Booger Picking Challenge


Team Edge


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this garage is the garage boogers they're what you eat but this is what we're picking out of this guy's nose gooey Louie he's got some real big buggers in his nose that he needs us to pick out for him he needs our help the only problem is we have to make sure we don't pick out the wrong booger because there's one booger that's tied to his brain just like every human has yeah I have a booger tied to my brain it's a medical condition known as booger brain brain booboo brain we're gonna do three rounds first person to get to will get these boogers dumped on his head either you pick one booger two boogers or you one for Sigma 3 booger for or you skip a turn sometimes in my life I have these moments where I'm like deal the heck am i doing one usually it's while making a video are you - wow great look at this dude look at this oh [ __ ] pants attached to something oh yeah you gotta pull it yeah a big way Jay Fred have you ever had one line this where you pull it and it just keeps coming all the time one dang it please Wow those boogers are just falling out yeah one oh we're not doing that anymore oh this is attached to something yes I don't so long you do Eva I'm like hooking around the Middle's how long does that look yeah yeah hey piggy piggy good picking good roll a blanket you seem like you have experience Oh what can't be that many alive now - yeah yes I told you it's gonna be you again okay Brian so lucky sometimes you're digging for gold one how many guys a sinus infection dude doing this yeah no no no no no oh well he unhooked it oh no there's one more I can't believe it give it to no one yeah actually all of them one that squeak noise yeah one you almost got saved by the band roll it out there it is well come on dude do fancy trips got a hangar yeah oh so it's 1 to 1 to 0 this funny guy over here starts so employers I mean my job dude guys have all day to pick boogers I think I want to spend my day picking bugs what is that differ from your normal schedule yes all right I don't do it all day strictly from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 it's worth or a nice try big shot nice GUI Louie ha ha GUI GUI can we go eat we should do like you know those commercials of like old board games with like oh this is good we Louie picking boogers is fun yes commit you have to get you have to commit stinks you don't have to pick the one ok I don't trust that one of hanging out I don't trust it brain pops out pretty fast awkward I'm an expert expert nose-picker expert knows pickup yes I meant to say stop and cool it ha ha ha yeah that one I don't try that one I don't trust I definitely don't trust that would stop the squeaks Man 1 yeah I think that's definitely that's gotta be it was just gonna come down to who's the last to loses let's dump boogers on your face oh you see that squirt out Oh what's this question I'm not with this question you have to do they have to pop you must be your whole point right oh oh what will my family think of now I'm demeaned and demoralized and Demi Moore thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this make sure you give it a like and subscribe because we make videos like this every single Monday Wednesday and Friday