey! Every word drips in sweetness She's come saying sweet nothings" "Hey! Every word drips in sweetness She's come saying sweet nothings" "Opens my heart and drags my desires out" "Oh! The poor thing!" "A Sheikh came for me and so did the boy next door" "But I looked out only for you, didn't I?" "A girl so shy, I did see you my pearl, everyday "Like a bee I come to claim, never to let you to another" "Oh! The poor thing!" "Oh! The poor thing!" "You came gentle as a breeze Came tripping into my dreams" "I desired to give you everything Like a pink flower, I stood shy" "Hey! You whispered sweet words Come to me, my wandering little bird" "Why do you hum at my door everyday Singing chants to bring me down on knees" "I am perfumed of desire Come to me like Cupid" "Won't you pierce me like an arrow My heart is wild and hot" "Goddesses of beauty may come Yet you remain fresh and lovely" "I am smitten here Tingling my heart with happiness" "You and I shared our feelings Exchanged everything innermost" "You gave me your all, Never ever leave me my man" "Oh! The poor thing!" Where is Ram? "Like a ripe grape fruit, to you I came gazed today longingly eye to eye" "With sweet kisses on me He drew a pictures all over" "The breeze that stroked you Came to me, humming coquetry" "Awakening desires with sweet nothings Lightening struck and shimmered on" "Beautiful then and now, my glance bright and like honeyed rain washes over you" "As millions of bells tinkled, and with kisses awhile" "Your eyes like sparklers shone bright my girl" "Will you come away with me to whisper sweet nothings" "Did you hear my heart speak Words of desire like a lovely song" "Oh! The poor thing!" "Oh! The poor thing!" Stop it I know you are here Come on! Out Where is he? I killed my dear brother for her All the others get out of here Veeru Bhai He also would have gone out with them Go and check Come out where ever you are! I killed the girl you loved If you don't come now I will kill her also If you have the guts come out Where are you? Hey Ram, look out for him Not Ram Bhai Its Sathya Next target is you So you are Sathya Only my face has changed My revenge remains unchanged I told you this when we first met, remember? You made a big mistake killing my Deepthi But God gave me back my life to get back at you Don't hurt me You want to live, eh? Before you fall and your head splits and if you feel a desire to live... ...but death seeps in, in inches understand how fearful it is The last breath before you die is in my hands Happy journey I am sorry Because of me... No I must thank you You saved my life If you hadn't come... Thanks Thank you Bye 4 what next? Please give some alms, sir Tell me - He is alive - Who? That Charan is still alive No way, man! I saw him here in Visakhapatnam - Have you informed Dharma? - Not yet Then inform immediately Call Tell me That Charan is still alive - Did we not kill him? - That's what I thought too He must not live Finish him Okay brother Come to the yard, all of you Kill that son of a mongrel Why are you trying to kill me? Wait Wait dude Stop there Who are you? Why are you trying to kill me? So there are more attempting to kill me They may not have come for me They may have come after this face of mine Who could he be? Who is he? Who are you? This life does not belong to you, it was given to you - Dr Shylaja - Who is it? It's me Where are you? Without even asking how I was when I called... ...but come rushing here, there must be some reason Why are they trying to kill me? Whose face do I have now? Why was it given to me? It's not a face I can give any tom dick or harry Who is he? Who is it? My son My only son... ...Charan Everybody loved him He was always there for anyone who needed help Will something exciting happen today? When a problem arises shouldn't we all be together? Why did you reveal his name? He was witness to all friendships and enmities This is our college Errors and mistakes may happen But that must not affect our relationships The freedom and friendships we enjoy here We will never ever get them back in life That's why Sorry I am sorry "Oh my heart rushing in streaks scattering colors everywhere" "Dear heart that slips into dream Come on! Gear up and be away" "Spreading and searching looking for heights to scale" "A heart that burns like coals alive in endless search for love in life" "Filling hearts and spreading out The chant of youth is 'give us freedom'" "Freedom that slowly becomes our own Freedom, this is a chant for all of us" "Freedom that slowly becomes our own" "Filling us with joy forever" "Desires like the ocean Splashes like waves in life" "Affection and consolations We search for endlessly" "Dreams we dream and heavens we search will never be beyond our reach" "Songs we sing, and the lyrics we write" "Will live a 100 years for the world to realize" "Freedom that slowly becomes our own Freedom, this is a chant for all of us" "Freedom that slowly becomes our own" "Filling us with joy forever" "They are the heroes who fought for our freedom" "We too shall flow with the tide they set in motion" "A hundred dreams and sky as the limit Flow along and cross borders" "Beautiful blossoms and honey within with righteousness within we seek to win" "Freedom that slowly becomes our own Freedom, this is a chant for all of us" "Freedom that slowly becomes our own Freedom, this is a chant for all of us" "Filling us with joy forever" Hey! Coffee Why so late in bringing my coffee Do you know I get a very bad name going late to hospital? Do you know I also am late for school, college and tuition? What a wretched fate Don't say that my son You know