Bondi Rescue Season 14 Episode 2

baby [Music] record-breaking temperatures have been predicted are punishing five days of dangerous temperatures it's been extremely hot the sun's right as the next 41 out here it is absolutely stinking it's a shock to the system while our beautiful beaches might be the best place to cool off over the next few days authorities warned they can also be the most dangerous Australia is in the grip of another extreme heat wave [Music] way too hot yeah so when the temperature gets super hot down here at Bondi there's there's a lot more things to look out for there's a lot more happening away from the water you know we got heat stroke heat exhaustion people are dehydrated you get kids locked in cars you know people are being training outside they're collapsing it so there's a lot for us to focus on on those really hot days it's really hot today it's super hot and you just get that feeling and you got that something's gonna happen mid-afternoon and the temperature hits 35 degrees as the mercury goes up beachgoers start to go down but you do get severe cases we need to call the ambulance and they need to get further medical attention put on your neck literally just kind of like a feeling of overheating and then yeah a little bit of kind of durin vision and then I just woke up many overseas visitors are unaccustomed to Australia's hot summers [Music] usually helps in the back in there but in a heatwave sunstroke can be the least of their concerns got a huge volume of tourists coming down at Bondi and with that they bring a whole lot of inexperience down here to the water it's a recipe for disaster one of the warning signs for us as lifeguards is people that swim fully clothed it's a bit of a telltale sign of inexperience and something that we look out for a lot Marya patrols the South corner originally from Italy he's worked hard to handle any situation a man is caught in backpackers wreck he's fully clothed and struggling to stay afloat it was so hot and and anyone in the water with his old claws and couldn't swim so he was drowning office worker ahmed came straight from work to get relief from the hate so I was like really struggling there I'm 185 the way was like over my head but the jeans up there is like having an anchor now good the hate continues to attract more novice swimmers to Bondi classic summers day down here people are swimming everywhere ignoring the flags ignoring the dangerous current signs and it's just a matter of time before something kicks off six forty-five pack up time and final warnings are issued we're here for 13 hours a day you pack up at 7 p.m. we warn all the public that we're finishing for the day we'll be back at 6 a.m. please be careful the other day we can't be here 24/7 and the general public need to take responsibility for their own actions and if they're going to stay and be in the water 7 p.m. and it's still 27 degrees people you're done leave go home got your family before we go home we assess the beach if we need to do overtime and hang around we will tonight it's like a pond there's a small rip in the South corner but that's about it so we had known for nine [Music] and we finish it normally no one goes swimming after that yeah at 7:15 the lifeguards finally go home then just 20 minutes later 20 minutes after lifeguards gave final warnings and left the beach three young Chinese men went swimming in backpackers read people take that risk and I wish they wouldn't do that the men were rescued by members of the public but one man remains unconscious he's not breathing and doesn't have a pulse just get back off-duty lifeguards saw the commotion made I'll just after work screaming a brawny and just seeing that helicopter firing I sure enough there was a resuscitation in progress in the South corner even if I was off-duty I still help people it's my life he's no prize for them paramedics resuscitate the man using a defibrillator I got a look at him as our walking after the beach and he wasn't looking real good at that stage he has a pulse and is breathing but remains unconscious it's unclear how long he was underwater we put such a big effort in for those 13 hours of the day to make sure everyone goes home safe and when you hear of something happening after hours it it can be devastating a day later and the man remains in hospital in a coma head lifeguard ha pode believes inexperience led to the tragedy run pack up that night was an e-1 small rib down south where maria who did the rescue during the day best the beach was quite calm and flat so what I think happened was the three walked into where that small rip was and then eventually couldn't stand up and started panicking after last night's tragedy Marya isn't taking any chances with backpackers rape the tragedy weighs heavily on Mario the last lifeguard to leave the beach before the drowning occurred it's so important that's why we get so sometimes angry you know like with some people they they don't want to be sending us because you happen like in a blink of your eyes like we're gonna lose the life of everyone laughing why don't get himself involved is hotter vigilance type bad why what'd happen if it was from down there yesterday yeah you know tell us yeah yeah yeah we did a good job yeah I felt very sad very upset [Music] [Applause] a new face on Bondi first year lifeguard Sam is learning the ropes it's not just rescues that are testing his skills so pirate so party yeah this man from Cambodia has lost his ten-year-old son Sabbath when lost children are last seen in the water alarm bells ring for lifeguards you don't know how well he can swim so if he has gone in the water and then this is such a crowd as easy to lose someone like that pretty hard to spot in English and Cambodia yeah really bad English my Cambodians terrible so you know it was really hard to communicate with you Sam is in his first year at Bondi he focuses on the water but experienced lifeguard Jules thinks otherwise I just thought well 100% my gut feeling is this kid is not in the water they're just lost on land we've been driving around for 15 or 20 minutes and he decides to let me know in casual conversation that his wife is also down here and he does have a car straightaway I'm thinking well a kid's first instinct is all to go back to the car or find I thought