Biden Crime family enjoys media protection


Tony Marano


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hi hi folks hello mr and mrs america and all the ships at sea plus all you foreigners out there who want to know the truth about america recently in these united states on a show called tucker carlson exposed the joe biden crime family for the corruption that was taken place within that family and throughout the world that they exploited money for their own benefit the next day the vast majority of the news media in this country totally ignored this corruption story of the joe biden crime family except for maybe one news applet did report it and has been reporting a good illustration of the ignorance and how the news media in the united states is ignoring this story on the front page of the washington compost instead of reporting dividing crime family they made an issue on how president trump's hotels and other facilities are making money while he's president none of it's illegal but it may front page the fighting crime family what they're alleged to have committed totally illegal totally ignored that's the news media in these united states of america we'll see you god bless you god bless america and god bless the nation you happen to be in [Laughter] see