Bishop TD Jakes at New Psalmist Baptist Church 2011

listen Church we have one of the greatest pastor preaches in America coming to preach the word today it's been a long time since he's been in Baltimore long while since he's been in this city but he's here tonight look at somebody sound ready to [Applause] we've been I heard dr. Lewis Patterson Jamal say that he learned two big words and he couldn't wait to use them he said I'm hippopotamus happy an elephant glad and that's how I feel tonight to have my dear friend past the preacher international leader teacher writer prophet businessman mentor guy he wears so many hats and wears them all well amen I have a feeling tonight his word is gonna take us into the highest heavens so I need you to do me a favor tuck somebody say get this if you have to leave leave now but I need you to stay to the benediction because God's gonna move in this earth [Music] lean over somebody and tell them I feel it already we have build all of this around faith and I'm encouraging every brother and sister in this room to believe the impossible for yourself can you touch somebody close to you and tell them believe the impossible now I need you to reach your hand toward the Prophet the preacher of the past of not only the potter's house but all of us the Reverend dr. Bishop TD jakes and repeat these words after me preach preacher we need your gospel [Applause] such as you know your breasts give thought of range right where you are [Applause] open your mouth and celebrate there who's looking at you somebody shout yes his presence what a joy is to be in the house and hard to mate with no other agenda but to praise and to magnify his name and to give him going for all the things he has done and I got something helped in here tonight have I got some help in here tonight boo Samus you oughta have your pants and shoes on tonight look what the Lord has done before you what a party God once more time to thank God for all that he's done in this great shirts brought it to pass the evenly got in there miss Hill got sick payments were upset which is what casted spells warlocks were saying whatever they could sometimes it was yes but the Bible says no what the fault [Music] against you God will come here this time for good old Nicholas shout to be here I honor the angel of this great church the illustrious the erudite and charismatic person a bishop Walton Thomas we are [Applause] the woman that stands beside you with the tribute to you what a blessing with God multiple shout hallelujah somebody after the service I hope to be able to get on dr. Thomas's calendar I need an appointment with him I don't know you know I have a little odd I don't know if I can preach tonight oh man I got a little obvious post leave my gift at the altar he told me he called me say Thomas I need you to be praying for me and I was praying he said I'm building the church I didn't see it so praying you know that God would bless it to build a church Walter this ain't no church this is a cathedral up in here [Applause] how about a god that's able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we may ask all the faith so he knew he got me said he said what do you think I said man you have a way of under estimating things I'm just stating things I made what a wonderful blessing I'm inspired and grateful to God for my space in the building to be surrounded by so many honorable and prestigious people to which I give God homage and things wanted to mention the Congress for the logic Cummings I also have a great deal of respect for you sir and [Music] appreciation for how you fighting for us all can you say a man and to an ambassador Suzan Johnson cook god bless you what an honor to see you glory to God we thank God for how the Lord has blessed you and just honored you and honored your years of service to the body of Christ now to our nation we're grateful to God for all of you and I I'm just I'm just thankful for bishop sanders and all that God has done through him years ago but I was coming to Baltimore and I think his dad was the pastor at the time they let me practice on them and I'm grateful to God for it can you say man and I know I can't name everybody it's just so many precious people here dr. Jamal Bryan I wanna honor him [Applause] dr. Whitley of Curtis come all the way up from Pittsburgh grateful to the law [Applause] amen dr. island wall of my brother from filling takeout for him pastor admittance loud dukes I just wanted to honor them and on and on and on and every name is you know when you got it looked like a whole army of preachers sitting over there with like the preachers Brigade the ecclesiastical military dispatched troops if I was the devil I would run out of here tonight I would exit it if go on any weapon he probably tried to get out now he's lost in this building but I tell you when we get them pray thank God I believe every every attack of the enemy is going to be broken every yoke has gotta be destroyed at the door it's gonna be open the bound have got to be loosed of the captive are gonna be set free anybody believe that with me shout yes I just want to take just a moment before I share the little pops of the Lord gave me to you to give you today I mentioned dr. Cooke she is of a month many others gonna be our guest at woman Thou Art Loosed and I had a loose to the women in here amen October 20th and 22nd and Lakewood Church in Houston Texas I want to challenge you to come they're coming from all corners of the globe many of you are coming I want to challenge you not to procrastinate register we are very close to being out of seats and hate for you to come and just visit Houston and and if you're registered you don't have a hotel we're almost out of hotel rooms so you ought to get one unless you've got to cover the name Sheneneh in the Houston that you want to stay with you better go ahead and get it done we're excited we're coming together to believed up for good things somebody say Amen and I'm just grateful to the Lord for all that he is doing him that Avenue think I'm following you that uh follow me on Twitter at Bishop Jake's yes I am on Twitter I am 54 years old and I'm still on Twitter I refuse to get home I'm going to stay young I'm on Facebook Twitter and all the jitter and Vitter and everything else thank you Jesus somebody tweeted me the other day they said why is it that our one video Bishop shakes is beard is white and on the other one is black and I take back I said it's just like the rest of y'all is