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[Music] somebody told me to start with a joke [Music] I'm not good with jokes I I know some funny that there's been some funny things happened to me but they're not like jokes there was this one time Mother's Day Martin took me up for dinner we had probably $500 with us more but Martin had to use this credit card we've been using way too long already I said to him let's just paint cash but he hands over the card anyway the guy the guy stalls us keeps us there says the computers fucked up all that I said to him they called the cops anyway long story short Martin had to stab the waiter we're outside running I've got this dress I've got a holdup heels on skipping through all these puddles hmm that isn't actually a joke I guess maybe you had to be there Martin and I had some laughs my brother Chris is in a a he stays away from me guess I'm a bad influence on him this girl fucked Chris when her boyfriend was out of town the boyfriend comes back a little while later they both got the clap so she goes to Chris and takes him to the clinic clinic says Chris doesn't have the clap well this girl wouldn't believe it I mean she knows her boyfriend didn't fuck her over when he was out of town she must have gotten it off Chris except Chris doesn't have the clap she's got this dirty disease and she must have gotten it off of dirty Chris right see how much the exact same thing happened to me I'm a bad influence on my brother yeah baby thinks he caught it off me anyways he's an a Chris and I'm here it is my idea somebody said that that chick that got up the other day she said she looked back on her life and it was a black hole okay I look back and I guess all I can say about it is I miss Martin that's about it I miss Martin [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I don't get it what are you saying well how long has he been dead hey you I knew him too you're nothing special Peterson oh yeah well they're not good I've got a situation here I need a guy in like an hour pier hold on hold on hi I know you're probably really mad you know I don't blame you sorry Peter hold on hello - money money do you have any God I no not really I don't here sir so this thing no not violence keep guessing no my brother just got here he's right here that's it yeah I tried him he's naturally the first person I thought of and I just can't get ahold of him you know Ronnie's dead yeah yeah yeah I talked to his wife yeah five I was thinking three for me I'm sitting over here this would be like a real favoring me don't call me back the guy's gonna be here in like an hour what's the point in calling me back I don't see your problem with this okay where if we split it to 15 each I said what if we split it stone knotting up right on the phone I didn't get losing my touch Chris what do you want [Music] everybody always asked me that it's unbelievable I never want to stay Denise when it was obvious I want to get out of there move out end it she kept saying it to me we want actually says you don't know what you don't know what you want a showery to borrow medium Volkers take a shower I don't father's to my place to put those questions bullshit what do you want Chris well I wanted to give you this you know only it's like a prize at the fair money how much Denise pay for my busted this stuff I 50 bucks less section hello where does she think you'll stay in a tree house call Denise right now you need money no I can't do that we broke up so call her talk breaking up was a mistake no you're thinking it over trying to get your head together it could happen it isn't she'll be a lie you don't know I've realized there are things I can take in things that I can't and one thing that I cannot take anymore I just can't fuckin hack it is hypocrisy okay don't just don't that's a cute trick but it took you two going to learn it five years wasn't my idea fuck you Chris you're here I need money you're gonna get meself you must have friends don't they have jobs it isn't that much money call three people asking for a hundred each 100 is nothing 300 five years that that's $60 a year five birthdays five Christmas presents that is 40 that next 30 dollars a year cuz 30 fucking dollars a year it's nothing you owe it to me call your friends get me three get me 100 what about that 20 level bucks for every year I didn't hear from you you were out here twice everyone saw you but me you know what a fucking asshole I look like do you call some people can we just have a cup of coffee and sit down talk and stop no if there's a guy gonna be here in an hour not even that I owe him money and I've got to have it five hundred three really I can't you just go out yeah but he can't stay out roll up okay no I don't have it sorry but I don't put your hands up if I find more than 50 bucks on you I keep it oh that's just fucking mean it's military slang for Angelo and if you get this message in the next half hour 20 minutes huh fuck it man there's no time down right number and what the fuck is this guy gonna do I mean is he gonna is he gonna kill you Kenny wait okay let's copy okay that'd be nice so I left the nice I'm not moving in England I'm here how long have you been here since I got out of course nice don't be stupid you're gonna hug me or something you've been lifting weights you feel like you just got out of the joint up you know what I actually do have weights at home now well tiny surprise solve them you didn't show him the why start playing handball maybe a little yoga mind as I'm sober is that what you think we do yeah did actually join the wine huh you're right I couldn't get it I just wondered if you were still my brother so I was suing and I'm just assuming you don't want to talk about the bit you did