Bobby Brown Sister Fabricates Story Claiming He Was Hit By A Car

[Music] Breakfast Club bitch you're a donkey yes donkey today for a Tuesday August 27th goes to Loyola Brown the sister of Bobby Brown I don't know what's going on in the world anymore like we really live in a society where people don't care about the true from the lies more entertaining not to mention nobody even seeks the truth anymore they don't care they just want to be entertained now when certain stories pop up in the news about certain celebrities I can usually if I care enough to I can usually see what's faking what's not all right I don't care who the source is I can tell by the way it's written whether his BS are not for example remember when TMZ said last week that jay-z was going to be an owner of an NFL team yes I could tell that story wasn't legit because the only sources decided was people connected to Jay with direct knowledge what does that even mean okay let me tell you something when your source is someone connected to someone with direct knowledge that means it was a phone call alright and that phone call could be from anyone and being that a lie ain't nothing to tell especially on the Internet people run with it and you can't even be mad at a lot of these outlets because it's just the nature of the beast all right but Jesus if it's not exhausting all right the latest exhausting story to come out happened yesterday when Bobby Brown's sister got on where we're out social media already claimed that Bobby Brown had been hospitalized after being hit by a speeding car now let me read this okay Leola posted yes Bobby Brown got hit by a speeding car while walking and no he was not in a car accident this car came straight for him and tried to damn near kill him broke his bones both his legs are messed up and whoever saying he was inside of a car that damn liar my brother was walking down the street and a car came straight for him and hit him to kill him they report every damn thing else he's ever done in his damn life so why did not anyone including his so-called wife go to the press with that one why did you not want that to leak out yeah I know why oh yeah the hell I do let me skip ahead cuz I'm not repeating all these lies she closes her rant by saying you all are not gonna kill my whole family and keep thinking you could get away with it end quote first of all I hate the fact that as soon as I read Bobby Brown got hit by a speeding car while walking and his bones were broken and legs messed up I hate myself for immediately thinking well how the hell is he ever gonna properly perform every little step of his legs are messed up alright luckily for us a celebrators of the king that is Bobby around that hole right that is sister posted on social media what she now deleted it's a devil damn lie all of it alright Bobby Brown's attorney Christopher Brown released a statement saying there a report circulating that Bobby Brown was hit by a car over the weekend and injured both his legs the reports of false and Bobby Brown was in that Lane enjoying time with his family this weekend mr. Brown was not struck by a vehicle over the weekend and statements from Loyola Brown to the contrary are fake news Bobby Brown even left the comment on Instagram and said all lies I am doing just fine Leo Lee is a liar and it's a lot of that going around lately people say anything at any given time I don't know if it's four clicks I don't know if this reviews on overs for retweets I just don't understand how you wake up on a random Sunday and say hey I got a lie to tell and what's crazy is even after Bobby Brown and his lawyer confirmed the story isn't true you see people on social media telling them they lying and they're just trying to keep it on the hush I am terrified of this society that we live in I am terrified of people like this people who just make up stuff this has to be a form of schizophrenia okay social media schizophrenia the delusions the hallucinations these type of people aren't normal and they are walking amongst us plotting lives in fake storylines the attempt to ruin all of our lives okay it used to be a time when the most dangerous lies you could tell were the lies you tell yourself but now that people have social media those lies they tell themselves they can tell the world and that my friends is a danger to us all please give Leola brown the sweet sounds of the Hamiltons [Music] [Applause] [Music] Bobby Brown okay donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael s lamonsoff don't be a donkey down pound 250 on yourself and say to bull if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound to five volt from your cell and say to bowl [Music]