very well if I don't get your coffee... ...that day is a wasted one for me Hey! Hey! Come here Get ready Your coffee will soon be ready Get something I am hungry What's this man? Make it yourself if you want to eat This is my fate every time I come here I heard there was a problem in college yesterday also This time it wasn't my fault It was his How long are you planning to loiter around with him? When I was his age his father and I were already in love, 3 years Love? Him? Love has some techniques He does not know any of that Exactly! Which girl will fall for this face? Which girl will love him Tell me? His anger and expression makes them run for their lives Convince him, if he does as I say I will get him married to a nice girl Who is it? What do you want? Is it Dr Shylaja ma'am? - Who is it mom? - Let me find out first - Is Charan your son? - Yes he is - Can I come inside? - Come in - What do you want? - I want your blessings - Who is it mom? - My future daughter-in-law Daughter-in-law? Oh God! Why is she here? Her? She? This girl? How is it possible? Looks like a new admission Look at the white T shirt...mind-blowing She's already booked by me Look at her! If he has booked her before me It has to somehow be blocked Is it the one with black dress? White With pink bag...very beautiful My foot! You call yourself my friend eh? Didn't you like her? Just think Who is she? Look at your physique Look at hers Look at your color and compare it to her Look at your smile and just look at hers Bro, are you praising me or her? You, you idiot! Where do you stand in looks and where does she?! - Really? - Yes My mom always said if I don't get a girl good enough for me, never compromise Silly girl I drop you Didn't I tell you? When you praised me sky high I never imagined there was a catch in it So that day for the movie...? That was great I got only 2 tickets guys But we are 4 of us Excuse me Can I get 2 tickets? You can get them from the counter Give it off Take it Thank you And you made use of it, eh? I gave you so many clues Mustn't you understand? Your mom always said we were asses That is right And what is your name? Manju Manju? I see A call from Manjunath Its Manjunath calling Who is this fellow? Does not care if its day or night Mom, she is...I mean I am his only friend mom Mom, don't be like this Say something Go away! You didn't think to confide in me, isn't it? I wanted to mom That's when she came in Look, this is a question all mothers ask their sons What's that? Who will you take care of after you get married? Me or her? Shall I tell you something? My mom will always be there with me all my life If you ask me to look after her, then I will Not bad And like that, unexpectedly she also came into our joyous lives But I never imagined that the day the news appeared that Srinagar colony... ...was to be evacuated, my son's life will turn upside down 'Vultures eye the lands of the poor' Bring water Oh I see! You are sitting and feeding lunch to your daughter Didn't I warn you Dharma no government nor anyone else can touch that colony? Now this fellow has come with a plan 50 % for him, 50% for him and now look what has happened? Everything has come out open in the dailies You said you'd do it all underhand Now there's no one who doesn't know What are you jumping at? Let's forget all this And stop everything That will be best Take her inside, gently Everything will become alright KP I am very sure about that I did not reach this position believing in wealth, politicians, strength or man Fear I believe in the fear within men Anyway, some the fellow who exposed it to news papers is smart It's natural for a fox to want to irritate the lion If he has got enough guts for that it means his time has come to die The report was given by a guy from the same area Hey, Murugan Bring me the dead body of that cur Go inside my boy - Dad did you see that? - I said go inside Stop there all of you He wrote it for you Now all running away abandoning him I will kill everybody Like him All of you must this rascal die who wrote against Dharma No one move from here till then Bring him some tea Right away Don't go there Those are Dharma's men So? Should we watch him die - What are you doing? - Let me go Brother, he's my friend He is ignorant about things here I will send him away Daddy! Hey! Take Charan away from here Go away from here All this is usual here Listen to me Go I say What's happened to you? Why do you look so stressed? You watched someone being killed right in front of our eyes Do you know who was behind it? Dharma You don't know him He does not know to talk but only kills his opponents If we value our life, stop racking your brains and go about our jobs Okay, forget it! What is your ambition? Politics! Of course to become a leader Leader? Even a kid will say that How will guys like you become a leader? You are not qualified for that You need to have courage The ball is in your court Now you can start it You promised to meet my dad today Forgot, eh? - Who is it? - Charan's mother Come in Please sit Manju had told me That you'll come with Charan I was afraid of it That's why I came here early Afraid? If you handle him carefully nothing will happen He loses control very easily And what happens then? You may have to travel in an ambulance, instead of your car If you are not careful I don't know what will happen to you But better be affectionate and compromise He hates people who are impertinent Gets angry suddenly - What does he do when angry? - He beats up Nothing to be afraid of actually Tell me some of his better qualities too He will look after his mother But not his