would have been nice getting a letter then you've never done any time right what have you done you've done a weekend my life is pretty much fucked Oh everything they say about everything is wrong unbelievable I think it started from me with snowflakes you know we're all supposed to be different and unique right like snowflakes I heard that one too many times I started thinking okay it's let's say it's snowing in Toronto half an island and Mongolia and none of those snowflakes match that's bullshit yeah I think most snowflakes are alike not none of them you ever think about killing yourself I thought look it takes more guts to stay alive than it does you know to kill yourself right but then I was like why you know do I even believe that it's like the snowplows I thought was already living in my fucking head I didn't them thinking if these thoughts I don't I do feel like I like bad neighbors they make too much fucking noise and just put up with them anyway one to it that's losing my head bad neighbors you know who I ran into Dean he asked about you hmm slugging this gym bag big enough steal watermelons regular little athlete be game you look great told him you were married someone I've never met never seen a picture of you tell her I knew that was her face Denise you and Dean she doesn't care he went mad she doesn't care you were with him well I haven't done anything like that since I've been sober you weren't drunk when you met Dean okay well drugs same thing I mean I know I wasn't stoned the day I met Dean but what's that time my life I can't believe you haven't been with another guy since Dean not even a little bit you were really into that ham the whole scene mom let's I mean okay I'm a flirt all right I came to you what are we talking about true love you and Dean living together I was hiding out then mmm never bothered me you and Dean it seemed right my life just changed I mean oh I couldn't bring you into it no it's changed again I really want to make it up to you well that's good to hear yes I happen to need you to help me anything made me want you to fuck this guy with me fuck it what Oh just fuck him he's gonna be here in like 45 minutes listen to me I need money I called this guy I haven't seen him for a couple of years he wants to of us me and a guy he'll be 500 I've done this before with him usually it just likes to watch but it's in anything-goes situation I'm sure he'll settle for the two of us on him I know I don't get it you need this money to pay the other guy back they're both coming here no there is no other guy that was a lie made that up this guy will pay me 500 I can't find anyone who will do it with me fucking Ronnie's dead so I figured if you could give me the five I'd cancel the date if you give me three I cancel have to give two to whoever I do it with any way if you won't give me the money I've got to do this guy I need a partner holy shit no I'll give you 200 you need the money what are you what do you need the 500 or the 300 or whatever for why do you need it you don't need 300 I could use a hundred but this guy is offering me 500 if that's what I'm turning down gotta get that back from somewhere right I can't turn down five and take a hundred losing money okay you need a hundred dollars right this guy calls you up any offers you 500 for sex with you and another guy and now you think that's what you are supposed to have just because that's what he's offering that doesn't even make sense no young sinner okay well imagine this you walk into a bank with a check for 20 bucks and and and the cashier casts it open up the drawer and there's like two grand in there you think what you're supposed to get the two grand instead of the 20 because that's what happens to be there yeah that's right that's correct that's what I'm told by the noisy little neighbors in my head you fuck fucker you fucking asshole no don't talk to me like that again Chris do over the last time I moved and I lived out here do you remember that you brought that guy over my place that you ripped off do you remember this I shook his hand I stood there talking to him for like 10 minutes about moving like a fucking asshole and then you tell me he's there to get money if I don't have it we're gonna have to beat him up take him out whatever he knows where I live Dave fucking won I'm already living someone work I don't want to be so this is nothing new get the fuck out of here my pleasure I don't want to do this he'll probably pay 500 to watch us fight she tore the rest of my clothes off glad you're here dressed okay what are we gonna do what do you wanna do yeah that's a guy the money go what can we do you know the situation I don't like he's like a cup of coffee yeah yeah I really that shirt a little eerie now are you cold are you cold no the nice always makes fun of the way I dress she says I'm too drab buys me all these fucking shirts don't make me feel conspicuous you're not interested in me you're not interested in guys at all you're clearly not interested in money how do you feel about Chuck that's what this is about I've been clean almost three months part of my parole I have to go to the fucking meanings come on ya little bus I was going getting my sheets signed lately I've been swimming at myself well if you've already been going you probably heard this before why not why not try one more day this is the day I want it today's the only day of the week I worry about wow look if you've already decided if you've already made up your mind you wouldn't be telling me any of this I'm telling you I tried the fucking means so you don't have to drink save me those people I don't know how you do it they're scared like scare the kids what bad things not to happen you don't follow the program you get cancer they