Bradley Cooper’s Ex Seen Leaving Home With Winter Coat

she's out of there Bradley Cooper's supermodel ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk was spotted leaving their home carrying a suitcase and a winter coat the photos were taken here at the four-and-a-half million dollar home Bradley an arena shared in Pacific Palisades the same home where they were raising their daughter reports say the pair are amicably working out how to share custody of the two year old while many are left wondering what went wrong People magazine confirms the couple has officially decided to end their relationship after four years of dating arena said nothing as photographers followed her to a nail salon Riley broke up rumors have been swirling about trouble in the relationship in 2016 they appeared to have tense moments at Wimbledon arena appeared to be wiping away tears last month arena showed up alone at the Met Gala in previous years Bradley was always at her side I don't think the this breakup surprises anybody I think people sort of sense that this was a long time coming in February Bradley told Oprah that fatherhood was a miracle for him and shared a loving exchange with arena in the audience how has that changed you it's changed everything yeah I mean our daughter is she's incredible now many on social media are wondering if he'll get together with Lady gaga in the aftermath of that steamy duet at the Oscars lady gaga is also single having recently broken up with her fiance after leaving the house with her suitcase and winter coat Arina was driven to LAX no word where she was flying [Music] you [Music]