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[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam well Warner from wok culture and I'm already working not from what culture and this is the news so biggety biggety brock lesnar yes he's definitely signing for a eat up 100% confirmed exclusive for what culture Brock Lesnar is definitely going to aw print it unless he isn't yeah he actually isn't I am sorry comment section basically a new report from Dave Meltzer wrestling observer radio obviously Dave can't write basically he's talking about Brock's feature and he claims that unsurprisingly Brock and Paul Heyman will be negotiating with WWE the UFC and a W after WrestleMania 35 and the next Saudi Arabian show which will probably be around me time so pretty interesting stuff even was no great surprise Brock has always used to other companies as leverage as part of the negotiations and he will always always get big baby because that's what he does he's very good at that man that'd be some signing for II W wouldn't it it would be yeah the marquee signing for aw one senses though a bit like every other time brought contractors come up yeah but now with the added bonus of aw be in there Brock Lesnar is gonna be scrooge mcduck in oh absolutely he's gonna be diving in that pool Huey Dewey and Louie who in this case are Paul Heyman both young bucks and Cody Rhodes I guess they're not gonna know what hit them and I mean I would imagine the WWE will probably pull out all the financial stops to keep holding on right I mean that's what they've always done the UFC I don't know we keep hearing these rumors of a fight with Daniel Cormier and stuff but Cormier sinking of retiring after his next fight it just seems less viable every every every time it comes up because I was sight of Cormier who are your super fights for Brock Lesnar in the UFC he's not gonna go and fight there and he's not gonna go there and fight Walt Harris is he not like he's given one like a John Jones who John Jones fighting is a very big problem you can't really rely on him these days hey Carly might be gone there might not be anything for him left there but we know aw are throwing the cash around would be a big surprise to see Meili jump and he'd be a great great compliment to Chris Jericho possibly Kenny Omega and the guy you were about to talk about shooty sign Dean Ambrose yes look we all know love is a work but apparently Dean Ambrose longing the WWE could well be a workman as well we sort of speculate on this over the last few days especially considering the way WWE made that announcement talking about Dean Ambrose leaving they didn't do the whole future endeavors thing it was very amicable it's weird for them to even announce something like that ahead of time and now according to shagger Dave in the Wrestling Observer and it was trying to sometime you have any writers who aren't really sure either it could be a work I think I've mentioned this on a podcast yesterday I think regardless whether or not he's leaving WWE all this is a work it's beneficial for him because he's in a spot right yeah absolutely it's in the headlines and I think the thing with this is if Dave had just come out and said oh well it might be a work probably he's essentially just speculating on the stuff we talked about yesterday know that he watches our videos or anything because shagger Dave's got too much shagging to do but like the fact that he's reached out to people within WWE and they either didn't tell him which they could be withholding information obviously or they didn't know if it was a work or not raises a lot of suspicions more so than we talked about yesterday it it's a fairly unusual thing for WWE to do technologies things in advance and they didn't wish him well in his future endeavors which would they usually do and he did get punched in the face by nya jag so it certainly felt like a piece of humiliation re-watch that segment from Raw yesterday and when he sat there and he's he's chronic one before just comes out interrupt interrupt him it looks like he's gonna cut some sort of promo Allah when Batista announced he was leaving or certainly with obvious warning to CM Punk when he announced he was leaving I think by branding regardless I can't wait to see lambs on Monday Night Raw now as a result yeah it's gonna be interesting but we won't know for sure until the contract actually expires I guess so story number three Smackdown ratings the oh brother so I have the exact number here this week on Smackdown WWE drew an audience of two million one hundred and thirty seven thousand people somehow despite Becky Lynch winning the Royal Rumble big fan favorite big crowd-pleaser moment despite Becky Lynch going to raw and challenging Ronda Rousey despite all this excitement the rating was down on the previous week by five thousand that's a very minor drop but coming off the back of the second biggest pay-per-view of the year yeah I'd say this is like the what the third biggest rule they're being smacked on the yards yeah but one after mania probably one after SummerSlam yeah and then this yeah it's it's it's really quite worrying like I know that TV ratings aren't the be-all end-all at the moment and they have kind of lost some of their value as a metric in the modern era but man how on earth do your ratings not go up after such a moment is Becky Lynch just not a draw is and I think she was gonna be there I mean there's an element of that but you'd have to imagine that on your home brand she'd show up I think that beginning with the report the Fox what WWE to somehow increase these rings to three and a half million by October they're gonna have to do some pretty mental stuff on it when he said when he said well right you gotta be old and all I thought well they will be yes yeah big things and this this talk about you know we mentioned when they sign these deals with the these TV deals how much money they've been promised by the station but that is only on the basis that they hit those targets and there was rumors a while back I remember was reporting on that they could back out of this deal if they don't target and that would be pretty devastating news for W given how much money they stand to make over this fox deal if they have an out that's a problem anyway signings coming basically just might now now recognize imagine so yeah finally today some NXT spoilers for you a skip we're always collide as well if you're gonna watch that thing on Saturday skip over to about a minute but anyway on the next East tapings this week we have a new North American and champion velvetine dream beat Johnny Gargan on the tapings unless he did it you see because they also take diversion where Jordan where John Gorgan have retained the North American Championship this is like the conclusion to Game of Thrones or something like that where they shoot multiple endings so no one knows what's going to happen what's going on it's it's weird it's weird as hell basically they they had a matter she's been described as a great man are you surprised absolutely nobody has the finish is actually on Twitter velvetine dream countered Johnny Gaughan running the ropes hit with two death valley drivers than the elbow off the top took the wind took the belt blah blah blah celebrations then Johnny GaN who comes out they reshoot the finish and the whole scene closes with him and