make me see their prayers and their good little boys and girls nothing bad will happen to them anything bad does happen like to somebody else especially you figure out where he went wrong how it can't happen it and they think they'll live forever you believe that shit are you still my brother I don't know beats heroin what does look I mean I know I can see we have your problems with it we all do first time you walk in you see the signs of the further room they're the slogans yeah keep it simple easy does it yeah I know it's bad news I know what the fuck am I doing here you know it's easy to think that you're too smart for it that's easy you know you think they're cliches and they're you know I'll tell you they they are well I mean look they are they are cliches they are today this guy um the sponsor I got rid of my own for years but he used to tell me there's a reason that cliches become clichés right that they've been around a long time that they've lasted and that's he's saying they're true you know I felt better then I stopped feeling better of course they're in a long time means fuck-all Santa Claus has been around a long time neckties have been around a long time there's nothing more useless in a fucking necktie say sir I don't know you believe the mere he come one cliches are neckties there the neckties you hang yourself with in your cell that's good I'm gonna write that down never remember these things with time when you think it's not gonna work it shouldn't work but you can get clean you can so grow because of God did you know I'm supposed to move to England that I got accepted at this theological school and Nottingham is dead did I tell you any of that yeah I figured it was bullshit you were just trying to beat him for the tuition money no no no no no I don't know what to say I'm a long story but fuck set up a partner first I was fucking greedy fucking body takes more guts to go on living that does to kill yourself it's unbelievable that's what I was thinking without even fucking thinking obviously about as well just look at it yeah it's always harder to do something new that it is just keep going it's a basic law of physics the only people you hear who say that takes more guts to go on living are the ones that don't have the guts to kill themselves those people are supposed to have guts that's kind of self-serving I don't buy that what are you talking about I don't know I'm supposed to know what to say to you know and I don't I don't kill myself that's not what I mean but this fucking guy I don't know that I can do that guys take it out of your pants close your eyes two fifty each it's been a long time what does he look like how old is he don't I look skinny you want to just watch you might go for it how old is he he's older you'll look great damn oh this is the thing man you fucking scare me I was supposed to be a priest Anglican you can still have sex no I don't I have to think I'd have to think about it why does it have to be right now I have to be tonight look it's like this we fucked the guy make him kneel down close your eyes don't same thing or else just just sit down just watch don't smile Oh Oh tell me you're a cop a vice cop that you're forcing me to do this okay all that's left you could do something to me or I do something to you and that's out right we're not gonna do this tomorrow or next week or midnight we're gonna do it now so what's it gonna be why don't I just called dad and asked him for 250 you won't like it but he'll do it you know what no that's not fair it's not fair to him he doesn't have any fucking money call him now no I just gotta call him now I'm not sending my guy away and then finding out you can't get the money no Joe who the fuck is Noel nobody here by that name it's no like stole like oh you know just one so what do you think it is the right way to stand is any way you want to say it this is easing you bad man there's somebody here we were just talking about you well you'll just have to see for yourself but just ones that can be hold on he can wait but not forever don't make us start without you he's not here to fucking this thing up we've got a little time to hunt around here and find you a pair of balls good set of balls that's Weymouth the kind men have you said you've done this with me before but he does know how to say your name so you don't know him do you don't know him that well but I know oh I'm just gonna say it there's a god no there's a fucking god you'd make the blind see for who you really would I'm not kidding nor I would be I would be fucking nowhere without God you're in my room you fucked up your marriage you got 50 bucks I was you I'd give the devil's in serious consideration yeah I do this thing know I am the devil you can just what I said well hold on your pants and don't watch well a blowjob send you to help what's helping you your money for drugs doesn't really matter how I help no helping me get money your sister is fucking Brooke and after five years not a word not a dime now you sit there you are being a smug little cocksucker Ami's cocksucker performed whores or worse than anybody thank you I need you to help me and you're gonna fucking help me all you have to do is sit still shut up that isn't a whole lot to ask how I spend my money that's my own fucking business you understand my money my business do you understand yes I understand that's more coffee Bette I'm feeling all jumpy you'll be fine you ever thought about this before with me this situation no no I mean your thought about your thought would have except swith me before not asking you to have sex with me girls okay but have you ever thought about it at all in any way well for a couple of years on and off I thought about tracking you down in Toronto and