Booker T Talks AEW Competing With WWE Hulk Hogan Paying For His Mistakes More

[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will Warner from what culture and if you're a fan of our interviews make sure you subscribe to what cult resting on either iTunes or Spotify to be able to hear the full-length versions alongside our reviews of pay-per-views roar Smackdown we also have roundtable discussions and a roundup of the week complete with a bloody good quiz of course on wrestle culture for now though here is a clip of my interview with Booker T V full version of which is available as a podcast now discussing aew the Royal Rumble Seth Rollins Becky Lynch and his thoughts on Hulk Hogan as an outsider looking in and the likes of aew which everyone is talking about a moment what do you make of that you know it is is huge issues for the wrestling business issues for the uh the wrestler expensive the independent wrestles out there that looking to get you know sign you get picked up and get looked at and whatnot get that big break it's great for competition guys gonna have to step their game up they're glad perform it at a higher level if you would have make it to that main event slide it's good for the business overall but on the other hand the Khan family and you know Cody Rhodes and young watts and all of that crew that all the talk is good now they have to go out and produce a great show and they got to do it on a weekly basis and it's going to be a chance it's going to be a test that we're going to see exactly if they can pass it hopefully I'm you know I'm pull it form I'm gonna pass the test because anytime you know wrestlers out there around the world that do this we want to do it and give it fans that ultimate moment you know they looking for some way to work and another place like hey Andy you know it's great for the guys yeah I think everyone out there seems to think that this will only be beneficial for the wrestling world as having been a part of you two companies who've been in direct competition with WWE what do they have to do to compete with Vince McMahon's juggernaut you know I think they should you think about competing or anything like that I think that's the biggest mistake want to make you know when getting into business like this is trying to compete I think just stay in your I think W still be here they would have just stayed in their own lane and did was you know what we'd be at best that was you know wrestle I think TNA would still be flourishing right now they would have never went away from this excited ring as a state with their young guys who gave those guys the ball and let it run with the Samoa Joe's the AJ Styles and the Bobby Roos you know the world out you know that's Adele eww they would have given those that the ball I think that company would still be running today I think every time someone try to get in and compete they lose focus on what they really need to be doing and that that produced a good television show alternative television something different to watch coca-cola there's Pepsi that's RSV there's so many and they all blur it's very very well if they just stay in their home yeah there's a lot of talk about them being different from WV would you say that's a key thing that they need to focus on then oh definitely I think they need to be different I mean I think ECW would still be around you know they had you know social media and streaming television today and just because they were so difficult no they it's yours rate might be a little bit high around I think it would be huge because they did their own thing they carve their own it all he dangers we created something that was his you know WWE's ECW and when you could do that I think you can win when you go out and try to be like someone else I think you just doomed from the beginning now there's been a lot of talk recently about potential WWE stars wanting to gather their contracts and go to the likes of aw do you think that's gonna happen more going forward or do you think perhaps aew will focus on you know getting people from the likes to bring them on or a new to pack you know if they were smart they would you know they would you know pick from you know the independent scene very wisely New Japan wrestling is a very prominent today it was those guys we all got it performing at a very very high level new faces I think what people want that's why I think reality of wrestling flourishes because we don't bring in a lot of X WWE stars TN aw CW we don't do that you know all of our guys are stars and I think if I'm aw you know create their own stars they may have a half of a chance at making it do you think that's the place for Kenny Omega going forward or do you think perhaps W we could tempted a mankini Omega right now you can write it on ticket and pretty much do whatever you want to do stay on the independent scene and make millions of dollars if you wanted to and be happy and I think at the end of the day I was going to be his decision but right now can you make it hot you know everybody wanna go to aw you can go to WWE q I got a quarter you know new Japan if you want to you know go back over there after God there's really that good and that's what guys uh thirdly to focus on is I'm creating you know that that image like Kimmy Omega has done like a Chris Jericho others done and go out there B would