Brendons message to everyone

what's up my bros dude welcome to frou prom I'm so excited it's gonna be so fun now before we get started I would like to share something with you and if you know me you know me when I get emotional I tend to get excited and I lose focus and I tend to stumble over my words so to prevent that I wrote down a quick statement just now to help me focus my thoughts and I'd like to read it for you okay I am currently in the process of redirecting the funds from highest hopes foundation to benefit bail funds nationwide Sara and I will also continue donating personally apart from that we are both committed to unlearning and relearning so we have collected a list of books that we'll be going through to help educate us further we're also open to any suggestions that you all may have so send them please thank you so much for that and much love to you please stay safe look out for each other and I love you thanks okay now welcome to bro prom okay here we go