getting somebody to break your thumbs Martin knows plenty of guys who can do that cheap tail uh then I started getting quite angry at you thought about putting you in a wheelchair for life maybe having you blinded it's a lot more expensive but you get what you pay for then I just thought about killing you I am thought about that for a year or two maybe one search wise but really last year or so I haven't thought much about you at all so no I didn't think about fucking you you know I don't have to be here when this guy shows up honey you didn't know that I would come what the fuck are you gonna do you'll even fucked you happy where you gonna go with 50 bucks genius just sing okay you said you've got about oh no time to make up your mind you just said he was gonna be late we're not gonna be drinking coffee when he walks in this guy's paying five bills [Music] what's his name Louis [Music] there's a charter flight going from Miami to Rome planes been up in the air about three hours it's full the pilot comes over the intercom he says I got good news and I've got bad news this is a joke yes says I got good news and I got bad news the bad news is I don't know where the hell we are but the good news is for making damn good time I think that says it [Music] there but for the grace of God unbelievable you everybody fucking up grace of God I know it sounds like bullshit to you but it's really it's the whole thing you know and I don't think grace comes and comes and comes you know I think you can say no to it you know like I believe in the grace of God I am sober and I am clean and I'm alive today by the grace of God but what is it supposed to fucking mean if somebody can't stop using if they can't get sober I've got the grace of God but they don't that's bullshit you could say no to it you know what this is the kind of shit that worries dad he said to me can you see Chris going for this religious thing this is dad Chris has been a religious maniac all his life now when I was in grade 3 or 4 you told me you wanted to die on a fucking raw hey um you told me that you wanted to die was in the fifth grade that's kid talk go to the comments you think not like wanting to be a fireman I believe grace of God I'm alive because of the grace of God it's die not cross no I can't tell you if you do okay I was supposed to be a priest and I said no Louis isn't coming over here today because of God by the way I'm not here because of God this is about singing no joint fucks with your body makes you fat or something would you pay five hundred for this I'm here okay try to imagine you're not it's hard imagining you know who you are it's bad enough love fucking imagine I'm trying to remember the body I had not imagined it oh you think I look at that bad I'm your brother yeah okay when he gets here you're not my brother yeah want me to join no why hey don't say shit my legs don't lease we don't do their rough day rough stop it stop it Carl Lewis tell him to forget it you gonna give me 500 yes yes yes yes I've got that much a little more not much more I have that I don't believe you let me see it did God teach you how to lie told us how many Goods you this thing do you mmm his five only get some an hour won't even take that five from him this five five more in your head no no no no decent amount of money I gave you that's that Louis would stay out of it if you don't fucking like it no you gave me this you have no saying what I do with that it's bullshit I didn't give you a pain for sucks right whoa whoa was there big guy you already paid the girl you change your mind you don't get a refund you child dad I will deny it and he knows you're fucking crazy I'm crazy you've got the balls to savor that okay fine forget it fuck it forget forget I don't want it I am bailing you out of this situation though stop using drugs guys throws at least I can stop you from turning tricks but you're gonna do something for me tomorrow morning you're gonna come to a fucking meeting with me yeah yes this could be the grace of God entering your life there's a girl our age at my home group it's not that weird you want to do it hey we can do anything no you must think I'm so fucked up you know what you want a lot of guys don't I don't want a new car do you know what you want I I want if if we do it I don't want like kissing and hugging oh stop we're gonna do it once I wanted to do it to death I'll do anything but we're gonna wait for Luis just a second I can't just do it I mean can you right now you could take off your clothes and do it just like that yep okay if he's here it's something we do I can understand that i can understand the shape of it and then we can really do it there's nothing we can't do with Luis the batter the better I can do it with Luis but I'm not doing it without him you're unbelievable you have to have that other 500 because it's fair haha you don't like anything cuz you're good at it fuckin all I don't thinking about this for such a long fucking time but was something else there it just makes you fucking weird it makes it normal nobody does it watches he pays listening you'll like Louis he doesn't have stupid you'll like him he just does it you gonna help me mm-hmm please painted it would make a world of difference I do that now by the way I'm a painter's assistant those are the kind of job as we get a people I don't fucking like it no that's not true that's not true I'm grateful I'm grateful to be working fuck there it is again that fucking fuck I hate fucking painting but I hate even more being grateful for things that I fucking hate better than rope cheaper than stockings come here no silly okay don't make this impossible okay fuck you can handcuff me to the bed tight on my feet no isn't something a lot a trick do we