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we're gonna do something a little bit different this morning which kind of different I guess is normal I'm how many of you were here again several years ago when we did the I want my knife back Easter service this is gonna be a little bit more similar to that although completely different theme we are going to I'm going to take you through a song we're going to read it together let me tell you why do you remember when Jesus when Jesus said the shepherd the good shepherd leaves the 99 sheep and goes after the one I feel like everyone swell which you've seen us practice this through the years every once a while were to stop trying to minister to every person and go after the one sometimes they're supposed to down everything down instead of trying to make everyone happy and just go to the one individual to the one person that has need and have us minister Tim I do believe technically that everything that we're going to do D do today will be of benefit blessing to many many people if not everyone but we're going to go through the 91st psalm so if you'd open your Bibles to the 91st psalm that will help us out the 91st psalm is probably the most memorized psalm in the bible second only to the 23rd psalm the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want this particular song is is a psalm of of protection of safety of deliverance it's the covenant song of God with his people to keep us in perfect safety I feel like I don't know how to let me try this way we did a study recently on wisdom on Solomon on proverbs that'll package and if I were to summarize the purpose of Proverbs and the purpose of wisdom is to teach us to reign in life is to enable us to rule over our finances and not be in debt it's to help us in our relationships to lead a healthy lifestyle in all of our relationships family etc and not be overcome by the circumstances that are difficult or challenging and on down the line to reign in life for her to summarize the Proverbs it would be to reign in life if I were to summarize the Psalms it would be that you would have fullness of life fullness it is the heart of the Lord for every person to discover his unique purpose for each person God loves diversity unity is not uniformity unity is only found with diversity the fact that we can have so many completely different people in a room like this and have each one significant and important before the Lord and before one another is is vital it is vital to life here the heart of God is for every person to experience ultimate freedom ultimate freedom is not doing what I want it's the Liberty and the ability to do what pleases him and what fulfills my purpose for living my purpose for being and the heart of God for every person in this room is to taste of that fullness of life to know exactly why you're alive to live that to the max not trying to be someone else anybody else ever tried to be someone else and it was horribly disappointing I mean because you can't ever succeed you know it's especially true in church life I I don't know why I think it's because we get we get heroes where we're very prone to having heroes which i think is a good thing I see somebody that I really admire and I talk like them I try to minister like them and I I can never pull it off because they are unique and I'm unique and as we've said in recent months in recent years once you find what God has made you to be you would never want be anyone else there is no there is no there's no longing to be anything other than is designed for you once you've seen that so that's what we're going to pray into today we're going to read several portions of Scripture we'll be praying for one another we'll have people with certain kinds of needs stand and so just get ready because you're all on the ministry team ready because your hands are powerful that are ready to make a difference Psalms 91 Psalms 91 verse 1 whoever lives within the secret shadow of Shaddai hidden in the strength of the Most High will always be kept safe and secure here's how I describe him he is the hope that holds me the stronghold to shelter me the only god for me my great confidence he will rescue you from every hidden trap of the enemy and he will protect you from false accusations and any deadly curse okay stop right there verse 1 says be kept safe and secure verse 3 be protected from false accusation excuse me rescue from every hidden trap and false accusation and deadly curse that's what we're going to start some of you have come face-to-face with situations that you've never faced before in your life and you could feel it when you got close it was a trap and it it may be that you saw the trap of the enemy and you were able to skirt around it and completely bypass it may be that that trap actually affected you but that whole issue of a trap set for you makes sense I don't have to persuade anyone you know who you are that issue of a trap set really makes sense so we're going to pray that the Lord reverses the effective of that trap so to speak secondly there are some in this room that have suffered of late under false accusations and I could have you pray over that one for me every every week I think but anyway well we'll leave that out of the subject they just don't know they love me that's all that's now let's get back to this false accusation you've suffered under a false accusation and the the deadly curse thing there's been people who have who have really withstood you and accused you falsely and have cursed you that's not everybody in the room it shouldn't be everyone in the room but it is somebody besides me so if the trap the accusation the curse makes sense to you Stan because we're going to pray today is going to be a day of absolute liberty and freedom for you alright what is the will of God for these folks the will of God is for the fullness of life to be their portion it is a gift from God Jesus paid the price for it it's not a theory that exists in heaven alone Jesus