Big Surprise Rumoured For WWE Royal Rumble 2019

[Applause] hello there everybody what Culture wrestling's Adam clearing here and first and foremost happy Royal Rumble day to you or can you believe it's been a year already yes you probably can because that's how that's how time works anyway we're here all day gonna try and wrap up all the news that happens before the show for a bit of an exciting change and the first thing on today's agenda is that wrestle votes have not dropped a bombshell about tonight's pay-per-view but they've dropped the potential for a bombshell I'll explain actually before I do I will just qualify this with the tour very may happen could be in the works that kind of thing but wrestle vote to do have a reasonably okay track record for alleged industry insider so we're gonna give him the benefit the doubt on this one and plus if nothing else it got us all talking I'll just start with exactly what they said a big surprise may be in the plan Sunday up the Rumble one that's being kept from nearly everyone however I'm not gonna link it two reasons one if it happens everyone should have a genuine reaction to the moment and to WWE doesn't even know if it's going to work out yet now yeah so first of all I wouldn't blame me for your immediate reaction to that was they haven't actually said anything and what's more they've even said that nothing might actually happen so if something does they can take the credit for and if something doesn't then it got their backs covered but as I say the track record isn't too bad on stuff like this was probably worth at least paying attention to in the short term now just the idea that there could be a surprise at the show that's full of surprises that is so big WWE aren't even letting most of the people backstage know about it is well it's the whole reason you watch the rumble isn't it for that kind of now obviously the internet being the Internet has gone into overdrive trying to speculate on what it could be but one thing they did clarify in a subsequent follow-up tweet is that it is absolutely 100% not about Kenny Omega because Kenny omegas contract just in case you don't know this bit yet doesn't expire with New Japan until just after the rumble it would be literally illegal for him even if he had signed for double W 80 which he definitely hasn't to be on this show so it's not about in one person it actually could be though this would tie into a number of other stories you've heard throughout the week is a surprise not returned because obviously this reasons he can't return just yet but a surprise cameo a surprise appearance very one Roman reigns obviously first and foremost tear reigns is still in the midst of his battle to overcome his leukemia so he won't be back in the ring and any full-time capacity anytime soon but the reports we've heard that his recovery is going really well he is currently in very good shape currently in very good condition and could be somebody they bring out just to just you know make the crowd feel happy because seeing Roman reigns in the midst of everything he's going through would make everybody happy there could be few people more deserving of a huge Rumble appearance and the pot that goes with that than that man so that would just join the dots enough for this all that makes sense there's also being told the Pug because I mean obviously there's always talk of pugs but any name you can think of that would qualify as a massive surprise somebody's speculating on that that's he I mean naked MIDI in the rock Simon Millar you name it somebody is suggesting it but who is it actually going to be well we're just gonna have to wait and see aren't we friends and we shall do so tonight at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view book it's tonight is the Royal Rumble and I'm so so goddamn excited for it genuinely the Royal Rumble is one favorite thing in the whole world besides Betty let us know what you made of this story though as well as anything else in the comments below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe we shall be back tonight for the Royal Rumble livestream and reactions myself and the two atoms will be your hosts your guests your whatever it is you need in your heart but in the meantime thank you very much for watching half of course but Adam clearly and I will see you soon bye