wife as much Why? Is he blind to her? I don't know You can believe me if you want to Keep it to yourself Don't tell Manju all this now What shall I say? You can repeat what I said Why are you so scared? Mom, why are you here? Mom? I came to tell him about Charan - So you have told him everything? - Yes Now, is it better to leave or stay She has very clearly explained Uncle, many people say many things about me But to me, your trust is most important My daughter has understood you very well And your mother too has described your nature Whatever anyone says I have a heart that is full of love My dear She is not only a daughter She is my life...and now you are too Take care "When you are beside me, I stand with in your shadow" "I turn into a loving tender shoot" "When laughter lights up my face and my eyes fill with beauty of Khol" "You are there to see it all" "You strummed my heart and beat a rhythm unseen" "Oh my rainbow so tender and moist" "Swimming in waves of your happiness" "I sang a love song and became a feathery breeze" "When you are beside me, I stand with in your shadow" "I turn into a loving tender shoot" "As you lock eyes with mine in triumph Fingers in feathery touch, stroke my cheek" "Why do you feel shy today?" "Let me gaze at your honeyed youthfulness Sweet budding beauty, let me see everyday" "Let me gaze at you" "Oh my dearest you live in my heart beating in unison with my life rhythm" "I see your glances dart at me I will be beside you always, my dearest one" "When you are beside me, I stand with in your shadow" "I turn into a loving tender shoot" "When tender buds bloom in your heart I will be sunk in dreams only of you" "When I twist myself as ring on your finger" "Your lips be part of mine in sweet honey drop" "You came, you surrendered all" "Like a bee I hover and buzz, to behold unseen sights, unfold before me" "Mists that chill have faded away Warm sunlight, you belong to me" "When you are beside me, I stand with in your shadow" "I turn into a loving tender shoot" "When laughter lights up my face and my eyes fill with beauty of Khol" "You are there to see it all" Hey old man! Come here Everyone who is above 18 years in this area, must sign on this It says, this whole area belongs to Dharma... and that you'll vacate within a month... ...and that you have no objections to it Brother, my daughter's wedding has been fixed in 2 months How can we move all of a sudden from here? Oh is that so? Just give away your daughter to me Why bother about marriage and such rituals? I'll send her back after one night man! Where is your daughter man? Does anyone have any other objection? I give you 2 days time All of you must sign this by then Otherwise all of you will be...! Don't be worried about that If alive, we can perform the wedding any where Why is everyone here? Go and put your signature My signature? Why? Murugan was here He has asked all of us to vacate Why should we vacate? What have we done now? We were born and brought up here We have struggled to make all this Skimping saving and almost dying of hunger Do we have to leave all this? Where are we supposed to go father? What is all this dude? Why are you giving in? If you do so now you will cry till you die Don't give a chance for that to happen You have toiled on this soil That's what you said just now Didn't you ask me? What was all this? There are so many of you here Go and ask him the same question They will kill me Do you think he will leave you alone? The fear of his threats are killing you every minute Charan, this is not a child's play It's not a simple issue like our college He is Dharma Who is this Dharma? Is he not a human being? Will he not bleed when stabbed? My son, your world is different from ours We do not have the strength to defy him Our life is like this We just want a place to die What are you saying father? We cannot tolerate this father What he says is right In spite of us being larger in numbers why can't we defy him? Who are you going to defy? You do know what they went through Defy! My foot! Sharada, take him inside Come Go my son Go and sleep with your a/c on See Mr Dharma It's a 3000 crore project Its 3 lakh square built up area The building shopping mall, multiplexes A boy from that colony is here to meet you Hey! Come here You have asked us to vacate in 2 months Yes - We are 400 families living there - So? If you make up your mind you can shift your project else where No chance This is sheer cruelty What will you build making us all homeless? You...! No one has dared to cross these gates all these days But today, I have come Tomorrow it will be another A thousand people will come What will you do then? What you said is true Today if one person has raised his voice Tomorrow another will against me That must never happen! Muruga! Did you hear what he said? A thousand people will come to defy me Let them come If any one dares to come he can take this body Otherwise I will burn him right here Now do you realize why I tried to dissuade him? What we feared has happened His mother can't get even a last glimpse of her son What will we do now? Not a single person has the guts to bring his body here Where is his house? Charan, forget it Don't go against Dharma Where is his house? You made a mistake dude Killing that innocent boy was the biggest mistake you committed Till this minute you and I were not connected in any way But from this minute onwards I will punish you for every action I want to kill you now But I can't let you die like that People must kill you From this minute that area belongs to me...Mine To watch you being hounded and killed... ...these dogs who