Brawl at the Zombie Bar Ep 6 Fantasy High


Dimension 20


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(upbeat music) - Activate the phone and immediately an unknown number goes ping. The text reads, meet up at the pit. - I think we should go in there, text them, and then we can listen for the text to be received. - You look out into the dance floor and see Zayn Darkshadow. - I would like to text OMW. - And as you send it Zain's pocket lights up. There is a young woman. She takes your hand kisses it and goes, I'm Tracker. Tracker is talking to you. She leans forward and kisses you on the mouth. - Actually I don't kiss. - I'm so sorry. - No, I'm sorry. (growling) - All over people hit the deck as their bodies start to change - We gotta take out that DJ. We gotta take out that DJ. - Hello, and welcome back to Fantasy High. Last week our intrepid heroes were deep in the black pit Elgor's number one music venue. All the assorted patrons at the bar and club have just burst forth into their true monstrous forms. Vampires, werewolves, zombies now spread out across the dance floor and the various rooms and venues and our heroes are scattered and in disarray. Here we see the board before us. DJ Brainz at the turntable. Two massive pulsing amps behind him. Zayn Darkshadow raving it up on the floor. Riz hiding behind the bar stool. Fig and Gorgug hanging back in the dance hall looking on having just seen the phone or crystal in Zayn's pocket light up being texted from Johnny Spell's burner. In this bar area we have Kristen Applebees talking about faith and getting a romantic proposition from a young woman who has just freaked the (bleeping) out and turned into a ravening werewolf and as far from the music as possible our two most patrician party members Adaine and Fabian in the whiskey bar area as far from music as they can get. We leap into combat the first act as the noise... (exploding) Rage! you see over the pool table Fabian the guy across from the other player goes, cheater! (growling) And his body starts to transform you are first to act. - Oh, no, are they transforming with like things are about to get viol... like it's clearly a fight, or... - You see from that and you begin to hear the screams from the other part of the room, but your lightning-fast reflexes afford you the ability to do something based on whether or not you think something bad's about to happen. - I think something bad's about to... I turn to Adaine I say we need to find everyone and I take off toward the back room. - [Brennan] Awesome. - I would plan on dashing if anything. - You take your move. So that's gonna be one, two, three. You have used 15 feet of movement. This room is filled with people hulking out into werewolves (growling) So, this was the mosh pit from earlier Mero the particular... the werewolf that bought the drink is over by the pool table here. - That's the guy that bought me a drink? - [Host] That's the guy that bought you a drink. Who snogged you in the face. - (bleeping) him up. I don't trust him. - You've used 15 feet of movement. You have another 15 feet left, but you see this room you look through the window here go ahead and give me a perception check. - 14. - 14. You see DJ Brainz. You do not see Riz, who is more hidden than he's ever been. You see DJ Brainz and you see Zayn Darkshadow all the way through because he's got these weird glowing rave things around him, right. - Okay. You rush your movement left. You can of course use a dash action if you want as well. - Oh, I need to wait for Adaine. Can I dodge? - Yes, do you wanna stay in the door not use any more of your movement? Can you use your dodge action? I guess I'll move along the wall, I guess. - Okay. You use your dodge action so you move three more spaces here and you guys see that the quickest to act after Fabian are a group of people that you thought were just gothy, or like didn't get out much, and you now see are clearly vampires. This tall vampire with an open trench coat grabs the person to his left, sinks his fangs into her neck, and exsanguinates her completely. (fluid gushing) And she drops lifeless to the ground as he says, he says Sasha, Lord of Whispers calls for the blood hunt. - [Woman] Daddy, daddy. - This vampire is going to make a perception roll and starts running straight for you, Fig. Other vampires are going to act as well. One of the vampires from the pinball machine rushes, grabs a young women at the bar (fluid gushing) begins to exsanguinate, the rest of our vampires go. It just turns into a total feeding frenzy over here, and you see, Kristen, that one of the vampires attacks you. What is your armor class currently? - 18. - 18. You take 9 points of damage (bleeping) Vampire (slashing) slashes across your face and goes, That little human girl. You look nice and warm. It's now Adaine's turn. - (bleeping) Well all I've seen is this werewolf guy turning. Do I know what phase of the moon it is? As a wizard, is that a thing that I would... - Go ahead and give me arcana check. - Great. Oh, 11. - You know it's not the full moon. - Okay (bleeping). I would like to run as close to this bouncer as I can get with a disengage action. - [Brennan] Okay. - So hopefully nobody attacks me. - [Brennan] Okay, right. Go ahead and move... disengage means you can only move six squares. If you take a dash action then you get 12. - Oh then I will take a dash action. - [Brennan] 12, right. You run as fast as you can sprinting towards the exit. Now the zombies are going to go. (growling) - [Emily] The zombies are (bleeping) and werewolf. Are there any just innocent bystanders? - [Bryan] We saw people saw people get eaten. - This man at the bar, it looks like... - He's definitely here 'cause he's in fight with his wife. - He's got a book under his arm. - I mean just clubbed to death. (smashing) They're not even hitting with their fists. They're like hitting with the likes it's just forearm crack (smashing) his skull wide open. - To eat his brains? - Two, three. - (bleeping) They're coming at... for both of us? - Yeah, looks like they're coming to both of you guys. - [Zak] Fabian, hurry. - They're gonna take some swings at you. That's gonna be three zombies on Fig. What's your AC? - 12. - 12. - Okay, that's gonna be 12 points of damage to you. And Gorgug, what