Bondi Rescue season 14 episode 1

Bondi Beach Australia's most famous stretch of saying no one dies lifeguards are the some of more than 100 years of experience enabling them to tackle searing heat 30 odd degree sharks dangerous surf and millions of visitors every year this summer the biggest challenge facing bond eyes lifeguards comes from within the big difference since last summer we've had some of our most experienced staff leave the team after 16 years the eighties hung up before chalk afraid in years Dino's decided to take the summer off to spend more time with the kids yeah and you may hear a much and after 16 years Cory has decided to drop back the casual you know those three guys going you lose about 50 years of experience and very very hard to replace that in in one summer to fill the gaps ha PO has launched the biggest recruitment drive in the lifeguards history usually only put on one or two new lifeguards this year we've got six plus a trainee and they gonna really need to step up so we got 24 year old Sam he's a very big bloke he shows a lot of presence on the beach 22 year old Luke a young bonny local ex-football player will 23 year old Jack who's a former lifeguard from up of nearly then we got Gavin Stephenson aka Baggett's who's a former lifeguard down here and rounding out the team is bond eyes star recruits Clint Kimmons aka clipper he's a unbelievable Waterman current triathlete and big wave surfer we know what plants capable of we're expecting them to perform down here this season it's about the young guys adapting and adapting quickly and for us old guys it's about really stepping up [Music] [Music] joining the world's most famous lifeguard service is a dream for scores of young men and women 22 year old Josh Burke is BA guys new training Berkey as he's quickly become known comes to bondi with a family legacy my father was a lifeguard 15 years ago so to get the job was a dream come true trainees when they first start you know they're all energetic and they're stoked that's the best job in the world and they're just hanging down the t's but there's another sort of between a lifeguard it can be quite distressing and also very confronting a few weeks prior to the season Berkey was faced with the harsh reality of life guarding at bondi a call came through the tower from a member of the public goes up on the point there at Marks Park there was a person holding their bag floating in the water and then he rolled over and was facedown we didn't know whether it was rock fishing whether his walking around the cliffs was really unknown the unconscious man was retrieved on the jet ski waiting on the shoreline beardy maxi and jog were joined by trainee Berkey we raced down to the patient and on will straight on the chest during recess honestly we've been working on him for so long that I thought he was gone I started mentally preparing for what was about to come but a shock from the defibrillator successfully restarted the man's heart when the paramedics let me know they had a Polish it was an amazing feeling as a lifeguard when there's a race us our job is to get that patient into the Animas with a pulse and we did that to bring someone back from the dead it's an amazing thing you know all I can hope is that by tomorrow I know that this guy survives you know you're gonna be able to talk to his family and have a good Christmas soon after news of the man's condition is relayed to the tower you guys did an incredible job out there yeah kids know everyone gave that choir best change yeah yeah absolutely look mate unfortunately we've had some advice from the hospital it's blast away I found out the patient in Survivor was pretty gutted it was a pretty devastating feeling you know like I I thought about his family and if you had kids left the beach with that with the heart rhythm and the combined work of all the guys that got him out of the water the CPR on the water's edge you know the boys did it made amazing job when it's out on the headlands and around Rock a lot of that stuff's out of our control but there any drowning that we get nice your lifeguards alert though that something major could happen no matter what the day can bring the man's death is a sobering start to Berk ease first season as a Bondi lifeguard it reminds you that the job we're doing is protecting lives and sometimes people do die it's a life and death situation down at the beach so it does bring that back [Music] summer holidays door nonbonding within hours 40,000 people are sprawled across the beach [Music] identifying endanger swimmers amongst the enormous crowds requires expertise 16 year veteran reading has spent hundreds of hours scanning Bondi South in reading relies on the vantage point of lifeguards in the tower Clint chemins has seven years lifeguarding experience on the Gold Coast but is in his first season at Australia's busiest beach yeah he's definitely no good trainee Berkey is also at the south end he's on a roster day off