died [Music] yep I tried it didn't like it went back you know what not the only one in here you got a little chemical nub in your hand you know me alright say man somebody what I mentioned this product out of the product table many many things that are bless you conquering contradictions everybody has contradictions in their life you are not the only one people in church act like they have no contradictions but they are acting and they are phony everybody has contradictions in their life it consistencies and it struggles how do you conquer the contradictions I spend a great deal of time sharing those sorts of things this message is called power lines it's a series that will really bless your life we didn't name it right because my staff didn't think that it would sell if I called it what I called it at church cuz I use the S word the S word I know you heard of the other alphabet words but this is an S word it's almost a cuss word in church its submission they say it pastor don't call it that even though it broke yokes and restored marriages and healed businesses and set people free let's call it power lines but it is what it is what it is what it is and I spend dealing with submission in the workplace in the house in the church and what God will do if he will submit Hagar ran away from Sarah she was tired of submitting to her and she wanted out it was a mess but God let her in the desert your blessing is in the mess and yeah I'm not gonna feed you in the desert but if you humble yourself and go back where I'll put your blessing and deal with whatever you got to deal with I'm gonna take care of every me in your life I don't know who I'm talking to but I feel like I'm talking to somebody clap your hands and give God praise we got rebellion in the house we got rebellion in the church we got rebellion and the government but God and the God of order and he will restore the power when you get in the right place a man so all of that is back there and I want to mention that to you my wife just wrote a novel as she's sweeping the country she's not at home I think she just left Atlanta this morning she's been all over the place with this book is she just wrote a novel called the crossing I didn't know she was as smart as I've been living it with you for 30 years if you had all this stuff in you you hit the road and I'll make the biscuits and her novel is number three on the Christian bestsellers list it's been reprinted three times in ten days The Crossing is exploding and if you like novels it will really blesses your life amen bop all her books so she can get back home brother only somebody said man can't preach all the time you'll say no more about there y'all kind of deep tonight we got the holy in here tonight I'm gonna be careful I don't want to get none star but the Lord has given me a word to make and and I hope that it is appropriate to the occasion but more importantly I hope that it is appropriate to your situation five recognize that occasion as momentous as it may be will come and in 24 hours it will go but the situations in your life will persist beyond this prestigious of occasion and since I have not been in Baltimore for years then I seized the platform of this momentous occasion to speak to you about a situation in your life I didn't come to just be coming and didn't come just to be seen I have the feeling of being sent here for such a time as this and I have come to the unusual posture that very few preachers talk about I have come to the point in my life now that I asked the Lord to hold back those folk tonight who would come keep them away those folk who don't want to hear from you ah police mph always said people tonight who are thirsty for the word of God Lord let all of those cute dignified self-righteous judgmental holy of the bow critics and stay at home go somewhere else but a simple in this place people who are hungry for touch for rules for the wind of the Holy Spirit to blow over them tonight sit somebody who knows that you're able to do anything but fail and give me a word that transforms their lives that was my prayer so if you call somebody tried to get him to come and they wouldn't come maybe I prayed them away I don't know at this this is getting too old to wrestle with them spirits I don't have to deal with that when somebody wants to move from God did say anybody in here tonight who wants the rule of the Lord now I'm going to invite your prayerful attention for just a few moments to the seventeenth chapter of First Samuel verse number 12 the seventeenth chapter of First Samuel verse number 12 oh and thank it looks like you have my custom - I have a custom at home for standing for the reading of God's affair and if you would respect that whether you're in the overflow of whether you're in the sanctuary of wherever you might be I would be most appreciative of that can you say Amen if you're watching over the internet I want to challenge you to understand that the same spirit that is in this room is available to you you can access it through your computer technology has made it possible that you can enter into the glory though you're at work or going here at the hospital or though you're sitting on the couch or in your living room the glory of the Lord will permeate the present darkness around you and touch you in a supernatural way you have long thought right place at the right time surrounded by bright people praising the right God and something amazing is about to happen in your life if you're witness to what I just said shout hallelujah again first of Samuel chapter number 17 verse 12 when you found it's a man if you're still looking to say wait oh man I know what you're going through I've been there have you ever been looking for scripture and you could not find it in your Bible and the preacher called for one of those little books like Micah then you had to settle for Malachi that's when folks are looking at you sometimes it's embarrassing when you got the pressure moving pain just came finally with this name in there and you prepared your Bible trying to hurry up and get there was a real man by now you ought to have it if you got to say that now David was the son of that beef rat night of Bethlehem Judah whose name was Jesse and he had eight sons and the man went among men for an old man in the days of Saul and the three eldest sons of Jesse went and followed Saul to the battle and the Mane's of his three sons had went to the manor were Eliab the firstborn and next unto him Abinadab the third and