is yours? - It's 13. - One hits you for three points of damage. Riz, that's you. - DJ looks okay with all this? - Go ahead and make an insight check. - It's 19. - As the music spins you see that the glamour on the DJ's face changes. The DJ has a rotting necrotic face covered by a paltry illusion. Just a zombie. A fully undead necrotic DJ. - Cool. I'm going to run up on stage. - Rad, you're gonna take your movement to get up there - And then I'm gonna try to... actually I'll use my insightful fighting to see if I get sneak attack on him - Versus his deception, right? - Yeah, it's my insight versus deception. - 12. - Not one. Brennan, not one. (bleeping) I will just swing... - Throw the dice away. - With a rapier and that's pretty good. That's a 22 hit. - 22 hits. - Yeah. - [Brennan] Go ahead and roll damage. - Okay. - 11. - (bleeping) Yeah. - And then I'm also gonna use fury of the small to do another three damage to him. So, 14. - 14 points in damage? - [Bryan] Yep. - Theory of the ball. - [All] Theory of the ball. - You're up on stage and hit him. Threw this rodent of a pustule of green bile (squishing) burst out of the side of him and he reaches out onto the turntable goes oh, oh, oh, no. You see that that is Riz's turn. Zayn goes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. - [Emily] Let him run. - [Brennan] That's gonna be Gorgug. - That's fine, we'll see him at school. - Okay, we'll find him at school. - There is no exit though, right? - I'm gonna go into a rage. Gorgug thinks about singing a song but it's just too much. - Oh, yeah, not to mention this song is particularly like (rock music) infecting. - I think it was yelling rage. Rage, Gorgug, rage. - I'm going to attack this one with... I'm gonna use frenzy in attack. Well, I'm gonna attack that person then use frenzy on another. Okay, so... Sheesh, that's only a 13. - I mean she's wearing your armor. - 13 is where a zombie hits. - Good, okay. So that would be D12. D12 plus 5, that's 6, 11. - Badly injured that's your actual you (hacking) hack into it - Okay, well I'll just use frenzy and attack it again. - Yeah, go for it. - That hits. And then that'll be, eight. - Eight points of damage. That's 19. This zombie is (bleeping) up. - No she's still standing? (bleeping) - As you lay into this zombie with your axe that is now going to be... You guys don't have anyone in this room anymore, but I know what's happening. This poor soul is lept on by these two. - That Daniel Boone? - The Daniel Boone. - Poor Daniel Boone. That's how he went. - Whoa, what's that other guy? - He's a guy dressed exactly like you but a werewolf. - What a copy cat. - [Emily] Weird. - Who's the dude with the helmet? - The dude with the helmet is just a partier in a (bleeping) red tank top who... He was here with a helmet before. - Okay, great. - Anything coming for me? - He's had a big Anarchy sign on the side of the helmet and he's coming for you. (engine revving) Hey man, this ain't your scene. These guys have disadvantage to hit. What's your armor class again? - 18. That's a miss. That's a miss. That's a miss. That's a miss. (sword slashing) As these guys just try to get their claws on you. Come on man. This werewolf turns around, leaps over the table at this vampire, - Oh, yeah. - Take some swings and partially mawls that vampire, (slashing) as the vampire shrieks out in pain - Oh, yeah, yeah (bleeping) up - Yeah, maybe we could hide. - You see that Tracker turns to the vampire that attacked you - Romantic. - And leaps on her scratching her eyes out with her claws. (growling) - Okay. - That's going to be that's gonna be Kristen. - Okay, cool. Then I'm going to run and jump up on the bar. - Sure, if you'd like. - Cool. I'm just gonna try to get as close to this door as I can - Cool that's going to be an acrobatics check to get up on that. - Yeah, well. You know how well this goes. 18, cool. Oh, wait what's my acrobatics. Minus 3, so 15. - 15 will do it. You rush past... You're going to get an attack of opportunity here from the one vampire off to your side - Oh, cool. - He's gonna go... Hits you with the claws for another nine points of damage (squishing) So, Kristen how far would you like to run? - As far as I can. - Okay, you're taking a dash action, right? - Yeah. - So it's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 11 , 12. - Yeah, what's up with that dude? - There's a portly looking red winged demon guy he's like... - [Ally] Was he like that before? - Yeah, oh, he was like that before. He walked past me. He's got like a green shirt on that says got souls and so... - So he didn't get... So, he's not a bad guy then. - Give me an insight check as you rush past him. - Daddy. - Insight, now one. - This side of the table. - Kristen, this guy is here to help you. - Great. Great. All right cool. I would like to cast spiritual weapon. - That's actually dope. - Cool. It takes the shape of a giant holy corn. It's a giant ear of corn. It looks exactly like the corn cuties, but good. - Dope. Who would you like to attack with this corn? - Can it enter the next room? - You can't see the next room, so you couldn't order it, but you can like a whole... basically cast it in the next room so, that on the next round it'll be there waiting for you. - Cool, yeah, I'll do that. Yeah, I'll cast it into the room that I'll run into. Sick. - A big (bleeping) glowing corncob appears floating in the air. That is now going to be... - I see it and try to fight it. The corn cuties, they're back. - The humans start freaking out and running for the exit. These guys start pouring out of this door here. - This guy? - That man had no business at this place. - Also with a book. - A lot of people just like books into a concert. - A couple hours to kill, I'll just go hangout at this bar. - There's a DJ, I'll bring my book. - These humans are on stage? - Yeah, this guy's dead. These guys straight-up start fleeing, run off stage. - Cowards. - [Ally] You guys don't leave your aesthetic. - [Brennan] This guy hides behind the bar. - Is this a human? Right here? - Oh, there's a werewolf there, he runs into the other room, and hates what's his choice. This guy jumps up and begins he flies over the bar - [Emily] Cutie, Daddy? - Is this a person over here? - Yeah, like the coatcheck person? - Coatcheck doesn't know anything. Hear some yelling but that's normal. - It's just like as people are fleeing being like you have you're coat here? - Tickets? - Tickets, tickets. - That is now going to be Fig. - Can I just like flip over Gorgug to hide behind him? - Oh, you wanna flip over Gorgug to hide behind him? - Yeah. - Okay, you can actually, actually you could move, you could take a disengage and move through Gorgug's space for sure. - Okay, but do I have to take a disengage? Can I just use my action to go underneath Gorgug's legs and hide behind him? - You can take your move action to move through Gorgug, but they will get a dex opportunity unless you take a disengage action. - Okay, I'm gonna take that disengage then. So I'm gonna go disengage and go behind Gorgug, and I guess maybe (bleeping) guy is gonna (bleeping). - You can go farther if you want. 