Blinded by the Light Trailer 1 2019 Movieclips Indie

[Music] still coming from Pakistan yeah of course Emma's might succumb in and I know one who would be perfect for you it's not fussy really first-year start at the top and stay there away from the girls I want to be a writer but my family is stuck in another century writing isn't a job I need you to do more makeup ish better kiss the girl and get out of this dump Bruce the direct line to all destroying this shitty world seriously what does he know about our worlds [Music] you should be listening to our music before you start getting confused and hating yourself [Music] I listen to everything I can feel it all right here it's like Bruce knows everything ever felt everything I've ever wanted four poems they're not brilliant for their minds you think that this man seems for people like us but he talks to me [Applause] [Music] you cannot be serious night my dream was to come here and work hard for my family if you don't try to fix this we will lose our fun for good this guy is incredible you've never heard lyrics like is that Billy Joel Billy Joel you try and raise your kids right [Music] ruch things about not letting the hardness of the world stop you from letting the best of you slip away my hope is to build a bridge to my ambitions but not a wall between my family and me purpose do you visit I'm going to see Bruce Springsteen's hometown I can't think of a better reason to visit the United States and to see the home of the boss [Applause] traps like us baby we were born to run did you write that I've told you before your lyrics are rubbish I didn't even rhyme [Music] [Music]