Shama and David was the youngest and the three eldest followed Saul but David went and returned from Saul to feed his father's sheep at Bethlehem and the Philistine drew near morning and evening and presented himself how many days forty days and Jesse said unto David his son take mouth for that brethren and ephah of this parched corn and these ten loaves and run the cab to thy brethren and carried these dim Jesus unto the captain of their thousand and look how that brother and fare and take their plants mouse all and they and all the men of Israel were in the Valley of Elah fighting with the Philistines and David rose up early in the morning and left the sheep with a cheaper and took and went as Jesse had commanded him and he came to the trench as a house was going forth to the flight and shouted for the battle for Israel and the Philistines to put the battle in array army against army and David left his carriage in the hand of the keeper of the carriage and ran into the army and came and saluted his brethren and as he talked with them behold there came up of the champion the Philistine of golf goliath by name out of the armies of the Philistines and spake according to the same and David heard him and all the men of risk Israel when they saw the man fled from him and worse or a friend everybody running everybody scared to death and the man of Israel said have you seen this man that has come up surely to the fight Israel is he come up and it should be that the man who killed him the king will check this out enrich him with great riches and will give him his daughter make his father's house free in Israel and they would speak to the men that stood by him saying what shall be done to the man that kilobits Philistine and taketh away the reproach from Israel for who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the Living God and the people answering him after this man is saying so shall it be done to the men bet killin him and he lie of his elder brother heard when he spake unto the men and he Lyons anger was kindled against David and he said why came as valve down hither and with whom as I left those few sheep in the wilderness I know that pride about modernness of thine heart for thou are come down that thou mightest see the battle and David said what have I now done is there not calls can you say Amen remain standing for just a moment I love the privilege of praying with you in just a moment I want to speak from the subject Giants are always at the gates Giants are always at the gate look at somebody and say Giants are always at the gates what that means is wherever there's a gate there's a giant let's pray father in the name of Jesus I invite your spirit to take over this place not that my flesh might be seen but that you might be glorified speak to our lives and our circumstances or our situations that we might be transformed by the truth Taylor the text to the continuity of the circumstances that we face I thank you in advance for what you're about to do have your way great God that you are in Jesus name somebody shouted a man you may be seated in the presence of God bring me just a little water if you have it please anybody this get some water you ain't drinkin either I'm sorry I'm he's real just leave yeah and I said why don't one of the most difficult things for us to survive is transition inevitably as we live life the one thing we can know for a surety that changes will come how you deal with those changes how flexible you are I like to use the term how liquidy you are determines how well you can evolve from one state of B into another as soon as you get relaxed in one stage of life ultimately you will find yourself snatched into the next stage in life and it is difficult sometimes in the midst of transition to have a sense of security because you're not where you used to be and you're not where you're going to be and sometimes you are in this nebulous in the script place of transition in between junctions trying to figure out how do I get from point A to point B God always moves his people alone the first thing that we learn about God is that we do not have a God that is a monument our God is a moving God the Bible says in Genesis chapter 1 in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was without form and void and the spirit moved upon the face of the earth and God said let there be light and there was light and it was good the first thing God teaches us about the Spirit is that it is moving from it's moving in Genesis 2 it's even so come Lord Jesus in Revelations we have a god that is mobile and if you're going to walk with God you to be prepared to move he's not gonna hang out in your comfort zone he's not gonna relax in your circumstance or situation he's gonna pull you out of that he might take you into and sometimes like the children of Israel you'll find yourself in a wilderness where you have to live out of tents and cannot build a house because they lived in tents because they knew that their present circumstance would not last God doesn't want us to build houses where we ought to build this because our present circumstance will not last in fact for many of us who walk with Him he has a tendency of showing you your shall be while you're praying about your ears it is very difficult to have a conversation with the God who is engrossed with where you're going while you're complaining about where you are but faith is the substance of things hoped for it is the evidence of things have not seen and loved the song the choir sons the last song as they give the challenge Lord give me that kind of faith because these are the kinds of times we live in right now that you have to have faith in order to succeed you'll find yourself running into a brick wall if you don't where it came from all of a sudden as sure as you get sure you've got a friend they switch on you as soon as you get certain you've got a job they downsize as soon as you get certain you're stable in a house they shake the house the loan collapses the deal changes and you have to make up in your mind well I let this kill me or will I'll use it to create an opportunity for me to transition from one state of being to another touch the neighbors say I gotta move I would like to sit here and cry and complain and die and collapse in the floor but I can't do it I've got to move because God has a plan for my life God had a plan for his life he was in the embryonic stages of the development of that plan but to be sure God had a plan for his life the