'cause that's it's two squares moving to go through Gorgug. If you wanna move further back you can. - I do wanna move way further back. I guess I'm gonna go way back into the corner as far as I can. - Close to the corner. - And then but can I also use my even though I use disengaged can I at least give some used Bartik inspiration because that's bonus action? - Yeah you can do that. (pinging) - Okay, you got a little Bartik inspiration. - What is that about? - Yeah, that's my turn for now. - Awesome. I'm gonna go ahead and need Riz to make a wisdom saving throw. (bleeping) - 18. - Ooh, baby. You see DJ Brainz goes Now all the good little children are gonna lose their minds and you feel the music vibrating your bones, and trying to rob you of your sanity, but you hold strong. You are yourself still. - I just hate house music so much. (bleeping) (laughing) - That is now going to be back to Fabian. - Alright. How breakable does that glass look? - Honestly dude, pretty breakable. - Okay I'm gonna action surge to disengage from these to dudes, then dash through this window right here. - Past the sad devil dad? - That's 100% rules. - [All] That's 100% rules. - Cool, so you then use action surge disengage, no dex opportunity. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. You have four squares of movement left, you're using the dash action as well. Go ahead and give me an athletics check to smash that window - 22 - Hell, yeah. - Yes. - You (bleeping) like just a (bleeping) Gazelle. Protect your (glass breaking) face right into the shoulder. Glass doesn't even remain on your clothes as you're through the other side. (glass breaking) You have four squares of movement left how do you wanna use it? - I think I got eyes on my main man Riz so can I bolt the bar? - Yes, absolutely. Go ahead just give me another acrobatics check real quick. - [Lou] 24. - You are well and truly behind the bar. So, (swishing) through the window (glass breaking), no glass on you and are behind the bar having used your move. - Hell, yeah. - Hell, yeah. That window by the way is broken. - Sweet, that's helpful for everyone. - The vampires are going to go now. - Oh, come on. - it's going right though that beam of light? - It is good as a beam of light. These two turn here. Vampires. There's a swarm of over here. - God damn. (bleeping) This is a blood bath. - [Emily] More werewolves fighting vampires. - I'm going to need... Kristen what's your armor class again? - 18. - 18. A vampire leaps up on the bar after you and says where are you going. Don't you wanna get to know me? (hissing) And your halo glows brighter. - I don't yet not for five years. (laughter) - Hell, yeah. These two vampires start going to work on this werewolf. Their attacks do literally nothing. You see them connecting with the werewolf and punching him (growling). This guy behind Gorgug is gonna start swinging at him - I've had my eyes on this two-sworded man for a while. - What's your AC again dude? - It is 13. - 13. That's going to be nine points of damage to you. - Halved? - Halved, yes. - So four or five. - I believe it's rounded down? - It's rounded down. - It's rounded down. Oh rounded down so four points of damage as he slashes you with a bright silvery katana and shouts out Maltacia. Girl get the silver weaponry as fast as you can. It looks like the dogs have gotten out of their kennel. - Oh my God. - I hate you so much. (laughter) - How do we fight the most erotic villains. - They're so sexy. - These guys both join in on Tracker over here. - At least she was right for you. - I don't know who's right for me. That is now going to be Adaine's turn. - I'm gonna run out and like at yell to the coatcheck and then yell outside like it's bad, it's bad, it's bad, vampires, werewolves it, I don't know what... - You run out to yell it to the bouncer? - Uh-huh. - As you run out you see the bouncers going, not again, not again (growling). - I run back in. - Cool. You move a couple more squares in as you move six squares back in - And then I guess I will (bleeping) - You've moved now six squares, right. - Oh, yes, so I'm done again. - I think you're done again. You actually have one action left. You've moved six squares all told you have a free bit of speaking. - Then I will cast a ray of sickness on this werewolf that's right in front of me. - Great. What's the save on that? - Constitution. - And what happens if he fails? - He pukes a bunch. Two D8 poison damage. - Go ahead and roll two D8. - Six and four. 10. - Awesome. You raise your hand ray (bubbling) of bilious green energy surges out of your outstretched fingers and he whines in pain as the horrible sickness overtakes him. That is Adaine's turn. It is now going to be the zombies' turn. - Bad time. - These guys are all going to take swings at Gorgug. Oh, what's your armor class again, my man? - 13. - Oh, no. - I'm raging, so it's half damaged, but... - You take nine points of damage spread over three. So five which becomes two, and then two, so four points of damage from zombies wailing on you. (laughing) You're just (bleeping) hulking out. - Fig is watching and she just cackles. - You see that DJ Brainz flicks a little thing on it and says creatures of the night come to aid your master, and these zombies gather around Riz. - I'm coming the ball. - They're gonna take some swings at you, Riz. What's your AC? - 15. - One of them hits you for three points of damage and I'm gonna roll some acrobatics checks for these zombies to get over the bar. You see that all but one zombie are completely thwarted by the bars. (moaning) They try to get over it. One man just to get up there takes a swing at you. Fabian and that's gonna be Riz. - Okay, I am going to try to use my insightful fighting once again. - [Brennan] Go for it. - Hell, yeah. - Yes, that's a 23. - 23 is gonna do it. - Okay. Please hit, I will do so much damage if I hit you know. This is lucky now. 18 to hit. - 18 hits. - That's two D6. 