Tommy Chomper hold in their belts up just like they did a takeover so it looks very much like you've just said the triple agent is crude and they were sneaky and decided to film two outcomes so that nerds like us can sit here on the internet and go I don't know spoilers as much as I'm taking this SIV I do it doesn't know anywhere like that for a job or just randomly I accidentally stumble across the spoilers for the NXT tapings so I I am inclined to think this is a good idea yeah but it just must be weird if you were there at the taping yeah like looking at the reaction of people who were there there's a lot of people tweeting out going what what the hell is going on who's the champion you what's this what's that so maybe it does distract from the live experience a little bit but it's also gonna force us to pay close attention to NXT TV if you aren't already and you should be because it's the best show yeah fun interesting tactic and you'll be interesting to see if it comes to habit absolutely let's move on to your Twitter questions then don't forget you them tweet at us at what culture WWE let's start with Zeus who is Suki that's the way to do it we've done question for them before we go it was sugi who says after the room is that no Jax would be the start of inter-gender wrestling and the dhobi do we're trying to make it a thing do you think that answers the question of why Hornswoggle was chasing after Zelena Rhaegar to try and match with her yes I am sure that Hornswoggle was chasing after Zelena Vega to have a match with her what do you think on the whole into gender wrestling um I think that they need to get better wrestlers than nyah jacks if they want to pull it off yeah it's very bad like she's not good she's good what what happens when she injured you has injured all these people what happens when she injures Seth Rollins yeah like what they've said is she's really dangerous injure injuring some of our best female stars I'm sure we can just get some male stars injured as well so yeah it's yeah we don't need Brock Lesnar well I'm all full male versus female wrestling if done correctly and you know the storyline is not just for any old reason and not just to pop a bit of a rating my stance on this is simple I am for good wrestling and I am against bad wrestling nyah jacks generally barred wrestling so in this case Neil thank you but it may be if they can work in your storyline in a cool way rather than just like punching Dean Ambrose in the face to embarrass him that'd be cool yes right let's move on to Andrew blacks question who says would at least a black be a suitable opponent for Undertaker Romania I'm having a visual idea that taker sits up and he's a classic way only to be met i toy with a cross legged blood I like that great idea great idea I mean if you subscribe to the idea that Undertaker has one last march in him a passing of the torch mass march perhaps has to be one of these spooky bodies doesn't it has to be announced or black or a demon yeah II like black would be great demon would be equally great I am all for all of those ideas accompany the fact we're discussing that and yet we're hearing reports that they're like yeah I don't even got anything for taker this year you've got two stellar matches with two performers at their height of their talents right yeah and you know what I personally I don't want to see another 1520 minute Undertaker match I would quite like whoever he faces to just squash him mmm give him the Rob over strong as know your thoughts on that in the comments and final question today comes from been very intriguing this with all the speculation my Spanish wrestling friend what the main event of WrestleManias gonna be he says which would be the main factor this side if Rhonda versus Becky would the mate would be the main event for WrestleMania the fan interest in that match and the feud attracting the mainstream audience with Ronda or to make it the historic first WrestleMania female main event both I think WWE are absol we obsessed with historic moments I'm making history and all this stuff and they'll continue to do that but we're now at a point where these women can headline shows on merit they're among the most popular people in the company they're proving on the best matches on the main roster Daniel Bryan aside perhaps they're there because they've earned it as well as WWE's obsession with putting people into new history book situations and however I wonder if maybe the Smackdown ratings story after Becky when she's a big triumph from my causing to reel in on that because that is kind of evidence that maybe this thing isn't as big a draw as we thought it was I think for me I'm glad that it's not just been put in the main event because it's let's just have a first ever women's mania WrestleMania in nor heed me last year when the news came out it's like it's gonna be Charlotte versus runner and actually as mania it's gonna main event and I was like what about the story going in yeah and just do it for the sake of doing it but this merits it and I think also if you look at the car they don't really have time they don't read them usually reveal what the main event of WrestleManias they just sort of let people assume it's either gonna be Seth Rollins versus Brock lesner or Becky Lynch vs ronda rousey and I think ticket sales will be good enough that either could go on as you vent but also considering us speculating that Vince on the day could go now I'm not gonna give it Seth or going to keep it on Brock your closing image of Wrestlemania often dictates whether or not people think of as a good one exactly and I think look at the reaction you look at the amount of the man's sign yeah I saw at the Royal Rumble I think regardless of whether or not the the casual fan that thinks it's the biggest mass match at mania that visual with hopefully Becky Lidge winning the rule in this championship and holding up as weak as the WrestleMania girls are there yeah he's the best possible thing told Avery I think it's the hottest story I think he'll be the best match on the damn card regardless of what else they put together um I just can't really see the argument for anything else aside from the needle moving argument on Smackdown there exactly well let's move on to today's and finally and you may remember in November I grew a fantastic mustache they didn't at all make me look like a sex offender well speaking of uh mustaches cookies dad making out funny not Nicole jeez dad yes you flash a quick picture Jimmy's dad Nigel Thornberry as well very quickly though a quick because oh that we saw doing the rounds on reddit square sir earlier on today sometimes things just line up perfectly and the Me's look Stella with this oh I think it would sue yeah he'd be rather dashing Cody Rhodes a nice let us know your thoughts on that though and all of today's news stories in the comment section below and of course don't forget to Like share subscribe quick mention I almost forgot thank you to either Nikolas to Chris Ryan whose birthday is today thank you very much for all your tweets and involvement in the show so having birthday q Chris Ryan don't forget though to subscribe to what cool dressing on either iTunes or Spotify for loads of wrestling podcasts daily wrestling podcast impacts right my thanks to Andy Murray thank you for watching and we will see you soon patty bye