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and initiate sequencing [Music] and memories are made of this what is this place I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but you got yourself killed at rst we'd rebuild the most important assets in the US military soldiers like yourself you're the first who we successfully managed to bring back but improved enhance with the technology in your veins you have an army inside you that will not only make you stronger you will heal you instantly forage now tell me do you remember anything where you going I got unfinished business find the man who murdered my wife and killer that's not good all right sundown and initiate sequence okay who is the next target for elimination these are little bit tell me do you remember anything do I know you guys I don't think so they've been manipulating you what you think is really sometimes ain't and initiate sequence [Music] control me for sure about that revenge is what makes a man like you exceptional know nothing about men lately - the you be fantastic like I just heard this evicting this MVP you