Blacksad Under the Skin Launch Trailer UK Microids Pendulo Studios YS Interactive

Peggy's 16 in every investigation that comes a point where every single bead seems to go down the drain and you have to retrace your steps to get back on the right track Bobby Yale a box rat done Jim disappeared two days ago did you call the police no only you that case just might put me back in the game again and I still wonder if I did the right thing promise me you won't take the law into your own hands couldn't we just talk it out wrong answer John I lost another one of my nine lives yeah Betty left what if the only thing that keeps you going is the very thing that won't let you move on here's my incredible plan never leave destiny in the hands of faith this will help you change your mind in your classic noir films and novels solving a case never amounts to a happy ending don't believe me it will haunt you as long as you live the detective is always left with a sense of bitterness I'm gonna kill you that's my boy [Music] [Music] I'm still waiting for the blows [Music]