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Breakfast Club morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club you gots a special guest in the building legends goddammit what's happening no much chilukula man you're not single out this week yes y'all do the album together yes big sleepover I decide to do album together it was so many damn so exactly so it was like a just a natural progression we've been on the road doing festivals tuning you know Brown performs with me and him was on the bus one day and was just like a man let's do it out and DJ cut myself started with some beats and we're a from organized Noize and we went back to Stankonia and we just started cooking up and it was good 15 years ago exactly I know man but I mean I don't think it was a good time for me you know sitting back there yeah baby would probably like quit the groove be like brown you're trippin come on bruh so I'm glad we waited this long we don't know too much about you personally do I seem so level-headed you know when the way you move came up play it was like a whole nother game it started because I was like in the background noise so to finally be up front you know now the girls reaching for Wow man where you move when it came up because I like okay so fresh so clean really introducing mm-hmm cuz you know a lot of people didn't know I was a part of organize no they just thought I was big homie and he was looking out for me so you know so fresh so clean started it but when the way you moved came around they finally got a chance to really look at me and you know get to know me it was crazy it was that was one of the best times in my life I gotta say it was too much fun I was talking my dad record yesterday because uh it was a comparison between uh the new group hurricane and outcast and somebody said something to the effect of our gang is like having to Drai's and everybody went in on her cuz they're like you must not know about big much not know how big boy there must mean I was crazy about it on way here my son he could go to school up here and he hit me he was like dad new FaceTime he's like wait yeah I was like home he's like I thought something happened to you I was like you're trending on Twitter yeah some white bitch I was like what but they killing that bro man what's going always like I was it's good I mean yeah you know they kidding laughs like I seen a little bit so I don't know I mean it was more because of how they dress you know both of them have that many they were some really crazy stuff okay that's what it is just the lyrics come on but it was the big disrespect that got everybody like in an outrage and I was talking about like people must forget how big the way you move was when hey I was out it wasn't like that was just some second-tier thing when you reach God emcee status it's hard for people to see you up here just got a pool to tape man you know 25 years when I want everything done everything and music and personally like um I'm so proud now that I was able to you know maintain my family my wife I got three kids in college I'm an empty nester I'm back to slaying around digging next you know I'm just trying not to reset the PlayStation man we have a man so life is lovely man and this album reflects the love that's going on yeah it's just an impressive thing to make timeless music - yes there's a lot of songs that you could play eight years from now and you're like I just don't write the way it did back then but to have music that you made 25 years ago and we could listen to it today and be like this could be on the radio just came out right now yeah you know what I think the beauty of the whole chemistry of the whole clique organized Noize Outkast goody mob is that that means I know it's cliche to say but we would like maybe ten years ahead of the time with albums like I was like ATLiens doesn't play list women are Stankonia speaker box love below Ida Wow you know we went down those are like outcasts organized Noize dungeon family collaborative efforts so it's all crew man and so the way the music is sounding now the brown just put together is an extension of that and I think the people gonna love it man intentions with CeeLo green is like oh my god it's just great music dope music hip hop as bars as grooves as live instrumentation as organized Noize just 808 I mean it's uh people love it that's a powerful word intentions because with Ja you never it's been probably hard to figure out what people's intentions have been cause y'all been popping for so long yeah yeah man this way that standing on the road being on the road man you know in the studio like be at the house man like I mean I don't know raising some kids for this since I was 17 man you know we started doing this we was 16 17 you know I'm just my early father's still handsome with a strong back and I just wanna thank the Lord Almighty for just blessing me and brown with the opportunity to be here with you guys I love which I'll do congratulations on reading some some good kids too many shades I went out what more no no no organ yes my baby boy go to organ was running back for the Ducks my daughter graduated from Auburn with a psychology degree she's I'm Birmingham about to get her a masters my oldest son is up here at the new school and he's liberal arts architecture man I'll tell my black I'm time I tell my shooting superstars out your drawers how'd you stay focused he was on the road as a father all them years like how did you manage things at home I'm gonna tell you what's one thing that's that's that's the truest thing if you want to