Bruiser Brody was Murdered


Chael Sonnen


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I cut a dark side of the ring last night and it was the bruiser Brody story I don't know if most of you will know who bruiser Brody is but bruiser Brody was one of the really big men in wrestling and by big man I'm talking about he was 300 pounds he was 6 foot 8 inches tall big former football player and he came along in the late 70s and throughout the 80s and he actually did a stint through Portland and it was a huge deal out bruiser Brody's coming to town and came in and lit the world on fire when he was out here reporter so I happen to be familiar with him I knew who he was I had some subscriptions to the magazines Pro Wrestling Insider and I read about this guy and he was over in Mexico and this is what the dark side of the Ring is what the whole episode was about was about bruiser Brody but he was over in Mexico and yet some kind of heat with a guy the guy that he was wrestling and working against a Mexican wrestler right in a mask typical luchador but they had some kind of heat and whatever that was about nobody really got to the bottom of it other than they said that Brody worked a little rough when he was in the ring he would just come out and really beat you up and not take care of you as as much as some other guys would he was such a big man so Brody gets done with his match and he goes into the locker room this is very well documented and he's met he's showering he's butt-naked in the shower and this guy comes in to confront him but when the guy came in to confront him the guy brought a knife so the next thing you know bruiser Brody is dead and it's just the two of them in the shower but the guy pleaded self-defense and the cops went along with it this is now I mean gee we're gonna forty years ago thirties 30-some years ago done over and nobody knew what had happened in the shower and that includes me I mean there was no rapport nobody knew it's just the two of them but I am looking at that a little bit more objectively and going does it really matter what happened if one guy is naked and another guy shows up being an aggressor agitated and brings a weapon is there a room to claim self-defense is there I know there would it be in America it would not matter what that discussion was or Brody came at you for if you bring a weapon in a premeditated plan fit physically or verbally to accost and confront somebody so all the wrestlers that were there they all told the story exactly exactly like that Brody was in the shower this guy came Brody's dead didn't see anything else and that guy not only the wrestler and I tell you his name if I could even pronounce him but not only is he never anything done he's right now got a Facebook page advertising himself you can book him so he'll come out and do your kid's birthday party I want to say the guys like 62 years old down 64 years old now really quite a mess really quite a very sad and unfortunate story and I was grateful in some ways the dark side of the rink covered it but what else is Brody gonna get it's not gonna get his day in court so we're gonna have to try this thing in the court of public opinion and public opinion agrees with me bruiser Brody got murdered