made provision for each person to taste of that fullness of life in this lifetime yes there's more in eternity but it's not all about there some of it is about here and triumph and victory in fullness of life is designed for people now it's actually the blessing of the Lord in Psalm 67 extremely important Psalm for me and for this house it says this Lord bless me cause your face to shine on me that they would know your ways and the ends of the earth would come to salvation think about that prayer god bless me Frank let's pray god bless me say it say it with like you want it god bless me cause your face to shine upon me because I want them to know what you're like and without your favor on my life they won't know how good you are and I want salvation to come to the nations of the earth through your favor on my life that's what we're going to pray I want you to stand go to these who are standing you're going to serve them if you can't reach somebody just partner with them at a distance extend a hand but I want you to pray that the Lord would defend them we don't want any ill thing happened to it when you come to help me out help me out here come on we don't want anything evil or bad happening to any person we want to bless them but I want you to pray for these folks right now they've been under verbal assault they've been under accusation some of them traps have been set and I want you to pray just declaring this thing will have no effect over their life right now in Jesus name thank you lord [Music] all right so you're going after the one that's what we're doing today we're going after the one we refuse to defend ourselves we look only for the defense of the Lord the favor the protection of the Lord now as though you were doing a prophetic act I want you just to brush those shoulders off and say this has no effect on you this will not land on you will not devour life from you in Jesus name Amen all right you did good you did good go and sit down all right this is going to be Christian calisthenics aerobics he will be up and down for the next 22 minutes and 42 seconds all right verse four his massive arms are wrapped around you protecting you you can run under his covering of majesty and hide his faithfulness is a wraparound shield keeping you from harm you will never worry about an attack of demonic forces at night nor have to fear a spirit of Darkness coming against you don't fear a thing whether by night or by day demonic danger will not trouble you nor the powers of evil launched against you for God will keep you safe and secure they won't lay a hand on you alright here's the deal I know that there are some of you that really suffer with that night terror thing things happen in the night for whatever reason they just happen in the night you are you are awakened somewhat frequently with with fear or with panic or with a nightmare that just just spoils your rest and you want that thing just to end - today put your hand up because we're gonna pray for you there's quite a few folks is suffer with that the second one as he says whether it's by night or by day so there are some I in the room that have really battled with this panic attack thing things that just they just have come out of nowhere everything is going fine and then just get blindsided by this fear thing or this panic attack and the Lord is going to set things straight today i I don't believe I felt that last night as I was going to bed that I was to take on this focus for today and was largely because of this one area of prayer that got where we're going after the one today that God is going to recalibrate and set things straight there are some of you that have sleeping disorder that may or may not be connected to this we're going after that as well so if any of those three things sleeping disorder night terrors or the panic attack the fear the unreasonable things to just come at you during the day if that's you stand up today's your day those who are watching by Bethel TV get in on this one lay hands on yourself if you have to but just get it you know stand up in faith and let's just watch what the Lord does the Lord I don't believe I don't believe he would speak this very very clearly just to entertain us he has a purpose a redemptive purpose of ministering to each person so that whatever cycle started for however long ago it started we don't need to know all we need to know is that it ends today and we have the authority to pray and to give that pronouncement over these folks so we've got you've got understanding all over the room I want your stand go next to them and begin to minister to them the Bible talks about his faithfulness as a wraparound shield so just pray for that revelation of faithfulness the revelation of presence to literally be a shield yeah someone lay hands on the head actually flecked is very specific we're supposed to break off this cycle where the enemy has stolen he is interrupted the gift of God which is sleep [Music] some battle with it throughout the day it's exhausting we just declare this ends today this ends today in the name of the Lord Jesus as though you could see it resting on them I want you to lift it off just as like a prophetic act as literally just lift it off into Clark this ends today this ends today no weapon formed against you shall prosper quote scripture over them right now no weapon formed against you shall prosper and that means you there are no exceptions that means you no weapon formed against you will prosper the Lord is a wraparound shield he surrounds you as a wall of fire for your safety for your protection and for your benefit for the sleeping disorders we just canceled that assault of torment that would disrupt the healthy cycle of life we just pray that release in Jesus mighty name Jesus mighty name Jesus mighty name thanks Laura all right you did good we're gonna read verse interbreed verses 9 and 10 for this next one you guys doing right yep now I want you to listen carefully this song is all about a