11, 16, 20. - 20 (bleeping) damage. - And I'm looking at Fabian to see if he's impressed while I do it. - I'm not. (laughter) - Of course not. - Did you see me jump through that glass? - Actually did you watch me smash glass, vaults, dodges. - This guy is the leader. This guy is the leader and I'm the ball. - After three (beeping) turns you finally land a hit and yes it's whatever. - That's a incredible you skewer (squishing) DJ Brainz. That's gotta hurt. Meanwhile he's just going (heavy breathing) seemingly unable to feel pain, but looking very badly injured. That's going to be Zayn, one, two, three, four, five. You can take a tag of opportunity if you want, six. - Yeah, I am going to. I'm not (bleeping) taking an attack of opportunity. All right. Is nine gonna hit him? - No, it's not. - Okay, so I swing at him with my bass guitar and then when it doesn't hit I pretend like I was just dancing. - Why are you still dancing? - whatever I'll see you at school dude. It's cool that we both got in right. - Make a deception check for me. - Okay. Oh, that's gonna be 23. - Yes, you see he looks through the door with all of these (bleeping) vampires to the other side you see he goes oh sick and stands back and covers himself in magic and vanishes. - You little piece of (bleeping) - Make an arcana check if you'd like. - Seven. - He did something cool. - He turned invisible. You don't need arcana to see that. - That's (bleeping) Gorgug. - Okay. I think this is the one that I've been whaling on, right? - Yes. - All right, I'm going to hit her... Can I do the frenzy after I move? If I hit her and then move and then frenzy? - You can hit that one move and then frenzy. - Okay, so cool. I'm just gonna attack her. - Cool. - That's eight. - Eight hits a zombie. - Wow, thank goodness. One D12. - Not dexterous. - Plus five. Wait that's a, oh, that's 14. You (sword swooshing) decapitate the zombie in front of you and you are free to take your move. They will get attacks of opportunity on you but you're free to do so. - I'm gonna take the those attacks of opportunity and try to get as close to the DJ as I can. - [Brennan] Cool. One, two, three, four, five, six. - Okay, so I want to throw a hand ax at the DJ equipment. - At the DJ equipment? - Yeah, rad. Go for it. Also give me a perception check real quick. - Okay, that is only a perception nine. - Nine's not gonna do... you don't notice anything. - Okay. - Go ahead and roll your attack though. - That is ten. Ten total. - Ten you the ax flash you and clinks off of an... - What about bortick inspiration? - Oh, (bleeping) is it too late to use it? - You can use it if you like. - Oh, six. Six 16. Okay. Go ahead and roll damage. - Five, so that's 10. - You unlease this... unlease? you throw a (bleeping) hand ax and it connects with one of the amps behind DJ Brainz. As it strikes deep within it, it goes (exploding) you see yellow lightning (metallic clashing) fork out from the amp, grab the axe and forcibly repel it knitting itself back together. This amp right here appears. Now that check wasn't great now that you've thrown an axe at it you notice this amp appears to be magical. - Of the two? - Of the two that one appears to be magical. But you've noticed a (beeping) dope magic amp. That's going to be the werewolves attack. - Do those guys get an attack on me? - Oh, they do. They super do. Thank you for the reminder. - What is your dex in your Constitution modifier? - Constitution's two, dex is one. - Oh, okay that's why your AC's so bad. - You take... I'll half it for you. You take two damage, two damage, and two damage. - So six. - Six altogether. I halved it for you. And then the vampire takes a swing the sword hits (chopping) and deals you seven points of damage. Halved to three. Werewolves act now. You see these guys rush this human here toast this human gets rushed and is toast as well. This werewolf attacks badly injures this vampire right in front of it. This werewolf turns there's no other people in here and rushes Adaine. - Great. - Is he poisoned? - [Adaine] Yeah he's poisoned I think, is he poisoned? - [Brennan] Yes, he's poisoned. Rushes you, what's your AC? - 12. - This werewolf, - had he or you already rolled it? - I did already roll it, but I didn't tell you what it is so you can totally replace him. - Okay so he gets a seven. - On his first one or his second one? - First one. - First one, okay. Claw misses, bite hits. (bleeping) I'm going to need you to make (bleeping) cons. First of all... - [Siobhan] My Dad's going to be so unhappy. - You take five points of damage. All right, we're gonna bring out the box of doom. Adaine, this is a constitution saving through, you go ahead and take the box. Thank you. - Thank you. - The DC for contracting lycanthropy is 12. I'll tell you that right off the bat. What's your broadest concept syndrome? - Two, so I gotta get a 10 or more. And 10 or more and a nine or lower means - I'm werewolf? - Go ahead and roll the box of doom. - 13. What did you get? - 13. Okay you feel the wound in your arm fester as things try to place themselves into... I'll take the box of doom, thank you so much. - I'm genuinely panic attacking a little bit. - Oh yeah, you're character really is. - That's going to be Kristen. - Okay I look at my Bible which is flown open and I read, I can do all things through corn who strengthens me, and I use a spell to turn undead. - Your turn undead action. Yes, that's awesome. It's actually a special ability. - Oh, cool, cool. - That's great. - Oh, I'm sorry can I run through the door and then cast that spell? - Hell, yeah. - I should have done that. Cool, so you're gonna run through here. There's gonna get one attack of opportunity on you. Where do you wanna move to in this space? You wanna move next to Fig? - I wanna go a