use okay it will be fun we can do whatever blindfold me if you want I don't want you blindfolded no I want you in it you're the whole point what do you want Chris I want everything I paid you know when I got busted for that gas station and served with the cops handcuffed your chair all night those handcuffs I can cops man I don't use I believe in God I'm a painter it's like the fucking cops Wow I thought we're gonna wait for Luis ah I wasn't kidding about the thing with the painting you should really do it okay when Luis gets here I know what are you talking that shit isn't that kinky wow it's freezing in here it is hey why don't we wait with my pants till he gets here and then you can take them off her I don't know pull them down them off whip it out use handcuffs unlock put us in that bag I didn't and imagine it like this at all fucks you up imagining that's why there's TV you can't make it all the time huh go Oh somebody freak show you know somebody wasn't that good anyway then I got a guy I knew a long time ago and then fucked me over and never owes me money hey that good you know it is I'm calling everybody and then the right guy comes along he's just there right God sent me for my door yeah it's been a fucking day I called you you know Ronnie's dead he's in a corner of baktun anyway it all came together fucking miracle one second and nothing and there's the answer to everything right in front of me this guy Chris um I haven't I've known him all my life and he came to visit I hadn't seen him in years and we were gonna score but we changed our minds there's things I've done and I just don't feel bad about them things I've done to people most of them had it coming maybe I'll change my mind about that maybe I won't I am NOT trying to be normal Chris is married and that isn't the worst problem way but God believe me we got involved after all those years after our whole lives involved I've been with guys a lot of guys especially after I started using and sometimes we'd fix me and a guy in in the dark I'd be nodding in and out and I'd get the idea that I was really with Chris I'd say his the name Chris told me it happened to him as well so Chris was here except we weren't stoned and the whole night long I felt like I had a fever see his face for a second and this time it really was him and a whole night long if I see the kinds of things you see with a high fever woke up in the morning I felt like it crossed the ocean swimming and in the morning it was still Chris we didn't score Martin huh I don't know where to start um Martin we're gonna tell you about Martin Martin was a stuffed animal [Music] [Applause] [Music] your biggest problem you're stupid you think too much and you're stupid it's like the worst combination there is I have $500 because you're stupid it's a crime being stupid you get caught and you pay me you owe me money Hey these fucking handcuffs off not making a big mistake Chris I will burn you down to the ground she's walking things off me or I'll start screaming go ahead sorry okay stop it get them up little girl oh yeah you're a fucking cunt from your lying little mouth you're gonna keep your $500 you didn't do a fucking thing to deserve it you know you're my brother fuck this sister maybe I'll kill you later you know PS it's really strange to fuck your family fucking you call anything strange nor that guy that was stupid your idea is not fuck you my ass is as good as anybody's fat ass don't even think that I'm keeping money fine I told you how he had to do with him you fucked it on fuck I said this isn't happening right I'm worth 500 no I don't all on your own no neither does Louis know you pay you a dime to fucking I know that Noll nobody would make anyone 500 who's worth 500 Madonna yeah besides Madonna I don't know but you're not that's the point right I'm gonna show my strength a picture picture the nice picture you junkie just got out tom was gonna pay you five bills hell I'll be fuckin committed sister or not can I interest you in some heroin no you want to score five years you act like a good boy now you're acting like a guy going bad yeah fucking room all I said was not 500 okay no it wasn't fucking personal uh you and your shrink laughing at my picture sounds personal sorry I was pissed off you know I stopped fucking drinking cuz I couldn't do what I want to do now I'm sober I can't do what I want to do I don't really know what I'm supposed to fucking want I want to shoot mark I won't shoot your knees a slit his throat and I want to live with a girl that doesn't speak English in another country and I want some fucking junk and want to shoot I want to score some fucking dope pink junks worth 500 I think the babies on the junk junk in Madonna who elects a notary happen one where you still here when Martin shot that guy outside Burger King yeah Jenny me call me back so the guy is chasing him from walk and you know you know where's Martin gonna run just walk the guy still running after him so Martin shot him didn't kill him you know if this is coming back shit so he gets into some guy's car or makes him drive through a red light bang a pickup hits them knocks the guy right through the front window of no not the couch tried the other deaf drivers all smashed up Martin gets out and Rob's the till gums out flies down academ comes home action no no he doesn't come home he gets out a block away he's being cautious won't pay the fucking cab shows the guy the gun Rob's him too and then he comes home he falls asleep must around two hundred cops si from anyways Martin keep hearing he wants to kill me I know Martin's got dope well what are we waiting for run don't walk you me funny are you Martin why don't we just stab ourselves and set fire to the money it saves the trouble of