covenant we have with God his promises to us but listen to me it is all interwoven in the revelation of God's presence upon his people all right it's literally about his presence upon you upon me all right so listen to this carefully when we live our lives within the shadow of God most high some of you have been in a dark place it's not because he's far it's because he's near you're in the shadow of his Wain when we live our lives within the shadow of the God most high our secret hiding place we will always be shielded from harm how then could evil prevail against us or disease infect us we see tastes of this reality what I want to do is I want to link something together here the manifest presence of God and the deliverance from disease we're coming into a day where the presence of the Lord will be so pronounced in a meeting that everyone who walks into the building will be healed that's not that's not a theory it's already happened but what I want is for it to be a sustained reality in the life of the church we have we have seen the cancer dissolve literally in the presence of God resting upon his people during worship one service we had two people sitting in this section unrelated to each other both were healed from the effects of a broken neck each of them broken necks both healed in one Sunday morning two and had almost three years ago I ministered to this young lady that had 35 epileptic seizures a day and when she walked into the building we ended up praying for but but I found out later it would probably didn't need to because when she walked into the building into the people of the people of God were meeting the whole thing that had plagued her her whole life literally just lifted off of her last time I talked with her it was about eight or nine months ago and she had gone at that time two years without one seizure in the present in the [Music] so listen to this again with that in Mica's we're going to pray we're not gonna pray just for healing I believe in that obviously but we're going to pray for the revelation of his presence to so far surpass any connection we have with disease or problems I don't mean mind over matter I mean that the reality of the presence of the Almighty God would literally drive out every attachment the enemy has was sickness disease affliction I'm you know there's no disease in heaven whatsoever why it couldn't stand that the presence is so strong so how about we go for that here one one last thought in Romans 8 it says it talks about the Holy Spirit in us and then it says referring to this Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Resurrection there's this phrase who brings life to your mortal bodies so the presence of God in us brings life to our mortal bodies so we can safely say it is all about the presence when we live our lives within the shadow of the God most high our secret hiding place we will always be shielded from harm how then could evil prevail against us or disease infect us those of you that have disease whenever in your body you need a miracle to some extent the affliction in your body you need a miracle just stand up we had a visitor from the UK where that's not too long ago I believe sat right back over here somewhere was looking at something when somebody spilled hot coffee all over his shoulder he turned around there was no one there and there was no hot coffee he had actually injured his shoulder to the point he couldn't involve himself in any kind of sport or any kind of athletic activity gotten rid of his canoe everything that would use any kind of movement at all and he came to find out that the hot coffee the spilled on it was actually the presence of God and it just happened during worship he thought who was Cruz careless back here and turn around there's no one there and then found out he was healed that's what we're playing we're praying I just want you to see all I want is for you to see the connection between the anointing and hot coffee that's all I'm wanting to say is the connection specifically you guys know what to do we have these friends of ours who are standing they need a miracle I want you to pray very specifically let the overwhelming presence of God manifest upon them and in their homes we have some people that experience a miracle here only to go home to have trouble we want it to fill their homes as well so you just pray pray in that way pray in that way jesus heals every disease let the manifest presence of God now saturate every cell of our bodies unto divine health to the point where even deformities malfunctions get corrected get restored in Jesus name pray that they could taste and see the Lord is to be experienced not just thought about experience so we pray for that right now in Jesus mighty name every single person experience the bounty and the blessing a divine favor we thank you Lord just take just a moment longer I feel like I feel that we're just supposed to pray God reveal and manifest your holy spirit upon them reveal and manifest your the presence of God upon these folks so much so that every cell yields to the reality of heaven that place where no sickness or disease can reside we declare this in Jesus mighty name in Jesus mighty name alright do something to bless them really extra good and then take your places again you guys are doing well [Music] I believe the Lord has a very unique purpose - every day that we get to gather together and I obviously love the teaching of the word but I I just felt so strong that today were just to pray for the experience for every person to taste of what can remain a theory kind of this lofty ideal and this to be experienced Erik was sharing with me a while back we have a mutual friend who works for a very well-known company in the country and very very powerful position that this man has in this very popular company and he was offered a job at another company and he turned it down because the new company he would work at wasn't as dark as the place he was at he he saw the darkness that