Brock Lesnar will not be back


Chael Sonnen


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by her cell Brock Lesnar never returns to MMA yeah I don't think so he really can't Canon cuz he's 40 41 he just signed a cut he really can't was gonna come back with 43 yet doesn't work anyway I'm feel like he needs the money but enough you know I'm he's getting paid in really well with WWE you know why I want it why would you want to come back and put yourself in our shoes when you don't have to you know I kind of thought that originally with you headed for DC it's like you can fight or you can pretend a fight fuck rock have you thought this through like it's very cool and I really think you want to say about Brock Lesnar TJ you know what you cannot call him you cannot call him a coward that's not a cow no way particularly if you look at the guys that he fought in the UFC what's his easiest fight mark hunt and by no means my disrespect to mark but yeah this fight as a former number one if you're easy as fight as Mark Hunt who had a damn hard schedule yep mm-hmm I yeah and that's the thing and I get that his skills weren't there and a lot of it was sighs I mean I get the whole thing but I will also tell you I have been in the room when he walks out and you feel something yeah there is an attraction once-in-a-lifetime attraction and you will stop what you're doing and turn your head and look at the guy with the with the buzz cut you as well I mean it's like I mean for one he's got all these WB fiends and within the arena so they're gonna get loud and he's got he's got a lot of fans I mean that's why he's been brought over but then also he's a very big like he said you know high and tight haircut jacked I mean it's almost like a sideshow no easy so big and I remember watching him wrestle in college and that was very intimidating you know like watched him wrestling and yeah and the world was different back then cuz I saw the same thing so you know it flow wrestling didn't exist the mad calm wasn't cover stuff yeah I got a feed of the Big Ten Network it was late it was a week or two late but I had it it might have been been a VHS but it was the Big Ten Network and he pinned somebody and he stands up but he does this and he's got the university of know this guy we're all set back his run yeah I'm a he in e4 through Mueller everyone heated up in the finals with Stephen yeah yeah I mean on a double they and stuff yeah that's crazy Neil beat him by one point yeah unless they really didn't know how to wrestle but he could hold position you know and he wasn't he wouldn't beat himself a lot of heavyweights beat themselves to get tired the throw so they go down yeah bad position then all that weight you put on yeah and he was a competitor he stood his ground and stayed in there then you get rid of Neil Brock had a 40 pound weight advantage on every opponent he had that's a big leg up thinking you had 40 pounds in college right no one want to beat you you get to a 285 in god wrestling wait wait I mean that's way to 65 fighting so yeah and I think is college still at 25 mmm-hmm it is okay yes it is because Adam Kuhn was last year's 285 you're right