but working as a buggy driver for the Bondi rescue film crew even on my day off I was still watching the water and knew something was going to go on down here it's just starting to open up now that tides really starting to drop suddenly five more swimmers lose their footing on the sand bank copy my okay boys on five or six more people just lost their fate and started to panic all right all right that way there are now six swimmers in trouble and only one lifeguard someone go in I was like ah this is on I started thinking I might have to go in here yeah central to Jethro back up is 800 meters away at the North End may there's a few more heads down there might even be worth just heading down that way mate usually the bonds really useful to clear paths but on this day they are the horn wasn't working I was looking at other people in trouble thinking Chiefs we need a few more lifeguards out here hey buddy all right swim swim to make stream tonight a man further in struggles to stay a flight trainee lifeguard Berkey is off duty and faced with a decision made up I was properly drowning I knew I had a guy but has the new recruits left his run too late [Music] in the South corner off-duty trainee Berkey is faced with a split-second decision working or not working if there's someone inside one more he's gonna go get him loaded with four people Reedy can't reach the worst swimmer hey buddy wait wait swim swim to mainstream tonight right duck always training so rip intensifies yet more swimmers are sucked down yeah central to north rhino there's about five heads now so worth going in when you gather snarling no no no no Jethro finally arrives with first year Bondi lifeguard Jack Reedy Berkey and a volunteer lifesaver managed five patients two more swimmers cling to a small body boy Jack heads for the two swimmers who are waving when Jules identifies yet another person in trouble visiting close to Shaw who's like do you can ignore when people are in distress PA Jack and tell him to turn around and go for the chick into his right she's the priority there's now only one lifeguard left on the entire Beach by the time I grab the megaphone jacket got carsick I just had to get in there jet tries drawing people drown in a minute you think they're swayed and they just think so you can't really leave that up the chance escalated quickly Bruno Chet is visiting from Hong Kong with his family I try to our ashram as much as I can my my kids are also here so this is my fifth summer on the beach you know it's time for me to really step up we've got a lot of new inexperienced lifeguards and you know that puts me in a position to be someone to look up to every new experience is a lesson for bond eyes latest recruits especially when an old master is on hand to give a demonstration it's the middle of the day you got an outgoing tide and I've been monitoring this little girl on a bodyboard solid he's been around a long time and he he's a bit of a nice man you know he very very rarely boils over yeah he'll be in for sure man she's freaking out [Music] now hop get out that it might rescue and as he does the water starts to move a bit before you know it we've just got a large volume of people in the water that can't swim the rest of the beach is super dangerous so to just hurry things along a bit I just send buoy get it you know of course on the way out food ends up grabbing a different new patient and yeah we just got the same problem when I hand still thought they ain't going for the one person and then it became too annexed you know there's four papaya is single-handedly faced with a mass rescue yet doesn't signal for backup by this time in the tower I'm starting to get a bit stressed out it's about five or six people quarters group as well as the four swimmers clinging to hoppers board another four are looking for direction out of the rip pose got probably eight maybe nine patients but I don't think he's concerned one bit about it I've got the aircon on full-blast cause I'm overheating up there and hope I was just out there lounging around waiting for someone to paddle out a mojito or something doing directly in front of Bondi central head lifeguard hopper is managing nine swimming on his own his team watch on with growing concern I'm sure why the boss is remaining so cool [Music] yeah gongs can you grab the board finally topo reveals the secret behind his cool composure we're drifting quite easily to the sand Bank and I knew that I could get the whole nine there without having any backup guys we'll drift over to the bank okay pop the master Waterman knows exactly where the RIP will take everyone as long as they stay calm any other lifeguard holding would awake for some assistance but he knew he could handle the situation one out six swimmers need nothing more than hoppers calm directions the remaining four disembark and the boss I don't think I've ever seen a lifeguard have that many patients and not even paddle one stroke but we pulled it off