Bich Lasagna V2 Beat Saber PART 1

What's up my fellow bros? That's right (laughs) That's right, I am inside videogame. Look at this AHHHHHH Mom someone put me in the videogame. Now, let's freakin do this We're gonna play Beat Saber. Oh, look at that, huh? You're not so tough now, are you? We're gonna play Beat Saber It's a game where you have lightsabers and hit to the tone of the beats. I sure hope none of this is copyrighted because I would have wasted all the hours that I spent setting this up. For some goddamn reason I thought this was a good idea. Let's freakin do this. I had no time to actually play this goddamn game Beat Saber So this is my perspective. This is how it looks for me. Pretty cool. Let's stop... did I forget to put on my headphones? I...found them, found them No problem. Okay, that's better I'm legit so excited to actually play it. Commercial pumping. I can do some fun things Okay, let's freakin do it. Look at this guys My saber, where is it? I'm missing it... What the Frank? Let's freakin do...Look at it. This is my perspective look at it So you're supposed to've probably seen everyone play this game, right? I don't know why I'm explaining it. Okay I don't know why whenever I play this. Ah I feel so sassy Doctor but I lost weight. I'm weighing them the wrong way. I was wearing them guys. It's not fair. I didn't realize I usually Stop. Yeah, I do not fail normal Ligety. Oh Hey I just realize I put on the perfect shirt today. Stop dammit Ah You feel that, that's right Whoa God damn Do I look as cool as I feel like this goddamn it? I feel cool Did you say that Okay, all right you get the gist that's the song is kind of annoying you're still watching huh, there it is I downloaded none other Will it be because I knew everything would get copyrighted. So why not just play my own side Nothing. Nothing pursue did but I must go all out. Oh, yeah, just it just this once To do that Okay, okay, okay wait I'll do I'll do no fail on that one just for the meme come on I don't like your t-series I don't like your taste a race. Nothing personal kid But I must go all-out That's right. Just just this once come up He's beginning to blame Because It is So satisfied Who the hell is God damn God damn. Oh Oh My god, let's play something else How about this? Nintendo GameCube Ok, that should be easy. Alright, let's do this What the hell was that wait again that's impossible What Ok, I'm not easy What the Frick This is so satisfying, I love it. I know I'm not saying anything. I'm just so focused I Don't know what to say. I wish I was killing Slicing up Mario Damn I'm terrible is it what else? Did we get the greatest enemy of all time lucky star Cool Wow This is so thing I've ever done but I But megalovania That's epic Oh God. Oh My god No one has ever done this I'm already exhausted. Please make it stop Why am I wearing a sweater god dammit my mic exercising is oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I have the greatest just need a Okay, whoa the halo thing Ooh, ah Who Oh, yeah Come on Berenice ha you track me This is amazing, this one is great Oh, yeah Oh My god that was amazing that was actually cream worthy it's time for the most important song of all time This is insane Hey, Monica Calabria, July cool. I can't see anything Tommy hon. I'll be sunny back and you don't you team? I'm loosing the grip up there patrollers Hey, hey hey Wow Oh I hope you enjoyed it allows this video here one more Don't worry. It's never happen again Setting this up smash like if you want more of this and I see your brows and the next episode Oh Do I look insane cuz I feel insane Jesus Christ man, I guess I don't need to work out today