guard you will not be so fortunate They had seen him only as my son till then But after that they began to consider him their confidence A faith in his ability Anna, they burned the papers we asked to sign The people there trust him completely What is he going to do? Let him go ahead and do it Hey! This entire empire was built up by me alone If I can do that all alone I know how to handle this also I don't want charity from anyone The audacity of that fellow who came challenging me! Leave him to me I'll take care of him Did you see your mug? Now only one side has been damaged Once more you fall into his hands you won't have your head anymore Dharma, we can't take this lightly He does not know the meaning of fear The right person must explain to him what fear is Nothing is lacking here Then why is the boy meddling with Dharma The father departed early Doesn't the mother want a son at least to perform her last rites? If he is no more who will do that for you? So tell him not to interfere which are none of his business When he was mischievous in school teachers used to come to me with complaints Just like this So you are a little scared too right? - Stop it you...! - You won't you...! He will do as he says I don't know what he said But try to escape if possible Don't be stubborn A woman who does not even have a husband...! Hey you! Who does not know who his father is will keep saying my husband is dead But before he died... ...he gave me a wonderful son Get out from here Let's leave Doctor? His blood pressure has risen Give him some medicines before he leaves If the mother and son are like this... ...imagine what the father would have been Dharma, we better fear this fellow We better think of ways to eliminate him quickly Ram? What is it uncle My Hello? Hi dear, we just visited your area Do you know where your mother is? - Mom? - You want to see your mother, eh? She is at home Come home She is right here Your selection is excellent Manju - Where is she now? - Why have you left her here? If you want her alive then come get her Else I will... So far you have only heard people talk about me Now you will see how the lion hunts I am giving you the chance to decide where to go, you dog Tell me Where are you? What happened? He has come here and is playing ball with your daughter Yes, bro - Don't harm her - Why? I said don't do anything What is it brother? Stop everything and withdraw Hey! Stop - Don't do anything - What's the problem? - Just do as I say - Okay bro You were asked not to do anything, right? Then carry on What is it dude? You have finished your hunt, right? Your daughter is so lucky She does not know about you When you withdrew your men the colony people have found out... are a useless rascal Now there is only one thing remaining The people of that area killing you like a dog Who are you threatening? Come to those blasted people Come...come there and I'll show you Come there and I'll show you Who is afraid of whom Oh so you have come? Are these the guys who will rip me apart? Ask them to come Ask whoever has the guts to come and tear me apart come and do it Come here What do you feel when you look at him? I feel like splitting open his head Great! You have the guts no one else has here You better come away with me If you remain here anymore whatever courage you have will seep away That's how shameless these people are They are slaves mentally and physically and living like dead bodies Fear? Who are you scared of? Remember the one who wrote for you and was ripped apart The boy whose body was not given up? If there are people to fear there will be people to be create fear If 10 of you stand up and defy a 100 like him can be fought 100 like that can defy 1000 such fellow Before he kills you at least one of you must be brave enough to kill him No one till date has won a battle without fighting What we need is the courage to fight that battle What happened now? It's not true that red ants in huge numbers can kill a snake... ...or a bunch of twigs is harder to break When a lion appears any animal shivers in fright That is the actual truth Call anyone you want What is it you ragged old man? Have you come with faith in that fellow? Get lost man If you don't you will die just like your son You rotten pig! Come on! Lets beat him to death It's not a myth that red ants can kill a snake ...or that a bunch of twigs be stronger together It is the actual truth The fear that was reflected in their eyes all these days Now...can be seen in yours Never come here again If you do, you may die Never! You will not, ever, get even a grain of sand from here Go! Get lost Get lost I say He will not come here again, my son All these days he had us cowering in fear We listened to his threats and lived like vagabonds at his mercy all these days Now we realize, our lives does not belong to any dastard "Aha oho what a handsome you A smart guy who charms anyone" "Your glances attract anyone and everyone When you come near, longings awaken" "Your glance alone can spurt a pimple" "A touch on the cheek enough to bring a dimple" "Life without you is like a cycle without a handle" "And life together with you is living under a 1000 watts candle" "Your sly glances my heart is punctured" "If this thief is nearby you can be sure its danger" "Dreams all together Locked up in a locker" "I come by softly silently, Like an expert hacker" "Come on...come on you are my beauty packet" "Come on...come on you are my leather jacket" "Aha oho what a handsome you A smart guy who charms anyone" "Your glances attract anyone and everyone When you come near, longings awaken" "When you don't come I have