Boudoir Photoshoot Behind The Scenes DIY Ring Light Set Up

just one that there's one a simple romance nothing more nothing less from you it's like nothing hey guys I really hear today I'm doing another behind the scenes video but we're doing something a little bit different I have George Dutch here I'm pretty crazy we're in his basement studio baseships I wanted to do a behind the scene of a different photographer specifically I wanted to do boudoir for a very long time and so since George is a friend of mine and he's an amazing photographer I thought why not do this today so yeah we're just gonna do some boudoir shots just your usual stuff yep and do you want to say anything else about yourself yeah we're just gonna have fun and just to go with the flow and try to capture some of the natural light that comes through my bedroom window and and the ring lights and we're doing some ring light in the basement and if you guys would like to follow George I'll leave all the links in the description down below he also has a YouTube channel so check him out and yeah let's just get started with the video let's do it okay so we're gonna do two models try to do the double headshot get you guys working together and see how that turns out let's try it like this side lit side lit a little bit of Rembrandt lighting over here no no the the light is all it's all over the place but I actually don't mind it hold on let me get a focus one two not two not three that's good that's good so get really there you go you want to do that one shot I don't know that I have bandanas I can change the colors of them too you want to quickly do that let's do it again you girls are crazy you know what I'm gonna make you a bit uncomfortable but it'll look better on the floor there we'll instead of a messy bed and the floor is messy don't there you go see I'm blocking the light it does look way cooler though like this though hold up actually looks pretty good don't let me get a close one of those eyes hold that for a sec while I focus this yeah you know the eyes are don't okay let me see you backlight lit lit light it will see that's dull I get these crazy flares too don't fall don't die this girl [Music] come a little bit closer actually know what I want you can you do I just gonna do your face but just come on to the bed I sound so inappropriate and everything I say I just want the light from the soul that's crazy good no no no no we got this we got this go check this out though I like that kind of dope let's do a few and see where we can get the light up yeah so I'm using a manual focus only Rokinon 35 millimeter 1.4 it's actually a nikon mount with a canon adapter ring to go on my Canon 6d and that way I can shoot on pretty much any body if you buy a nikon mount then it's going to work on Nikon and because you can get the adapter ring to shoot on canon plus you can get it all these efforts for mirrorless it is the most versatile way to have my lenses so I'm spending less money on lenses that is absolutely six with that light hold on but you make me nervous so now I'm shooting Sigma's art series 35 millimeter 1.4 we are wide open and I'm still manually focusing because I really hate automatic focus right now we are getting gold and our light and it's peaking beneath the clouds so it's pretty hard light and it's giving nice shadows through the curtains and it's a really warm light and it's natural light it's coming from the Sun so it's perfect we don't need any light modifiers whatsoever except for well basically the curtain but I get to play with the shadows and and the light spots everywhere like this is crazy for me when I shoot and it's always natural light unless I'm doing ring light stuff in the basement so different kind of lighting outside and stuff is all dependent on the Sun and I can work with it all really just if it's overcast you can shoot pretty much any direction and when the Sun is beaming like this I love backlit stuff but this is not back that it's really crazy awesome whoa that light is actually sick yeah just stay in the light stay in that golden light there Emily hold up mm-hmm that's cool [Music] that light is insane can we do this singles now just up on your knees in that light where you see it's not gonna last long there see it fuck it looks so good hold that hold that hold that that's crazy that light is so good [Applause] [Music] can you do one square it up to me and will we be able to catch that light yeah and then like I'm gonna get up high and you're gonna look up at my lens and I might fucking break this chair geez she has those eyeballs eh let's trade off real quick cuz this Sun is one it's gonna be gone now you can feel when the light hits your eye right I want some of that light in your face like that's perfect there hold up hold on oh geez hold that hold on hold on I gotta get focus yeah this looks amazing it's just so contrast yeah I love it yeah when she's gone she's gone yeah like the difference between when you compare like this exact pose and everything with just soft light compared to this this makes the photo is just in a whole different world and it's on a whole nother level I think like this is just way more powerful the image [Music] okay so I'm doing my old-school ring light stuff this is one of my DIY ring lights it's all LED lights and I got a little youtube video on how I made this one this is how I do studio lighting all DIY project lighting light bulbs CFLs and LEDs lighting it's really fun and I think the results are really awesome when we get rid of this okay I'm still using Irene's Sigma art 35 millimeter 1.4 which is perfect focal length for ring light work I find 50 is just a little bit difficult to work with the crop is too tight but you can still use a 50 and my settings ISO 320 wide open 1.4 and we're gonna go around 400 shutter speed on this and I'm gonna set a custom white balance or a Kelvin white balance of for this particular ring light around 3600 and then we just shoot manual we snap a shot you check it out it's kind of cool people black on you okay let's back up a little bit right here take a smidgen stuck to your left right there that's good those are rad your eyes just light up a girl's got damn mind so we threw the ring light just off the camera left here to kind of give just a side light I don't know what kind of lighting you would call that I'm not an expert at lighting but it just looks awesome all I can say [Music] you love so do I and nobody else everyone loves straight through the ring light but I'm so sick of it and what you can do is we can light up that other ring light and put a shoulder kick right here where's my stuff where's that fancy that's what I want okay are you ready for this yeah so these are just regular ink it well I just put whatever in theory there should be all the same incandescent light bulbs have really high CRI rating color rating index is really high on them gives you the skin tones the colors that you want and when you get LED strips same thing CRI is everything if you want to retain color information and get those beautiful skin tones forget about the fluorescent lights although they do look cool sometimes but you'll get a zombie look you'll get the kind of greeny blue hue lifelessness in the skin which can be cool I don't know but I actually prefer incandescent for this side light sometimes let's just play with it and what we should do is give that shoulder kick with the LED light so maybe if my lighting assistant can throw it back in that corner well that's kind of cool now here's the trick that line there I don't want so I actually want it like this just put it right here now let's see I'm sorry come here right there stop take a smidgen of a step back no it looks so killer hold up let's see here hold up right there so good [Music] [Music] all right so we just finished with our photoshoot there's our beautiful model Danielle in the background check her out again I'll leave everyone's link in the description down below I hope you guys enjoyed today's video and again if you want to see more of Jorge check him out and know or let me know if you would like to see him more in my youtube channel we will film some more behind the scenes and yeah I'll see you guys in my next one