going out he doesn't just want to kill me oh I've heard that he's never said it to me he gave me a necklace when we were together he said it was his mother's ok eidetic whatever it was nice shave to me mother's day sometimes he calls me and he tells me as long as I still have the necklace I belong to him just way infect him I sold it his dope Oh Hey yeah no it's just doing it answer the phone oh you know me I'm nothing about bad habits oh well oh hey mister it out actually I haven't been going lately um can I call you back this isn't you might call you back this isn't really a good time to talk yeah my brother he's visiting oh we need suspicious it's my brother really Christopher hello so you don't want to join Martin we can either wait on LX or hit the street I met him in a meeting we went for coffee coffee dark liquid hot comes at a cup yeah we had I guess kind of a date I don't think I've ever been on a date in my life the meetings it's like being back in high school isn't it uh date did you have a stroke was other photo a date we went out I don't get it why would you go with this guy you've lost me babe what's happening well I mean I don't I don't I don't understand it some guy you meet it's fucking meetings you don't even like going to them he's taking you out you fucked him what birthday fuck you no fuck him you fuck him not for five hundred not even five bucks did he pay for the coffee hey doing him entirely different situation is why is your boyfriend what your age you want to know if we're going steady are you okay sorry I didn't know that you had a guy a bozo friend hey my boyfriend okay he's just a guy I slept with him once maybe twice you slept with him you have to stop repeating everything I say he's not gonna show up here if that's what you're worried about yeah I'm worried about that well I don't understand what the problem there's no problem there's no problem I meant Denise in a fucking meeting so what happens you just you met him took out tick to home that it more or less well you fucked him twice he must've liked it gee you got me Reverend I bet he liked it too you musta met a whole new experience for him it was it's normal you know it's normal people in the program get involved Oh time it's not a good idea but it happens I just hope that he's not the kind of guy that sags and newcomers get someone they're really vulnerable you know there's a lot of those fucking guys I'm kind of surprised I'm actually I'm actually a little disappointed but whatever you stopped using you started going to meetings you're just the same as everybody else right it's a fucking dipstick beats you did you flee Shay's that sounds like wisdom I bet he use needles to write good uh you guys probably think it's meant to be right that God's protecting you yeah that's what you think I hope you're dying off I hope you get sick and fucking die see when you're dead what is happening what happened because I fucked him for nothing you offered the money I didn't ask for it you think everything's about money no let's fucked up I'm ugly I've got a fat ass you don't look like your wife okay you cannot promise to fix me and then no Faceman you ask your fucking boyfriend to fix you [Applause] [Music] come on boy don't hang up timeout okay penis silence I'll show you what I did with him Charles on our date I'll do I'll do the same things with you [Music] put some fucking hex y'all gonna come stank can you help me out Jim's you should uh she see he's gonna be late Alex picks up in this area he'll call do you have condoms no I don't okay first things first hand over the money you're not gonna fuck me under the dope I don't trust you no I don't give a flying fuck Chris it's later go it in the bathroom oh don't do it come on your date did you want that no is that what you want no go eat in the bathroom from me you like women beating you Chris no you like beating them no maybe you want a little half and half a little fucking a little sucking I could just give your head or you could go down on me what I said you'd do the same things we did on your date okay you said you'd do the same things to me and don't talk to me like I'm a trick that's what I do with Charles he liked it maybe we should wait till we fix I didn't wait three months so I could blow my fix having sex fixing is fixing him fucking fucking can you wait in the bathroom mister what you what you do you came back here yes okay place oh I'm afraid there's nothing to drink would you like to fuck me you didn't say that to him yes I did no I don't want that okay I don't want I want our date instead yours and mine later it's time we can do the things you did with him okay so it's not me and Charles it's you and me yeah well yeah I mean you're you and I meet you but different ok I'm not your sister you know I want you to be my sister you're a fucking coach maja you call me up me no it's Harry and ask me out we go out together you Chris Terry and me we go for supper Chinese mm-hmm then we go to a movie let's skip the movie we got a lot to talk about at dinner and I don't want to stop okay so what what you came here you just just do it did he kiss you I kissed him before we got here he looked sad and I gave him a kiss oh you looked sad lame routine-use oh look at you two mercy fucking okay do you want to know or don't I do go okay we came here I asked him if he wanted to fuck me not really serious kind of the same way did it with you he laughed no really left he kind of smiled and then he sat me down on his knee where was he sitting where you are huh he was standing he took my hand and he led me over and then he sat me down on his lap and he put his arms around my waist like did you want to do it arms around me Joe then he squeezed me tight and then tighter and