little bit in front of Fig I think. - Okay so you can go here, because then 30 feet's gonna be pretty big. - Took one attack of opportunity on you which misses as the vampire reaches out, Your halo glows brightly defending you with the might of helio even though you guys are in a bit of a crisis of faith right now. - We are, yeah. - But in the moments it really count... - Yeah, thanks. - Helio is trying to reach out to you be like no, no, we're cool, we're cool. - And I'm like yeah, maybe, but yeah, we'll see. - I'm also gonna need you to make a perception check for me. - Sure. Oh, just what do I have, oh, twelve. - You bump into something as you rushed through the doorway that you don't see. - Oh, can I cast arcana on that to see - Oh yeah, make an arcana check. Sure go for it. - Not cast, 11. - An invisible creature is right in the doorway, but you see tons of undead in here as well. Alright they're gonna make wisdom saving throws. - Is it just zombies are like vampires too, or no? It is zombies and vampires are both undead. So, I'm gonna see how many beings you affect real quick. It's all within 30 feet of you. - Holy (bleeping). - Jeez, that's a lot of people. Okay, so that's everyone. That's both of those vampires. Rad, okay, so that's all four zombies and three vampires. I'm gonna roll there saves real quick. What is your spell save AC? - Oh that's 14. - 14, okay. Damn. Kristen, tell me what happens as you raise your... You speak those words through corn strength. Raise your Bible aloft. What happens this you can feel is something mighty working through you. - Yeah, I raise my Bible and I hear that frat-boy God voice it's like oh, hey, look it feels like you're mad at me, and I'm like shut up, but then all this (bleeping) happens in front of me. - I'm sorry my child that things are not chill between us. If they are not chill between us let them be chill before you, but light of the Sun emanates from your book. All of these zombies turn go burned by the light the true god corn fleeing from both of these vampires shrieked in pain and fear. This vampire turns to face you and the darkness clouds around him. - Cool. Do you think you little solar caress could possibly stop the flow of my midnight whisperings. - Dude could you just like button up your trench coat? (laughter) - The buttons fell off 200 years ago. Do you think a love channels are open when I'm around doing stuff? - You just learn how to do it. - I won't. I am noble. - Do you know Fabian? - You also have your spiritual weapon, right? - Yeah, yeah. - Oh, and your spiritual weapon is active if you like. - I would like to attack that guy. - (bleeping), yeah. Go ahead and roll your spell attack. - Oh, not one. (bleeping) - You see that your corn kind of pokes him a little bit in the face as he goes ooh, you're kinky like that. You want me to do something to the corn? I can do something. and his jaw unhinge like a snake and he kind of falates the corn. - Hot. Very hot. - This is what I think. oh you've never been exposed to this? - No, I think it's fine. I think I accept everyone. I have an uncle. - It makes it less good for me if you accept it. You get that right? - Sure. - Let's fight. Let's fight. That is going to be what humans are even (bleeping) left. Oh yeah, these two bartenders straight up dip rushing through this room. - Oh, my cover room. - Rushing out. - And into those two werewolves. - Into those werewolves. - [Kristin] And my dad. - And your dad. This guy's dead. This guy is gonna (bleeping) run. He makes it here behind the other werewolf. She rushes back through here and goes and hides in this booth. - [Emily] That's a human? - That's a human, yes. - [Emily] Daddy. - He really is like an older man. - I'm to old for this place. - He's like Margaritaville meets a demon - He went to see BeeGees in the 70s. - That's going to now be Fig. - Okay, I would like to move, so, one, two, three, four, five, six, that's how far I can go. So, no one gets a dex of opportunity on me here, right? If I move here? - Oh, you move there? No no one gets opportunity. - And then I'm going to cast... Where is it? Shatter, a.k.a. shred, on these ten or this ten diameter thing. - I will warn you that casting a spell that deals damage to those undead will break the turning effect that is on them. - Okay, one, two, three, four, five, six, can I hit a ten diameter thing around here? - Sure if you wanna try to (bleeping) up the... - The DJ. - Yeah, you could hit those two zombies in front, the DJ, and his booth. - Okay, that's who I'm gonna try and hit. So, I take out my bass guitar and I hit a really, really low note and it's like so long powerful and like yeah, so deep, and vibrating, and cool, and they have to make 3 D8 Thunder damage. - Hell yeah, let me go ahead and roll the constitution what is your spell save DC? - My spell save DC is 14. - 14, okay. - 14, and also any non magical items will take damage. - Any non magical items will take damage, gotcha. Cool, okay. - So nervous right now. - And then DJ Brainz's gonna make one of those. 14, and then his turntable. Cool, the turntable seems unaffected by the spell. It seems to have some kind of magic involved with it. One of the zombies and DJ Brainz both fail the save. - Okay seven, eight. They take 20 damage. (bleeping) - The ones who failed the save take 20 damage? - Yeah anyone who fails take 20 damage. - Holy (bleeping) so you (bleeping) raise your finger up, time slows, and the one string you can see the waves of the string on Fig's space. The zombie here is (bleeping) just torn apart (ripping) by the power of rock. - That's right this is real music (bleeping). - The turntable cracks (cracking) in half and DJ Brainz is thrown up against the wall behind him - Yeah, and then I turned to Kirsten Applebee's and I give her a wink she's got Bartik inspiration. - Why is this happening to me tonight? - DJ Brainz is hurt, but not down, and his turntable's cracked in half, but he looks like he's still got some (bleeping) cards up his sleeve. That is now going to be DJ Brainz. Oh, you see that he reaches into his thing takes out like a tiny little bluetooth speaker kind of thing and a stinking cloud of like vibrating musical energy I don't know how to put it other than this music stinks, It smells bad. You hear it being like