Brent Primus and his gogoplata


Chael Sonnen


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my teammate Brett Primus and you know program is such a great guy some of you guys you know get more and more familiar with him he was world champion and now he's kind of exclusively headlining events but he goes over England and got to take on a tough opponent but he's also doing it coming off of a heartbreak he was a champion of the world he went out and lost the championship of the world in an absolute dog fight against arguably the best guy Bellator has got it her contract and Michael chant really tough fight but it also showed how tough premises but he still got his heart ripped out he regroups goes back to the same way class gets back and the gym buckles down flies across the ocean gets to England and goes out of performs ends up getting a go go pelota almost an unseen technique Nick Diaz pulled one off in Pride the American pride show I was there live many years ago and when Nick did it I think it was like the first time it had ever been done in him definitely first time had ever been done in a mainstream MMA event but at the time we didn't even know the name of the technique that he did go go pelota was not a word I had heard before I haven't really heard the word sense Brent Prima's pulled one off in a minute and 11 seconds and the thing that was so cool physically and technically about Brent is Brent has a real 10th planet style of jujitsu and the reason I say that is because thethe planet is based around extreme flexibility Brent Prima's is a big ol muscle shark right here's remember here might be a better example do you guys remember back in the day when jean-claude Van Damme was making a name for himself by doing the splits with his t-shirt off now it wasn't as though we'd never seen somebody do the splits but we'd never seen somebody that built and strong with that level of flexibility that was the ahh moment of that that's what prema says he's got all those good fancy big beautiful muscles he pull his leg over his head he's like a contortionist at time so it's really a fascinating thing plus a very rare technique plus he's my teammate I don't wanted to give him a shoutout