tighter until I couldn't breathe squeeze as you can't breathe just do and try it yes I know pop my breath and then I leaned my head back and he kissed my neck and I wanted to turn around and kiss him on the mouth but he wouldn't let me he just trust me yes yes way if I felt close to him did you yes oh yeah let me up no no he let me finally chose let me [Music] [Music] [Music] Martin your husband hangs up before even here's my invoice I think he's afraid of guile answer and then he'll feel more or less obliged to come over and kill him didn't answer the phone when he was here what's-his-face [Music] [Music] I got up in the morning and wanted to die most interesting way for it to happen I get together with Martin again he's the only guy who well that's it right okay everybody else I might as well just shoot water [Music] stick after Charles usually I just feel sick and I don't know what can fix me I'm gonna get fixed I hate the fucking telephone okay no no come on come back to me Martin didn't call okay the phone didn't ring you didn't wake up a sporting and decided to die in an interesting way okay you'd die anyway with these I want them around the bed is this the necklace he gave his mother's did he give you the dress mess it up fuck off Charles on our data series me you said it was too bright I like candles okay when did you sleep with Martin when was the last time you don't want to be on that date Chris hmm the last time I fixed Martin came over that cute in this bed with Martin just make you shrivel up you know maybe it makes you hard did you like candles for Martin Martin goes in the dark oh it's gonna sweeten he's shy Martin scariest thing Martin ever told me I asked him wide used a knife when he did a guy why not just shoot him he said he likes to touch them I think he goes so far fucks up so totally just as somebody will finally touch him he's a victim of bad therapy Charles doesn't need it to be dark who the fuck is this guy Charles what does he do paints houses uh-huh oh no that's Luis okay we could wait directs you can do it to me anything you want we'll be dreaming others kind of drift away I'll wait until I fixed before I put on this necklace [Music] how do I look you did this shit on your date no no it's a different game yeah well I like the one that we were playing game in bet fuck's going on you said you didn't want to wait till you fixed you chickening out okay sit down a word wrestling it not this dress I like candles then I got on him I guess we kissed same as me minute been longer made him bleed no this guy used to fucking needles I bent em they made him bleed and then he would just face right up close to me and I just licked my lips really lightly really gently let's hold in my hand to my panties just wanted them over I bet he's hung like a horse right machen sound like a horse yeah well of course he is you have to be otherwise his life will be pathetic even this stupid guy running around and all I just shit to make it for the fact that small thing Martens and scene that's oh I think I know where this is going you don't know me Charles I'm not gay nor ask my shrink you want to be taken by like lots of guys want that I don't wanna do I'm not gay believe me when this is over my shrink again have plenty to say and Denise and Brian ever talk to me and if I tell her I'm gonna have to tell but I mean believe me this thing you and me this is not about me being gay I don't get it well if it was I'd be here seeing Dean you know what I mean what are you talking about you'll tell your shrink he'll tell Denise you're here that's over I don't mean tonight or tomorrow I mean like eventually my feet are back on the ground like what what what what Wow well over what poor I've got a surprise they may don't want you looking roll over and put your face on the pillow I relax I just want your arms out of the way okay this appraisal how can you come from the same family [Music] well you got me now I can't go anywhere you can do whatever you want with me know what happens Chris what always happens you say things to me and I actually believe them after all this time this is just another little adventure for you just like everything else I don't have a strap-on I always meant to buy one oh oh oh I've got the candle oh wow I don't know is it long enough I don't know what you're used to tomorrow he liked it with the knife my day it naturally but I finally figured it out I run it up between his legs it was gonna cut his balls off he loved it and I'd slice him a little ah I just kind of leaked out of him not much nothing to write home about I took it right what are you up against this Adam's apple then he said do it just like that you said you'd do it oh fuck no keep away from my fucking eyes please I'm gonna go blind no wait you don't want is over I could call Martin you know Martin was done time he was that boyfriend I know he thinks that if you're not on the receiving end you're not gay did you call me and hang up no I just thought it might have been you could you come here like right now there's a guy and he's was trouble he's I tell him there's trouble he's here you guys haven't seen each other in a long time the underwear for him hey great a little something it can actually be more how do you like your date now well if it's gonna happen I mean if fucking has to happen yes it might as well be Martin don't try that bullshit on me come on you don't think it's just a little bit funny naw came all this way so I could be Martin's girlfriend huh you better watch yourself BAM he might like me better you wish I understand him I like his mind forget his big cock fucking kill me that's what happens when you don't get away with it oh fuck do you want from me crazy fucking bitch everyone knows I'm bad