plan of God was not an afterthought it was not an incident it was not an accident it was not a feverish reaction to an attack from the enemy this is a culmination of a strategy that God has been enacting for several generations it begins with the girl named Ruth in Moab that God calls us to transition and follow Naomi back to Bethlehem so that he could move the right people into the right place so that strategic connections could be made so that Ruth could meet Boaz and out of their union could be born children so that through this lineage David would come you must understand that Ruth met Boaz and they produce oh man and Obed produced Jesse and Jesse produced David David now is eighth son of Jesse he is the youngest son the three older boys have gone to the battlefield to fight they are preferred above David David is overlooked in some cases ignored in others and yet God has a strategy for his life I have learned that God uses people the most that other people overlook while some are fighting from the stage and groping for the light and demanding to be recognized they don't understand that the people they're running past are the people that God is going to use the most then it is just a matter of time before transition comes and you come from the background to the forefront and that God prepares you for what's going to happen next preparing you for notoriety while you're still in obscurity preparing you for responsibility while you have nothing to work with currently at all he will put a vision bound in your spirit that does not fit your situation or circumstance because God knows that where you are is not where you're going to be tomorrow and the reason he doesn't fix your situation right now is because he knows that you are transitory that you're a mobile that you're a migrant that you're on the move that God has a plan for your life do you hear what I'm saying to you David has big dreams of a small situation he is at this point tending sheep in the you hear the unique person to be sure he warships with the tenacity like we have never seen he is the only man in scriptures that God said I have found a man who is after my heart he is chosen he is selected he is handpicked by God on one hand the boy is so gentle and he's up in the mountains dancing before God all by himself gifted people are always strange hope they're always eccentric they never fit in with other people there's always something about them that stands out the way they've moved the way they dress the way they think the way they eye if you're if that person you have to give up on fitting in with crowds and cliques and clubs and have the boldness and the tenacity to dare to be different people don't follow ordinary they'll only follow extraordinary Oh y'all don't hear what I'm saying some of you are extraordinary and you don't even know it that's why you never fit in with your family and you never fit in with your friends and you never fit in with your community and no matter what you do to fit in people still don't like it you change your hair they don't like you you change your car they don't like you you move to another neighborhood they don't like you but God has set you aside so that he might use you outside of the box in a fresh way and the Lord is looking for you somebody say my headed now David here safe son of Jesse to be sure he is the youngest there is no question about it he is gifted with all certainty he is that's with all aspects of his personality he is so gifted that he writes poetry he is so gifted that he's not only writes music he creates instruments but before you think that David is soft or gentle or or metrosexual or something like that you must also understand that the same boy who's dancing on the heel writing poetry creating instruments and singing songs is the same boy that went into the philistine Ian camp and killed the hundred Philistines and through their force kids at the king and said what else do you want David was just as mighty in battle as he was creative in music he was eccentric unusual he was powerful he was mighty he was intellectual he was so smart then when they tried to attack him he feigned himself to be mad and slipped out of their grasp he was such a creative leader then he took less lesser standard man broken bruised man of all types of description and made an army that was invincible you know you're a great leader when you can work with substandard equipment and still be effective huh anybody can lead a bunch of gifted people but some of you are so gifted you can take less than enough and use it till it becomes more than enough because you've got an anointing of your life somebody say yes he knows that God is going to use him in a mighty way but he does not know him and he does not know how he knows that he's gifted he knows that he is different he knows that he's been touch he knows that he's been blessed he knows that he's been set aside he knows that the glory of the Lord is upon him and he knows that he has a case anointing the head of the kid in other words he's more anointed in the spirit than he is in his circumstance his circumstances are underdeveloped but his anointing is progressiva sometimes God will give you an anointing that that fits your situation or your circumstance that's why you got haters that's why people are jealous of you they don't understand how God could give that kind of gift to you I said looking at the kid and they don't see that they're the King inside of the kid screaming for an opportunity to get out I don't know who I'm preaching to tonight I don't know who the Holy Ghost let get in these doors tonight but whoever you are God's given you an anointing that doesn't fit your situation in a supernatural way in your life don't be afraid don't be upset don't be intimidated don't be worried don't be dismayed the Lord sent me all the way from Dallas Texas to tell you he's got your back [Applause] to prepare shut by to take 30 seconds and give our god a crazy praise a ridiculous train a stupid rat I was talking to my son the other day my youngest son is getting ready to go to a music conservatory and I've told him all his life I said you you have the things son he said what do you mean the thing I said this there's just things for which I have in the word it's the thing either have it or you know if you've got this thing about that there's a charisma there the gifting it works like yeast and bread when they put the heat on you your eyes [Applause] I said son I said you must find the thing