boow, boow, boow, and I'm gonna need you, my man, to make a constitution saving throw. - Got it. Gonna roll of 20 so watch out for that. So that's 16. - 16? - [Brian] Yeah. - You saved my man. - Nice. - Cool, that is now going to be Fabian's turn. - Fabian help. - Is there music still playing? - Yes, through this little bluetooth speaker that he just dropped. - Okay, great. - Fabian's like I don't wanna get involved. - He's making himself like a drink. - This is the opportunity to be a hero. I'll take it. I'm going to... I don't like being trapped behind this bar. I'll take an attack of opportunity from this guy, I guess, to vault the bar over here, or to exit the bar here. That'll be let's see if that works out. - Sure. Misses. You go ahead give me that acrobatics. - 24. - Hell, yeah. Vault the bar. - I can see that everyone else is attacking this DJ Brainz? - Yes, absolutely. - I'll take a hand cross put it DJ Brainz. - [Brennan] Go for it. - That'll be 17. - 17 is a hit. - And that'll be six. - Six damage. Arrow straight to this guy's side. He is looking sad. He's looking like a sad zombie DJ. Vampires rush in. These two vampires - Were they feared, or... - Yes, they're turned so werewolves gonna take a swing at one of them, miss. He's gonna interact with those werewolves in there. Other vampires gonna move in. This guy's gonna take a swing at you. The rest of these guys are gonna start coming through here. So one, two. - [Emily] Are those baddies? - These are baddies and they're surrounding Kristin. She's over here. - What is Track doing? - Tracker is not doing great. She's going to actually run over here to get some silver weapons. - There's just a box of silver weapons? - So the vampire surrounding Kristin are gonna go. The guy in front of you who's referred to himself as the Lord of Whispers a couple times is gonna take a swing at you. He's gonna hit you first with a sword (sword slashing), for four points of damage and then he's going to reach out and hit you again (sword slashing) for another eight points of damage. - [Ally] Oh (bleeping), I'm dead. - [Emily] Are you really? - [Ally] Yeah. - Anybody else feel wounds or anything? - Yeah, I am. - You see that the other vampires. That guy drops Kristin. These other vampires that are going to actually continue their move towards Fig. - What, me, I'm just an innocent girl playing a guitar. why did you come after me? - I didn't get to bless any one. - That's now going to be Adaine. - I mean I guess I'll (bleeping) witch bolt the guy in front of me. - Go for it. - How (bleeping) up is this guy looking? - He's looking not terribly fucked up. - Great then I would like to cast it as a second level spell. - Okay, great, yeah, go for it. Are you gonna take a move away from him, because I know that it's bad to do it right next to somebody. - Okay. If I withdraw will he... - He'll get an attack of opportunity. - Get an attack of opportunity on me? (bleeping) man. - He'll probably just get a swipe though not like a bite. - Yeah, all right. Well I'll move back 10 feet and do this. - [Ally] Can you move forward 10 feet? - [Siobhan] No, I can't get past him. - What's your AC? - 12. - He goes ahead and hits you for seven points of damage - (bleeping) Okay. So I'm gonna do this witch bolt second level 14. - 14 hits. - Great so it's 2D 12 damage. - Hell, yeah. - (bleeping) Four. - What. Not one? - Yeah. - (electric buzzing) This bolt leaps out from your hands. Hits him, damaging him for sure. Zombies are gonna go. Now these guys I'll move over here. - [Brennan] Jesus, Adaine, how are we going to get you out of this one? - I know. - I'm in such a different fight than anybody else, right now. - You need to just go home. - [Emily] I think she needs to go home. - He's a werewolf. - [Brian] I know, but seriously the werewolves over here. - Opportunity attack on you, what are you at health wise? - 10. - I think he needs a... - He's a werewolf outside. I'm stuck between two werewolves. I mean I think that they know where I am. - Gorgun, what do you got, my man? What's your AC again? 13? - 13. Who's attacking me? Oh, all those people. - Oh, that's great, thank you Gorgun. - (bleeping) you. - That'll be six. So then three, and then three, so then one. So, four damage all together. - [Emily] Wow. - You can take it. - I'm still at 17 though. - And then two are gonna swing at Fabian. A lot of them hits Fabian for seven points of damage. - [Emily] Perfect timing. Those are the zombies. I'm trying to think if anything else, the zombies out here. Oh yeah, this guy, he'll go take a swing at Gorgug as well. And he misses. - There you go. - Oh, then the zombies surrounding Riz are gonna take some swings. What's you AC, my man? - 15. - 15. - Have you also taken no damage? - I've taken some damage. - Oh, okay. - I've taken damage too. - Wait fifteen you said? - Yeah. - Okay, you take five points of damage, and Riz it's your turn. - Great, I'm going to stab this guy in his face. 18 a hit? - 18 hits. - Nice. (bleeping) I still have my insight on him, it lasts for a minute. - Oh, awesome. - So, I get two, D6. (bleeping) 19 damage. - Tell me what happens here. - Oh, hell yeah. I say, I don't know what you had to do with it. You just seem like some kind of (bleeping) up zombie guy, but this is for those girls you son of a (bleeping) then I stab him (squishing) through his brain stem. - That, the, that's all. - Wow, he prepared his own obituary. - DJ Brainz collapses (crashing) to the stage, turns into endless dust. Ages a thousand years an instant. On the wind, let the beat drop. And it's gone baby. - I'd like to yell to the room. Sorry guys it's everyone's curfew. Everyone go home. Party's over. - I'm dead but I'm still going no. - Sorry guys. It's 11 o'clock and we all should be home. - Does this one really think he's cooler than the hacker dude? - You guys see all throughout the bar that there is a momentary shock wave of energy. Vampires, werewolves, all reel momentarily as their rage and bloodlust is subsiding for a moment. You see all of the zombies drop. All the zombies de-animate, fall apart all at once. - Bye (bleeping) - Oh my God, so many (bleeping) zombies. I had no idea. - All the hot zombies are down now. Just to see one of those butts up close. - Adaine, the werewolf in front of you sort