be successful you got to have a great one by your side that's right you know me and my wife been together 25 years beautiful we've been married for like 17 18 and she held me down man you know the whole way and it ain't no I in team that's right outcast or in a marriage sleepy United like you have something you want to add well my story look different for kids beautiful kids my two oldest boys they chilling they doing this thing a little bit of music or whatever in my twins are still in high school on the road geniuses jeans kids as far as being married I was married but got the voice after 10 years and learned a lot from that so I have it your fault dog oh absolutely mouth the way you move a goat now I need this so it's all on me although me babe you know wife didn't like the way you was move at all oh you know we still be super cool man but you know I have a beautiful woman and she treats me so wonderfully and I love her to death would you get remarried I'm thinking about it yeah I probably a combination of the names for one and then for two to let people know The Big Sleep is over you know what was just talking about with the earth gang thing like people just I guess they take for granted because we just do it and make it look so easy at ease you know what I mean but 25 gained 25 years being lyrically sharpened the production levels that these boys doing and the melodies you can't sleep on that you know I mean this this album right here it just showcases both sides of with me and brown have been doing for past two decades man and man is jamming and proud of one thing I realized I get older when people don't know what the fuck they're talking about you just got to leave them alone so when they say things like if they sleeping on dungeon family they sleeping on a big boy like goodie might like wow wow even you know AFOL know we don't know we just came up he just so happened the bees that's it was high we're like okay Lord won't you do it you're tired of the asking for the outcast for you and you need another outcasts album in another outcast or do you tired of that no not really I mean means shit Dre might get tired of hearing you know me like I mean I I see people a lot and I know Dre's out shooting in Philly a TV show and it's just part of the game and that's what that's what the people love you know me that's what they want and you just gotta talk to Jesus no one told you I think I were ready for that tool yeah yeah it was fun I mean I toured the whole time you know you always on so I mean cuz it's like I had three kids I had to get out and take a break too so you know I mean so I stayed on the road and I just could be in the family environment all the time so I still baddest music and also being a father you know if piano recitals and football games and stuff like that so my life was balanced but that tore it was dope man finally five years ago don't even seem like right you know it's interesting to me to see also with the whole Super Bowl situation right yeah now you see people coming back around and they're like okay roc Nation's did a deal with NFL you're trying to make sure that people are more involved but when you made the decision and the standard perform at the Super Bowl halftime show I don't feel like you got the flag that like I'm in room five got or that a Travis Scott did not really because I've been doing things in my community and I don't just live on the internet you feel me so if you know about big boy big his foundation I've been forming the minds of use for over ten years now so I do things in the community I don't just pass out toys and turkeys and things give him to take a picture just for a photo op you know I mean I'm out here in these streets for real so when the opportunity came up I was like okay cool I mean it was a protest going on I was like but I told my mom I said you know what if Julian Edelman is the only motherfucker got that running routes on Sunday imma see at home but everybody showed up to work and you know what my take on it is we did it for Atlanta mm-hmm you know everybody was like man look at football can't come in we got nobody representing once we finished that show we had all of Atlanta in the worst haiti l hope it became a totally different thing you know me so in my mind we really did it for a it went anyone even just for that it was the fact of like if it's gonna be you know a protester you can't you can't play fantasy football yes you can you can't go to the football game you can't talk about somebody that's performing on the show but you know you're advertised you in the Dallas Cowboy ahead time I help saying Jerry Joe like if you go that's not your business you know I'm saying like that's that whatever you do is your business that's one thing about outcasts will never do what the sheeple do you know I mean I'm an independent think I'm gonna do what I want to do so as you see right now niggas is performing in the NFL at the show's last Monday night meal and I think Jesus was there so what I did was what I did was I took a hundred thousand dollars the check they gave me and I gave the Bernese King in the Kings Foundation they do something to community so that's what that was man it just kept it moving so you do get paper the Super Bowl know that I totally did not give me some money to give to something this year it's okay know what I'm saying that way you can't you can't follow what niggas tell you to do man you got to be an independent thinker you never get nowhere in this world following the Sheep I'm saying the seat don't even see the wolf Tree Swallow so