BigFoot HUNT Challenge


Team Edge


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oh yeah I'm not going in there what's up you guys and welcome to the Bigfoot hunting challenge guys guys guys did guys oh my gosh there's a Bigfoot lurking around and we're gonna hunt it I'm gonna kill it they're gonna try but before that we want to thank the Singh for sponsoring this video Wow xìng xìng xìng and we want to tell you guys how you guys can win a thousand dollars every month all you got to do is post a video of yourself doing a trickshot with one of their fire tech bow on YouTube with the hashtag zing shot Wow is you guys also have a chance to win a spot on the zing shot team click on that link down below in the description to find out more details on how you can win a thousand bucks and a spot on the zing shot team now onto the challenge alright the rules are there's no rules we're going to be starting in different areas and we have to find our bows in backpacks with the arrows whoever gets the Bigfoot and kills him and brings his head back over to home base wins but the little twist is what we can kill each other in real life I'm actually gonna kill him Oh No thank things Inge let's do this i'ma go get me a Bigfoot I gotta find some weapons though for some reason I came unprepared I don't want to run into a Mathias or Brian because I hear they're pretty skilled with using bows as well my strategy here is to not really go after Matt and Jeff at first because I don't waste my arrows I'm gonna try and find Bigfoot is that him no it's not nevermind I don't know where jafer is because I can have a feeling he's like gonna sneak up on me Amy behind the back all right I just got the word that we're live and we're about to go and I found this stake here so I'm gonna use this until I find my Xing bow I mean I may actually kill some people with this but no big deal right I'm gonna win that's what matters I also started out in the middle of nowhere look at this place we do this it's like smells like bigfoot urine look look look you see that right there that was easy my bag we got a ding bow Oh jackpot baby oh alright look pretty for it right there see you even got helicopters over here searching for Bigfoot works out hey CJ get down get down get down I'm doing this second have easy access to the blows wait were they do you get like a gummy bag I got like a there we are we got play we got water in here my kids to get thirsty nice I think we got a long trek ahead of us whoaaa glad I bought these cargo pants for this look at that there's matter I gotta be careful doesn't say it's good Papa say what if there's a backpack for toddlers ah I just I Joey he ran oh I'm ready I'm gonna see if I can hunt then first take up the competition don't forget your bow oh the bro oh-oh-oh-oh this far away from gettin huh and he was about 20 meters from getting me in my cameraman oh hey right ah why didn't I D with each other nothing a good time to go which way right straight or left hmm if I were Bigfoot I would go right right yeah dang to like literally put away from Brian is awful literally hunting Bigfoot I gotta stop with this Oh G grab a fun Bigfoot oh how Brian's how honey I got that dude on my tail right here just like freaking stop moves like a weirdo he'll come behind I gotta push my luck and get out there in front of dude they're just wasting their arrows on each other not only do we have to watch I have to watch out for these two Bigfoot - gonna come out here just get a crap out of us ha ha oh just embark you're gonna blend in so easily in the IKEA mmm all right here biggie biggie biggie biggie biggie can't you see what I brought my big foot scanner uh-oh you're mad baby just take a shot at Judy yes who's coming from all right so now is the point at which they can't see us and we can't see them we're gonna make our way through these they're out in the open wash let's see what we can do drink straight up this one we put the tree house dude you see that yeah I'm gonna bum-rush him okay the Bears Brian oh he didn't know your blue eyes on his tail whoa oh god I gotta get out here taking me you did not expected Oh daddy's dead a brain am i right era was this close to me who's got me I feel like we're getting close smells like sewage Bigfoot likes to hang out I heard didn't he sound like he was over here it's a bad spot right between the ages yeah why don't you try calling for Bigfoot whoo oh I think that's Brian nothing two three a decoy let's go find out oh that was his favorite read what stirred by yesterday i right there oh that's Brian making the noise awesome I just he's mindful always he oh oh he was straight up camouflage I got him in the arm go go go go go go I heard the actual Bigfoot though you near Jake right oh yeah I'm not going in there oh good I'll be honest that Tim look like you'll just pool in it out I would have fell for it too what Oh Oh oh we got a little ravine here I got away goodie city man you got away bring up jump across that pond there see ya Oh Oh Oh got him right in the face let's make it back to home base oh my gosh oh shoot Bigfoot's head yeah okay oh wait did you get him do you hear that yeah they're faking a Bigfoot they still think Bigfoot's alive I'm gonna put a Bigfoot tenant in my backpack oh they're fine oh snap he got a with body washes granny Jeffrey's heading back we gotta go back we have a long way to home they still alive I'm gonna kill Brian and we're gonna car today they found his body Jeffords got his head Jaffer's got his head let's move he thinks Jake let's go go go oh then Matt's got his head I gotta go they're coming after me I'm trying I'll try I wasn't made for this challenge I'm sorry she Brian you lose ah I am victorious Bigfoot is no more we're gonna bring him back to life hopefully for future stuff but for now he's dead alright guys thanks so much as in for sponsoring this video so make sure you guys go click on that link down below to find out how you can win a thousand bucks and a spot on the zinc shot team click over here to watch a video that YouTube thinks you're going to like and check out this video where we did a Hunger Game style with the zing bows can click right in the middle right here to subscribe cuz we do videos Monday Wednesday Friday please please