of looks woozy for a second. I'm gonna need you to... you have a moment of breathing in and realizing that you aren't dead and then you realize that you almost just died. Could you please roll for a panic attack. - Nine. - Altogether? What do I add to that? - Wisdom. - Oh 11. - Hey you breathe in. Control your breathing. Everything is good. You see that the werewolf stumbles down to the ground. Kristin is still dropped. Does anyone take any action? We're coming out of initiative now as you see people kind of reeling from the violence. - Can I healing ward her though even though it's not an initiative? - Yeah, it's a regular action you can totally healing ward. - Okay, yeah, I look over to her and I play... (calming music) (laughing) - Okay, go ahead and roll to see how much Kristin just healed. - Okay. Girl that's gonna be... It's gonna be 8. - Dang,oh yeah. - You are healed eight hit points of damage. As you guys are standing around there's a weird tension you see that looking around one of the werewolves sort of walks in from the other space looks at one of the vampires holding the silver weaponry and goes, You hold silver, and even through all the shattered bar stools and all the stench of blood and the kind of moaning you see that the vampires and werewolves start to sort of regard each other through the window. You guys may not be out of harm's way yet. - A really quick question. Am I wearing any silver jewelry? - Yeah. You're wearing some sort of jewelry. - Some sterling silver. - Wait but I think I'm kind of on the side of the I think I'm on the side of the werewolves. - Let's get out of here. - I run up and grab Riz off the table. - I happily go into his arms. - I help Kristen up. - Thanks. - You rush over and grab Kristen. You see the vampires start... This guy over here Sasha, Lord of Whispers goes, long have the vampires and werewolves fought each other. An ancient rivalry forged in the midnight of dangerous mists' long past. - I'm bored. - He is such a creep. - Werewolves, look, his swords are silver. What's he doing with silver swords? - I grab Riz and say stop it, stop doing that. - I pull on Gorgug and just quietly decide say can we take the long way out I just wanna see if Tracker's okay. My friend, my new friend. Run. - You guys rush out through the shuttered glass. - Real quick who is the Lord of Shadows gonna be fighting. Is he up against someone at all? - Lord of Whispers has come out over here to near where Gorgug was as these werewolves have kind of muscled in through this space. - Okay, I'm gonna wink and give one Bartik inspiration to whoever's fighting the Lord Of Whispers. - You see that there is a very broad shouldered lupine woman with sort of orange hair growing out of her fur. Just like she looks like (bleeping) so beefy. Oh you wink at her and she goes, oh yeah. See you on the other side sister. Rears a fist back and just cold cocks (smashing) the Lord of Whispers in the face. - Sick. - Look at this mangy cur striking me before the rules of combat have been declared. You guys dip out of here. You get to the front. No sign of Zayn Darkshadow anywhere. The bar clears out as you can hear more (bleeping) police sirens in the distance. (sirens blarring) You guys rush up to Adaine. Adaine in the front the werewolf has kind of gotten up off his legs. He's still in that werewolf form. You see he goes, hey, oh, and he sees the claw mark on you. - It really hurt. What are you doing man. - It's not me, it's a sickness. I'm sick, I'm just sick, I'm not well. - Man we're all sick. - Okay, we're not all sick, all right. I have lycanthrope. You can go to a healer about it. - Okay, well maybe you should go to a healer about it. - I don't have healthcare. - Oh, that's so sad. - [Siobhan] Go to a clinic. I don't know what to do. - If you want it there's some guidance counselor positions opened at our school. - They have good healthcare there? - Yeah. - Where do you guys go to school? - [Emily] Aguefort. - Hmm, wow. - We're telling him? Cool. (laughing) - You teed it up. - You teed this up. - Cool, so that's great. Well my name's Jawbone, if you want to put in a reference. - Micheal has better healthcare. - I've got an in with the VP, Vice Principal, so I could probably make that work. - Thanks, Jawbone. Sorry guys, that was a bad idea. - You guys rush out, Jawbone looks like... You don't know this guy super well, but he looks like hey this is the first kind of lucky break I've had in a while. - Oh, no. - All right, Jawbone. - So, you guys dip out of there. You brush at the front door. You see that Rover has been like restraining the bouncer from fully wolfing out, and has been remarkably successful in doing so. Almost as though, it was inspired (pinging). (laughter) You hear sirens from a distance. (sirens blarring) You're seedy downtown Elmville. What are you guys gonna do? - Let's keep the party going. - My mom's going to be pissed if she finds me here. Let's get out. - Go to someone's house. We can't go to my house, my parents are pricks. - I do live right around the corner. - Let's go to your house. - We could weigh the other options. - [All] France, France, France - Okay, everyone stop chanting. - Now that you've mentioned it. I don't usually like to. I know that I'm pretty hard to read. You guys don't really know what I'm feeling. But we are like... - You have spilled your guts to us, twice a day. - You are the most open person I've ever met. - You are the one that has really long friends. - All right, fine, we can go to my house. - You guys rush. Go ahead and give me like a stealth check. Stealth check and make it for the party with disadvantage. - Well, I've got a 15, personally. - You got a 15 personally, okay cool. - I got an 18 minus... - Oh, I've got 20 to a disadvantage. I rolled it a second time to do disadvantage and I got on that 20. Oh, so I still only get a 15. - [Brennan] So, you've got a 15, that's great. Meaning you hide the group really well. - You guys see Fig seems to know like the back alleys and divey parts of downtown. - Can I also be smoking so many cloves that the the smoke is hiding us. (laughing) - [Siobhan] That's so (bleeping) disgusting. - You are so just fully sweating powering through cloves as fast as you can. (coughing) - Smells like potpouri. - That's going to be