with minimal effort as yours does Eleanor and PG are cousins originally from Italy it was in trouble when a little girl asked me to save her I'm like me I was like sure don't be don't be scared and I was like and then this little board at the back and then the like got K yes the lifeguard was very good very good hi my career many mess risk is because in the early days we would work on our own in the beaches so it was regularly you'd be bringing in now four or five six people at one time for the I thought you minded they alternate back up what a satisfying event so it was exciting [Music] pack up time and the lifeguards issue their final announcements some swimmers aren't heeding the warnings control to chaperone a you got that those heads yeah yeah from my angle down the beach packing up one of the swimmers in the group looked absolutely terrible all lifeguards are drawn to the situation but the boss isn't making a move just yet and we could see Jules and hopper observing and we're really curious about where now gonna go you want to give swimmers all the chance to get out of a rip on their own because then they're experiencing the situation they're in Papo what's the three people to stay calm he can see the RIP we'll move them onto the sand bank if they don't swim against it there's people that genuinely I was thinking why this guy's going in if you go in too early sometimes they don't realize they're in any sort of trouble popo's steely composure comes from 27 years lifeguard experience then close but it's now clear the three swimmers won't make it back on their Ryan - pattern the moment I kick the water you can hear people screaming and yelling [Music] at that stage where I could have gone in to back her up but I wanted to get the experience of pain out of being two people in I was quite confident she could do that I've got this inner voice that's going if you can't do this why have you got a blue shirt on [Music] Julian and Hannah are on holiday for Germany along with their friend Farhat who is held up by a nearby surfer Harry's radio is the lifesaver jet ski to assist you just feels like a run down to the Sun in you be able to hold them and then pretty quick to that fan bang copy hot yeah all good I was like you there you there and then next minute like the surf Jets tear after the floating one person makes it easier for Jules badass hopper predicted the rip has sucked everyone onto a shallow sandbank Jules and her patient and now in the impact zone the jet ski weighs 500 kilos a wave from the wrong angle could cause it to ride you're holding onto the patient demanding that they hold on you just have to brace in the South corner Jules has two German backpackers on her board offloading one person to the jetski will make things easier but a four foot wave could turn the jet ski into a battering ram you just have to brave [Music] the man has grabbed the lifesaver jetski just in time Jules and the woman must endure the next wave of the set those waves are so punchy and powerful that they'll break on you and just suck you down [Music] Jules get the gives it a crack you know you got to be robust and toughen Georgie gives it everything she's got I've got to back myself and my ability because I am capable [Music] it's just the second time Hannah has visited bondo Jules make sure it's not her last Julian is delivered by the volunteer lifesaver jet ski and for wrapped by a local surfer we are happy about the about about the lifeguards so yes they have this really ice-cream help and she screamed as well and the guys it was definitely a good rescue and in front of ha PO you know didn't know his dived and lose the patient it's always a nice feeling knowing that you can plead it to the best of your ability [Music] I understood why I hope I didn't send yours in earlier that whole rescue through pressure patients are rescued with only one lifeguard yeah I'll pose been really good to me look I look up to him I looked up to him since the age about 5 or 6 when Dad started working here and when I started he took me under his wing so we've got a really good relationship what I'd say to the Berkey is a training and the new guys coming on it's just to stay calm and think about what you're gonna do before you actually go and do it to get that cool calm composure you need to spend a lot of time on the beach take deep breaths before you say anything on the radio and understand that your night need not to rush into situations my god one day is to have skills like Oppo but the man's been on the beach was nearly 30 years so I think it'll be take a bit of time to get to that stage next time on Bondi rescue a wayward child so kind of isn't the only thing this father can't find they couldn't even find the car when Kailen is injured mid rescue a life hangs in the balance who's inside this brother and after hours drowning just get back raises questions for lifeguards well a bit of a debrief to work out exactly what happened and work all that out