write your own ticket absolutely now book and the Royal Rumble is just around the corner I will never forget your return at the 2011 Royal Rumble so who your predictions are going to this both in terms of men's and women's because it's it's very wide open you know man I've never been a never been good at predicting Rumble matches I mean back in the day with a little bit a little bit easier you know I mean because you had to share Michaels you know I mean you had to stone cause de bosses yeah there's certain guys that you just you liked and what you didn't you didn't like them you know whether they were gonna win it and I just like them so you'd take them you know these names a little bit different you know a lot of young guys I'm gonna be in the rumble you know you got a lot of it excuse you know coming up as well you know trying to you know get you know pretending it's like Laura Sullivan you know you look Rhode Island gloss all of it you know he's a monster he's definitely a monster he's a guy that could that could make a whole lot of noise and what happen it's hard to pick Rumble match every in 2019 there's a lot of talk surrounding Seth Rollins obviously the terrible news that we heard with Roman reigns last year do you think Saffron this could be the guy to step up and fill that role well I mean I think that role has been making a play to fill that role for the last year I think we last year and a half husband going on damning stellar matches you know as his showmanship has stepped up his uh his uh you know the trauma that he goes out to create a matches now is it's totally uh picked up the storylines that he'd go out loving the storytelling that he go out you know you know put on in his matches now I've have went you know weights got high you know so he's definitely putting himself in position to be that guy to go out there and uh you know carry the company on his back and I really think he stepped up I mean if anybody has stepped up its definitely said wrong I want to know your thoughts on Becky Lynch because her evolution over the last few months it's been a joy to watch his wrestling fat you know it's that one spark man literally you know there creates a flame she definitely found that spark you know she found what it was you know because it's really really hard you know I mean you know for the women in WWE because it's so many great talent and then you got shot a flag walking around she is definitely be top dog so you got to figure out how did you compete match up with this how do you create your own and make people look at you you know totally uh from a different perspective and I tell you Becky has done that not only on in the ring but out of the ring as well and that that's where she has stepped up they're making people and anything is she's believable you know it was when Becky goes out when she walks I was exerting it's literally like a female Conor McGregor walking out of the curtain she means business did she goes out in the ring and she performed at a very very high level alright he's definitely uh stepped up in so many different ways years who as a man yeah no question um I mentioned your Royal Rumble return earlier would you perhaps go back if they ask you even even this year you know uh if I was to get an invitation in the mail you know you know I was invited to the rumble I would go just out of respect but you know I'm not one of those guys that you don't want to go out and have another match or anything like that you know it is it's truly about the young guys these days is their era you know and I really want to be step aside that these guys have their error you know create their own magic and you'll create their own stories and legacies you know along the way I've had my time you know I have had a great time and I still work with every W you know could I'll be there for you know like fifty years ago something like that but but I'm like I'm having fun being on the sidelines watching these young guys go out there do their thing and if I could create you know I'm a few along the way you don't have to like I've done my job personally I'd love to see one more spin or any of the Royal Rumble yes me a day you always say never bid preparations is the only luck you ever gonna have in life you know I had to do a better Rudy I will be prepared fact we do that rafter that only one final thing I want to ask you about is the return of Hulk Hogan to the WWE you've obviously work with him in the past he's had his issues away from WWE what do you make of him in coming back I mean uh he's back home I mean everybody make mistakes you know I know he's pay for his mistakes probably the tunnel more than we move forward we can that's one thing we can do we can't continue to move backwards hi you know Martin Luther King will be turning over his grave you know he's we continue to move backwards and in a lot of ways in his life right now and 2019 we are moving backwards so we got to think about um you know let the past be the past you know who forward o Hogan has done so much interesting dishes you know it does so much for the WWE you know contracts are you know thick as they are in a lot of ways do the occult making arrests in business as big as he did in the eighties you know so for him to be back you know there's only a right for him to be uh take his rightful place you know that's the bad news