that you were created to do the thing where money doesn't have anything to do with it you just want to do it because you feel it so strongly and he looked at me a little intimidated he's only 17 you know he says he said dad he said I think it's music and I think it's a production and I think it's this and that and the other and he said but suppose I'm wrong he said suppose I invest all these years of study and preparation and focus into doing something that is not the thing he said suppose I invest all of my energies and read all of these books and prepare myself for the thing and find out that the thing I invested in was not the thing and I looked at him with the calmness in my eye and as firmness in my spirit and I said son don't be a friend of this thing for if it is not the thing it will be the thing that leads to the thing can you ever invested into something that was not the thing but it was the thing that led to the thing and you said lord I thank you that I went through that because if I had not gone through that I'd have never stepped into this that is before us in our text today we have David who is sending errand boy down to bring lunch to his brethren he has given a bag full of cheese and some barley and set by his father down to where the military is set in the siege of the Philistine e'en army and David is functioning as a messenger suppose he would have said I am too anointed for the triviality of such a job I am too gifted to be asked to do something so menial and so base and so ordinary the Lord sent me here to tell you to not despise the day of small beginnings it doesn't matter where you start baby it matters where you finish and in order to prove you into the place you need to move into you have to lower your pride and say anyway you bless me Lord I will be satisfied I may not have the job I'd like to have I may not live in the house I'd like to live I may not be driving the car I water dry I may not be married like I expected to be right this time but God wherever you put me this little light of mine [Applause] so God maneuvers him with sheep dung in between his toes and hay in his hair God maneuvers him out of his comfort zone away from the familiar and sends him down to the base and his first job is not commander of the military it is not king of the Israel it is not a sergeant over the troops it's not even in the army base his first job is a fetch it I'll go get it somebody that they send to go get stuff he's put in that position God said I don't care what I gotta use to shift you I'm getting ready to shift you so that I can set you into your purpose and into your destiny somebody say Amen now he's got to move into a position of being a gladiator but he starts out as a messenger boy the Nexen says it he comes down to where the soldiers are when overhears of the conversation and he hears it with some trepidation as they begin to discuss with him you know they're looking for somebody to go against Goliath looking for somebody that will fight him and destroy him yes they weren't talking to him God just put him in an environment where he could hear a higher level conversation sometimes God will bring you into an environment that's out of your element to expose you to a higher conversation than your situation and if you always be where you've always been you'll always have what you always had but that will shift you out of your comfort zone so you can hear what they're saying on another level my god somebody's about to shift in this room today God's gonna bring you into a new environment in a new circle around a new for people he's been getting you ready all of your life he's been preparing you when you didn't even know he was preparing you he's getting ready to take you into the next shuttle I wanna warn you though huh people hate you when you leave them huh as long as you stay with them you're okay but when you get ready to go to the next level they get an attitude but set your face like slim sets your backbone like steel oh you're like a statue because God is getting ready to take you into the next dimension if I'm preaching your message make some noise the King is for somebody doesn't know that he's looking for David somebody's looking for you and they don't know they're looking for you somebody's been praying for you if they don't know they've been praying for you somebody's been asking God for what you have but they don't know your name yet but God's about to reveal your name and put you center stage so that he can position you for his own divine purpose and he's gonna do it while you're doing ordinary stuff you don't have to play games you don't have to play kissy Kissy you don't have to suck up to nobody God's just remove you from place to place and from step to step for the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and He the slap your neighbor and say get ready for a shift get ready for a shift get ready for a change get ready for a move get ready for release get ready for God to stir you up getting ready for God to break you out get ready for rafasa Holy Ghost awakening a supernatural release of God somebody take 30 seconds and praise Him any way you feel comfortable [Applause] [Music] if I could take just a few moments I said oh we're just talking which is talking realize I don't want to wear you out but this is a couple of things I wanted to discuss it was interesting yeah it was interesting on this mixed level of conversation David catches the clements that the King is so committed to the omalley ation of Goliath that he says anybody that kills him there are three things I'm gonna do for you he says number one I'm gonna make you wealthy Oh Your Honor I'm not gonna allow me to me you're not gonna allow me to talk about money in church but God said just the way he saved your soul he said I'm getting ready to save your checkbook I'm getting ready to save your finances I didn't bring you out of Hell's Kitchen for you to be broke busted and disgusted God said I'm gonna restore your wealth hi little Lou you to God glory to God you cried and thought I didn't hear you you prayed and thought I wasn't there but I'm shifting you trust me in this shift when it's over I'm gonna restore to you the years that the taker was a part of the world and the local Seder you gonna get it back now slap somebody says coming back to me you don't have to praise him cuz you didn't lose anything but I've been through so much stuff I got the appraiser I'm out of this he says number one he says I'm gonna restore your