a fever To counter the heat you are the cooler" "You and I suffer the fever of love While the thermometer freezes" "I am smart like the Apple phone I am as open as the Chinese super-mall" "I live within your desires forever You are the love bird of my life" "Come on...come on you are my baby bullet" "Come on...come on you are my Ruby locket" "Only if you arrive I am done with waiting Even now I wait to be together with you" "If you do not eat I too am fasting Always and ever, it's only with you I dine" "I am always there in your heart You are competition even to love-gods" "Won't you come with me to play the flute My heart will always be warm for you" "Come...come...come on" "You are my beauty magnet" "Come on...come on you are my tasty cutlet" I realize you can do nothing Its 3 months since 100 crores was paid to you Adding interest, it's now 115 crores I give you 5 days time If you don't return it before that...! If the cat turns blind the mice may even dance Did you see how he walked out? Earlier he used to stand before you like he wanted to pee Look at the way he issued a warning?! 25 years Its 25 years I have reigned here I have killed one by one all who stood in my way And it continues every now and then But this son of a mongrel has no fear at all I have to somehow kill him and take over that colony I must reign supreme here again What must I do for that? Have I lost everything? No! Dharma, do you know the difference between you and him? We get our strength from the people we have behind us But for the people there he is their strength The longer he lives we move closer to our death He must not live He must be sent away from this world He is off to Visakhapatnam to attend a friend's marriage He must never return from Visakhapatnam It is my order Anna, the bus has turned that way They have come looking for me here also You stay here, I'll be right back My job was to kill you Dharma has offered me a good political career I don't need you any more You were my friend I am unable to kill you You are not a man Only cowards strike from behind Kill me like a man when face to face dude Come on! Kill me Kill me Deliver his body to his mother What happened to all your challenges? Now he lies dead right in front of your eyes Wake him up Can you do it? That was when they brought you there Your body alive, wounded and a face that was completely charred... ...needed another face altogether I too wanted my son's face to live on the face that gave courage to so many This surgery perhaps could be one of the rarest in medical world I wanted to explain all this to you, my son But you left before that I tried desperately to find where you were What happened after Charan's death? Go and see You asked what happened after Charan died, right? Go have a look You'll understand Mom, come on Grandpa! He has come Who? Charan My dear boy! Are you still alive, my boy? They had come here, son You raised your leg against me because he gave you courage that day Take it away Dharma's orders sir What does it matter to me?! He did everything he could to torture us The courage you gave us alone stopped those dogs from touching us Like you said the other day We never allowed them to take even a single grain of sand from here We give you one more week You better vacate by then Didn't you see? Even the police are not spared Who is there to come for you now? You one-legged man Who will save you this time? Run! Stop you dogs! Where are you running off? Where is your guts now? Come and see The courage my son gave them keeps them fighting against those thugs If only he was alive today...! He lives Charan is alive today Sathya is alive, but dead to the world for nearly a year But Charan, dead now for almost a year ...still lives in the mind of every person in that area He is a role model of how a man should live If not, life carries no meaning I must live life And I want to live it like Charan Let us talk to Sharath Kumar who has... ...won at a very young age the post of youth leader Sir, please tell us your journey from college student... this position in such a short time You can't become a leader through crooked means One must be hardworking And more than that Trust The trust these people have placed on me Some leaders betray that trust Such leaders don't have a future Those who do that won't get a chance... Anna, he is alive If he is alive, we are finished We must not let him live Tell me woman Is your son alive? You killed him, didn't you? Then why the doubt? Why is everyone saying he's alive? How can he see him? You fear that he is alive, right? Why should I fear him? Your knees are shaking in terror hearing he was alive What will happen if you actually see him? Prepare yourself He will come Let him come If he is really your son, he must come Anna! He is coming here It is him How did he come back alive? 'A thousand people will come What will you do then?' Don't spare a single fellow Kill all of them We have fought to sustain ourselves all these days... ...but today we have to fight not to be defeated You can take the decision whether to live or die You rascals! One step forward I will tear her to bits Go! Don't come near I warn you Don't! Isn't this wrong, Anna? If you want your life I want someone's life If one has to succeed in politics such things have to happen The minute you came in here, I knew my death was only a few seconds away But I am not going alone I will take you along with me Hey, shouldn't you be more careful? I have one more responsibility Manju I can't believe hereafter that Charan is dead True, I was the one who sent her far away to escape these people But now...!