this is gonna be super easy go find the car locate mum child done so maybe you pop on this side of the cafe yeah maybe we couldn't even find the car the case of the lost kid is becoming the case of the lost damn near a children's playground like neither Park Raceway yeah the language barrier was unbelievable I mean we get that that's like that's not a rare case down here did you look down a lot of stairs to get to the beach that's true I just did a whole lot of hand moving backpack walking can you yeah then you will okay so we walk this way okay okay as humans I think everyone knows you just figure it out you just do a lot of expressive stuff no that's a guy that's like how you stress the ten-year-old Cambodian boy has been reported missing by his father quark I was pretty hard to spot it but it soon becomes clear that corekai may be the one who is lost that step all right then we go this way Jules thinks the boy may be back with the family car if only dad knew where he parked it I will walk with you and look at every single vehicle well where's your wife oh maybe train depart this was true though finally the car is found but it's empty then if a familiar face and I'm thinking well this is great we've found your car with found your wife where's the kid Farkle smart mouth right there told me buddy long huh well they come now my junk Bob LA and then next second the kid just kind of pops out from behind mum and and steps in front and you know I was wondering why mom looks so cool calm and collected was looking at dad kind of funny the kid was with her telling me yeah how could a good drug he needs to work on really knowing where his belongings are among today's team is veteran lifeguard Kalyn Collins known as Casey after 17 years on the job Casey still remains an enigma even to his colleagues Casey is definitely a man of mystery he keeps himself a former Iron Man Caitlin likes routine he trains basically the same time every single day has coffee at the same time every single day he eats the same lunch from the local Thai restaurant every single day Kalyan has earned a reputation for a no-nonsense approach to the job you'd see someone waving screaming and he goes nope he's still got some fight and you get back in and and teach them a lesson instead of going out and just helping them back in he makes them learn for next time so they do get stuck in a rip they can get out of it when there's no lifeguards Kalin's been here for years and he's never ever done an interview for bondi rescue that's until now I don't do many interviews and I'm not seen on Bondi rescue very much because I'm quite boring I was a knowledgeable guy and I use an assets at service 4:00 p.m. and the tide is outgoing kayla is called to the middle of the south end after mouse spots a man in trouble hi I'm Kaylen genies come up in between second and third rows in the end way and he's actually really seriously about to go under in the crowded water it's important to identify exactly who is a brisk their is so fir just my past into that that's him shut up now to the left about 20 meters he's going to go under the next to the body border Indian boy I've got twenty thirty meters to the north getting away over back there now oh yeah before paddling out kala must first clear the shallow sandbank sand banks are notoriously uneven with hidden holes impossible to see I looked at the patient and put my right foot in the trough and then landed bit awkward half when I went down and then it all went left and as soon as I see Kaylin go down I'm just thinking there's young save this play which is one of this Indian blood he's gonna go on down next to a body boarder oh yeah veteran lifeguard Kalyn Collins is racing to a drowning man when he runs into a hole on the sand bank injuring his leg half when I went down and then it all went left this swimmer he needs assistance right away and as soon as I see Kaylin go down and I'm just thinking who's gonna save this play fortunately a nearby surfer here's the man screams he sort of come and collected in which was really lucky cuz that was his last chance there you know I don't know how that guy justice applause the man is now safe but despite Caitlyn's injuries he continues to assist he just got washed gem his spine and then hopped up the beach and Troy from the right I was wondering what was going on it's clear that Kalyn is now in need of assistance himself yeah I've seen him hit the deck on the way if he's busted just bring you mark but before Kalyan gets treatment for himself [Music] there's a new patient with the strangely similar injury you're both injured down we just done easily it's quite funny going down to a guy who's been injured his ankle they both have one good leg each so you know when they're walking up the stairs I think they can help each other out kaylynn is one of those old-school tough blokes and it takes a lot of stocking yeah ok I'll swallow nothing I'll get you smashed I don't like to not finish a job end of the day I was only a carpet it's not like I was bleeding from an artery or anything so it's very minor finally Kalin can't treat himself I talk calf muscle 3-4 weeks recovery before I'm back sprinting across sand banks again a week earlier Mario attended a drowning which took place after lifeguards had gone home a 21 year old Chinese backpacker was resuscitated and taken to hospital in a critical condition he has been in a coma since today news of the man's condition has been relayed to the tower yeah it says hey there's a fine line you know when you come down the beach and blame the water life in that yeah you boys do good job though yeah you know the man isn't expected to survive Mario was the last lifeguard to leave the beach just minutes before the man drowned I wish shark will help him before you know like space had this moment dropped me I don't know I've had quite a few you know in the years of life cutting I don't know why just so close you know like it's very touching next time of Bondi rescue biggest hailstorm in 20 years now now lashes Australia's East Coast look at all this a Bondi rocker wets his whistle they got me on the gurus know after dislocating his shoulder its words at childhood a near miss I returned the flagged conceal a drowning tourist and a man on a mission it was gonna be the greatest entrance of all time