finances as prosperity he said I'm gonna restore I'm gonna give great wealth to the one who kills the giant he says number two I'm gonna give him my daughter to the guy who kills the giant now David existed in a caste system a separate class of people huh he was not considered an elite individual huh but but the king is saying whoever kills the giant not only am I gonna shift your prosperity but I'm gonna change your position I'm getting ready to take you to the next level and get ready to set you before an open door I'm gonna change how people perceive you I'm gonna take you from power hood to princely hood I'm gonna take you out of your Shepards clothes and I'm gonna put you in garments that you've never seen now it's gonna be a quick change it's not gonna take four years at the University six years at the college eight years of study it's not gonna take your computer program I'm gonna shift you it's not gonna be my might but by power but by my spirit saith the Lord I'm gonna shift you I'm gonna snatch you out of it you ain't me we got the clothes for where I'm gonna take yours gonna happen so fast you will have to get the clothes from somebody else I'm getting readiness number three he says I'm gonna change your position and I'm gonna go change your finances and number three he said your family's not gonna have to pay taxes anymore he said when you come out it's gonna affect everything connected to you everything around you know God said when I bring you out I'm bringing your husband out I'm bringing your wife found huh I'm bringing your mama and your auntie and your cousin Richard huh I'm bringing lately Kiki or Koko I'm bringing them out to in the mainland yeah I'm bringing your side out I'm bringing your daughter out huh when I bring you out I'm with you like I did Noah huh I'm gonna bring all the kids out there wives out in fact over [Applause] I gotta move and so david says who is it uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the Living God when I first used to preach this I thought David was courageous I didn't realize that he was strategic it wasn't just courage that made him fight he understood that there was a reward on the other side of the battles that was worth garnish he had to get through to get to the next place in his life and he said if you don't want it if you don't want it and you don't want it you don't want it you don't want it I am the man I'll do the job I'll go through whatever I gotta go through they can talk about me they can lie on me they can stand there like me but I'm cool I'm going if I gotta go scared I'm going if I gotta go broke I'm going if I gotta go by myself is anybody in bitch [Music] [Applause] [Music] now I realize that Elias is not David's problem he is David's promise later we will run into David's problem David's problem is really solved he's really solved and I'll prove it because he spent many years fighting against all that that you kill easily is not your problem think about it and write me later the giant then is used as a portal of entry into the next dimension of David's life God has a gate in the spirit that David could never find in the praise he'd been praising but he couldn't find the gate is there anybody in here been dancing on the mountains and you knew God had something for you but no matter how hard you dance and how hard you shout you can't find the gate into the next dimension that's why the Lord wanted you to be here tonight and that's why he gave me this message so that you can find the gate that opened up the door to give you the breakthrough to get out of the mess you're in right now I came to tell the devil you should've killed me when you have the chance but it's too late I found the gate the breakthrough the place of entrance I but yeah look at this I suggest you my brothers and sisters that wherever the giant is what the giant is wherever you have a giant in your life the giant is there as a sign that you are at the gates oh my god can I preach this thing I feel a unity coming in this house right now I feel a connectivity coming in this place something's going to happen in here tonight I feel a breakthrough coming in this place tonight everybody who's got a giant make some noise right you see this building was a giant building this church was a giant now establishing this ministry was a giant and whenever you see a giant understand that the giant is a gate into the next dimension and the next stage of your life the giant is not there to kill you the giant is there so that you can kill it and as soon as you kill that thing that's standing in between you and the next opportunity the Lord said I'm gonna open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing you won't have room enough to receive somebody take about ten minutes and praise God right at the gate [Applause] craving right at the gate get right in the Giants face and give God the glory stand right up to the fields and dance right in the fields face and say I gotta feel it just refuel salmon the gate I'm at the gate I'm at the gate I met today I met the game I met the cage I know I'm at the gate cuz I see a giant and if I see a giant I'm at the gate I know I'm at the gate cut let's see a giant and where I see a giant I see a gator wherever I see an obstacle I see an opportunity whereas the opposition I see transition in my life this is not a praise for people who got it together this is the praise for people the birds the doorstep [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so they're so well somebody holler say give me something to kill it will give me something to kill it with so that I can get over this hump and step into the next dimension give me something that kill it with her so I can pass from death of the life get me something kill it will come I'm tired of going through the same stuff over and over again get me something killing will [Applause] so conscious use what you got to get what you want and they'll use a rag and a rock and it's a David took what he used in his past to kill what he faced in his future it didn't look like much it was just a rag and a rock but little is much when God let's get this straight David did not kill Goliath with the slingshot he did not kill him with a rag and a rock the Bible said that he wounded up the rock and threw it at the Giants did he knocked him out with the rag and a rock and he knocked him out with what he used to use but when he had run out of what he used to use did he ran over and got the swords and God said he's