a four. - You straight-up barf. (laughing) - I also barf, seeing you barf. - Everyone needs to stop barfing. All right, no one's coming in my house. There's no barfing in my house. I rolled a one. (laughing) - Nine. - Gorgug barfs and passes out. - All right, you know what, everyone is going to get new clothes. - Throwing up on Gorgug, as I fight different bad guys. - Everybody walked out of that (bleeping) insane music venue and now you're (bleeping) dropping like flies, because of the amount of clove cigarettes that you're smoking. - I just love the way they taste. - You're still smoking? - Just eat candy. - I think you guys got to carry me. - It just like tastes so good. - By hook or by crook amazingly you are not tracked, but you are covered in your own bile. You make it to Seacastor Manor. You'll see the incredible red and gold man o'war brought up in the middle of a topiary hedge made of hedge maze expanse with long white gravel driveways, and everything else, and you guys arrived up at the door of Seacastor Manor. - All right, welcome to my house. Everyone please if there's any barf on you, don't track barf into my house, right. Please, that's all I ask. You look over at the sofa, and you see Fabian's mom. - Hello mama. - Fabian. - How are you. Aw, mother. - You brought friends? - Yes Mother these are my friends. This is the ball, Kristen, Adiane, Gorgug, and Fig. - Hi, I'm Fig. I love your Kimono. - This thing? - [Emily] Yeah. - It was knit for me by dwarves, skilled craftsmen. - Dwarves knit you a kimono? - What? - Nevermind. (laughing) - I give her a very full elvin critique. - She looks up at you as you speak Elvin to her, and speaks back to you in Elvin and says many long years has it been since I was spoken to in the tongue of stars and moon. A beautiful elf maiden you are. I married a human you see, - That it? - And he will die. - Dude, I think your mom's bi. - Okay, no, nobody's hitting on my mother right now. - I also speak Elvish. - I speak Elvish too. I also speak Elvish, all right, so let's all just keep it PC. - I look like a Tiefling, but I'm like a part elf, so I'm also an Elf maiden, if that's what you're into. She looks... Completely ignores you and just looks right at Adaine, and goes, you're... Wait a minute... You're Angwin and Aryanwins daughter. - Yes, that's right. - I've heard such wonderful things about you. The acceptance the scholarship to Hughdall. - No, that's my sister. - Hmm? - That's my sister. - Elwin is the elder. - Yes, yes, I'm friends with your son. - Yes, we're friends. - Oh, Fabian, lovely. I like to see you make friends, my little baby. - Oh, mom. - So handsome. - Mama. - A heartbreaker through and through. - Oh, no, that's not like me. - Well, Mommy's going to go get a chalice of night wine. I'm just going to retire to the sensory deprivation egg. - Of course. - Oh, yes. - We'll keep the noise down. - Mwa, mwa, mwa. Do you want me to have Cathilda put out some food? - Oh no, there's no need. - Nah, I'm pretty hungry. - I'm hungry. - I'll go wake Cathilda up and make her make... - I ate cereal with water. - Ta, ta. - Your mom is so hot. - Okay, can we not talk about my mother like that? (laughing) You guys.. actually Cathilda's the halfling maid, kind of comes up and she... - [Lou] Hello, Cathilda. - Hello there. How are you doing, you doing all right? - I'm doing great. We had a rather crazy night, but really you don't have to do too much right, just my friends are peckish. - I'll put out some sandwiches there, shall I? - All right, thank you. - (laughing) Lovely, lovely. You see that she runs up into the kitchen. You guys hear a stomping of boots as Bill Seacaster walks into the room. Bill Seacaster walks in and goes, well, look at this. A bunch of friends, me young lad. - Yes Papa, these are these are my friends from the Adventuring Academy. Yeah, we've had a rather wild night. - Well, it looks like it. You've got yourself in some kind of scrap then, have ya? - Yes we did. - I try to do the same formal Elvin greeting to his father. - What was that? I don't speak a word of Elvish, lass. I'm not a man of letters. I've come from nothing and made rather something of myself. - I just I was just saying hello. - Right, well, hello to you as well in the common tongue. - I hand him a business card. Greetings and salutations. - As I said, I am not a man of letters. (laughing) So, I can't read. - That's right, Papa, this is the ball, Kristin, Adaine, Gorgug, and Fig. - Hey, if you're not a man of letters, I got something I think you might like and then I take out my bass, and I play a sea shanty. - Go ahead and make a performance check. - 25, baby. - 25? The (beeping) sickest, shantist, base line comes running out of your guitar. - Bill Seacastor looks at you and he goes, ♪ Sally Bone is a nice young lady ♪ ♪ We won't let go, we won't let go. ♪ Come on here dogs. And a bunch of pirates just swing in on ropes. (beeping) Hop out of barrels. - This happens a lot in this house. - I pay him to stay here in case this happens and he'll stay in the barrel until it does. You stay in the barrel until the music happens. (beeping) Clapping his hands and silently weeping. - I feel like I need to play for eternity, so they don't have to go back in the barrel. - Keep playing, Lass. We'll sing til the Sun rises. Two, three, four. ♪ Sally Bone is a nice young lady. ♪ ♪ We won't let go, we won't let go. ♪ - That's all for this week on Fantasy High. See you next week, and thanks for watching. If you'd like, I'd be more than happy to run you through some training There are two kinds of men in this world. A man who fights for gold, is a man who knows why he's fighting. - Has anybody seen Zayn? - That's what I was gonna... (laughing) - What of Zayn? - Cranecraft is a very spooky Cemetery. - Oh my god, what the (bleeping) is that? What the (bleeping) is that? - What kind of Hell is that? - Master, I am ready to serve. (bleeping) - Smash through the chain link fence. Start going crash, crash, crash, crash. Well, that's all for today on Demension 20, but be not afraid. Do not shed a tear. There are two more full episodes that you may watch right now on dropout. Just venture to dropout.TV and begin your free trial at once. I need you right now, Emily Axford, to verbally describe a sexy back. (laughing)