what you got to do man is free your own mind and do what's right ain't been here this long by not being good to people being a stand-up guy and nobody can never taught us my niggas especially not right on the internet and you didn't get this far by following the crowd not never that's what that's not what outcasts do not never and then never do that now you're also gonna be playing Barry Gordy already did I did I did he snatched out the best scene in the movie yeah he took out the best scene in the movie man but I had to drop Bobby to bars and then bear board had to clear the music so he saw the scene I think it was a too much the nigger from ATL and the scene he like I don't want to be that gangster I mean y'all take this out in a mom not clear Barry was a gangster what he made oh no man very didn't want to be seen yeah in their life yeah yeah you know you want to keep his name I did it I did it to good in the documentary Hitsville did you watch that no I didn't see them yeah I did see the evolution of hip-hop is the southern version this past weekend it was good too do you feel like the dungeon family story is being told right because you know you had the documentary which would the organized Noize documentary if you think that the whole DF family is stories being told the right way um not until we tell it all together the organized Noize documentary was the closest that you're gonna get so you get all of the three organized Noize me and Frey and the goodie mob's sit down and be like okay we're gonna do a movie you know I mean you'll get the real deal yeah that was that which I want to do yeah pretty much yeah you don't want to be out of here and somebody else to tell your story and what makes y'all still let him music so much jamming man sound good it's like when you are born with a gift like I want to take my mom and my dad you know for having me like my mom she was in high school and when she I just found this I was she graduated she had meeting my brother and my sister in the front row of her graduate from high school she was a teenage mom I mean and I was born with a gift and I loved it you know and my mom's like keep shining baby I'm saying take care of my mother hey mama you know I'm saying she's doing good right now I retired her maybe fifteen years ago and that's the dream you know to take care your mom like you know from her being a teenage mom to now sitting in the lap of luxury everybody's dreams to take care of mother it should be anyway I think the best thing about y'all y'all have always made like adult contemporary hip hop so no matter how old y'all get y'all gonna never look stupid on stage jumping around and I mean you I mean I guess we are the one thing about as we was just a cool clique of brothers who were talented who got together and made magic you know to me and me money don't make cool it might make you look cool yeah but you got to be bummed that shit you feel like you got your just do sleepy yes sir uh you know I look I still love doing music because first of all grew up backstage you know my dad was in a 70 band called brick and a lot of his so I grew up at the phone concerts you know actually me and Jermaine deacons made Michael Martin was a brick road manager so we grew up backstage together so for me you know like I remember was like I was seven years old I first seen my dad on stage in Atlanta at the Omni and he was doing dance and I'm like what the hell like all hear about screaming I was turned around with my grandma said this what I want to do gonna be just like they're so musical it will always be in my life you know even if it's not coming out just to I gotta have music around I'm writing for other people yeah it's fine you know it's love it's always fun to write some and then you give it to the person who they are damn right I still enjoy doing news I still enjoy producing like the last record we did with Janelle Monae oh I like that we did it so you know is I still love nothing on the FiOS time today tell me Brown that's not jamming Omo you shouldn't do that you know I mean people don't know that you signed a lot of artists people don't know a whole bunch of shit man because you need the whole purple all-stars yes I'm looking right now my main focus right now is me and Brown big sleepover like you said I'm the reason another reason why we didn't do the record so soon is because I've been you know signing his name Rene and signing the killer Mike and developing those artists and I took time off from his focus on me Bubba Sparxxx you know what I mean so now it's it's big sleepover time but I am looking for somebody I want a squirrel like when when dr. Dre had the chronic a yak ruff dad's a snoop I wanna I want to mold him new young niggas like that you know I mean we got a stank on his studio to compound and after we do our thinking we don't stack so many songs like we could share it with somebody else and I bring somebody else even coming from Atlanta a weather too many artists that like I guess followed in y'all footsteps musically you know saying it's like the dungeon family got a sound that's so Atlanta only the dungeon family can do it right right because the lennon was more own at first to base sound that was the hood sound for atlanta we will we will heard but we were doing like a boozy you feel me because i'm saying so when we first did is subtle playlisted miracle ray had got chronic eye on the night before it came up and he said there was like look we gonna get out here with these brothers like this we gotta listen to this take notes and do it we got to do so we