gonna let you use the same weapon that the giant was gonna use on you God said he's gonna flip the script and use the same thing to destroy the enemy somebody take 10 seconds that praise God for vikner [Applause] I said my god big [Applause] Dignan let your neighbor tell them I'm going in for the kill I'm gonna kill Christ Holy Ghost supernatural the price [Applause] [Music] it's I'm almost finished but it's like the children of Israel as long as they were in the wilderness they didn't see no Giants but as soon as they got to the promised land you know you're in the Promised Land when you confront your giant slap somebody tell them I must be land has a giant to fight every preacher has a giant to fight every choir members got a giant to fight every deacon and trustee has got a giant to fight every and every member has got a giant to fight because you got a promise to keep even Jesus had a giant just right he wanted to redeem us but he had to be kin to us less he violate his own law and he couldn't redeem us as God he had to fight the giant of giving up his royal diadem and his hosts of heaven walk down to 42 generations reach over to the womb of Mary and grab a rag out of her womb and they put the rock in the rise for 33 years he wound it up and they brought it to the giant and he said I want to do it father but is there a way for me to do it without facing the giant of death he went into the garden of gethsemane and said if there's a way around the child I want it but leading to his hands up and said not my will but I'm neither so they him high and they stretched him why kill the crops until the Sun refused to shine and the ground began to tremble mouth fell in the grace mercy and truth met together righteousness [Applause] down when the demons were started their proof they looked up and saw an earthquake ever shaking and somebody cried out of hell lift up your head [Applause] people say [Applause] [Applause] down in the hill through the gates snatched the keys took him with him on his way out pull the sting and threw it back to death and said oh death well your victory somebody shout yes but that's not the best news he got up and said Peter I will give you the keys shall be bound in heaven slap your neighbor and say you got the key you got the key problem I [Music] feel a change in the road I feel a change in the room Hale is nervous demons are trembling say that is frustrated the giant is running there I feel a change somebody shouts a leap up on your feet at shouts hey open your mouth that sounds nice brothers and sisters the Giants is always at the gate when things are the worst you are the closest [Applause] wherever you see a giant there is a gate the giant is not there to kill you the giant says assign that as soon as you kill him you will transition what's this the wealth was on the other side of the giant the best thing for his family was on the other side of the giant the change in his physician was on the other side of the jaw Jonathan was on the other side of the giant running the military base for Israel was on the other side of it Norma Tudor was on the other side of the dam king over Israel was on the other side of the time everything God showed you on this side is on that side when you kill that giant you are a dance like you lost your mind when you see that giant go down I don't care what you got all you want to give God a crazy break in fact if you can imagine your giant core now you are to practice your praise right now if you can't see it in your spirit if you considered your spirit you are open your mouth [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] brothers and sisters as you stand to your feet join hands with somebody next to you [Music] yeah [Music] you don't know who you touch it [Applause] you're touching a giant killer [Music] [Applause] I said you're touching a giant killer every door that's been open up to you a giant always stood in your way if you kill that last giant you won't kill this one - don't you run away from this giant don't you run back from this giant upright - it's coming squeeze that hand that's how close you are to a [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] every giant killer in this room you can't wait on a machine gun to kill your time you can't wait till you get a cannon to kill your child you can use Saul's armor to kill your child you got to start with what you get as soon as you use what you got God's will give you what you need you will go from faith to faith and from glory to glory he will take you from one dimension to the next dimension to the next dimension squeeze that hand that's your fight man that's your warranty that's your military hey that's your striking hey that's a head gods girl used to pull no enemy down that's a heavy one used to throw your rod squeeze your hand the adorning is right there right now [Music] I never I never had enough anything to do anything that he gave me to do I was always outnumbered I was always a boy with a ruck against the Goliath of the situation I never could look at what I had in my hand and feel confident with what I had in my head but it wasn't what I had in my hand it was what I had in my heart and when I released what I had in my heart God used what I had in my hand [Applause] my first book nobody would publish it my first loan nobody would finance it I had messages and no place to preach them I said in a church seven years and they never even asked me to teach about the place my job was to shampoo the rugs and clean out the baptism pool drive the pastor around in the car they never asked me to do one thing they never acknowledged or recognized me but God was training me he knew if I could be anointed and ignored he knew the fact that we ignored it and ostracize people if I could be anointed thought I was neglected he knew that he could trust me with what he was about to release in my life don't despise where you are right now go ahead and take the my team and their lunch go ahead and carry the bag of cheese down to the battlefield go ahead and do the menial job even though you got maximum training go ahead and go through this dimension in your life cuz this is the transition into the next dimension of what God is going to do I want to thank dr. Thomas because every time our people see our leaders kill a giant they know that the same anointing that's on my pastor is in my house and if my pastor could kill a child like this then as soon as I get back to my situation I use the same teacher to kill my job I