nobody knows about you nobody but me how why don't you pray there's a God pray got God you don't need your sister God's better than junk right no take the fucking money alright tonight take it all and then let me the fuck go alright yeah fucking let me go come on I don't play anymore let me go let me go bitch my dad says very kinky sorry running an ad I got a few guys I didn't know which is here with their money I go shopping huh I'm even lifting anything it was no point P then like today I need money and it's gone it's gone hey no you got money now I'm paying for it happy you go shopping Chris you go movie order pizza punch TV you wake up and that's that day and it's okay how do you do that like what is the fucking hole your life isn't my fault mall [Music] nothing is your fault have sex with me first oh come on don't play I hate you I hate every fucking thing about you you still want to fuck me I can't I can't die without doing come on I'll tell you what Martin's gonna fuck off that's what you really know it's not yeah no come on be honest with your little sister you have always wanted Martin how do I look that's why you're scared of him that's why you hate him so much you hate real men who want to fuck them but they scare you look I fucked Martin before you ever met him we were partners I fucked him in broad daylight he didn't need to be dark you don't want to die telling lies you'll never get to happen he cries sometimes after he comes he whispers something you never quite make out what it is whispers it comes in many cries anyone I told you that you heard that for me when I was stoned I think you know that I didn't Martin is gay no no he whispers no my name's you whisper my name [Music] [Music] [Music] but no idea where we are better making damn good now the question is did I call Martin or didn't I I was you I wouldn't take any chances he'll kill you if I want him to Martin loves me more than he loves you so pack up and hit the road brother were even know what you are well you know what you fucking are yeah I'm tough stupid fucking scared huh how does that feel scary sorry brother they say put a paper bag over his head and fucking with paper bags - it's all right I'm not leaving here without my fucking money well there's nothing you can do this gonna make me tell you where it is so you won't find it in the thousand years dude you up you had it coming you know you did you don't want to be bad you want to be nothing you'll never make me talk you know it Martin could make me but you can't Martin can make me do a lot of things too but you have to ruin everything I've ever had you have always done it my whole fucking life you're so jealous maybe hey Martin Martin Martin no how's he involved my money she won't tell me where it is what's up what's up it says you're a bad little fucking war you came in yeah just tell me about you and him do just that you could fucking wipe out what we have okay you wiped out what I had with him why don't you fucking think about that first mr. awful fucking thing in the world to you what type of I say went money is okay go trial dryly I didn't see ready I will kill you I will fucking kill you fucking garbage sir you'll what fucking me like that and I've always been in love with you right from forever pass ready that was fucking great as you we can't even fix fuckin hammers on my life never gave me anything that's nice nice really like you there I don't have anything it takes more guts to kill yourself than it does to keep on living we're not gonna kill ourselves with dope that's for sure tomorrow if you still feel this way I'll call dad promise okay I still feel like would still feel like Hillary did when you woke up you notice good as you look Chris what are we gonna do we're gonna take a bath we have to do something a few I feel bad about the bad things I didn't do anything at all I'm gonna hissing great five or six I used to lie down in this field behind my school I had a friend Linda we used to go there light out and wait for boys Wendy used to do this they knew we were there it was mainly necking kids stuff they put their hands under our clothes there was this guy my brother knew he liked me sometimes he'd pull other guys off me and have me all alone I didn't like him I liked what he did he lied out in a field you're not being choosy sometimes it was just me him my brother and Linda the guys they were lying so close their shoulders would touch I don't think about when I was a kid but I remember that I remember that [Music] I haven't been here lately yesterday it was it's been three months three months since I fixed yesterday I never had a thing for booze sloppy and there's no class to it but you don't have to rob a bank to get a drink you don't shoot anyone stab anyone you don't I can go back to the liquor store break the guys knees because he ripped you off you don't get to live like that drinking junk gives you a life it isn't perfect maybe but you know gets you out of bed in the morning gets me in a bed anyways it's funny I was thinking about my brother about when we were kids I remember when he first started drinking not when he was a kid uh he was drunk every night once he started and I said to him I said is this what you want is it good as good as the real thing my brother says he said he said after junk tricking said after junk drinking was like kissing your sister he told me and he drank he drank a lot he said it never really got him there he drank and drank I mean he's an alcoholic but it wasn't the same it was like well it was like what he said it was well I guess you know what he's trying to say if it's not what you want if it isn't the real thing then it's just like kissing your sister I guess that pretty much says [Music] [Applause] [Music]