made sure day one just a local sound we won't do an international sound we wanna we want to bring a lana to the forefront you know cuz we were hiding out spies Decatur East Point College Park so we wanted brothers from Atlanta to be proud so that was the whole thing with our sound and they respected so much that none of them tried to do our son at all you know I mean from Little John Jermaine are they all did their own thing you know I mean I guess that's why I found they the way it isn't they never change and you know you know what when Rhapsody was up here she said that Queen Latifah used to manage you guys yeah that is true absolutely how did that happen when we did Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik him was a cool brother and and we love I love Latifah coming up and that's when we met Michael blue Williams who is the outcast manager from ATLiens all the way to Idlewild right and so it was always flavor unit it's still family to this day so we're gonna do some some film TV stuff now yeah but that's family y'all weren't trippin I'll sign it to another artist at the time not really because they treat us like family you don't mean like shock him you know he had Naughty by Nature it was big dog you know I mean so I mean we just wanted somebody new and I say this favor unit did the deal we organize know what to do to Netflix movie you think it's important for artists today the newer younger artists to do their research and know about Outkast know about dungeon family I think they should you know that's what we did you know we you study the gray suede kind we study the Great's cuz you know it's like when BB King said you take a little bit from each artist and make it your own thing that I do that anyway you know well yeah but you know I think everybody should do their history on it because that's what makes music fun you know to learn you know where it came from and you know who was Sid Danny and believe it is not brown like some people who say they don't do the history have done but it's been like I said only thing we are is to make great music influence others like we were influenced by the Grace and absolutely as long as the music sounding that great as a whole like everybody that's coming out of Atlanta anybody we love and expect in a dorm they come through the studio and everybody worked together we love them boys man and that's I think that's one reason why Atlanta can continue to to talk that ball is because there's a certain camaraderie when it comes to Atlanta artists where you gonna bump into somebody at magic or the blue flame or at the gas station so it ain't too much having no beef or Linux you know me matter slider she got somebody to food court integrating bra you know I mean so might as well be cool then it is just to have beef that's the unsung story of the was that 94 sauce was a 95 which one show got on state knows 94 that's the unsung story when Dre got up dating Dre said the South got something to say yeah yeah Lanny look back since the South Fame look back we want to be accepted by New York because we you know we are MCS first we take our craft seriously you know we write our own stuff we've a lot of people don't know that we produced at the organized Noize just something fair allistic from ATLiens own al cash produced songs like Rosa Parks 80 Ellen's miss Jackson mom's on a bad day our production coming it was earth-tone 3 but people didn't know we would produce the new songs and rapping on them you know I mean so right now we just use all of our talismans to kind of just keep it going is there any groups of crews that give you the dungeon family goody mob outcasts vibe like just in general over the years anybody I mean the vibe but I fuck with a lot of them no you know I'm saying Jake owes and Kendricks even like the turf gang like mean I listen to everything you know I'm saying so I'm listening to the Gunners the little babies you know I'm saying the gun thug I love it the melodies he used you know what I'm saying like everybody take their own thing and kind of create their own style and what you got to do as an artist is evolve you know what I mean you got to recreate yourself every time don't get this one song and and feel safe like okay and keep trying to do the same thing cuz that's how you're gonna burn out cuz it's gonna be three more people do that same song you do and they gonna have a going on a better outfit one day yeah be thin when you post various songs on your ground yeah yeah yeah I'm just trying to school them with music sound like Instagram stop motherfucking Haven taking my shit down when I put some prints up it could be my own song it like violation the copyright on my house [Laughter] yeah maybe we should do the history so they don't make dumbass statements like gang is we appreciate you guys yeah brothers joining us the single is out this Friday intentions yes fo album coming out what we gonna do if we doing something look different the album is done but we're gonna drop one song at a time cuz be people attention spans so short that we got 13 songs on the album and it's all killer no filler every song is something special so when we drop one y'all get that dog support the second one then we're gonna say okay wouldn't give you out a whole thing but you're gonna love it though we got goody mob on the album produced by organized Noize Calvo two greats of 1500 or nothin killer yeah killer Mike on the record mmm oh yeah it's jamming man cut master Swift - yeah did a good job well this big boy sleepy brown big sleepover The Breakfast Club good morning [Music]