want to pray for you oh god I want to briefly because this is the time that God is going to do miraculous things with ordinary stuff I want to come back can I come down there I want to come down there I want to be close to you cuz I feel a breakthrough you said a kiss yeah I feel a breakthrough I feel a breakthrough coming I feel a break - I feel a breakthrough coming I feel a great - I feel a break I feel a breeze I feel a breakthrough coming I feel a breakthrough coming I feel a breakthrough coming I feel a breakthrough coming I feel a breakthrough this is not just an ordinary service this is not just an ordinary Church this building is a sign that God has sent to this city God says I don't care about the recession I don't care about the economy I don't care about the haters I don't care about the circumstan if I told you to do something I'll the money from the north the South the East and the West I'll give you the favor I'll give you the divine permissive something in the back join hands with that person make sure they got some faith ask them as some saying you got some faith [Music] [Music] lord I thank you for every giant for every giant in my life there is a gate and I thank you for every giant that it's in the lives of these people it's a sign that you're not finished with them then where they are is not where they're going every time a giant Falls or door opens every time a giant collapses you step over a threshold into another dimension this is no time to be weary in well-doing you shall reap in due season if you fail father I thank you tonight that there are miracles in this place [Music] but there is transition in this place that there is change coming in this place right now in the name of Jesus somebody has been fighting the same thing over and over and over and over and over but tonight is a breakthrough light squeeze that hand you're holding just that quick Lord let strength come into my brother and sister right now just that quick let glory come in to them right now and for the next two minutes I want you to pray for the person you're touching with all your mind and with all of your strength I want you to command blessings into their life I want you to speak the release I want you to declare it out of your mouth I want you to open your mouth don't be shy don't be cute I want you to speak blessings all over the like right now I can't hear you I want you to speak healings and deliver [Music] come on you got two minutes left the glaring speak often about their beliefs Denson flesh it over there sobs over that borders over their property over their business over their job over their mind over this fear come on you got a minute left open your mouth w Gabrielle flexion give you suicide you can be rebellious you gotta suck it open your mouth [Music] seven six five four three one Delta [Music] dr. Thomason I feel glory in this place I feel deliverance in this place I feel restoration in this place somebody just gotta suck it win the devil better get out of here somebody just gotta suck and win somebody does that divine direction somebody just got the courage by if I'm talking about you make some kind of noise make some kind of sign [Applause] dr. Thomas see the text says that for 40 days for 44 days what he needs every time the Army King against the fellows fans they backed up defeated for 40 days they could not find anybody to vote this the channel right but on the 41st day here comes David and declaring that this is the 41st day for the saints of God that defeat is Owen and failure is over that struggling over that bondage is over this day is not gonna be like yesterday it's not gonna be like at work did you hear what I said it's not gonna be like it was [Music] 40 days of failure on the 41st day is done 40 days of backing up on the 41st day the backing up was over though for 40 days of Philistines set themselves in a ring its Israel on the 41st day they got a breakthrough into the next dimension 40 is the number of judgment 40 is the number of generation 40 is the number of completion 40 years Moses spent on the backside of the death yeah 40 years he's been out in the wilderness 40 means the truck judgment is over and it's time to move to the next level I'll break every curse I've weighed every struggle I break every bondage in the name of Jesus is time for you to move into your next dimension with that last door close behind you a new door is opening in front of you somebody take the step through the door into your blessing the blessing is that now open your mouth and praise [Applause] [Music] I just got through teaching our Lin I had 2,000 of our men be in the park on Saturday and I was teaching on Saturday how important is to have a piece of right how important it is to write the visionary how many of you have a vision for your life right the vision make it plain let him that read it run thereby I want to pray for visionaries I want to pray for businesses I want to pray for companies I want to pray for gifts that are looking for opportunity I want to pray for songs that have been sung sermons that haven't been preached novels that haven't been written I want to pray for buildings that haven't been designed yet properties that haven't been purchased yet deeds of trust that haven't been conveyed yet I declare a breakthrough in the name of Jesus I want to pray for student loans that are about to read be released I want to pray for those that are about to open in this plane I want to pray for businesses that are coming out of your house this year I want to pray for a supernatural relief somebody ought to give God some praise in here right now lift your hand I want to pray for visionary the piers that the vision the vision is coming lift it up father right now stir us up we will not be the tail we will be the head we will not be believed we will overcome I thank you for victory tonight I think that your where it is true I thank you that it shall come to pass every reason every dream even if we have to do it with the rag that I wrong even if we got to throw what we got even if we got a used substandard equipment against what seems like invincible opposition the giant is at the gate and I'm gonna get through that game whatever it takes I declare it in Jesus name Amen somebody give him the best phrase they got right now come on give it the best praise you got right now come on give him the best praise he got right now somebody give me the best praise I got right now somebody give me the best praise to that right [Music]