Boris Johnson Replace Iran nuclear plan with Trump deal BBC News

can we begin this morning with Iran I'm sure you're aware at the Iranian president has spoken in the last half hour or so saying shooting down of their plane was an unforgivable error and those responsible will be punished what is the next step for you as as Prime Minister well obviously what were saying to the Iranians and I'm glad that they accepted responsibility and I'm glad that they've identified it as a as an appalling mistake and it does appear that it was a mistake is very important that the bodies are repatriated and in an in a dignified way and that the families are allowed to grieve and to have closure clearly Iran as present Rania said made a terrible mistake it's good that they've apologized the most important thing now is that tensions in the region come down and I was I was actually in among just at the weekend talking to people in the region and they don't want a military conflict between the west and Iran I don't I don't want a military enemy a big very clear I don't want a military conflict between us between the United States and Iran let's dial this thing down and you know Iran when you really look at it it's an amazing country it's 80 million people it's got a young population they're literate they should be orientated towards free markets towards our way of doing things and yet they're the captives are the prisoners of this approach this government that they have well we're not easily going to change the government but we need to engage with the people of Iran we need a face Prime Minister well I think that there is a very very you know they they've clearly guilty of an appalling error I don't think that we are currently envisaging any further escalation of the you talked about dialing down that the thing that dialed this up in the first place was the killing of general Soleimani ten days ago where were you when you first heard about that I was I was not in this country but I worked very hard as you can imagine to ensure that there was a European response and there was a good European response was good UK response to the I worked also with and we got it we got a good European response to the crisis we work with the Americans and with obviously we talk to the Iranians so of course to the Iraqis and I think that the the UK played its traditional role which is to serve as the as the bridge between the the European power is the additional to not be told about that sort of thing before it happens because the decision had already been made when after you know before you'd been well informed about let's be clear this is not it was not our our operation there was no reason for us to be no there were no UK assets involved and it was perfectly right that he went ahead as is it there's no reason for us to be to be notified our job once it had happened was to make clear our position which was you know we're not gonna be what tears over the death of a guy who has who had the blood of British troops on his hands let's be let's be frank nor on the other hand as I've just told you do we want to see any kind of escalation in the Middle East which many will understand listen to listen to you this morning and some people watching this will say you know this was a an opportunity for you to show leadership as Prime Minister did you think about coming back from your holiday well we had a as I say our job my job was to concert' the UK response and the European response to make sure that the United States understood our perspective and to work very hard to ensure that there was no escalation and I think when you look at what has happened in the days since the the death of Cass another model yeah I think you know we are in a better place that doesn't mean that the tensions aren't there and the UK will continue to work for engagement and dalek now we're going to come under pressure everybody will say well you've got to get rid of this nuclear deal the jcpoa right there's what Trump wants get rid of the the jcpoa my point to our American friends is look somehow or other we've got to stop the Iranians acquiring a nuclear weapon I think that's the most that's what the the the John connector points agreement does the jcpoa but if we're gonna get rid of it then we need a replacement now the problem with the jcpoa is basically this visit is the crucial thing is why there's this tension the problem with the the agreement is that from the American perspective it's a flawed agreement it expires plus it was negotiated by President Obama and it has made it from their point of view it has many many faults well if we're gonna get rid of it let's replace it and let's replace it with the Trump deal okay that's what we need to see and I think that would be a great way for the president Trump is a great deal maker by his own account and many others let's let's work together to replace the jcpoa okay and get the Trump deal instead can I sign your own deals do you think what's happened with general Soleimani has that made it more difficult for mezzanine Zagora cliff to return will UK I know some think yeah absolutely I think I think the the FCO we all work very hard to secure the release of a number of very difficult content of cases including now sometimes I'm seeing Richard Ratliff her husband very soon it's hard to say whether the death Kassem Soleimani has actually made that particular case more or less difficult i mean i think richard has his views others have different views let's see let's see how we go okay you