surrounded him in this one and I mean if you would all know the name of the company is the CEO of this major corporation and he wants to stay there because of how dark it is I love that kind of thinking I just love that kind of thinking now in light of that I want to read this because there are some of you that the Lord has planted in unusually dark places now you know let's be honest we all live on planet Earth there's crud going up right would you agree there's crud going up I mean I feel like we're blessed to the max but there's still darkness and weird things happening all around so in one sense we all qualify but you know as well as I do some are planted like Daniels in Nebuchadnezzar's court so to speak the the evil Emperor's courtyard and it's planted by the Lord as a righteous influence and we need to really surround these folks that have that unique assignment that the Lord would first of all protect them from any trap that is set for them the secondly their influence would be fully fully realized the Lord in his wisdom plants people in in the middle of adverse situations because of his desire for us to bring change I've told you a number of times that when the Lord said there will be wars and rumors of wars famines etc he wasn't giving us a promise he was describing the conditions into which he was sending his last days army and he is putting us in places of Darkness like that so listen to this God will send His Messenger angels with special orders to protect you wherever you go how many of you say I'll take that for myself defending you from all harm if you walk into a trap they'll be there for you and keep you from stumbling you'll even walk unharmed among the fiercest powers of darkness trampling every one of them beneath your feet that's just that's just good for here's what the Lord has spoken to me because you've chosen to me my great to be my great lover I have chosen to greatly protect you now there are some in this room that have been planted in unusually dark places and I believe were to surround you and pray that God would not only protect you from any trap set but that you would you would realize the experience the angelic host that goes with you into that place and that there would be a renewed hope for why he put you there so if that's you stand we're gonna pray for you all right we got some heroes standing you got planted in the dark place and even if you get a job offer to a lighter place you're not going to take it because it's not dark enough right fake it if you have to just shake your head everything all right I believe we're supposed to pray that the angel armies of the Lord would not only surround them as Lord as promised but they would realize it that there would be that partnership in a sense we don't pray to angels we don't look to angels for guidance but but the Lord Himself benefitted from the presence of Ministry of angels it's foolish to worship angels it's equally foolish to ignore them I feel like we're supposed to pray for that realization to be on their lives as they influence the part of the world he planted them in all right church family you know what to do stand up and serve these folks we've got just a couple minutes left we thank you lord helps surround them surround them with the angel army let them see let them realize discover the heavenly protection of surrounds each person in their assignment we pray in Jesus name in Jesus name all right we thank you Lord for your safety why don't you all stand cause we're gonna pray the snakes plus one together everybody good good now those of you that get to sleep finally let us know I want to hear the testimony if those of you that discovered your neighbor wasn't the Antichrist let us know the testimony I want to hear it how the Lord used you powerfully in your planted situation but here's this last part of the prayer he says and we started the service with this today he says I will set you in a high place safe and secure before my face I will answer your cry for help every time you pray you'll find and feel my presence even in your time of pressure in trouble I love this phrase I will be your glorious hero and give you success you will be satisfied with a full life with all that I do for you for you will feast your eyes on the fullness of my salvation drinking deeply of me here's what we're going to do I want you to pray this with me I believe that the Lord is going to draw a line in the sand right now and make it possible for everyone in this room to live the rest of your life without any regrets [Applause] [Music] [Applause] fullness of life fullness of life is God's purpose and plan for every person fullness my prayer is for fullness so much fullness you'll have to look for people to give stuff away to like you'll have so much encouragement you'll just have to find someone to courage just to get it off your chest because you'll blow up if you don't encourage somebody all right I want you I want you to declare this with me the past is the past it does not belong to me it was purchased through the blood of Jesus my past discovered I renounce regret I forgot the word sorry I renounce regret you have no influence over my life I refused to visit my past apart from the blood of Jesus regret has no place in me I am determined through the grace of God to experience fullness of life now father I pray for each person that this anthem will be sung experienced and fully realized by every person in this room that fullness of life fullness of purpose fully satisfied with our number of days fully satisfied with the assignment you've given us the privilege you've given us to represent you I pray that this infection would work through not only this entire church but the body Christ in our city in this entire city the divine purpose would be discovered realized and enjoyed by every person so we declare this in Jesus name no more regrets and we embrace fullness of life no more regrets fullness of life in Jesus name Amen all right [Music] [Music] [Applause]